This is a pokemon fic commissioned by nicobay's sofurry avatar Nicobay

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Just a short trip from here to the river. Cole was slathered in pokemon come, thick dollops drooling down his arms, and his clothes were just as bad, green boxer-briefs soaked nearly black, absolutely saturated in come. He struggled to get them on, sticking to his calves and thighs, bunching up -- practically immersing his cock in a trapped pool of come once he finally got them on, squelching with each motion, a burble of come spilling down from the legs and coating his inner thigh.

He huffed, panting as he dragged his clothes on. Even now the sensation was still hitting him: pokemon come clogging his nose, the only thing he could smell, rank and wild. Dimly, he found himself thinking that he could just... stay here. Surely the smell would attract more pokemon, and they could fuck him again...

He shook his head, trying to clear it, a hot flush spreading across his come-slathered face. It was perverse. Well, obviously, but his problem was that it was a perversity that was deeply tempting. His socks were a lost cause; there was no way he could get them on. His shoes squelched, come slurping across his bare feet.

The clearing was a mess, grass trampled to a pulp, swampy from the sheer mass of come soaking into the dirt. It felt like a crime scene. In the most literal sense he supposed it was, but...

He shook his head one last time and headed off, leaving the come-soaked clearing behind him.

The route to Citrono, the next town over, passed through the forest, and then to get on the other side of the low ridge of hills dividing the two areas it cut through a short cave passage, all on an elevated walkway. The actual cave floor was only a foot or two down, but it was too sloped to easily walk on: the top of a subterranean hill, vanishing down into the darkness below. From there, it emerged on the banks of a river; follow the river, and you end up in Citrono.

That was what Cole kept telling himself, clothes heavy, afternoon breeze cooling his overheated body, drying the worst of the mess: come drying into thick, itchy scales that flaked off as he walked. It only took Cole a few minutes from, uh, the site of his impromptu pokemon gangbang, to get the the cavern entrance. He could see the afternoon sunlight on the rocks ahead, shining from around the bend, the entire passage only a minute or two's walk.

So of course he was attacked by pokemon.

Nothing threatening, or amorous -- though there was a tugging in his belly, an idea like: fuck, what would a Rock pokemon fuck him with? that he tried to set aside, stop thinking about while he was being attacked by a pokemon. It was a Noibat. Hardly threatening.

His Goomy had recovered a little, and Cole spritzed a little potion on him, watched him osmose it -- and made sure to, uh, not let his Goomy climb up on his arm that was still soaked in pokemon come and osmose that -- before turning to deal with the Noibat that was mostly just pinwheeling around, subtle vibrations in the air shooting off as it echolocated.

It was... simple. His Goomy shot some bubbles; some of them hit; then he slimed right over and osmosed at the Noibat. Cole had a pokeball ready: he chucked it at the Noibat, it opened in midair and caught it. Textbook; couldn't have possibly been simpler.

"Got it!" Cole said, pumping his fist, elated.

..and totally missed when the ball stopped hovering and dropped to the ground. It hit the metal pathway with a clang and immediately bounced off, hitting the slope and rolling down into the darkness.


He at least had the foresight to put his Goomy back in his ball before jumping off after it. The cave floor was bumpy and covered in loose pebbles, and Cole absolutely saw why they put in the guardrail when he took one step and slipped, skidding down in a scree of pebbles. He half-slid, half-ran down the slope, blindly chasing the faint red dot of the pokeball, bouncing, flicking in and out of existence as the pokeball rolled, leading him further and further down the slope in his mad dash, breathless and panting.

The ground leveled out and the pokeball slowed, finally hitting something with a tock and rolling to a stop: a huge stalagmite, one of many scattered on the cave floor, vague jagged shapes in the darkness. This far down the walkway was a shadow, the cave entrances two bright spots of light high up; everything down here was grey-black on black shadow. Cole groped forward, knocking his knuckles against rocks as he crawled towards the steady glowing light on the pokeball.

Cole reached out, crawling forward, depth perception lost vainly groping at the red light in front of him, and his hand bumped into something... alive. Flesh. It shifted, and Cole yelped and jerked back. He looked up -- and up. A shape loomed out of the darkness, features only becoming clear as it crouched forward. A Noivern. Just as Cole was leaning up to see it, its face swooped down, suddenly clear just an inch from his face, its eyes gleaming in the darkness. Its ears perked up, recessed disks black shadows against the rest of its head. A hum filled the air, the Noivern's ears visibly trembling as they emitted soundwaves, and Cole stumbled to the side, dazed, falling on his ass with a clatter.

