This is a pokemon fic commissioned by nicobay's sofurry avatar Nicobay

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Cole was just about to touch Derrick's dick when Derrick's mom yelled from the downstairs.

"Derrick, honey! Don't forget we've got that hiking trip with your grandfather!" Derrick jolted back, the flush across his face turning several shades darker. "He'll be here any minute!" she yelled up a second later, and by that time Derrick was already tumbling out of the bed, scrambling for his underwear.

Cole let out a groan, flopping down onto the warm spot Derrick left in the bed. "Seriously? Hiking? Aren't you a little old for family outings?"

"I totally forgot!" Derrick hissed, jumping around the room on one foot as he tugged his shorts on, dick pointing straight up at the ceiling. "I'm really sorry!" His voise was muffled as he struggled back into his shirt, arms straight up in the air.

"But you'll be back soon, right? Right?" Cole said, voice muffled as he talked into Derrick's pillow.

"Grandpa likes his walks," Derrick said, voice gloomy. "He says they're his only joy in life now. He drags the whole family out there," he said in a bad imitation of a creaking old man voice. "But he doesn't even let me take Magne along!" Derrick looked over at Cole, still sprawled out in his underwear, gaze sinking down along the thin trail of hair down his stomach, to the line of his briefs, his cock a sharp tent bulging out the y-front. After a long, glassy look his eyes snapped up to Cole's face. He frowned. "Trust me, you're way better off than I am, here."

"I'm gonna jerk off in your bed," Cole said, spitefully. "Just think about that while you're off hiking." He slid a hand down his stomach, fingers slowly curling around the bulge of his cock, coaxing it up and out until every little detail of his shaft was outlined around the thin fabric. Derrick made a strangled choked noise.

There was a pounding on Derrick's door and they both jumped, the tent in Derrick's pants finally diminishing a little as he turned to the door. "I'll be out in a minute, ma!" he yelled.

He darted over to Cole, pressing their lips lightly together in a brief kiss. "Next time, I promise," he said, still staring at Cole as his steps carried him backwards and then rapidly out the door, without letting any of the apparent crowd of people in the hallway see inside. Cole could hear at least two other voices, aside from the creak of Derrick's grandpa, and his breathing evened out as he heard them head down the hallway and away.

He flopped back onto the bed, his shaggy hair tufting out under his head as he rubbed his head against the pillow. He let out a long exhale, hand immediately falling to his dick again, fingers playing with the band of his underwear. Derrick's hands had been right where his were, coaxing his dick until he was dizzy, except, again, something'd come up. Cole let out a sharp sigh, dragging his underwear down to mid-thigh, letting his cock spring up with a jolt, smacking against his stomach with an impact that sent a sharp spasm of pleasure through his body. He let out a high moan, palm dragging against his shaft as he milked out a wet drop of precome, smearing it around the head of his cock.

Then there was a rustling, and his heart leapt into his chest again -- surely Derrick's family had all cleared out, right? -- and he jolted up, pulling the sheets up to hide his cock. There was a scrambling motion as Magne dragging himself up from behind a drift of Derrick's clothes, scattered across the room, and Cole scrambled to pull the sheet higher. Magne was Derrick's pokemon, a Charmeleon. They'd been found together when Derrick was a toddler, fast asleep in the woods, Magne's tail curled around him, his tail flame keeping the boy warm. Derrick didn't even use a pokeball; Magne just followed him around anyway.

"Um," he squeaked. "Have you been here the whole time?" There was a dizzy wave of... embarrassment through his body, hot and sudden. Magne nodded, slow, head crest bobbing, and Cole stared, face red hot, cock still stubbornly hard. On the day after Derrick's eighteenth birthday Magne'd evolved, like he wanted to keep up with Derrick, and Cole was still getting used to his bigger form, taller and leaner as a Charmeleon, with lanky adolescent limbs, tipped with heavy claws.

Then his gaze sunk down lower as Magne stepped over the pile of clothes, his legs visible, and -- Cole stared, eyes wide, at Magne's slit, the edges flushed and red, parted open, the sharp tip of his cock peeking out. "Were you... watching?" he said, practically without breathing, unable to tear his eyes away from Magne's pulsing length, a clear thread of slick, shining fluid caught across his sloped cockhead.

