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It was at least a half-hour before Gouille's cock was soft enough to pull out, and even then, his cock was rubbery and flexible, his immense spines flexing and twisting inside him, scrubbing across the inside of Cole's ass. Gouille shuddered, cock twitching as Cole dragged himself bodily off the immense cock. He staggered forward on wobbling legs, asshole gaping, dragon come running down the backs of his thighs and squelching in globs to the forest floor. The ache that shot through him when he tried to clench his ass made him groan, and Gouille clomped closer, grinding his huge face against Cole's side.

Cole patted him, unable to even make eye contact with the pokemon, flushing beet red. First Magne, and now Gouille? What he was doing was perverse.

It was another ten minutes before he could even walk, his aching legs no longer trembling. He staggered to his feet, almost crawling through the woods as he headed back home, Gouille at his side until the house finally came into view.

The shower hurt, hot water sluicing down his back, running over the flushed, aching muscle of his asshole. He reached back and touched himself, fingers gliding over the swollen skin, bloated and soft as he ran his fingers around his destroyed pucker. At least he wasn't leaking come anymore.

He practically sleepwalked through cleaning himself up, finally collapsing on his bed, even though it was only early evening. He was exhausted. He couldn't even think about how just a few hours ago, he was a virgin whose most intense sexual thought was maybe getting to touch his boyfriend's dick.

He fell asleep almost instantly, but he tossed and turned, his dreams a feverish mishmash: the rough drag of Magne's hide over the back of his thighs, the steaming heat pillowing up from Gouille's cock as he knelt in front of it, tip spurting slime all across him, and him just wanton, mouth open and groaning, kissing Magne's open muzzle or his head mashing against Gouille's drooling tongue, opening himself up for their monstrous pokemon cocks.

He woke up dizzyingly hard, feverishly hot. It was the middle of the night, and he was sprawled out on his bed, sheets kicked down to the foot of the bed. His cock was jutting straight up against his loose sleep pants. It was like he could relive the exact sense-memory of Magne's thrusts, his sharp dick jabbing against his prostate, sloppy and wet, pounding inside him.

Cole reached down, under the hem of his loose pajamas, and pushed against his asshole. His fingers slid inside with ease, and had to muffle a sharp whimper into his pillow. He palmed his hand against his dick, cockhead smearing slickness over his fingers, and in his flushed haze he wanted to drag it out, not quite bring himself off. He jerked himself slowly, shocks of pleasure racing down the length of his cock with each movement, sinking into his stomach.

Flushed, dazed, blushing even at the thought of it, he swung himself off his bed and crept to his computer, one hand constantly rubbing against his cock and balls as he sat down at his desk. He wasn't-- he didn't start looking for it, it was just, sprawled back in his desk chair, slowly jerking himself off, it seemed natural to look up pokemon sex. At first it was filtered out, nothing but those old Sinnoh legends of pokemon marrying humans, and he had to pause, fingers on the keyboard, typing out in slow, excruciating key-presses "pokemon human sex videos," face beet red but cock as hard as he'd ever been in his entire life.

There were... sites, for that kind of thing, he'd known, but he'd never really... thought about it. There were lots of sites. He clicked through page after page, eyes wide. It was like his mind had just been blown away, lewd video caps of men and women spread out with pokemon: a burly black guy with a Machamp even bigger than he was, reaching back to effortlessly open himself up to the Machamp's two cocks; a woman on all fours with a Mightyena growling and snarling above her, pounding away, with sharp close-ups of his vivid red knot hammering against her swollen labia; one of a fucking Galvantula looming over someone, one pair of legs spinning out glossy wet webs of come from some flushed slit, another pair shoveling the sticky mass inside their gaping, wide open hole; an Aerodactyl, just a slow video of their vent gaping open, a corkscrew cock as thick as someone's leg spinning out and then just... spinning out more, until there was the immense loopy cord of their cock in a long ragged line across the floor, tip spurting and dribbling, purple-grey and pulsing, and Aerodactyl crooning in pleasure.

