for a while i was doing 2-week gamedev projects. mostly in javascript to keep things fast, which means that you can play through the half-finished prototypes. most of these are totally unplayable as 'games' but they might be interesting to dig through as code artifacts.

they're all released under the Fuck Around and Find Out 0.2 license. feel free to use them for w/e if you're doing amateur gamedev.

  1. farm
  2. tactics
  3. ship (aka asteroid garden)
  4. 'horse' (this is haskell & not playable online, or really in any format)
  5. ship2 (aka asteroid garden)
  6. NONE
  7. 'horse2'
  8. NONE
  9. dungeon (aka dungeon core)
  10. at this point i basically stopped numbering these sequentially since i kept coming back to things
  11. ship3
  12. clicker (aka some kinda stop the darkness/loop hero mashup)
  13. tavern

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