Magne nodded again, still moving forward with his slow steps, claws scraping against the floorboards. Cole couldn't drag his eyes away from Magne's cock, staring as the flushed lips of his slit parted, slowly more and more of his smooth, sharply-sloped cock pushing out. A fat dewdrop of pre gathered on his cockhead, jiggling with his footsteps forward, eventually growing so heavy it broke and drooled down the side of his shaft, slashing off in a jagged line to splatter on the floor.

Cole let out a shaky groan, cock jutting straight up from the loose sheets, the tip where his cockhead pressed against the fabric slowly growing dark, wetly clinging to his leaking cockhead. Derrick had a smell around him, hot and sweaty, almost salty when they were pressed together in the bed, kissing, but when Cole inhaled the hot, rank roll of sex crashed over him, ten times more potent, rich and musky in the air.

Magne was standing right in front of him, cock spilling hard from his slit, already bigger than Derrick and showing no signs of stopping. His cock came to a sharp point, his cockhead a flat plane, sharply sloped down his shaft, which just grew thicker and thicker from his slit, and all of it a vivid red, thick musk wafting up in almost-visible steam, pouring wet and humid over Cole's face.

Cole let out a strangled moan, mouth open, saliva building in his mouth. He swallowed, thickly. "D-do you.. want to..." he said, already knowing, seeing it in Magne's burning eyes. "It's wrong," he said, looking away and flushing, only to have Magne press close, bat him with his muzzle, snout pressing down his neck.

"Chaar," he said, hips rocking forward, splashing dribbles of pre across Cole's bare stomach. His claws reached for Cole's skin, one curling around his hip, the other clenching in the sheet. He dragged the sheet down, fabric scraping over Cole's cockhead, until he was laid completely bare, cock achingly hard, cockhead flushed almost as deeply red as Magne's dick.

"Oh god," Cole said, moving into Magne's touch, hips arching off the bed. His cock pressed against Magne's hide and they both gasped, Magne's cock spurting precome with enough force to splash across Cole's thighs. Magne climbed onto the bed, squatting between Cole's thighs, their heads almost level as he ground their cocks together sharply. Cole's eyes fluttered, the deep flush across his cheeks not fading at all as he looked deep into Magne's eyes, wild and burning golden.

Cole moaned, voice reedy and cracking, hips already rutting back against Magne, his own smears of pre instantly washed away by the heavy, wet crackle of the pokemon's thick fluid, drooling out steadily against his stomach, smearing in chunky waves down his stomach.

Flushing hot, Cole leaned forward and wrapped his arms around Magne's shoulders, dragging him forward. He pressed his lips against Magne's muzzle, feeling sharp teeth against his tongue as he opened his mouth, wet and hot for a moment before Magne surged forwards, pushing him onto his back. The Charmeleon settled astride his thighs, rocking the erect length of his cock against Cole's stomach, pre splashing and sloshing, rolling in heated, thick beads down his sides. His long tongue spooled out over his fangs, licking over Cole's lips, into his mouth. He moaned, muffled and wet, as Magne practically fucked his mouth with his tongue.

Magne finally pulled back, Cole's mouth slick with Charmeleon saliva, the fiery taste still filling his mouth. "Are you-- do you--" Cole said, staring down at Magne's cock, spanning all up his stomach: twice as long as his own cock, easy, and the flesh of his slit was stretched into folded seams around the fat girth of the base.

Cole looked over to the nightstand by the bed; Derrick had bought lube and condoms, if they ever actually got that far, but Magne was grinding against his inner thigh, drawing back to rub the huge, curved span of his cock over his taint, dipping between the cheeks of his ass, and the slick slide of his cock didn't even seem to need lube. He doubted the condoms would even fit, anyway.

Magne drew back, cock sliding between Cole's thighs, leaving huge crests of tacky precome, piles of it matting the thin, dark hairs there to his skin. His fat shaft slid between the cheeks of Cole's ass, and even the tapered, thin point was still almost as thick as Derrick's cock, fat and heavy against his skin. Cole moaned again, heat flushing down his chest, centering on the hot, suddenly twitching muscle of his asshole. Magne ground his girthy cock along the crack of Cole's ass, dragging it back and forth over Cole's tight pucker.