Cole felt dizzy, head pounding, physically dazed as he tabbed through page after page of obscene videos. The sheer panoply of options had him clicking further and further, past scene after scene of obscene acts, until it all blurred into a feverish, pulse-pounding haze of bare skin and pokemon hide; of sweat and glossy pokemon come; of wet, messy slurps and the howling cries of wild pokemon, rutting into bodies like they were just sheaths.

He clenched his cock hard, dripping pre into the fabric of his sleep pants, turning a splotch dark and then slowly glistening. He still hadn't come, afraid a single stroke would set him off, but he was leaking, cock flushed dark red and glossy-wet with precome.

Eventually something distracted him; noise outside, and it took him a long minute to snap out of his fugue and think of the dry rattle of pebbles at his window as anything other than a distraction. Derrick! Cole's heart shot into his throat. He wildly bashed across his keyboard, eventually closing the video window, and shot to his feet, his other hand dragging up his sleep pants.

He was still a mess, cock tenting the loose material, face flushed, his entire body sweaty, but he staggered over to his window. Outside, in a dim square of light from a downstairs window, was Derrick, pitching pebbles up at his window. With -- and Cole swallowed thickly when he saw, ass still aching, cock jerking painful-rough against his pants -- Magne behind him, looking fierce and, well, hungry.

He shrugged into a hoodie, something lose enough to cover up his cock, and let them in. It wasn't like he could really ignore them, no matter how much he kind of wanted to.

"Derrick," he practically wheezed as he opened the door, voice catching in his throat. "Uh, do you-- I mean, so--" he babbled, and Derrick just shoved in past him, dragging him back up to his room.

"Did you fuck Magne?!" Derrick said, hissing, as he shoved Cole up against the door. It was rhetorical. "Seriously?!"

"It just--" Cole stuttered, completely unable to meet Derrick's eyes. "It just kind of... happened," he finished lamely, looking down, dread and misery settling in the pit of his stomach.

Magne was, as usual, no fucking help whatsoever. He was looking between them, not so much confused or conflicted as, like. Disinterested. He'd always been a selfish kind of pokemon; they had a running joke that he was a self-absorbed asshole. It seemed less funny now.

"It just happened." Derrick's voice was very flat.

"He was watching, while... y'know!" Cole gestured in a way that was supposed to convey their heavy-petting-and-makeout session. "And you left, and I started jerking off" -- mumbling the last words -- "and he just popped up, okay, and he was, uh, all hanging out there, and into me, and it was... I'm sorry, okay!" Cole was practically glowing red.

"With my pokemon, though?"

"I don't see you getting mad at him!" Cole almost yelled, shoving back at Derrick. "I mean, it was-- a mistake. I won't do it again!"

Derrick looked taken aback. "Were you planning on doing it again?!"

"I don't know!" Cole said. "It just happened, and then I freaked out and ran back here, and then, uh. You know Gouelle, right?"

Derrick looked at him in a way that conveyed 'duh', but also like he didn't immediately connect the mention of his dad's pokemon to how they were talking about Cole getting fucked by pokemon.

Cole swallowed. "He, uh, smelled it on me, and then, uh, we, uh -- he fucked me too." Derrick just stared at him, eyes wide. Magne snarled, claws out, smoke puffing out of his mouth. "Oh, like you've got room to talk here," Cole said aside, glaring down at him.

"And you liked it?" Derrick said.

"I don't know!" This whole conversation was spiraling out of control. Cole staggered over to his bed and sat down heavily, wincing at his still-aching ass. After a second, Derrick followed. "It just... happened. I freaked out afterward again. And it's not like I have any room for comparison here! God, fucked twice by wild animals."

"Well, there're those stories about Latias and Latios, and that one time Entei raised a human kid..." Derrick started, trailing off when Cole glared at him.

"Whose side are you on here, anyway?"

"I'm just saying it's not, like, unprecedented, okay, I wasn't expecting any of this either, okay, I got back from a hike with my grandpa to find my room fucking drenched with pokemon come, it was kind of a shock."

