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<<display $currentPath>>\n\n<<pathControls>>\n<<forestMeta>>
<<set $paths to [["village path", Math.random()]]>>\\n<<set $currentPath to $paths.last()[0]>>\\n<<set $roomSeed to $paths.last()[1]>>\\n<<set $backPaths to ["village path"]>>\\n<<set $forwardPaths to ["village path"]>>\\n<<set $moveMsg to "You head into the forest.">>
<span class="meta">You're <<print $paths.length>> unit<<print $paths.length == 1 ? "" : "s">> into the forest, on the "<<print $paths.last()[0]>>" trail.</span>\n<span class="meta">Full paths: <<print (function(ps){\n var o = "";\n var i = 0;\n for (i = ps.length-1; i >= 0; i--) {\n o += "* " + ps[i][0] + " (" + ps[i][1] + ")" + String.fromCharCode(10);\n }\n return o;\n})($paths)>></span>
<<forestSetup>>\\n<<set $entermsg = true>>\\n^^[[You]]^^ stand at the forest's edge. It's early morning. Long grasses ripple in the sunlight all the way up to the boundary wall.\n\nThe ^^[[village|Village]]^^ is <<if $from != "village">>before<<else>>behind<<endif>> you. The ^^[[forest|Forest]]^^ is <<if $from != "village">>behind<<else>>ahead<<endif>>.\n\n/%% FOREST PATHS %%/
<<if $paths.length == 1>>\\n <<display "entrance">>\n<<else>>\\nYou're walking through the forest, on the beaten-dirt path from the village. Boughs hang low across the path. The forest surrounds you.\\n<<endif>>\\n<<if $paths.length == 2>>\\n* There's a [[poacher's blind]] hidden among the greenery.\\n<<else if $paths.length == 3>>\\n* [[Kuraja's house]] hangs in the canopy above.\\n<<else if $paths.length == 5>>\\n* An old [[stone circle|stone circle A]] stands at the end of a branching path.\\n<<endif>>
<<if $entermsg == true>>There's a beaten-dirt path raggedly weaving between trees, slowly thinning. For the first few steps you can see flashes of the village through the trees -- white walls, painted doors -- but then the trees crowd closer, vividly green-yellow, and the village vanishes.\n\nThe forest envelops you. Boughs hang low, forming an archway over the narrow path. Your footfalls on the dirt sound far away.<<set $entermsg = false>>\\n<<else>>The forest parts around you. The beaten-dirt path becomes wider with each step, until through the scree of trees you can see flashes of light and color.\\n<<endif>>
/% fixme: since this doesn't respect $noevent we can get infinite events w/o moving so long as they're multi-page ones %/\\n<<set $_r = draw ("deerEncounter", "hyenaEncounter", "birds")>>\\n<div id="event"><<display $_r>></div>\nYou walk on aimless animal trails, thin dirt lines through the thick greenery. The forest closes in around you.\n<<display select ($roomSeed, ["NOTHING", "NOTHING", "old wall", "flower", "highroad link"])>>\n<<display select ($roomSeed, ["head", "NOTHING"])>>
* A waist-high rock wall crosses the path; the only remnant of the old boundary wall. A narrow path follows the ruin.\\n<<set $forwardPaths.push ("ruin wall")>>
* There's an archway of flowers between two trees.\\n<<set $forwardPaths.push ("flower path")>>
* You stumble across an ancient highroad, its crumbled ruin leading deeper into the forest.\\n<<set $forwardPaths.push ("highroad")>>
* You come across a marker stone, carved in the shape of a <<print select($roomSeed, ["solemn", "ferocious", "slavering"])>> head.
There's a raucous cawing above, and then a loud flapping as a bird alights on a branch, hopping from tree to tree. It's followed by more: an immense flock of birds lands in the canopy, only visible as flashes of color high, high up. They caw and chirrup at each other in a distracting medley; bright chirps mixing with shrieking caws mixing with a low, dull clattering, like a steady drum beat underscoring their symphony.\n\nThe birds sing, chattering and fighting each other, and then as swiftly as they arrived they burst out, leaving nothing in their wake but the rustling of leaves.\n<<if !hasMe ("the art of song")>>\\n<<set $qualities.push($song)>>\\n* The birds have taught you ''the art of song''.\n<<endif>>
<<if $noevent == false && Math.random() lt 0.20>>\\n <<set $noevent to true>><<display draw ("wrathEncounter", "STILL WATER")>>\n<<else>>\\n <<display either("deepNormal", "deepRiver")>>\n <<set $roll to either ("nothing", "fairy")>>\\n <<if $roll == "fairy" && $start_distances.last() - $distance gt 4>>\n * There's a split in the trail, with one path leading off at an angle. Down it, you hear [[the sound of chiming bells|Forest][takePath ("fairy path")]].\n <<else if $roll == "spiraling" && $start_distances.last() - $distance gt 4>>\n * The ground slopes upward to your left, and a [[path gnarled with roots|Forest][takePath ("upward path")]] meanders off uphill.\n <<endif>>\n<<endif>>
The sunlight is a hazy green, filtered through the canopy. Water burbles in the distance. Moss is soft underfoot.
