claws\njewels\n\nrice\nspice\npots\nperfume\nbeads\nsouvenir spoon\nchickens\ngolden jackals\ntapestries\njeweled scarabs\nlimestone tablets\nchocobo egg\n\njade disk\nmoxa stick\nruby heart\nsilver sheath\narmor polish\nsun stone\nmagic gourd\nthug's cloak\n\nash\nlimestone\nbone\nmushroom\nwax\noil\nroot\nclay\ncrystal\niron\n\n = DragonsTear | OgreJawbone | VampireFang | Ectoplasm | DemonsBone | BottledHowl | DryBones | AngelFeather | FossilizedHorn | CoeurlTentacle\n | Mandrake | Cattail | TongueOfDog | HorseHoof | Goatsbeard | HartsTongue | OxEye | CrowsFoot | AddersFork | WoolOfBat | LizardsLeg | SharkFin | InsectClaw | WaspEgg\n | SunStone | MoonCrystal | OrreryMechanism | Lodestone\n | AshBlossom | CrazedPattern | GnarledRoot | HolyWater\n | TremblingShard | ShockingShard | FulminatingShard | ProteanShard | SnowflakeCrystal | BurningBrooch | AncientJade | HowlingGem\n | GravenTablet | AccretionDisc | ChaosCrystal\n | AquaRegia | AquaFortis | Sulphur | Mercury | Salt | Spirits\n | Ash | Rust\n\nspice\nclay pot\nperfume\nbeads\nchickens\nfireflies in a jar\nvirgin's breath\nbottled howl\nmuslin\n\ndead earth\nengraved tablet\nash bouquet\norrery mechanism\nholy water\nspirits\nrust\n\ncrystal\n\ncurrencies:\n\nogre gulden (ogre)\nstamped silver (elemental)\ncopper cakes (lizard)\nfangs (beasts)\ngems (dragons)\nnickel pennies (goblins)\nsins (dark)\nsilver flakes (sahagin)\n\nash bouquet\nlimestone tablets\nperfume\n\ndamascus steel\nhealing herbs\nsweet fruit (from the forest)\n\nXXX rice (..., from the sahagin shoals)\nXX cloudy vial (bottled howl, virgin's breath)\nXXX alchemical powder (sulphur, mercury, salt)\nXXX rough ore (lodestone, dragon's blood, demon iron)\nXXX forest plants (blossoming bough, gnarled root, mandrake)\nXX mechanism (orc-made, cathedral)\nXXX jewelery (cut glass, ancient jade, iridescent opal)\nXXX wine (Intrépide, Miséricorde, vin hurlant)\n\ntrash (dead earth, rust)\nX rats (sewer, pet)\n\n\nrice1\nrice2\nrice3\n\nglass vials1\nglass vials2\n\nalchemy1\nalchemy2\nalchemy3\n\nore1\nore2\nore3\n\nplants1\nplants2\nplants3\n\nmechanism1\nmechanism2\n\njewelery1\njewelery2\n\nwine1\nwine2\nwine3\n\nrat1
<<set $inventory to []>>\\n<<set invAdd ("jewel", 362)>>\\n<<set invAdd ("ash bouquet", 1)>>\\n<<display "intro">>
The goblin market is as it is every time you arrive:\n\nIt's sunset. Red light spills down the avenues, turning the glass windows into flat rectangles of gold, too bright to look at directly. The stall interiors are a fuzzy, moving darkness.\n\nThirty minutes til close.\n\n[[go|rue volta]]
!RUE VOLTA\n\nThe street underfoot is rough pavingstones. There are rut marks from decades of wagons, and now they're nearly entirely covered by the overlapped stalls, growing in from the edge of the road like particularly angular fungus. Shuttered buildings loom on all sides. The crowd around you teems.\n\nThere's a merchant selling [[rice|rice1]] here.\n> > [[north|rue calme]] south
!RUE CALME\n\nAn old oxcart has been overturned and is being used as a stall. A goblin trio are engaging in a philosophical debate: standing on stacked crates and shouting obscenities at each other and the passersby, demanding they cast off their false enlightenment.\n\nThere's a merchant selling [[ore|ore1]] here.\n> > [[north|rue eclaire]] [[west|l'allee de bourreau]] [[south|rue volta]] [[east|la maison de couteaux]]
!LA MAISON DE COUTEAUX\n\nThe market flows into an old house. Its tile floor has been shattered; its second story half-removed. There are stacks of cloth shining from the upper stories. The dim candlelight gives everything a warm glow.\n\nThere's a puffed-up air elemental haggling with an old crone over some cracked jewels. There's a merchant selling [[glass vials|glass vial1]] here.\n> > [[north|route a l'obscurite]] [[west|rue calme]]
!ROUTE À L'OBSCURITÉ\n\nThe way descends. A vast staircase spills out into the depths, each step a small plaza by itself. Above, an arch of fluted granite decorates the entrance to the underground. All the good stalls are in the undercity proper.\n\nThere's a merchant selling [[wine|wine1]] here.\n> > [[west|rue eclaire]] [[south|la maison de couteaux]] [[down|salle a un nouveau monde]]