The Noivern leaned in again, face an inch from his, the nearly-inaudible sound a pulsing wave rippling through his entire body. Then it sniffed, the whistle of its inhale clear, nose pressed nearly to his face as it snuffled, head tipping down as it sniffed down his stomach. The tone faded, ears just fuzzy-furred things, sliding across his face as the Noivern sniffed him. It caught the hem of his shirt on its nose and jerked up, baring his belly, and its tongue lolled out, lapping across his tacky skin.

"O-oh," Cole said, flushed, squirming as the Noivern licked lower, over the growing bulge in his jeans. "You too, huh?" His cock ached, glued by the drying mess of come to his underwear, tugging at his skin as he got hard. He swallowed hard, staring down at the Noivern.

The Noivern looked up at him, eyes catching the faint light and gleaming bright yellow, and rose up: its cock was already jutting out from its body. Nearly a silhouette in the darkness, but it shone at the edges: a rich red, gleaming sides pulsing with the pokemon's heartbeat. It curved out and away from the Noivern's body, base enormous, tapering down to a triangular point at the tip. Wetness gushed from the tip, splattering across Cole's cheek, smelling of salt and musk.

Cole gave in. It was more of a token resistance, anyway. He kind of -- he knew this was going to happen. One way or another. "I just can't get a break," he said, rueful, but he was already reaching out to touch it: the Noivern's skin was covered in short, soft fur, thinning to downy fuzz right around its spread slit, soft as he stroked his fingers through it. And then he moved up, touching its cock directly: hot and throbbing in his hand, slick with pre and internal lubricant, shifting as the Noivern bore down against his touch.

The Noivern squawked and rutted forward, the motion strong enough to send Cole skidding an inch backwards, pebbles clattering underneath him. The Noivern's cock pressed against his side, a fresh squirt of pre soaking through his crusted shirt, and it stepped forward, practically straddling him, cock shoved right in his face.

Cole stroked it, hand slick on the straining flesh, pumping it up and down once, twice, before he leaned forward and lapped at the tip, catching the next spurt of pre on his tongue. The flesh was hot in his mouth, a constant flow of watery pre, shaft jerking when it spat out thicker strings, splattering across his teeth. The Noivern crooned, starting to thrust, stretching Cole's lips over the thicker shaft, pulling back once it hit the back of his mouth. The whole thing emerged with a pop, twitching in the air, gushing a volley of pre all over his face before he recaptured it. He opened wide, gulping it down, tongue sliding along the underside of the Noivern's cock, swallowing the next gush of pre, stringy lines gumming up his throat, a warm heat slowly seeping down to his stomach as he sloppily blew the Noivern.

The Noivern squawked, another hum from its ears running through him: at intervals, like a purr, rumbling through its skin as Cole stroked it off, slobbering and sucking on the tip, both hands wrapped around the slick shaft, body heat hot against the cool cavern air. It hunched forward, planting its wing-tips on the cavern floor, claws scrabbling against the pebbles as it started thrusting, fucking his face, cocktip jabbing the back of his throat, struggling to get deeper.

Cole gurgled, swallowing, coughing a little as he tried to take more of the Noivern's cock: tip popping into his throat, jabbing deeper, only to pull back, leaving Cole's face glazed and dripping, a slobbery mess of mingled fluids drooling from his open mouth. He coughed, sucking down air, unheeding as the Noivern shoved his side, knocking him on all fours, and trundled around to his back. It was only when its cock came down on him, hot flesh rutting against his jeans-covered ass, a fresh spurt of pre arching up his back, soaking through his already-sodden t-shirt, he realized what it was going after. Too impatient to really fuck his mouth, and he found himself -- almost disappointed, tongue sliding in his mouth, catching the thick spill of its pre still clinging to his teeth.

Well, it wasn't like he hadn't already gotten fucked today.

Cole rutted back, grinding his ass against the Noivern's crotch, practically inviting it to fuck him.

There was a clatter out of the darkness, and he jerked back, a shot of anxiety running through him -- the Noivern's cock sliding up his back, gushing pre all down his sides even as he looked around. A shadow resolved into a dark shape, looming closer: not some pokemon ranger like he'd half-feared, but another Noivern. It chirped, squawking at the first one, and the first one hunched down, half-covering Cole's body with its own. Like it was protecting him. Or more likely: guarding its kill. Metaphorically.