He'd never had anything up there aside from fingers -- his own, and once, one of Derrick's -- and now Derrick's pokemon was grinding his cock all up and down his ass, and Cole found himself pushing back, asshole flexing open, equal parts dreading and desperately wanting Magne to draw back the fraction more, to slot his cock right into his asshole.

He didn't have to wait long to get his wish; Magne let out a low, feral growl and lunged, drawing back just far enough for the point of his cockhead to dip against his asshole, and then he slammed forward, burying half his cock into Cole's virgin ass in one sharp lunge.

Cole wailed, asshole pulsing, clenching and relaxing around Magne's fat shaft. Dizzy pleasure and pain ripped through him as he opened up around Magne's cock. His ass was webbed and slimy with thick pokemon pre, the constant burble of more spilling inside him forming a slick wet trail, slowly sliding down the walls of his ass to slurp out around Magne's cock. He let out a whine, pushing himself back against Magne, asshole stretching painfully wide around the fatter shaft as he sunk down by scant inches.

"More," he begged, face flushing, and Magne gave him a cocky smirk, tongue lolling out to swipe across his face. He drew back and jabbed inside, stretching Cole further. Cole let out a shaky moan, asshole convulsing as Magne sunk inside, hips jabbing back and forth as he started fucking him. His claws spread across Cole's thighs as he jerked up in sharp thrusts, burying his dick ever-deeper in Cole's ass.

Cole spread his legs wide, the slick, rapid pound of Magne's cock hitting inside him, the smooth, iron-hard length of his shaft dragging back and forth over his ass, pre spilling out and staining the sheets. Cole fell back, boneless as Magne fucked him deeper. His own cock jutted straight up, dripping, as Magne pounded against his prostate, each thrust forcing a wet bubble of pre from his cock. Magne's pre slurped out of him in glossy waves, dripping down his deep red cock in long jiggling strings, swinging forward with Magne's thrusts to slap and catch against the backs of Cole's thighs, cracking sharply as they snapped and splattered over his wet, slimy skin.

Magne roared as he hilted inside Cole, his flushed slit slamming against the raised cheeks of Cole's ass as he buried his entire cock deep into the teen, slit pressing tight against the gaping, stretched-open ring of his asshole. Magne was almost as close as Cole was, cock trembling and spasming deep, the tip leaking pre into his guts, constantly spurting. Magne drew back, until just the tip of his cock was still inside, the folds of his stretched asshole wetly slurping around the thin tip, and then he slammed back inside, shoving his entire cock deep into Cole.

His thrusts jarred the whole bed, rattling and slamming the headboard against the wall. Cole writhed around each one, hips arching up to meet the smooth curve of Magne's crotch. It was hardly a dozen more of them before Magne slammed in to the base and roared, his cock pulsing, swelling larger as he came. It was almost burning hot, pumping in a sluggish flood deep into Cole.

Magne ground the base of his cock against Cole's ass, rutting short and sharp, just a few inches, enough to drag the head of his cock back and forth through the worked-open entrance to Cole's guts. His come sprayed into his guts, gurgling sluggishly as it spilled deeper and deeper, half of it simply flooding down the inside of Cole's ass. Jizz splurted from his gaping asshole, spilling out across Magne's rough hide and splattering down onto the bed, soaking the sheets dark and pungent.

Cole wailed, a hair's width away from simply coming untouched, his cock pulsing and dripping all over, but he was no match for the sheer flood of come Magne was unloading deep in his guts. Magne came in heavy blasts, one after the other, and even after his pulses had slowed and stopped he still rutted against Cole's ass, cock half-hard and heavy inside him. He dragged his claws over Cole's soaking thighs, smearing the thick paste of his load into Cole's skin.

Cole flushed, dizzy with shame or arousal as the scene sunk in; Derrick's bed was soaked with pokemon come, the evidence of what they'd done there completely unmistakeable. He jolted away, pulling Magne's shaft from his ass with a wet slurp, jizz spilling from him in a thick white stream, down the crack of his ass. More splattered down onto the sheets. The room stank of musk, rich and heady, and Cole felt a heat inside him, coils twisting tight at the thought of lying there and jerking off, Magne watching as he fingered his come-filled ass, spilling Charmeleon jizz all over the sheets.