"Sorry about that," Cole said.

"That's what you're sorry about?"

Cole laughed a little hysterically. "It's at least, like, concrete."

"I guess." Derrick said. He shifted his weight, silence dragging on for a minute. "Did you like it?" he finally asked, unable to meet Cole's gaze when he looked up, startled.

Cole squirmed guiltily. "It was-- it was really hot, okay." He was beet red again. "And then Gouelle just went for it, and we kind of got... stuck together?" He tried to mimic the shape of Gouelle's dick spikes with his hands.

"But he just kept fucking me, and -- this was right outside the house, by the way -- and then he had to run off into the forest so we didn't get caught and that kept, like, bouncing me down on his dick, and--" Cole trailed off, aware that Derrick was staring at him, mouth hanging open. "Dude, you asked."

At some point while Cole'd been gesturing, Magne had climbed up on his bed, sprawling across their labs, like he always did, and neither of them really thought much of it, except here, now, Derrick seemed to realize they'd fucked, that Magne's casual sprawl across Cole, underbelly splayed across Cole's thighs, wasn't quite as innocent as it might've seemed.

Derrick sat back abruptly, putting some space between them, but Magne just used that as an excuse to sprawl more solidly around Cole, wrapping himself around his stomach, his flushed slit suddenly dragging against Cole's stomach, under his hoodie.

"Dude!" Cole hissed at Magne, and he just grinned, fangs sharp and shining, smoke billowing from his nose and mouth, his tail-flame bright. His eyes cut over to Derrick, staring at them. "Seriously?" But Magne sat up, adolescent frame barely fitting in Cole's lap as the pokemon shoved Cole down onto the bed, tongue whipping out to lick across Cole's face, his jaw opening as he messily lapped into Cole's mouth, grinding his flushed slit against Cole's stomach, cock already peeking out. "Derrick's right here," Cole said, muffled against Magne's tongue, like there was any way Magne had missed that. Magne just snorted out two streams of smoke, enveloping Cole's head in a haze, the hot musk-smelling smoke sizzling down into his lungs when he inhaled.

Magne stretched out on top of him, claws digging into his shoulders as he rutted against Cole's stomach, the flushed skin of his slit dragging back and forth over Cole's skin, leaving behind wet smears. His cock was just barely peeking out, the same vivid red, iron-hard and slimy across his skin, and despite himself -- despite Derrick looking on, eyes wide, or maybe because of it -- Cole felt his somewhat-wilted erection harden, heat pulsing through his veins, a prickling tangle of arousal coming to life deep in his stomach.

Cole let out a ragged groan, and Magne licked into his mouth, tongue dragging slimy-soft over his lips. His hoodie was rucked halfway up his chest, stomach wet with Magne's pre, and his own boner was jutting straight up, tenting out his loose pants.

"Fuck," he slurred jerking up, shoving Magne to the side. Derrick made a sharp noise, eyes flitting back and forth between Cole -- flushed, rumpled, beet red -- and Magne -- unsheathed, tail blazing, smirking. He was hard too, not so obvious in his heavy jeans. He noticed Cole looking at him and stepped back, hands covering his crotch.

"Seriously?" Derrick said, voice cracking in the middle.

"Magne's an asshole." Magne was an asshole, willful, and prone to completely ignoring Derrick's orders if he thought differently. When they were kids, it took ages for Derrick to even convince him to listen to combat orders, and, well, it wasn't exactly like he was gonna listen to Derrick here, too, unless Derrick was telling him what he wanted to hear.

Cole tried to not think about what that would be like, Derrick telling Magne to kiss him, to fuck his mouth, to mount him. His dick gave a traitorous twitch, leaking out a bead of pre that soaked into his pants, sticking it to his cockhead.

"Um," Cole said, and his voice was choked and cracked too.