"Seriously?" Cole said. To himself mostly; the Noiverns weren't exactly paying him much attention. Well, paying attention to what he said at least. The other Noivern squawked at the first one, noise pitched almost beyond human hearing.

But while they were talking or whatever: it stepped forward, jerkily gesturing down at its crotch: genital slit spread, a finger's length of cock peeking out. More sliding out in jerks and starts as it got close enough to touch, the two Noiverns chirping at each other -- probably saying some absolutely filthy things -- as the new one ground its cock against Cole's face: cock slapping down with a spray of pre, sliding over his skin as it hunched forward, tip sliding down his chest as it shoved him face-first against its spread slit, cock pulsing and twitching against his skin, pre splattering onto the pebbles below in squirts, shaft steadily sliding from its slit until it was fully hard.

Cole shifted, weight all on one hand so he could reach up and wrangle the cock into place, bringing it up to his lips and catching the next pulse of pre right across his mouth. He sputtered and spat before he opened wide and took in the tip, tongue sliding along the underside. It pulsed, spraying a wet gush of pre across the roof of his mouth that instantly poured out over his lips, spilling down the Noivern's shaft. Cole swallowed, watery pre acrid, and sunk deeper, letting the Noivern's sharp cocktip press against the back of his mouth, rubbery, before it slowly stretched his throat. The Noivern crooned, hips slamming forward, burying most of its down down his throat in a single lunge. Cole gurgled, coughing a thick mixture of phlegm and pre, silky smooth smearing across the rest of the Noivern's cock, and it used that to shove the rest of its cock in him, lips pressed against its spread vent.

Not to be outpaced, the other Noivern ground against him, shaft rutting against his jeans, pre pouring into the small of his back and streaming over his hips. Cole hardly had to think: he reached down with one hand, popped the button on his jeans, and shoved them down his thighs, stiff fabric and bunched boxer-briefs just clearing the crest of his ass, giving the Noivern a clear target of his already-used hole. And right after that -- what he did hit him, flushed at the thought even pinned between the two pokemon, a pokemon's cock wedged down his throat, lips spread obscenely around the base. Lewdly putting himself out there, letting himself be used by wild pokemon. Wanting to be used.

The Noivern drew back, wings folding down, grasping claws digging into the meat of his hips as it rutted forward, cock gushing across his bare ass, sticky pre slurping back and forth, gummy cords dragging back and forth over his skin. The Noivern jerked back, shoving Cole forward, and its cock jerked lower, slotting into place with the tip aimed right at his hole. The other Noivern shoved back, spearing him on the Noivern's cock, hot flesh sliding through his ring, spreading it wider and wider. Cole yelped, sputtered, and the Noivern's claws dug in, pulling him back, sheathing the entire pylon of its cock inside him in a single thrust. It twitched, stretching his flesh sheathing it, thick spurts of pre gushing into his ass and sticking there.

The two Noivern fucked him, thrusts not meeting any rhythm, just wild animals bucking into him; one sinking to the hilt as the other tried to withdraw, just shoving him bodily backwards; both bucking into him at the same time, cocks plowing down his throat and deep into his guts as he was pinioned between the two. The one in front thrust forward, minute twitches of its cock making his throat bulge, rutting so hard Cole's face shoved up against its spread vent, nose almost dipping inside.

The Noivern chirped, cock twitching strong enough to jerk his head to the side, a heavier gush of pre gurgling down his throat. Cole sputtered, swallowing, as the Noivern reared up, chirping again, ears pulsing as it started to come: cock twitching, spasms running from base to tip, at first dry and then a wet gush, traveling up its length to erupt practically into Cole's stomach, incredibly thick clotted come, rubbery. The Noivern crooned, hips jerking back and forth minutely, fucking the final inch of its cock back and forth as it came down his throat, pulse after pulse building up into a thick slimy plug clogging his throat. Cole groaned, muffled, just a vibration around the Noivern's cock, shallowly breathing through his nose as he gulped, trying to force the gummy mass lower, even as the Noivern kept coming, a hot weight spilling down behind his collarbone, tarry heat outlining the stretched passage of his throat.