Instead he jumped to his feet. His legs almost gave out on him from the sudden strain, his ass aching and rough as he dragged on his shorts -- his underwear just so many shredded scraps -- and his shirt, sticking to him with sweat and come, cock hard and tenting out. He glanced over at Magne: post-coital, relaxed, eyes hooded, his cock half-hard and dripping the dregs of his load across his stomach. The fantasy of dropping to his knees and lapping across his stomach was almost dizzying in its intensity, mouth open, getting to taste. Cole turned sharply and ran out of the house, the wet squelch of his cheeks reminding him every second of what he'd just done.

He wasn't thinking that clearly, still painfully aroused, something like guilt flooding through him, body too-hot, veins like ice. He hardly remembered the run back to his house, only realizing when he poked his head out from behind the trees in his back yard that it was training day for his dad's gym, and there were dozens of trainers there, practicing their forms along with their pokemon. His dad was in front, exchanging punches with his Machamp, Kara, and they were all thankfully distracted enough for him to dip back into the forest and sneak around the side without anyone noticing.

All he had to do was take a shower, get a clear set of clothes, and no one would be the wiser. The seat of his shorts was soaked-through with pokemon come, more still dripping out of him, and the ring of his ass felt... flushed, enormous, heavy between his cheeks.

He skirted across the side of the house, almost inside, when there was a heavy whump behind him, and he turned, busted. It was Gouille, his father's Druddigon. Cole stared up at him and swallowed thickly. It felt like he was going to faint he was blushing so hard, and his cock was still stubbornly hard, chafing against the front of his shorts. More jizz trickled down the back of his thighs. The slightest breeze rustled the leaves of the trees, and Gouille's immense nostrils flared, sucking in the scents wafting off of Cole.

Cole flushed, mouth open and barely coherent excuses spilling out, but he was unable to remember what a single one was after saying it. Gouille crowded him against the side of his house, his two immense forelimbs coming down on either side, claws digging into the soil beside him. "You can't--! Please, you can't tell anyone!" Cole hissed, painfully aware of the trainers practicing just a few feet away, around the corner of the house. Cole finally jerked his gaze away from Gouille's huge, burning red eyes, jerking down his ridged yellow underbelly to-- Cole swallowed, eyes wide. His legs gave out, sending him toppling forward, on his knees, eyes level with Gouille's slit. It was flushed too, the usually invisible seam split open, a horizontal gash all along the yellow scales, spanning the whole distance between his thighs. His cock was peeking out, just the head, but as Gouille stooped down further -- his immense dragon head craning over Cole's back to sniff at his soaked shorts -- it surged and flared, popping out from his slit with a lewd, heavy slurp.

If Cole'd thought Magne's cock was big, it was nothing compared to this. He flushed, the guilty heat that raced through his body reaching a fever pitch -- this was one of his dad's pokemon; he'd known Gouille since he was a kid; he'd grown up watching his tournament victories. And now he was on his knees, unconsciously leaning closer and closer, until Gouille's cockhead was right in front of him, so close the wet, humid heat flooded across his face.

Maybe, if he'd thought about it -- which he hadn't -- he would've thought Gouille's cock would be like Magne's: blocky, tapering, deep red. It wasn't. Even with just the head peeking out from his slit, it was different. There were spikes. His cockhead was like a spear-tip, sharp and symmetrical, and it spread back into huge, backwards-facing spines, arrayed out along the ridge of his cockhead. They were spreading his slit wide, revealing the rich, disgustingly vivid purple of Druddigon's internal flesh, and his cock was the same color: thick, deeply-flushed purple, streaked all across with thin ribbons of blue and red veins.

Cole felt a moan rising in his throat, heavy draconic musk steaming across his face, a hundred times stronger than Magne's. Gouille's cock pulsed, barely even hard, and it launched a sloppy watery slug of precome across his face, hitting him with the force of a slap, drooling down across his cheeks and into his mouth, until he couldn't smell or taste anything but the thick rancid taste of dragon, saturating his mouth.

