1. Tomato 4:23pm, December 25, 2018

    Whoops indeed XD

    Anyway, checked the link you put in your reply to my last comment, it's definitely an interesting concept for the map, I wonder how differently things would play out then with the current map =D

    So that was all, and merry Christmas xax (and to anyone reading this)!

    Ps : Yes I'm not late to say it this year! I mean, last year I was like a week late...

    Whatever -_-'

  2. Tomato 7:12pm, January 10, 2019

    Hey, it's just a question, but as I'm checking the stats of my character, I'm wondering what "cha", "res" and "atn" means. Maybe also "vit", but I take it it's for "vitality"? Like a boost to the base amount of hp?

  3. REdErrors10:36am, January 19, 2019


  4. Tomato10:06am, January 20, 2019


    Uh... what???

  5. REdErrors 8:37pm, January 20, 2019


  6. A Fan 3:43pm, May 27, 2019

    Hey there. Any chance that your character's cock will be usable as a weapon in a fight? I'd love to see the option of fucking an enemy into submission, and cum-inflating them until they burst. That'd make combat MUCH more interesting. ;-)

  7. anonymous 3:52pm, July 28, 2019

    how do you get soul skin? i ran out completely and can't find any.

  8. anonymous 4:12pm, July 28, 2019

    actually, how do you even get a body?

  9. anonymous 7:14pm, July 28, 2019

    actually, how do you even get a body?

  10. xax 4:41pm, July 29, 2019


    when you start the game there's an obelisk next to you; that contains a demo shop where you can buy bodyparts. at the bottom of that page there's an "edit body" button that takes you to the body editing interface, and you can assemble your bodyparts into a body there.

  11. anonymous 9:15pm, July 29, 2019

    thanks! it seems i accidentally left that comment twice, sorry. another quick question: are you still working on the game? if so, how often do you update the demo?

  12. xax12:55am, August 2, 2019

    not really? or rather, i'm on an extended hiatus from the hell game project, and while i'd like to do something with a similar scope in the future it probably won't be this exact thing. that being said i still have a half-finished update with a bunch of tweaked mechanics and half of a better game introduction coded up. but there's basically no timetable whatsoever on actually working on it again, sorry.

  13. Some Dingus 8:25pm, May 17, 2020

    for future projects are you going to incorporate some of the mechanics from this game? I.E. the tile based movement system, with an over-world and all?

  14. xax 2:42am, May 18, 2020

    probably not. or at least, probably not unless i try something with a really big scope again, and i have no clue if i'll ever try that in the form of a web game. like, the last twine game i made did have a 'world map', and the game i'm working on now has a graphical representation of the interconnected rooms you can move between, but that's all less "universal" than having a big tile-based world map.

    like, one of the major issues in hell game development was that the random map generation plus procedural events and quests made it very difficult to coherently and consistently place quest-relevent events. a _huge_ open problem was "is it at all possible to lock the player into or out of a certain zone in the game until they do a certain quest, or make sure they can only visit this set of events in a certain order due to there being map chokepoints between them", because that involves doing an awful lot of pathfinding and floodfills and border-checking, and i was never really capable of getting all the moving parts working correctly to even begin testing it out. more than anything else, it was the huge bulwark of code needed to place non-trivial events on the world map that killed the game, and i feel like having a big sprawling world map is only a net benefit when there's actually a whole bunch of points of interest you can wander off to, which means making content for all those different points of interest.

    you hear it very often that first-time game developers bite off way more than they can chew with a really ambitious project, and i definitely feel that way with hell game. when i was making it i was thinking of... ultima 4, or rings of power; games that have these sprawling world maps full of tucked-away zones and dungeons and encounters, and even though i coded up the map system itself i was really unprepared for how much work it was to make all those zones and dungeons and encounters on the map, much less the work needed to make a good map generator that can hold all those disparate things.

  15. Some Dingus 8:47pm, May 20, 2020

    Ah, thank you for the response. I could definitely see how trying to build specific things for every different region of a procedural map could be very difficult and time consuming, lol. I think whats most captivating about this game to me was the writing (of course), and the feeling of "Wow, I've never seen this thing before" or "I wonder what this place has in store for me?" Anyways, it's extremely good for just a demo, and I hope you keep doing what you enjoy. :-)

  16. Nox 3:21pm, July 22, 2020

    Re: "like, one of the major issues in hell game development was that the random map generation plus procedural events"
    Have you considered scrapping random map generation in favor of a fixed map? It would allow for much greater control. And I don't see all that much benefits for randomness, it's neither a rogue-like nor a dungeon crawler, where variety of loot and enemies keeps things fresh.
    Or maybe you could divide biomes into tiers. Around the starting point, there's X number of first-tier tiles, out of which minimum 20% is that biome, and another minimum 20% is this biome. From the center draw 4 lines, and around the furthest tile on each line, make a new center for tier 2 biomes. That doesn't do anything to remedy the amount of content and variations needed, though.
    But playing as a serpent/naga was a blast while it lasted, so thanks for that.

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