The Noivern's claws shifted, and it pulled back, still-spurting cock pulling from Cole's gaping mouth, slithering up the fucked-open passage of his throat, tip emerging from the back of his throat with a silky slurp. Cole's groan got a lot louder as the Noivern's cock pulled out, the tip catching on his bruised lips, a wet slide of hard flesh, mouth hanging open as an easy target as the Noivern shot out the final pulses, hot come squirting over his tongue and teeth, the final dribble painting his lower lip and chin: all of it stuck there like glue, thick white clumps. Cole huffed, whining, at the final hammering thrusts of the Noivern behind him, jamming him forward so that he had the other Noivern's cock pressed up against him, still-hard flesh slimy across his cheek, spilling the final dregs of its load down his back.

The Noivern behind him chirped, loud and high-pitched, flushed slit grinding against Cole's ass as he finally unloaded, shaft thrashing and jerking inside him: each pulse a contraction that started deep in its belly, racing up its shaft until it burst in a gush of heat deep inside him. Cole groaned, sagging forward, face practically pressed against the other Noivern's claws, as the Noivern unloaded inside him, its come just as thick and tarry as the others': a wash of heat that stuck, oozing slowly as the Noivern rutted into him, gush after gush flooding his guts, so thick it seemed like it glued its cock in place, thrusts slowing, grinding against the tarry mass of its own load as it filled him up, guts aching as they bloated from the sheer volume of the Noivern's load.

The Noivern's cock pulsed a few final times, splattering the walls of his ass with the last of its load, and then jerked back, pulling out with a slurp. Its cock dribbled thick dollops of come over his ass, fat glue-like discs, the hot fluid practically steaming in the cool air. Cole slumped forward, collapsing boneless without either of the two Noiverns keeping him propped up, breathing in rattling breaths.

They squawked some more, grinding their slowly-softening cocks across his skin, smearing the tar-like come stick to them all over; smearing it in his hair and down his back while Cole mostly just lay there, breathing hard.

It was shameful, but -- he squirmed, unable to really spread his legs with his jeans still at his thighs, twisting in the bed of pebbles as he wrapped a hand around his cock. He hadn't come, cock hard and pressed against his stomach the whole time, sloppy with the Noivern's pre. He huffed, whining as he stroked, just for a few seconds, before he tensed -- ache jolting through his whole body, the bruised flesh of his wrecked ass throbbing in time with his heart -- and came, gulping down air as he spilled across his hand, balls pulled up taut against the base of his shaft.

Afterward he felt even more ashamed, but -- but whatever. He'd done it. The Noiverns had done it to him. And he'd liked it.

The Noiverns butted their heads across his side, giving him a final few chirps before they turned and trundled off into the darkness, leathery flaps of their wing-beats slowly receding into the distance, leaving Cole sprawled across a dark cavern floor, stripped from chest to thigh, even more drenched in come than he'd been when he entered the cave.

He pushed himself up, come-slimy hands leaving dark splotches on the rocks, standing up and getting his bearings: stalagmites around him, the long slope he'd tumbled down surprisingly close. From down here it was easy to see up to the walkway. From up there nobody could see him, but then again -- if someone had gone by while he was getting fucked they should would have heard it. Who knew what kind of noises he'd been making.

And then perched right on the stalagmite next to him was his Noibat -- that is to say, the one he'd just caught. Perched on top, pokeball open below, and his cock twitching out the last of his load, a silvery thread of come drooling from his diminutive shaft all the way down to the cavern floor.

"You, uh, saw that, huh," Cole said, flushed, gingerly pulling his jeans up over his ass.

His jeans were crusted, soaked with a fresh glaze of fluid, stringy Noivern pre. The fabric was sodden enough he could tug them back up, boxer-briefs sticking to his thighs, fabric somehow managing to be crunchy and sticky at the same time. Even just fabric over his ass hurt, skin raw and sore, used hard. "Listen, just don't tell Goomy. Uh, my Goomy. I mean--" he scratched his head, trying to put it all in words. "I don't want, like, all my pokemon to just see me as -- I dunno. Whatever."

He staggered up to his feet, taking a few wobbling steps before he lurched to the side, grabbing hold of the huge stalagmite. The come inside him... churned, thick ooze slowly spilling down his flooded colon, a thick mass inside him bloating his stomach, a winding trail of heat slowly spilling lower. His ass was slick, drenched in pre, but the Noivern's load was stuffed deep inside him, and so thick none of it had even started to drool out yet. His gut was swollen, stuffed like he'd just eaten a meal, skin on his belly taut and bulging. "Could you, uh," he said, between breaths. "Just get back in the pokeball, okay?"

The Noibat gave him a look, gigantic eyes catching the light, but it sidled over to the open pokeball and tapped it, vanishing inside with a flash of red light. Cole staggered over to it, plastic and metal slippery under his come-coated hand, hooking it onto his belt.