"You're totally into it," Derrick said, like he was just now figuring that out. "So, what, if I just-- let you, you would? Again? If I..." and his breath caught for a long second before he said in a rush, "asked you to? With -- with some of my pokemon?"

"Um." Cole shifted in his seat. His mouth felt very dry. "Which... which ones?"

Now it was Derrick's turn to look aside. "When I got back, Magne'd gotten my pokeballs out and he was, uh, talking to Leo and Cuvier. It was, uh, pretty obvious what they were talking about." Like it wouldn't be totally obvious; Cole could just picture it -- Magne sprawled on Derrick's soaked bed, lording it over the other pokemon, telling them everything.

Derrick had two pokeballs on his belt. Cole glared at him. "So you just brought them over?! Holy shit, you got all high and mighty about this, but then you're basically setting up a pokemon bootycall here!"

"You didn't answer the question." Cole opened his mouth to talk and then caught himself, flush creeping up his neck. "They--" Derrick's voice cracked. "seemed really, uh. Interested."

"Yeah." Cole had spent a lot of this conversation looking down, looking aside. "Yeah, I, uh, would. If they wanted to." He smeared a hand across his face, shoulders shaking with silent laugher, more than a little hysterical.

There was the crack and fizzle of pokeballs releasing, and then his room was packed. Yeah: Leo, technically one of Derrick's newer pokemon, but he'd been a second-string on his mom's team for years.

He was a Luxray, and a big one at that -- towering over Cole sitting on his bed, even on all fours, huge circular ears almost lost in his immense shaggy mane, which spiked out in all directions; his haunches solid black, his head solid blue, and everywhere else streaked some wild combination. He still listened to Derrick's mom more than to Derrick -- like most of his pokemon, he was pretty disobedient. Which... was part of the reason Cole was in this mess, if he felt like blaming everyone but himself for what he was totally about to do. With a Luxray, the guy almost person-tall, tail lashing already. Cole couldn't see below Leo's barrel chest, down the muscular line of his stomach, but in a second -- in the second, well, he would, and he'd see what precisely Leo was packing. He gulped.

Cuvier, comparatively, was tiny, just a little taller than Magne, almost level with Cole sitting. One of Derrick's own pokemon, caught as a Sandile almost a year ago now, evolved not so long afterwards into a Krokorok. He was all dusky yellow-black, eyes black with a brilliant yellow iris, feral and wild. His underbelly was a pale pink, dusky, and -- yeah, and just glancing down his body Cole got an eyeful, his slit bulging out in a huge mound between his legs, pink scales parted at the center to reveal the sharp, dark tip of his cockhead.

Cole swallowed, staring as Cuvier hardened. More of his black-purple cock slid out: his cockhead was like a swollen peanut, two huge lumps fatter by far than his sleek shaft, and at the very tip there were dark little daggers of flesh, flexing apart to reveal his slit, pre already bubbling out. In a way he'd expected... he wasn't sure what he'd expected. Something all sharp and smooth, like Magne, or huge and bumpy, like Gouelle, but this was something else -- unmistakably a cock, all smooth shaft and bulbous tip, just, one with proportions he'd never considered before. Animal in a way he hadn't been expecting.

Cuvier stepped onto his thighs to shove his arms underneath Cole's hoodie, reaching up over his stomach and chest to push the fabric off. His cock slapped against Cole's stomach, over the wet smears Magne had already left, and when Cole raised his arms to pull his hoodie off entirely Cuvier ground his cock against his stomach, leaving behind fresh trails, thin and slimy over his stomach.

Then Leo shouldered Cuvier aside, bowling him onto the carpet beside Cole, and he got another eyeful, another kind of weird pokemon cock he'd never considered before in his life.

"You don't have to," Derrick said, jerking Cole out of his haze. He was standing close by, cock unmistakably hard in his jeans.

He was painfully aware of Derrick's gaze on him -- hell, of Magne's gaze, of all the pokemon watching as he slid off the bed and knelt in front of Leo, sinking down until he could get more than a glimpse of his bright pink cock, ribboned with red-blue veins, like a beacon between his black-furred haunches. His cock was like a pinecone, almost, covered from base to tip in heavy barbs, flanged and swollen, trembling as his cock unsheathed itself.

