1. Tomato10:19am, October 7, 2018

    Plot? *sparkly eyes* HO MY GOD, YES!!! Can't wait for it, plot's the magic word now, just... HAAAAAA I'M SO HYPED, FINALLY, WE WILL HAVE A STORY, WOOHOO!!! Obviously it will take time, but I really am excited to see what it will be about, my mind's already coming up with possible storylines, like demons trying to escape, having to help the hellhounds knight chasing the feral ones, getting on Cerberus' good side to be allowed to cross the portal, maybe disguise as a hellhound to sneak in the camp around said portal, maybe do this too for certain areas that could forbidden to anyone except some kind of demon and we'd have to change ourselves accordingly in order to fool whatever or whoever guards said place to get in, it could also be random quests that once some specific are completed like let's say getting this or that ingredient for the alchemist demon and the farm's quest triggers some kind of chain reaction? HAAAAAAAAA I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!

    *Clears throat* Hahem, sorry, just went on a hype rant, eh eh ^_^'

    Also, just simple question, do you plan letting a new public version of the Locust game soon? If not, how does it works with public versions?

    That was all! Tomato, rolling away! *transforms in a tomato and rolls out of the room*

  2. Echa 4:14pm, October 13, 2018

    I Know That You Have Probably Said this Before But How Do We Actually Play This Game? I Can't Seem To find It.

  3. xax12:27am, October 14, 2018

    a lot of it's gonna be mechanical changes -- changing how interactions with people work or how encounters spawn and what they do; how the player can get nodes, stuff like that. but part of that is a bigger emphasis on actual progression: fewer random encounters that are just people standing around doing nothing with no interaction but a sex prompt; more central locations with more people around you could talk to, a lot more of them having incidental exposition about, you know, "what is hell like". npcs with coherent 'story' quests, mostly having to do with learning about the structure and factions of hell (hellhounds, various factory workers, stray demons, other things not yet mentioned in-game, etc) and how they interact. progression that would actually explicitly open up new areas, instead of having everything open but kind of unorganized and without content; other npcs with more minor, semi-randomized stuff like fetching materials for alchemy or repair that would give them upgrade points to tf themselves.

    more of a focus on randomized npcs actually being meaningfully distinct -- e.g., alchemy flame demons being fairly thin mostly-humanoid demons with lots of glowing runes and auras vs. miner flame demons being much more muscular and mostly goat-headed with black tattoos and metal decorations, and progressively more 'powerful' demon variations having specific kinds of body upgrades, with some npcs going through transformations as they do sidequests.

    obviously all of that will take a bunch of work, but that's a very rough blueprint.

    re: public version, i have no clue. currently i have no real plans for another publiuc release before i finish the entire thing (which could be quite a while) because i feel like it would kind of suck for everybody to play through a million slightly-expanded patchwork releases until the distinction between the 'real' release and the 'demo' releases is just like, a few scenes worth of content. at the same time, uh, the game is up to 115k words of text, and i do kind of want to share that with a wider audience than my ~50 patreon subscribers. so who knows.

    yeah, i've only really linked public drafts rarely in scattered news posts, and there hasn't been a public version in quite some time. the last version i posted was uhhh http://tzaphiriron.sidemoon.net/static/text/131e0b77ba40aba4368c65307928cb67.html, and it's very outdated vs. where the game is at currently.

  4. Nyx 1:53pm, October 22, 2018

    super excited for this cockfucking scene

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