He wheezed, trying to keep quiet, eyelids fluttering as he gave in to his impulses, sinking forward to kiss Gouille's cockhead. The flesh was firm under his lips, slick, the barest hint of friction as his lips parted around it and he slurped messily forward, taking in the tip. Spit and pre mixed into a thin slurry that drooled down his chin. His loud moan was muffled almost completely, mouth rumbling around Gouille's cockhead, pre slopping over his lower lip in messily trails. The very center of Gouille's cockhead slipped over his cheek, sliding into his mouth, and Cole caught the next burst of pre right in his mouth, cheeks bulging out from the sudden gush, slimy dragon pre filling his mouth to the brim.

He jerked back reflexively, slime squelching as it drooled out of his mouth, and again Gouille sprayed across his face, coating it entirely with clotted lines of pre. It smeared into his hair, matting it to his forehead, glossy streaks dripping down his cheeks, sticking over his nose so he had to breathe ragged and fast through his mouth, hot breath billowing out against Gouille's barely-unsheathed cock.

Even after the head pushed from his slit, his shaft was monstrous, thicker than Cole's arm, and all covered in smooth, bulbous pearls, in ridges and clusters, spiraling down his shaft. There were more spines, in staggered ridges, and Cole found himself pressed against Gouille's slit, mouthing at the soft scales, tongue lapping over the acrid musk of his cock, swallowing thick mouthful after mouthful of drooling slimy dragon pre.

Gouille loomed over him, wings spanning to blot out the sky, enclosing Cole in a world that was just the wall behind him and the heavy, shifting bulk of the dragon pokemon before him. It was feverishly hot, Gouille's massive body radiating heat, all trapped in the small space. His tail thumped against the ground, stacatto, as Cole slurped across his cock, even just the tip far too thick to fit in his mouth. Cole found himself grinding against Gouille's thigh, cock slippery with his own pre, his shorts soaking not just with Magne's come but soon dripping with long, dark lines, Gouille's copious precome spilling from his mouth, across his face, and drooling down his body, matting his shirt to his skin and soaking through his shorts.

Cole would've just kept sucking, dragging his face back and forth across Gouille's pulsing cock, already dimly working towards getting him to come, getting him to spill his load all across his body, but abruptly Gouille's claws hooked around his waist, digging under the waist of his shorts to simply tear them off, fabric clinging tight to his claws for a second before they shredded under his touch. The soaking-wet fabric clung wetly to his skin still, and it took Gouille peeling the fabric from him for Cole's ass to be revealed. Gouille reached down, his huge claws gently sliding around the rim of his flushed, aching asshole.

It was with an equally-simple lift that Gouille turned him around, simply settling his spurting, drooling cock against his back, heavy like a weight.

"You can't," Cole said, nevertheless grinding himself back against the immense blocky weight of Gouille's cock, asshole open and clenching against the fat pearls along his shaft. "There's no way it'll fit!" He moaned, ragged and desperate, when Gouille took a half-step forward, his weight pinning him back against the wall as his cock pushed harder against Cole's spread asshole.

Cole let out a sharp, high whine, asshole stretched wildly even around just the tip of Gouille's cock. His mouth was open, panting, gasping for breath as Gouille slowly worked his asshole open, cheeks spread wide, sloppy with Magne's clotted jizz and already dripping with Gouille's pre, thick slimy trails bursting out around the spiky, uneven ridge of his cockhead. Cole would have bellowed when Gouille shoved further inside, heavy draconic muscles rippling, but Gouille stooped down, pressing the upper edge of his toothed maw against Cole's face, jaw open, his huge, slimy tongue lolling out to slap across Cole's face. A wet, open-mouthed kiss, only the size difference made it simply Gouille muffling Cole's moans with his tongue, lapping all across his face and he slowly worked his cock inside the teen.