!RUE ÉCLAIRÉ\n\nThe street wraps around a tiny elevated park; there's room for little more than two trees and a bench. The walls up are thick with ivy; moss has grown in all the cracks of the tiles. The park is just high enough to see over the roof of the next building, and from there you can see the city's shape unfold around you, sunlight running through streets like channels of molten gold.\n\nThere's a merchant selling [[plants|plants1]] here.\n> > [[south|rue calme]] [[east|route a l'obscurite]]
!l'allée de bourreau\n\nThe street is a bridge over a lower road: that one is broken and ruined, smeared with filth. Patches of the highroad have slumped down below, exposing the gravel infill; where the breaks meet the edge they've been shored up with old wood.\n\nA pack of kobolds loiter in the shade of a ruined tenement. They hush up whenever anyone passes them by. There's a merchant selling [[alchemical powder|alchemy1]] here.\n> > [[west|rue des os]] [[east|rue calme]]
!RUE DES OS\n\nThe old roadway has been destroyed; fallen buildings block its path. The new road goes through what was once the elaborate courtyard of a ruined manor; the new flagstones are ceramic mosaics, still brilliant -- blue, yellow, and white; a moon sending the north wind across a frothing ocean.\n\nA cluster of ogres -- perhaps renegades, or just servants out on an errand -- loiter by the fountain, signing emphatically to the sahagin lounging in the fountain's algae-choked bowls. There's a merchant selling [[jewelery|jewelery1]] here.\n> > [[south|la montee de macon]] [[east|l'allee de bourreau]]
!la montée de maçon\n\nThe street has been shattered; the buildings have fallen into angular wreckage. The paving stones zig-zags upward in a curved switchback, and terminates abruptly at an unstable precipe, wooden scaffolding built out from there into a shaky plaza. Crowds lounge in the wreckage, using fallen pillars as benches. The air is loud with speech in a half-dozen languages.\n\nThere's a merchant selling [[plants|plants2]] here. This is the upper edge of the market.\n> > [[north|rue des os]] west
!SALLE À UN NOUVEAU MONDE\n\nThe dying daylight spills down the steps, painting this particular splotch of street red and via contrast the rest of the street pitch black. Pinpoints of wobbling blue-silver feylight are visible in the dark, outlining the street.\n\nThe echoes of the crowd sound like waves: a low, sonorous noise that roars on an entirely different level from the crowd itself, one that resonates in your bones.\n\nThere's a merchant selling [[mechanisms|mechanism1]] here.\n> > [[up|route a l'obscurite]] [[north|la riviere de la malbouffe]] [[west|bazar du bizarre]] [[east|itineraire du filon]]
!la rivière de la malbouffe\n\nThe central way of the market follows the underground river. The already-wide street was sundered in half when the city fell, and wooden catwalks zig-zag across. It's a ways down. Old buildings are nested back in the darkness, in layers, all their gates barred with ancient iron.\n\nThere's a merchant here selling [[rice|rice2]].\n> > [[north|salut pour la vierge]] [[west|ou l'eau coule noir]] [[south|salle a un nouveau monde]] [[east|ou les eaux de crue se ecoulait]]
!où l'eau coule noir\n\nThe river flows quietly, the slow sound only audible when the crowd lulls. Here the buildings are in a single layer, a straight vertical line of houses on either side of the way. The cavern ceiling above is shrouded in darkness.\n> > [[north|marche aux poissons]] [[west|ou les rats noyes]] [[south|bazar du bizarre]] [[east|la riviere de la malbouffe]]
!bazar du bizarre\n\nThe way proper is a wide, incredibly low street, but the south end of the street opens through a set of cracked and zig-zagging steps to a wide plaza, and the cavern ceiling recedes up in step, vanishing into darkness. A performing duo is spread out over the old tiles, a conjurer drawing up shadow in an elaborate dance, with an elemental of living darkness providing her shadow-partner. They are surrounded by jars full of summoner's batons.\n\nThere's a merchant selling [[jewelery|jewelery2]] here.\n> [[north|ou l'eau coule noir]] [[east|salle a un nouveau monde]]
