1. tain 9:05am, January 26, 2021

    the git repo seems to be offline

  2. xax11:58am, January 26, 2021

    yeah the sysadmin of that particular git-hosting just deleted everything, so i guess i have nowhere to host the source for now. (github itself has rules against hosting pornographic or obscene content)

    there didn't seem to be much interest in doing anything with the source at all, so oh well. i'll probably find another place to put the repo up eventually.

  3. tain 8:24am, January 27, 2021

    Is there any chance you could zip up your archive and put it on mega.io or something like that? I didn't realize that github didn't allow smut, but if they don't bother lilith's throne about their game, I don't know why they'd bother you about yours, unless there's way more graphic pictures in it that I haven't discovered?

  4. xax 1:18pm, January 27, 2021

    it's more like i'm tired of posting stuff to sites where porn is nominally not allowed but the rule isn't systemically enforced so everything becomes a guessing game of when-or-if you'll get enough attention to get it taken down.

    anyway yeah i mean, i have hosting _here_ so i could just zip up the whole repo and put it up for download, which i guess i'll do in the next few days if i can't find another place to host it browsable online

  5. tain 6:05pm, January 27, 2021

    I gotcha. Thank you! I'm interested in learning from your code and I think your game is great!

  6. xax 4:02pm, January 29, 2021

    thanks, i'm glad you enjoy the game! and, well, i can't say for sure if this is _good_ code to learn from for a variety of reasons, but it's definitely a chunk of code that does things that you can read.

  7. Gecko 1:40pm, March 10, 2021

    Hey dev, how to install after unpacking? First time seeing a .tar.gz extension. I unzipped it but not sure where to go from there to play.

  8. Gecko 1:41pm, March 10, 2021

    Nevermind. Just saw the play button to the top 🤦‍♂️

  9. Liszt 1:52pm, July 20, 2021

    How do I play the game after unzipping? I am kinda lost

  10. xax11:10am, July 21, 2021

    the downloadable thing is more intended for other programmers, rather than to easily have a local copy to play. there's a README file in there that briefly goes over the hoops you gotta go through to get a working version of the game from the source, but in short it looks like installing a version of the haskell platform and then using the `cabal` command-line utility to build the project, before you get a webserver executable that does all the server-side event processing. if you have 0 coding skills you can probably still blunder through after a while, but it might take some non-trivial effort.

  11. darkdemise 6:21pm, July 14, 2023

    so is this game abandoned or something

  12. xax11:36am, July 16, 2023

    yeah basically. i'm currently working on other stuff & if i ever do come back to this it'll be via a total rewrite, so,

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