phantomnation (c. 2007-2010); c

this was gonna be a tactical rpg in the style of games like phantom brave / makai kingdom

beyond (c. 2010-2011); c

this was gonna be a big open-world rpg-style game, and in fact a lot of the vague ideas i had for this game have continued on in later game projects. when i started working on this latest game project all the hexagon tiles really brought me back to this.

misc code projects (c. 2012-2021)

eventually i stopped working on 'beyond' and started working on a rhombic-dodecahedral game in c -- that runs on this tunblr from the first post, in march 2012, to this post, in april 2012. so like a month.

i started posting again a year later, in may 2013, with a redone haskell version, which i continued working on until around june 2014.

after that i started working on HELL GAME, although i didn't really post much about it for the next two years until i finally put the website up in 2016. (this post is about the initial server-side map generator for hell game maps.)

i started posting about the rhombic-dodecahedron project again in late 2015/2016, which continued for a while

in 2017 i learned some java and put together most of a minecraft mod.

in december 2017 i posted the first graph-embedding screenshot, which brings this all the way up to the era of my two-week projects.

two-week projects reportbacks (c. 2017-2021); various languages (mostly haskell and javascript)

this is a grab-bag of stuff, only partially recorded here. also this is all on dreamwidth. the big index of all reportbacks is this post on dreamwidth, but i generally don't keep it totally up-to-date.

TEST GAME (working title) (c. ~2018-now); haskell

i only just started writing centralized logfiles for this project, uh, now, one day before i'm writing this. development and screenshots for this project are scattered all throughout the two-week project reportbacks, and a bunch of the images aren't online at all because the hosts went down. this is the only file being actively updated.

2-week game projects (c. ~2021-now); mostly javascript, haskell

a collection of javascript games that i made in two weeks each. since i'm bad at that they're mostly unfinished tech demos of basic mechanics, though i keep coming back to a few of them to fix them up. mostly not really 'playable'.

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