His heartbeat was in his cheeks, face beet red as he reached out, hand trembling, and touched Leo's chest, fur coarse and shaggy, kinky and rough. Leo snarled, lips pulling back to show immense teeth, and Cole flinched. Rather than go for the throat, Leo leapt forward, placing his front paws on the bed.

His hind legs bracketed Cole's face, mashing his cock against Cole's head, leaving trails of pre smeared over his skin, shockingly hot. Leo rutted against him, dragging the spiny length of his cock back and forth over Cole's face, half-hard and spongy, squishy still, but nevertheless drooling pre in wet gushes, slopping wetly over his face. At least it wasn't too huge.

Cole opened his mouth -- to object, or say something, he wasn't even sure, but the sound that came out of him was a ragged moan, abruptly cut off when Leo's next rutting thrust slammed into his mouth, plugging up the sound with a wet gulp. Leo's swollen barbs pricked across the inside of his lips, rough and sharp, scraping rough trails across the inside of his mouth. Leo started thrusting in earnest, haunches pumping as he slammed his cock into Cole's slack and open mouth, spurting pre in stringy gushes right into the back of his throat. Cole moaned again, the sound muffled and wet, lurching as Leo mounted his face. It carried even over Leo's low snarls and growls as he mounted Cole's face.

Derrick said "holy shit," a clatter sounding as he almost tripped over himself when he moved closer. The bulk of Leo's shaggy underbelly thankfully blocked most of him out -- out of the corner of his eye, between thrusts, he could see Derrick's legs, one hand groping across his crotch. And then, on his other side, Cuvier, watching just as intently, his cock fully everted and dripping pre onto his sheets. Magne too, behind him, growling and squawking, probably having a staring contest with Leo as he fucked Cole's face.

Then again, he wasn't really paying attention to any of that: Leo's pounding thrusts demanded his attention, barbs scraping furrows in his mouth, the fat furred ring of Leo's sheath kissing his lips with wet, lewd smacks, his heavy balls crashing against Cole's chin like heavy weights, the sound just heavy wet smacks over and over, bed frame creaking and groaning, Leo growling in his deep, rough voice, maw open wide as he brutally fucked Cole's slack mouth. His own hands were tangled in the heavy fur of Leo's haunches, not pushing him back or trying to slow his frenetic pace, but wrapping over his hips, dragging him closer, trying to get him to hilt himself.

Each rapid-fire thrust slammed right into the back of his mouth. The very tip squeezed between his tonsils, spurting slime right down his throat, and when he pulled back every single swollen bristly barb caught against his lips. The sound of Leo fucking his mouth got sloppier quick, sucking slurps and pops ringing off the walls. Leo ravaged his mouth until his lips were swollen and flushed, his chin bruised from the impact of Leo's balls.

Leo came with an honest-to-god roar, loud enough that Cole worried for a second about waking his parents, even if they did sleep two floors away on the opposite wing of the house. The wet mess of his mouth got messier, huge bursts of come flooding his mouth, too much to swallow. His cheeks bulged, come bubbling out past his lips before he inhaled wrong and coughed, spraying Leo's shaggy underbelly with heavy ropes of come, glossy all around the dark ring of his sheath, dripping down his heavy balls. Each ragged thrust ended with a heavy gush of come, straight down his throat, and he swallowed eagerly, tongue dragging through the flushed barbs along Leo's cock, coaxing out the last few spurts of come. Derrick and Magne and Cuvier watched, all of it, watching him groaning and moaning, practically drowning in pokemon come as Leo pumped immense pulse after pulse across his tongue, spilling the dregs wet and heavy over his aching lips.

Leo jerked back almost instantly when he finished. Cole leaned into him with a whimper, come-smeared tongue sticking out as if to get a final taste. Jizz was coating his face, in solid lines down his chin, jiggling and swaying as he slumped forward, hands milking the last of Leo's load from his cock, in finger-thick cords that barely arced from his cock, splattering down into the carpet.