!où les rats noyés\n\nThe river sinks further underground. It spills into a lower chamber, and from there forms a vast and slow whirlpool. The way is swept out into a large bowl, one end capped just above the whirlpool itself; children play along the edge of the road, throwing stones and rubbish into the water.\n\nThere's a merchant here selling [[rice|rice3]].\n> > [[north|chemin de l'epicier]] south [[east|ou l'eau coule noir]]
!CHEMIN DE L'ÉPICIER\n\nThe way is narrow; the buildings are all thin. One, with a series of lopsided balconies stretching over the street, is open: a restaurant or bar, and its crowd spills out; around tables, on benches. Its lamps light the street bright green-blue, the shadows all fuzzy and purple.\n\nThere's a merchant selling [[mechanisms|mechanism2]] here.\n> > [[south|ou les rats noyes]] [[east|marche aux poissons]]
!MARCHÉ AUX POISSONS\n\nThe way opens into a square plaza; at the corners its edge lap upward in a second tier, above the noise of the market. Stalls fill the place to bursting; there is hardly space to move between them. The smell of meat is rich in the air: some spiced, some cooked, some rancid, some fresh.\n\nThere's a merchant selling [[plants|plants3]] here.\n> > [[west|chemin de l'epicier]] [[south|ou l'eau coule noir]]
!salut pour la Vierge\n\nThe street is shrouded in darkness. The crowd roars around you: a succession of dark forms only, lit in shades of grey by the faintest light. Two people pass, the arms of a third slung over their shoulders; they stink of drink. A woman walks past, and a second later the sharp floral sting of her perfume wafts across you.\n\nThere's a merchant here selling [[alchemical powder|alchemy2]].\n> > [[north|coin de priere]] [[south|la riviere de la malbouffe]] [[east|rue sans nom]]
!coin de prière\n\nThe street takes a sharp corner around a crumbling chapel. The shadow of its rood, lit by blue feylights on the rooftops, wraps around the curb in a series of broken angles.\n\nThere's a merchant here selling [[wine|wine3]].\n> > [[west|atelier les mains de dieu]] [[south|salut pour la vierge]]
!atelier: les mains de Dieu\n\nInside, the room is brilliantly lit by overhead lamps, yellow light pouring across the workshop's fixtures. The smith isn't working at the moment; the forge is cool. There are countertops covered in tools and workings of all description.\n> > [[east|coin de priere]]
!rue sans nom\n\nA fork of the great river runs beside the road. The street is crowded with stalls on the side of the buildings; on the side of the river there is simply the edge. A narrow set of stairs slopes sharply down, nearly touching the surface of the water, and vanishes into an archway under the street, perpendicular.\n> > [[north|le printemps desseche]] [[west|salut pour la vierge]] [[south|ou les eaux de crue se ecoulait]] [[down|egout de rats voraces]]
!LE PRINTEMPS DESSÉCHÉ\n\nYou look up, and you can see the sky. The lopsided square of the chamber simply has no roof: it is the bottom of an ancient quarry, perhaps, or the deep foundations of a building that was never built. The sky is speckled with the first stars, red turning purple. It's cool here. Distantly, above, you hear birds.\n\nThis is the northern edge of the market.\n> > north [[south|rue sans nom]]
!égout de rats voraces\n\nThis is the old sewer -- dry, now, it makes a wide boulevard with a low ceiling, old brick in a gentle curve above. There is engraving over the bricks, etched small, in a language you can't read.\n\nThere's a merchant selling [[rats|rat1]] here.\n> > [[west|la facon profonde]] [[up|rue sans nom]]
!la façon profonde\n\nThe sewer twists around a corner, and becomes much older -- ancient stonework, perhaps older even than the city. Barred and bolted grates on either side lead further down.\n> > [[south|qui peut souffrir le poids?]] [[east|egout de rats voraces]]
