1. J 8:51am, December 15, 2018

    Where previous post with twine game? after hosy changing it's disappear

  2. xax 5:50pm, December 15, 2018

    oh it's at http://tzaphiriron.sidemoon.net/static/text/4a4ef8879c2cc6061136207fa106a31e.html if you want to take a look. no guarantees about how well it plays, though.

  3. J10:21pm, December 15, 2018

    Thank u >.> I will explore all piece of this build.

  4. Tomato 9:30am, December 18, 2018

    Guess who's back? ME!

    Wow, sounds like you are getting something big done here!

    So, how are things going with all that mess? I sure hope these pesky bugs were squashed.

    Totally unrelated question, but didn't you talked about re-doing the HELL GAME overworld map some time ago? I don't know how I remembered that or why, just that, frankly, I don't wanna comb through all the update logs of the site, eh eh ^^'

    So, will changing the platform change anything for the future of the game?

    Kind off ran out of subjects to discuss here ._.'

  5. xax 2:32am, December 24, 2018

    oh hi! sorry for the, uh, belated (as usual) response.

    there's mostly just this one bug having to do with some of the new event actions not playing well with the savedata code, but really most of the stuff i'm having to think about is just... what to actually do with the hell game code and what kind of stuff i want to make with it. we'll seeeee how that goes.

    i did mention redoing the map a while back! i was considering something like uhhh http://tzaphiriron.sidemoon.net/static/misc/testing/map3.html with a more 'infinite' layout, but i've kind of shelved that for the time being until i can figure out a better fundamental game loop, which has been the thing tripping me up the most in terms of hell game development: what mechanics to use when, how to incorporate items or combat or nodes into events, what kind of resources players would get or spend, how all those things would be placed and refreshed in a map, that kind of thing.

    changing the platform should be pretty much invisible to anybody else; it's just a matter of some internal updates and backend code changing.

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