"Holy shit," Derrick repeated, voice almost shrill. "He really went for it."

Cole just gasped, hips rutting up against Leo's haunches. Cuvier was still grinding against his hip, drooling pre in watery lines, and Cole wrapped his hand around the pokemon's shaft, letting Cuvier fuck through his sloppy fist. Leo too -- he stepped back, marginally, but he didn't seem to be getting any softer, his pinecone cock still bloated and swollen, dripping the last of his load across Cole's thighs. Cole reached out for him too, hand not really closing around Leo's bristling shaft. Smears of come, and fresh precome already, splattered across his hand, the two pokemon rumbling as they fucked his hands, all sloppy and increasingly wet as they shot trails across his bare chest.

He didn't have a free hand to touch himself, rock-hard cock aching, practically glued to the increasingly-soaked fabric of his sleep pants. Cuvier's watery pre splashed all across his stomach, soaking into the hem, and the material dragged down further, practically outlining his cock, gluing the fabric to his cock. Cole groaned, hunching forward, grinding his covered cock against Leo's side. His ass jerked up, a sharp whine escaping his throat as he got closer and closer to actually coming, and Cuvier took the opportunity to scrape his claws down Cole's side, dragging the back of his pants down over the curve of his ass.

Cuvier dug in, his stubby claws dragging over Cole's ass cheeks, down to his pucker, still flushed and swollen from taking Gouelle -- not even a full day ago, Cole thought, not even twelve hours ago -- even as he arched up, plastering his front against Leo's underbelly so Cuvier could shove what felt like his entire paw inside him, three stubby claws sinking inside him, scaly plates grinding over the swollen rim of his asshole.

"Turn over," came Derrick's voice, and Cole couldn't tell if he sounded so strange because he wasn't hearing right -- blood pounding in his ears, Leo snarling, Cuvier making some low, throaty hissing -- or if it was just Derrick getting choked up. To the side, Derrick's fly was down, cock out, a hand slowly milking it, and it was absurd that this was the first time he'd actually gotten to see it, here when he was a second away from getting mounted by a pokemon or two.

He turned over.

Leo snarled again as Cole's hand slid off his cock, but he shifted to the side, giving Cuiver just enough room to practically leap up onto his back, stubby hindpaws clawing down the backs of Cole's thighs as he nocked the bloated head of his cock against Cole's asshole and slammed inside. He sunk the entire length of his cock inside in a single thrust, pounding forward until the raw eversion muscle bulging from his vent slammed against Cole's cheeks.

Turning over also gave him his first look at Magne, sprawled out on his bed, legs wide, tail arched up high, his flame backlighting his face. He was stroking himself, cock dripping all over the sheets, his claws dragging up and down his length. His cock looked too-large for his own small frame, a sharp, bloated spire arching almost the entire way up his chest. Cole might have moaned, thighs pressing against the edge of his bed frame as he jerked forwards, mouth open. Magne was just out of reach, grinning down at him, head wreathed in smoke.

Cuvier gave a particularly sharp thrust, paws all digging in across Cole's thighs and back to give him leverage. His jaw was hanging open, teeth scraping down the small of Cole's back, breath coming in sharp pants as he make eager croaking noises. His shaft glided wetly in and out, slapping loud and lewd when he slammed into the base, over and over, his over-sized cockhead crashing against the walls of Cole's ass, dragging sharp little moans out of him with each crashing impact. Leo was drooling all across his back, cock and tongue, dragging his barbed cock back and forth over Cole's hip, mouth open and panting, dripping across his shoulders, waiting without much patience for his own turn.

"Hn!" Cole grunted, back arching like a taut bow as Cuvier fucked him, legs spreading wider to let him plunge deeper, his gaping hole spanking against Cuvier's bloated internal muscles, watery pre sloshing out of him with each ragged withdrawal, until only the immense bulge of his cockhead was still inside him.