!qui peut souffrir le poids?\n\nThe sewer opens into a vast chasm. It yawns downward into utter blackness, to the very roots of the earth. The air is still, and at extreme intervals there comes a keening of winds from the darkness below.\n\nThis is the lower edge of the market.\n> > [[north|la facon profonde]] down
!où les eaux de crue se écoulait\n\nThe main way is clogged with stalls, a scant space between their ends and the cliff above the river. The street flows like a second river: slow and turbulent, with eddies and lulls around the brightest stands.\n\nThere's a merchant here selling [[ore|ore2]].\n> > [[north|rue sans nom]] [[west|la riviere de la malbouffe]] [[east|le repaire des enfants]]
!le repaire des enfants\n\nThe undercity here was shattered during the quake, and over time the cracks and seams have become new passageways: dozens of deep cracks line the walls, beams of light seeping through at irregular spans, in unexpected angles. Some of the cracks are far too small for anything more than an animal to fit through. There is movement from within the rock, blocking off the light, and light, piping voices.\n\nThere's a merchant selling [[glass vials|glass vial2]] here.\n> > [[north|rue des ames pecheresses]] [[west|ou les eaux de crue se ecoulait]] [[south|la voie sans soleil]]
!itinéraire du filon\n\nThis winding path branches from the undercity proper in a zig-zagging, organic line. The stones underfoot are ashy and peeling; old mortar flaking.\n\nThere's a merchant selling [[ore|ore3]] here.\n> > [[west|salle a un nouveau monde]] [[east|la voie sans soleil]]
!la voie sans soleil\n\nEscaping into a warren of tunnels, the buildings like rock above, with shingles of a lower level abutting the pathway -- this is a four-way crossing, stairs and doors in all directions.\n\nThere's a merchant selling [[alchemical powder|alchemy3]] here.\n> > [[north|le repaire des enfants]] [[west|itineraire du filon]] [[south|patte-de-chat le marche noir]] [[east|prier les dieux d'or]]
!rue des âmes pécheresses\n\nThe market sprawls through what was once a graveyard; stalls strung up between crumbling roods or inside mausoleums. The remains of the wrought iron fence remain, twisted and crumpled in sections.\n\nThere's a merchant selling [[jewelery|jewelery3]] here.\n> > [[west|rue sans nom]] [[south|le repaire des enfants]] [[east|boire le vin de la mort]]
!patte-de-chat le marché noir\n\nThe way opens into a square plaza. There's a ragged mezzanine above the plaza flagstones, below the doors of the houses ringing the square, with stairways going up and down. Groups loiter on it, legs dangling down, heels kicking the crumbling stone.\n> > [[north|la voie sans soleil]]
!boire le vin de la mort\n\nThe way is overrun by fumes; the astringent stench of rotten grapes burning in the air. A cart has overturned on the way, squashing its load, and the crushed juice runs black along the cracks in the pavingstones, down to the gutter.\n\nThere's a merchant here selling [[wine|wine2]].\n> > [[west|rue des ames pecheresses]] [[south|salle des menteurs]] east
!salle des menteurs\n\nThe way is narrow and tall. This was an alleyway, just a ragged path between the backs of buildings, but now it's crowded with stalls, vendors hawking goods from staggered balconies that continue up and up, each one just a pinprick of light in the darkness above.\n> > [[north|boire le vin de la mort]] [[south|prier les dieux d'or]]
!prier les dieux d'or\n\nIt's possible to hear the voices of those in prayer through the walls of the building on the corner of the street, and their incantations and cries form the background of the street, echoing up into the darkness.\n> > [[north|salle des menteurs]] [[west|la voie sans soleil]] east
postrender.StoryFooter = function(A) {\n var\n include;\n if (state.history[0].passage.tags.indexOf ("market") != -1) {\n include = tale.get("marketStatus");\n }\n if (include !== undefined) {\n new Wikifier(A, include.processText());\n }\n}
<p>[[carrying]]</p>\n<<set $room to state.history[0].passage.title>>
"Succulent sewer rats! Kept fresh and squirming! Two alchemical powder for a sweet, juicy rat!"\n\n<<set $_cost to [{good: "alchemical powder", cost: 2}]>>\\n<<sale "rat">>
