this is a porn game. it's explicit. don't play it if you're not prepared for that. strictly speaking, all the sex scenes are optional, and you're never forced into a sexual encounter, but you can't necessarily eject from a sex scene in the middle, and there's plenty of lascivious text outside sex scenes. most of the sexual content involves multiple dicks, or at least dick-like appendages.

greyed-out items are planned content, and aren't substantially represented in-game yet. the playable section of the game is a very early alpha, and nowhere near being content-complete.

you're gonna see a lot of:
sexual/fetish stuff:
there's not:

i really shouldn't have to say this, but while i think fantasy is free and porn can contain whatever people's dirty little hearts get off to, the separation between fantasy and reality is kind of important, and an activity turning you on doesn't mean acting on that drive irl is recommended, realistic, or ethical. basically: don't fuck animals irl; don't permit people to blandly go 'oh well i don't condone it but w/e it's none of my business'. that's animal abuse, and abetting animal abuse. jesus christ, furries.