Cuvier came with a shrill hiss, jaw clacking as he snapped at the air, shoving the final few inches of his cock back and forth inside Cole. Each spurt was a diffuse heat inside him, sloshing as Cuiver kept thrusting as he hosed down the inside of Cole's ass. His watery come sprayed out of him, each wet smack sending a gush erupting from his puffy hole, the almost-transparent slime slopping down his inner thighs, coating the curve of his ass, until it was like Cuvier was just pouring come inside him constantly, wet and heavy.

Leo's patience finally ran out, his desire for a second round winning, and he practically knocked Cuiver aside again. His cock emerged in a gush, cockhead jerking out with an almost-painful pop, leaving Cole's hole gaping and empty, smeared with Krokorok come. Leo mounted him, forepaws curling over Cole's hips, and he simply slammed the stubby, brutally-thick length of his cock right into Cole's ass. His hips punched forward, taking him down to the fat base in a single punch, and Cole just gaped, open-mouthed, throat making gasping, squeaking noises as Leo bore down on him. Leo's thrusts -- rapidfire as ever, ass burning from the angry scrape of his thick barbs -- slammed Cole slammed forward, his face just scant inches away from Magne's dripping cock, close enough that his sloppy spurts of pre splashed across Cole's flushed face, dripping across his cheek, over his nose.

His whole bed frame jolted, lurching to the side under each of Leo's punishing thrusts, the sloppy noises of the fuck drowning out the creaks and slams of the bed frame. Cole finally inhaled, his ragged wails inaudible under the cacophony of snarls and roars Leo was making, the Luxray's mouth wide open and drooling all down Cole's bare back.

Leo came again, roaring to wake the dead, and even the wet cracking noises from his gaping asshole become even wetter, heavier. Come sloshed inside him, eddying around Leo's punishingly-thick cock and then pouring out in clumpy waves. Heavy pulses of pokemon come just burbled out of his wrecked hole, coating his skin an opaque white, a solid sheet of come drooling down his thighs to saturate the carpet below. Leo's sheath slapped between his cheeks, fur soaking wet, just grinding against the flesh of his gaping asshole as he kept fucking through his orgasm, emptying his second load into Cole, all of it pouring right back out.

Cole whined, arching up into Leo's tongue, the Luxray's tongue rasping rough and hard against his shoulders. His entire body trembled, the fiery burn of his cock shocking pleasure and pain up his spine, feeling like it was penetrating through his body to his dripping, achingly-hard cock. He wailed, gasping for breath as his cock erupted completely untouched, trapping against the bed frame. He came right through his ruined pajamas, come oozing through the saturated fabric.

All he could smell was come, the heavy rich smell of sex, face splattered and dripping with Leo's seed, Magne's precome washing it off in gummy streaks, his carpet sloppy and soaking with pokemon jizz as Leo spent himself. Off to the side Derrick groaned, hand flying up and down his cock, and he leaned close to shoot in messy droplets all across the side of Cole's face, come splashing up into his hair and adding to the filmy mess running down his cheeks. Leo pulled out of him, jerking his cock out violently, leaving Cole's gaping ass to flex and clench uselessly, ring swollen huge and puffy from its rough use, constantly drooling a messy slurry of come.

That just left Magne. He was clearly so close. His claws were barely even touching his shaft, and he was spurting precome in heavier lines than Derrick just came, glossy wet trails splashing over Cole's soaked face.

Cole groaned, mouth wide open, lips puffy, shining with Magne's pre, straining towards his cock, all thought fucked out of him, unable to even think about crawling up onto the bed, just desperately trying to get closer. "Magne!" he moaned, heavy pools of pre slopping over his lips. "Please, please, come on, give it to me!"