"Rice! Get your rice! Only three jewels per!"\n\n<<set $_cost to [{good: "jewel", cost: 3}]>>\\n<<sale "bag of rice">>
"Rice! Cheapest price in the whole market! Six jewels for some rice!"\n\n<<set $_cost to [{good: "jewel", cost: 6}]>>\\n<<sale "bag of rice">>
"Luxury rice, from the sahagin shoals! Nine jewels per unit!"\n\n<<set $_cost to [{good: "jewel", cost: 9}]>>\\n<<sale "bag of rice">>
"From deep under the city, mined straight from the vein! Lodestones! Imbued with magical powers! Five jewels for a lodestone!"\n\n<<set $_cost to [{good: "jewel", cost: 5}]>>\\n<<sale "ore">>
"Dragon's blood! Drawn from the veins of an ancient dragon, coagulated into the hardest of ores! Perfect material for smithing! Only fifteen jewels or three vials each!"\n\n/% todo: automate this too %/\\n<<set $_purchase to "ore">>\\n* <<if invCount ("jewel") >= 15>>[[Buy with jewels|intermediate][$_cost to [{good: "jewel", cost: 15}]]]<<else>>==Buy with jewels==<<endif>>\n* <<if invCount ("glass vial") >= 3>>[[Buy with vials|intermediate][$_cost to [{good: "glass vial", cost: 3}]]]<<else>>==Buy with vials==<<endif>>\n* [[Nevermind|$room]]
<<sale $_purchase>>
"Slabs of demon iron for sale! Authentic! Stamped with the cursed seal of the Liar King himself! Four alchemical powders each!"\n\n<<set $_cost to [{good: "alchemical powder", cost: 4}]>>\\n<<sale "ore">>
"Bottled howls! From the wild beasts that live in the forest, captured by brave adventurers! Genuine howls for sale! Three rice per bottle!"\n\n<<set $_cost to [{good: "bag of rice", cost: 3}]>>\\n<<sale "glass vial">>
"Behold the pure, sanctified, captured forever in glass! The lonesome sigh of a chaste virgin! Many alchemical uses! Only two alchemical powder and one ore!"\n\n<<set $_cost to [{good: "alchemical powder", cost: 2}, {good: "ore", cost: 1}]>>\\n<<sale "glass vial">>
"The fundament of the world! Pure Earth, refined through the science of alchemical study into a fine salt! It can be yours, for only four jewels each!"\n\n<<set $_cost to [{good: "jewel", cost: 4}]>>\\n<<sale "alchemical powder">>
"Fire! The elemental quality of life, in its most potent form! So reactive it'll blow your socks off! Refined sulphur from the mines, and only for twelve jewels!"\n\n<<set $_cost to [{good: "jewel", cost: 12}]>>\\n<<sale "alchemical powder">>
"The fluid of pure water! Heavy mercury, quicksilver, extracted from the very rock by the finest goblin alchemists! Only one ore and five jewels!"\n\n<<set $_cost to [{good: "ore", cost: 1}, {good: "jewel", cost: 5}]>>\\n<<sale "alchemical powder">>
"Wine! Get your wine! Sold by the cask; by the bottle! Vintage Intrépide!"\n\n<<set $_cost to [{good: "ore", cost: 3}, {good: "alchemical powder", cost: 5}]>>\\n<<sale "bottle of wine">>
"Grapes grown under the lights of heaven and hell! From the finest vintage on the island! Vintage Miséricorde!"\n\n<<set $_cost to [{good: "jewel", cost: 50}]>>\n<<sale "bottle of wine">>
"Vin hurlant! Brewed from the poisonous mushrooms in the forest, and fermented under the light of the full moon!"\n\n<<set $_cost to [{good: "glass vial", cost: 1}, {good: "bag of rice", cost: 2}]>>\n<<sale "bottle of wine">>
"Dried mandrakes! Good for every curse and hex in the market, and good for your teeth too! Two vials for a dried mandrake!"\n\n<<set $_cost to [{good: "glass vial", cost: 2}]>>\\n<<sale "plant">>
"The roots of the forest ironwood! Treated with salt to retain the flexibility and flavor! Only one bag of rice and three jewels!"\n\n<<set $_cost to [{good: "bag of rice", cost: 1}, {good: "jewel", cost: 3}]>>\\n<<sale "plant">>
"An ever-blossoming bough! Marvel at its potent aroma! Blessed by the wood spirits of the forest to retain eternal life! Two bottles of wine for this blossoming bough!"\n\n<<set $_cost to [{good: "bottle of wine", cost: 2}]>>\\n<<sale "plant">>
"Mechanisms, stripped from the cathedral's orrery itself! Own a piece of history! Machine parts, only two plants and an alchemical powder!"\n\n<<set $_cost to [{good: "plant", cost: 2}, {good: "alchemical powder", cost: 1}]>>\\n<<sale "mechanism">>