He looked up at the slope he'd slid down, a near 45-degree scree of pebbles and dirt. His ass twinged again at even the thought of climbing it.

It was a good half-hour when he finally emerged from the cave, dusty and sweating, skin clammy all over from the crust of drying pokemon come. His toes were all pruny in his come-soaked sneakers, still squelching with each step. His jeans were stiff as a board, the only flex left around his knees.

Nothing else tried to fuck him on the way to the river, at least.

At the river's edge, Cole looked up and down -- nobody else around -- and tried stripping down. His t-shirt was all discolored, crusty pokemon come dried off-white, flakes pouring down as he tugged it over his head. His jeans crunched and crackled as he tried pulling them off, and he had to awkwardly shuffle out of them, leaving them looking like a cardboard cutout on the grassy shore.

He stretched forward, ache in his ass intensifying, and there was a shocking splurt of come, tarry thick as it oozed down his ass. Cole reached back, hissing at the touch, fingertip digging into his abused ring, skin puffy and swollen, another splurt oozing out across his fingers. He waded into the river, ass aching, the Noivern's load finally dribbling out, building up against his asshole and slowly gurgling out of him, sticking to his skin for seconds even up to his waist in the river.

He was a mess, patches of come and pokemon drool half-dried into scaly patches all across his chest and sides, skin crunchy down his thighs where the mess was caked the thickest, the Noivern come spilling over the messy crust of older loads. Cole ran a hand through his hair, wet and clumpy, half-dried flakes cascading down into the river. And his clothes -- well, probably he could've just waded in still wearing them. He was going to have to at least try and clean them off. He scrubbed at his skin, gummy sheets of half-dried come sloughing off into the water, then splashed back into the river, dunking himself, trying to get the worst of the mess out of his hair.

It didn't take long to get himself... at least not obviously caked in come. His hair was a mess, stringy and gross, and he had bruises across his ass and thighs, paw imprints from... who-knew which pokemon. He was still leaking come from his ass, the Noivern's tarry load spilling out in thick pearls, thick congealed blobs oozing down his legs.

Cole turned back to the shore, wading through the waist-high water, thinking of dunking his clothes in at least, when there was a wet touch against his thigh, something slimy swiping up the back of his leg.

He yelped and turned, catching the huge bulk of something rising up from the river bed almost right beneath him, two grey fins cutting through the water just behind him. His feet left the ground as he toppled back on top of it, hide slick and slimy. The pokemon butted against him, tossing him off its shoulders, sending him back into the river with a splash. Cole blinked, blocking the spray of water as the creature finally surfaced: a Swampert.

A big one; it'd tower over him standing, and sprawled in the water he was just about level with its crotch, genital slit spread, a fat pink nub peeking out, water streaming down its entire body. Its gill fronds twitched, sharp orange spikes, air rushing around them as it breathed. It had smelled him. Smelled the come still sluggishly drooling out of him, more like it.

The Swampert fell down on all fours, sending another wave crashing over him, and crawled forward. It dipped its head down, hooking Cole's legs over its shoulders, almost lifting him up onto its back, legs spread wider by its two crested fins on its head. Its wide tongue slid up right between the cleft of his cheeks, following the wet spill of pokemon come up to the source, huge muscle covering his entire ass, folding over itself to dig into the furrow of his spread crack, lapping back and forth over his aching hole. Thick drool spilled down his skin, cool, soothing the worst of the ache.

Cole shuddered, moaned, instinctively rutting back against the Swampert. Its tongue just felt so good, huge tongue digging against his asshole, spreading it as it worked up and down. The Swampert opened wide, wide mouth spanning his hips, drooling all down his ass and thighs, slurping with each lap. Fuck, if anyone came by now -- him, on his hands and knees in the river shallows, ass in the air, moaning as the Swampert ate him out. But it felt good, soothing the ache of his ravaged ass, sloppy drool spilling inside him, slimy tongue lapping over his bruised skin.

The Swampert's tongue slid into him, digging and then pushing inside, and Cole's voice broke, crying out as the wet, slimy muscle slurped over the folds of his wrecked ass. A gush of come oozed out around its tongue, more as he thrashed back and forth, tongue licking across his inner walls. Its thick, slimy spit coated his abused flesh, washing away the ache -- wild pokemon weren't exactly the most considerate bedpartners. Even this one: the Swampert stabbed deeper, forcing out a ragged moan, and practically climbed on top of Cole, folding itself double to keep its tongue jammed up his ass. It crawled forward, forepaws shoving Cole down into the mud, rearing up on its hind legs. Remarkably flexible: rutting its cock against Cole's ass without withdrawing its tongue an inch from his ass. It hunched forward, cock sliding between his cheeks, gushing a spray of pre that splattered across Cole's ass and its head, droplets like rain cascading down across his back.