Magne groaned too, like that was all he needed, and the whole long length of his cock spasmed in his grip, smacking up against his lean belly before he came with a wild cry. Solid threads of come arced into the air and splattered down across Cole's sweaty, disheveled face. Cole kept his mouth open, tongue out, even as he flinched back reflexively, each hot web of come hitting his face with a wet smack, drooling down his skin. Magne came hard, paw squeezing around the base of his cock, spurting line after line across Cole's face, webbing into his hair, all over his shoulders, and then finally shoving right into Cole's open, mouth, muffling his ragged moans with a sloppy squelch.

The final few squirts of come hosed down the back of his throat, and Cole swallowed eagerly, practically nursing Magne's cock, the come heavy and rank in his mouth, salt-bitter taste subtly different than Leo's. He dragged his tongue along the swollen flange of Magne's tapered cockhead, tracing its underside. Precome gathered thick and heavy on his tongue, almost acrid as he swallowed mouthful after mouthful, slowly working along Magne's cock, lapping off the heavy layer of gummy pre coating his entire length.

Cole groaned, muffled, grinding his half-hard cock against the rail of his bed frame, all sloppy and coated in come. His ass ached, hot rippling spikes of pain shooting up his spine as he shifted, slowly pulling himself up onto the bed so he could keep nursing Magne's cock as it slowly retracted. Magne sagged back, feet on either side of Cole's head as he just suckled and slurped, shoving himself deep onto the sharp spire of Magne's cock so he could slurp along the base, lapping up the half-coagulated layer of pre coating the base before his slowly-softening cock pulled back inside. Inch after inch sunk back inside his slit, until Cole was practically just kissing his vent, tongue dragging up and down over the nubby tip still sticking out.

He finally pulled back with a sad whimper, face crusted with drying come. He sat back, head still whirling, fresh come still slopping out of his gaping asshole, dripping down in solid strings to the ruined carpet.

"T-that was really hot," came Derrick's voice, choked, and suddenly everything came flooding back. He was in his bedroom, covered in three kinds of pokemon jizz, ass and mouth aching, dripping come from every hole he had, and Derrick -- his boyfriend -- had just watched him suck off his first pokemon. Not even roughly; he'd been gasping for begging for more the whole time.

"Oh god," he said, or meant to say -- his voice was wrecked, lips puffy and torn, throat clogged with jizz, and it came out just as a mortified whimper. He grabbed the sheets, trying to scrub the worst of the mess of his skin, but it was half-dried already, in huge glossy patches across his neck and shoulders, itchy and rough on his ass, even with more constantly just dripping out of him. "Oh god," he said, again, a little more clearly.

"Woah, hey, no, it's okay." Derrick crouched down, wrapping him in a tight hug, smearing his own shirt with a little of the mess Cole was coated in. "I mean, you liked it, right?"

His face was burning hot -- his whole body was flushed, heavy, aching after being used. "Why are you just okay with it?!" he said, a fraction of a second later the sense-memory of Derrick groaning, his come splashing across his face as he just watched him get gangbanged by his pokemon. "What, just because you can get off to it?"

"You seemed to like it," Derrick hedged. "I mean--" he started, and then didn't finish. "It's okay, though, seriously." Derrick's hand was sizzlingly hot on his side, squishing through the splatters of come that were just about everywhere, and when Derrick's grip shifted and his hand slid down his back, to the aching flesh of his asshole, Cole just whimpered and arched back, sticking out his ass. His fingers were cool against the burning heat of Cole's wrecked asshole, blobs of come still dripping out of him as Derrick slid his fingers through the mess his pokemon has left behind. Cole pushed back against him, mutely, his aching asshole flexing around his fingers, three sinking inside him effortlessly. Derrick's breath hitched, ragged. "It'll be--" he said, voice rough. "It'll be our secret, okay?" He pulled out with a wet pop, Leo's come smeared over his fingers.

Derrick stood, and after a second Cole followed, legs wobbling, thighs spasming. "Uh," he said, like he was taking in the wreck of the room, Cole's bed shoved a few feet to the side, carpet matted and stained with come, huge dark splotches of come soaking across half the bed. "But hey, this time you're cleaning up the mess."