The immense, fleshy spines of Gouille's cock bunched tight as he worked his cockhead i, finally popped into Cole's ass and instantly spreading out past the clenching ring of his asshole, locking them solidly together. Cole squealed against Gouille's tongue, his own mouth open, lips thick and flushed, tongue dragging over Gouille's own, his face streaked with dragon drool. The huge dragon slowly shoved more inside him. He tried to pull back and his backwards-facing spurs flared out, locking him in place, and so he simply worked himself ever-forward, shoving in deeper and deeper in sharp, small thrusts, slowly burying his cock inside Cole. Cole groaned, Gouille's cock like an iron spike inside him, sinking past his ass and into his guts, so heavy his stomach swelled, dimpling out in an uneven lump as Gouille deeper inside him.

The second ridge of spines sunk into Cole no problem, his asshole slack and abused, gaping open even around the fat, leg-thick ridge halfway down Gouille's cock. His guts gurgled, lakes of pre lodged inside him, spurting from Gouille's cock with enough force his flesh swelled and shifted under his fingers when he touched across the bulging span of his stomach.

Cole's face was coated with slobber by the time Gouille was even halfway inside him, the rest of his cock terrifyingly-thick, corded with pearls and veins and ridges and spines, more than he could ever hope to take. They were locked tight together, Gouille's second spines catching just behind Cole's gaping-wide ring, only letting Gouille grind an inch or two back and forth. But he fucked him hard, hips bearing down with inexorable force, practically flattening Cole under the pressure of his thrusts, again and again until Cole was sloshing with each movement, stomach swollen with pre. Gouille was getting close -- Cole could feel it, in each tense flare of his spines, cock twisting and lurching inside him, so much and so deep the flexing spasms picked him up off his feet, jerking him up and down against the wall.

Gouille almost roared when he came, Cole acutely aware of the scant feet between him and a crowd of trainers. Gouille's drooling mouth opened wide, the rumble starting from deep in his chest, and Cole practically shoved his head inside Gouille's mouth, muffling the sound with his entire body. The spines inside him flared, stomach distending in a ragged disc, and Cole bellowed into Gouille's mouth, cock coming untouched a second before Gouille's. The dragon came, thick, boiling-hot dragon come spraying into Cole, flooding through his guts in pulse after pulse, his huge spines fluttering back and forth, dragging his guts around them like they were just a thin casing drawn over his cock. Cole's stomach gurgled and sloshed, dizzyingly-hot pressure growing inside him in waves, all Gouille's come lodged inside him, stuck above the immense swell of his cockhead.

All Cole could do was hang on, hands gripping along Gouille's neck and side as the dragon spent himself inside him, in pulse after pulse, until his stomach was aching, and even then he showed no sign of stopping or even slowing. Even the huge flare of his cock wasn't enough to keep the sloshing sea of come in his guts; slowly it squelched between the seams, streaming heavily down the length of Gouille's cock, lodged deep inside him, and finally slurping and crackling as it poured in a thick, sluggish well out from his gaping ass. Cole moaned, dragging his face against the roof of Gouille's mouth, kissing and gasping as come flooded out of him, slopping down his legs in runny streams.

Gouille's ejaculation lasted a full thirty seconds, pulse after pulse bloating Cole's stomach until he was heavy with come, ass and legs coated in thick slimy layers. They both relaxed, panting heavily, Gouille's spines still locking them together. Cole sagged back against the dragon, boneless and heavy, his entire body aching but still suffused with pleasure.

So that was when they both clearly heard his dad call out "Training dismissed," followed by the bustle of a dozen trainers packing up. Cole and Gouille shared a wide-eyed look, equally uninterested in getting caught. Gouille dragged himself upright, his still-hard cock snapping up against his chest, sweeping Cole right off his feet with it. The impact was loud and wet, Gouille's underbelly sloppy with come, and it was impossible to imagine no one had heard it just a few feet away.

With surprising delicacy, given he was an enormous dragon, Gouille silently stepped away from the corner, carrying Cole with him, impaled on his cock. He crawled into the forest, barely uprooting any trees, thankfully putting some rapid distance between them and his house. But Gouille was still hard inside him, spikes locking them together, and he'd barely gone soft during the jostling walk away. They were gonna be locked together for a while. And honestly, wrapped around Gouille's monstrous cock, settling back against Gouille's chest, his own cock still hard and dripping come, he found it a little hard to feel that guilty about any of it.