Huge globs of cool spit spilling into him, asshole gaping around the Swampert's tongue, drool sheening his skin, and its cock twitched and curved, prehensile, squirming against its tongue, a messy flood of pre and drool pouring across him, skin tingling in its wake. The Swampert was a leaky faucet, cock continually erupting in huge bursts of watery pre, pouring down his sides and into the river water below.

But this Swampert wanted to fuck him too, and it wasn't patient: its forepaws wrapped around his sides and bodily flipped him over, on his back staring up at it as it reared up on its hind legs, towering over him.

"Holy shit," Cole squeaked, staring. The Swampert's cock was enormous, a huge rubbery thing stretching out from just above its hind fin and spanning nearly its entire underside, thick as one of its stumpy legs and hardly tapering at all until the very tip, cockhead more of a ring of rippling skin than anything else. Its shaft was studded with huge rounded lozenges, straining oval-shaped blobs on the underside, each one larger and larger down until the very base was a single huge swell, only the faintest hint of a taper as its shaft vanished into its body. The tip was pale pink and shining, slick with river water and pre, and the further down it went the more vivid it got, purple bleeding into the shaft in splotches until the very base was a striated purple, blue-black veins branching out just under the surface. It thumped against the Swampert's underbelly, pre splattering all across its skin, dribbling down to patter across Cole's back.

The cock twisted like an eel, grasping for him, slick and hot as it slid over his skin, almost frictionless. Muscles twitched, cock lashing like an angry tentacle, and it sprayed pre with firehose force, painting Cole head to toe with watery pre, soaking his hair, dripping from his eyelashes as he sputtered. It poured across his lips, salt-musk on his tongue, spicy and fresh, and Cole groaned, swiping a hand across his jaw and then pressing it to his mouth, tongue lapping across his knuckles. It was perverse what he was doing, he knew, but -- but he was doing it, still.

Cole leaned forward, mouth open, reaching for the Swampert's cock, but the Swampert had other ideas. It pulled him up, forepaws wrapping around his upper arm and bodily lifting him up, until he was practically sitting on its lap, paws holding him in place so he didn't fall off. Its cock twisted back, curling under him, and the Swampert raised him higher, all so that it could bring its fat tip ramming against his hole. It groaned, a rumbling bellow, its animal low audible all up and down the river if there was anyone there to hear.

Cole rocked up, whining, half worried that -- that this was huge; bigger than his leg. Worried that there was no way it was gonna fit, that he was gonna get hurt. But the other half was simply thinking... yes, please, I want to feel that thing inside me. Shame, sure, but also

a hot surge of want: want to have the Swampert try to cram its entire cock into him, want to feel it spit and gush deep inside him. Want to get fucked. He was flushed, face hot, hips squirming as he wriggled against the Swampert's huge cocktip, trying to work his hole down against it.

It was just so huge. The Torterra -- he still got a hot flush of shame, thinking back; rutting like an animal on the ground, the center of his own personal pokemon gangbang. The Torterra's cock, the Tropius' cock, they had been huger, by far. So huge there'd been no hope of them ever fitting in him. But the Swampert -- it was huge too, sure. But maybe small enough he could take it. He wanted to take it. He wanted it real bad.

The Swampert's fat tip strained against his gaping hole, shaft writhing back and forth like an eel. Cole just groaned, panting, thighs trembling as his hole spread further and further, tip burrowing into him, squirming. Even the healing spit could do so much to ease the way. The Swampert bellowed, a veritable fountain of pre squirting inside him with the force of a hose turned full-blast, and Cole gasped, the Swampert's cock wriggling up inside him in that moment, lubed with pre, Cole's muscles shuddering as he tried to catch his breath.

The Swampert's forepaws wrapped around his thighs, shoving him down as it thrust up, cramming more of its cock inside him, hard flesh sliding over Cole's bruised, sensitive skin, pre gushing sharply inside him and slopping out around its churning cock, splattering all down the Swampert's hide, glazing the huge length of its cock still outside him. The first of its weird lozenges dug against his hole, a firm swell rubbing back and forth as the Swampert thrust shallowly, grinding it against his already-straining rim. Cole whined, falling back against the Swampert's chest, letting each thrust rock his body upwards, jerking and trembling as he was stretched to his utmost, mouth hanging open, hoarse grunts bursting from his mouth with each thrust.