"Orc-made mechanisms! Cold iron from the mines, for all your machines! Only three vials!"\n\n<<set $_cost to [{good: "glass vial", cost: 3}]>>\\n<<sale "mechanism">>
"Fat white jade! Rich green jade! Marbled jade! Set in bands of purest silver! All from the beds under the river Agité! Two mechanisms each!"\n\n<<set $_cost to [{good: "mechanism", cost: 2}]>>\\n<<sale "piece of jewelery">>
"The lustre, incomparable! The colors, magnificent! Precious opals, the shine from the deeps! Three ore each!"\n\n<<set $_cost to [{good: "ore", cost: 3}]>>\\n<<sale "piece of jewelery">>
"Glass gems, crafted by the master gem-cutter du Garle himself! See how, strung in lines, they glitter and pass the light between each other, magnifying and amplifying the light, seeming to almost glow in the dark! One mechanism and two vials each!"\n\n<<set $_cost to [{good: "mechanism", cost: 1}, {good: "glass vial", cost: 2}]>>\\n<<sale "piece of jewelery">>
<<set $_purchase to parameter(0)>>\\n<<print (function(cost) {\n var i, o = "", inv = state.history[0].variables.inventory, count;\n for (i = 0; i < cost.length; i++) {\n o += "You have ";\n count = invCount (cost[i].good);\n o += count;\n o += " " + (count == 1 ? cost[i].good : goods[cost[i].good].namep) + ".";\n o += String.fromCharCode (10);\n }\n return o;\n })($_cost)>>\\n/% these are js functions instead of js functions bound to twine variables b/c twine will cause fatal js errors in the latter case when the time comes to push the vars onto the state stack %/\\n<<set window._check to function (amount) {\n var i, inv = state.history[0].variables.inventory, cost = state.history[0].variables._cost;\n for (i = 0; i < cost.length; i++) {\n if (invCount (cost[i].good) < cost[i].cost * amount) {\n return false;\n }\n }\n return true;\n }>>\\n<<set window._update to function (amount) {\n var\n i,\n inv = state.history[0].variables.inventory,\n cost = state.history[0].variables._cost,\n purchase = state.history[0].variables._purchase;\n for (i = 0; i < cost.length; i++) {\n invRemove (cost[i].good, cost[i].cost * amount);\n }\n invAdd (purchase, amount);\n }>>\\n* <<if _check(1)>>[[Buy 1|bought][_update(1)]]<<else>>==Buy 1==<<endif>>\n* <<if _check(3)>>[[Buy 3|bought][_update(3)]]<<else>>==Buy 3==<<endif>>\n* <<if _check(10)>>[[Buy 10|bought][_update(10)]]<<else>>==Buy 10==<<endif>>\n* [[Nevermind|$room]]
"Thanks!"\n\n[[You move on.|$room]]
You have:\n<<if $inventory.length eq 0 >>\\n* nothing\n<<else>>\\n<<inventory>>\\n<<endif>>\\n[[back|$room]]
<<print (function(inv) {\n var i, o = "";\n for (i = 0; i < inv.length; i++) {\n o += "* ";\n if (inv[i].count == 1) {\n o += inv[i].count + " " + inv[i].name;\n } else {\n o += inv[i].count + " " + inv[i].namep;\n }\n o += String.fromCharCode (10);\n }\n return o;\n})($inventory)>>
var goods =\n { "jewel": {namep: "jewels"}\n , "bag of rice": {namep: "bags of rice"}\n , "ash bouquet": {namep: "ash bouquets"}\n , "alchemical powder": {namep: "alchemical powders"}\n , "glass vial": {namep: "glass vials"}\n , "ore": {namep: "ore chunks"}\n , "plant": {namep: "plants"}\n , "mechanism": {namep: "mechanisms"}\n , "bottle of wine": {namep: "bottles of wine"}\n , "rat": {namep: "rats"}\n , "piece of jewelery": {namep: "pieces of jewelery"}\n };\n\nwindow.goods = goods;\n\nwindow.invAdd = function (good, count, spec) {\n var i = 0, inv = state.history[0].variables.inventory;\n while (i < inv.length) {\n if (inv[i].name == good) {\n inv[i].count += count;\n return;\n }\n i++;\n }\n inv.push ({name: good, namep: goods[good].namep, count: count});\n};\nwindow.invRemove = function (good, count) {\n var i = 0, inv = state.history[0].variables.inventory;\n while (i < inv.length) {\n if (inv[i].name == good) {\n inv[i].count -= count;\n if (inv[i].count <= 0) {\n inv.splice(i, 1);\n }\n return;\n }\n i++;\n }\n};\nwindow.invCount = function (good) {\n var i = 0, inv = state.history[0].variables.inventory;\n while (i < inv.length) {\n if (inv[i].name == good) {\n return inv[i].count;\n }\n i++;\n }\n return 0;\n};
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