The swell dug against the rim of his ass, hole bowing out, distending beyond what any human was intended to take. The Swampert's cock lurched inside, Cole's stomach bloating to fit, the lump of its cockhead visible, lurching this way and that inside him. The Swampert bellowed, tongue lolling from its mouth and slapping across Cole's face, drool soaking his hair to his scalp and spattering his face in hot droplets. Its cock pulsed, spraying another gush of pre into him, bulging his stomach more. Watery pre sloshed inside him as it streamed down the sides of the Swampert's cock, erupting from his ass in squirts as the Swampert rutted against him, cock sliding minutely back and forth.

Cole breathed shallowly as the Swampert lurched forward, another swell digging between his cheeks, stretching his already-broken hole until it ached, each beat of his heart throbbing through his swollen, bruised skin. He whined, still trying to take it in, squirming -- the Swampert grabbed his thighs and jerked. The swell lurched into him with a rubbery pop, already the next swell pressing against his hole, and Cole spasmed and came, body convulsing. He was dry, just a watery dribble running down his cock, but the orgasm hit with so much force all he could do was hang there limp, drooling, letting the Swampert try to fuck into his unresisting body. Each motion, every slide and scrape of their skin, sent hot tremors through his body, racing across his skin. He felt feverish: hot, dazed, dizzy, unable to think. All he could focus on was the stretch of the Swampert's cock, bearing down into him, throbbing and twisting, churning up inside him.

His stomach rippled, the swell of the Swampert's cock rising up, twisting forward inside him so that part of it stood out in sharp relief for a moment, before it sunk again -- twisting back, reaching higher up into his guts, knocking into something inside him that made him expel all the air in his lungs with a wheeze.

He reached back, hand slipping across the taut flesh of the Swampert's cock, feeling back to see how much was left: one more, and then the base itself, which was by far the largest. The Swampert thrust into him, fucking him with what it could, forwards until one swell rammed against his ring and then back until the one lodged inside him threatened to pull out. It felt like it fucked him forever, pre gushing from his ass, bruised muscles swollen and rubbery, just back and forth, back and forth -- until it bore forward, the hard flesh of its lozenge pressing against his wrecked ass, pressing and pressing until slowly his asshole spread in jerks and fits, shocky bursts of heat with each minute stretch. His stomach was swollen by the sheer volume of cock inside him, bloated more as it shoved the second-to-last swell inside him, the muscled arch of its length digging against his abs from the inside. Cole sobbed, guts churning as the Swampert started grinding the final swell against his ass, stomach rippling as its cock lurched inside him. The Swampert leaned forward, face pressing against Cole's, mouth open and panting. It lapped at his head, huge tongue coating his in drool -- tongue awkwardly dragging over his open mouth, pouring drool over his lips; just another part of it too huge to fit.

His broken ass gaped, slowly, abused muscles spreading minutely more with each grind of the Swampert's swell. Pre gurgling out of him, pouring up from high in his guts, and the slickness eased the way, final swell spreading him brutally wide as it slowly sunk into him in lurches and fits, obscene slurps and squelches coming from his violated ass as the Swampert slowly seated him fully on its cock.

The flesh of his stomach shifted and swelled as its shaft churned inside him, smooth bulges rising and falling as it threaded up inside his guts. Cole looked down, hand splayed over his churning stomach, feeling the hard muscle of the Swampert's shaft convolve inside him, back and forth, up and down, practically swimming through his flooded guts. Even when it wasn't visible he could feel it, so huge inside him: twitching, gushing, lurching back and forth inside him with enough force to send Cole jerking to the left and right, entire body puppeted by the immense cock.

The swell of its cock locked them together, lozenge just-barely shoved in past his gaping ass, and the Swampert growled, unable to really thrust with its entire cock crammed into the tiny human. It jerked forward, grinding his ass against its spread slit, and then -- jerked back, swell bearing down again against Cole's wrecked hole, slowly peeling out, almost bringing his ass out with it. It tugged free with an enormous gush of pre, all that trapped up inside him and gurgling out, spread asshole gaping, thick rivers of pre pouring out of him.

Then the Swampert shoved it right back it.

Cole sobbed, ass aching with each thrust, bruised ring stretched taut as the Swampert tugged its cock back out, a soggy slurp as the final lozenge pulled free, pre gurgling as it poured from his gaping hole. The Swampert thrust forward, swollen lozenge stopping the flow even as he sprayed more inside him, gush after gush with the force of a hose squirting deep into his guts as the Swampert crammed its cock back inside, another sloppy gush of displaced pre erupting out of him as the Swampert's flesh ground over the swollen ring of his ass, cock hilting back inside him with a slurp.

It bellowed again, close, fucking its final lozenge back and forth through Cole's broken ass, deep groans vibrating the air around him. It whined, noise low and nearly deafening, drowning out the wet slurp of Cole's ass being broken in, the constant patter of pre pouring out of him. Its entire body tensed, cock twisting sharply, knocking the breath from his lungs, and pulsed hard: shaft trembling as it started to spasm, base to tip, and finally erupt with the force of a firehose, painful pressure bloating him as the Swampert flooded his guts with its watery load.

Each pulse came with a sharp jerk, the Swampert grinding the base of its cock against him, paws spread on his thighs, pulling him down, like it wanted somehow to fit even more of its cock inside him, grunting and groaning. Its load was heavy, a huge weight of sloshing water inside him, flooding his guts and cascading down, trapped in sequence against each swollen lozenge, having to bloat him enough for his guts to spread, send the watery mass pouring down and down until it bore against the final swell, stomach swollen painfully, body audibly sloshing with each motion, each pump of fresh come adding to the pressure.

The Swampert shifted, cock moving minutely inside him, and a spray of come erupted out around its shaft, splattering all across their bodies. Cole whined, abs clenching, broken asshole spasming and finally spreading to its utmost, letting the Swampert's load gush out of him, cloudy white come pouring out of him in sheets, pressure inside him increasing with each pulse only to slowly ebb as what had to be gallons of come sprayed inside him only to eventually gush out around the Swampert's still-spurting cock.

Cole just took it, gasping with each throb inside him, body slick with sweat and spit and come, whimpering as the Swampert unloaded in him for what seemed like eternity.

Eventually the Swampert rose up on its hind legs, sending Cole spilling off its lap into the churned-up river mud. Its cock tugged from his ass with a series of gurgles, each fat lozenge pulling free with a loud, syrupy pop, pop-pop-pop as the whole thing tore out of him, ending with a final eruption of come, all the sloppy mess inside him gushing out around the very tip, pouring out from his gaping ass in a sludgy torrent of cloudy white come, winding its way through the muddy banks and spilling back into the river. Cole just sprawled there, on his hands and knees, thighs and arms shaking. The Swampert's load spilled, spurt after spurt, out of him, winding its way down his thighs.

The Swampert huffed, billowing breath washing over him, and gave Cole a lazy lick across his sweaty back. Then it turned and trundled off, uninterested now that it had blown its load, submerging back into the river, leaving Cole gasping and trembling on the shore. He stared down, watched his breath dimple the surface of a puddle beneath him, a sludgey mixture of river water and come. He staggered to his feet, tottering on shaky legs over to a nearby boulder, and sagged against it, rock cool against his back. His ass twinged, clenching and opening on nothing, another flood of pokemon come spurting out of him and spilling down the rock.

Cole gingerly reached back, felt between his cheeks: his hole was cratered, raw flesh stinging at the touch, hole busted into an immense ring, ridged outward, flesh bruised and swollen. And sloppy with come, guts flooded with a messy slurry, come from too many pokemon to count now all sluggishly oozing out of him, gurgling and sloshing inside him.

He looked over: clothes still on the shore, a little crusted heap, just the way he'd left them. He'd still have to rinse those off. And-- wash himself off again. He sagged back against the rock with a sigh, come still flooding out of him, oozing over the battered flesh of his ring.

He really had not thought this was how things would go, when he left on his pokemon journey. He let out a little laugh, motion sending a squirt of come spilling down the rock. His own cock twitched, stirring to life, and he reached down, stroked himself, mind emptying of everything except for what had just happened, replaying all the sensations.

Anyway, it wasn't a problem. He'd get to Citrono sooner or later. Just so long as he wasn't fucked by any more wild pokemon on the way there. And then -- well, whatever, he could think of that when he got there. Now... he stroked himself, reaching back with his other hand to play with his wrecked ass, a twinge of pain as he shoved two fingers into his hole, skin slick and slobbery with the Swampert's come. Right now, he knew what he wanted to do.