You step forward and you find yourself sliding down the bank of a river, one that runs fast and shallow in a ravine. Above, the river is hidden by the thick vegetation, ferns and vines drooping down the narrow slit the mirrors the river's path.\n\nAt the banks of the river, in bunches, are sharp, narrow cattails, and below them plants with rich black-purple leaves, spreading out in thick clusters.
The forest is lit up with shining dew, like stars scattered all around you. Pathways open in all directions between the boles of enormous trees.
/% really need a better "moved X units along the Y path" measurement tool here %/\\n<<if $paths.length gt 10>>\\n <<set rmMove ($forwardPaths, "ruin wall")>>\\n <div id="event"><<display "treeEncounter">></div>\\n <<display "RUINED FOUNDATION">>\n<<else>>\\n /%also need better events for the path %/\\n <<set $_r = draw ("treeEncounter")>>\\n <div id="event"><<display $_r>></div>\\n <<display select ($roomSeed, ["ruinwall1", "ruinwall2", "ruinwall3"])>>\n<<endif>>
You walk along the old boundary wall, now just a head-tall heap of rock, lighter grit staining the edges of the mound. It's completely overgrown -- grasses on top, creeper vines winding along the sides, and peppered with small pockets of moss, growing in tiny crevasses between broken bricks.
Here the wall is in better repair, and there is a narrow passage through what had been the center of the wall. It is a narrow corridor, low, and thick with growth. The rock and beam walls have been replaced with living wood, branches clogging the way.
The footprint of a destroyed guard post is still clear; a clear circle edged with rock, debris spilling out in a slope from the collapsed doorways. Moss completely covers the rock floor on the inside. There's a dusty animal path around the outer curve of the post.
The final guardpost towers above you, half-intact. What might have been its third floor is shattered, roots spilling down the side like a waterfall, bursting out from the lower floors in curving arches: an immense tree sprouts from the tower, the remaining stone bricks seeming like little more than an extra layer of bark around its trunk.\n\nIn the shade of its vast branches, a small clearing has formed around the tower, nothing underfoot but old grass and lichen.
At the base of the tower there is the spirit of a tree. He turns at your approach, facing you.\n\nHe is roughly human-shaped, with arms and legs, a head, broad shoulders. He is made from living wood: his core brilliant green, the pale, bright color of new growth. Across his shoulders, down his legs, the color fades as his bark thickens, and it swells at his hands and feet: thick and knotted, giving him immense, gnarled paws with stumpy fingers. His face is that of a god, jaw sharp, nose wide, brows heavy. His eyes are a solid gleaming green; his pointed ears dragged out into long, twisted branches, buds of leaves growing at the tips. He has a thick mass of greenery for hair, cascading over his shoulders, the coiled vines and broad fernlike leaves framing his face like a mane.\n* [[Speak with him]]\n* [[Seduce him]]
<<if $distance - $start_distances.last() == 6>>\\n<<display "FLOWER CLEARING">>\n<<else>>\\n<<display either("flower1", "flower2", "flower3")>>\n<<endif>>
You come across a clearing deep in the forest, where the sun shines true upon the earth. The ground is covered in rich red flowers. When the wind blows, immense billows of loose blossoms take to the air, winding a heady aroma around you as they fall to the ground.
The canopy is bright with flowers, fine white dots high up. Pollen crunches underfoot, coating the leaves and branches in thick waves.
The forest here is overgrown with flowers, in bunches and clusters all through the undergrowth. Flashes of color -- red, purple, orange, pink -- peek through obscuring leaves: wide petals, in nested rings.
You're walking down an ancient and crumbling highroad. The road was once lined in neat rows of pinkish stone tiles, but now almost all of them are broken or gone. Clover and moss grow over the few remaining flagstones, choking them beneath greenery. At erratic intervals there are pink stone markers on the roadside, plinths topped with spheres, each of them broken in some new way.\n<<if $distance - $start_distances.last() == 3>>\\n* There's a shattered [[stone circle|stone circle B]] at the side of the road.\n<<endif>>
<<if $noevent == false && Math.random() lt 0.20 && $distance != $start_distances.last() + 4>>\\n<<set $noevent to true>><<display draw ("RUINED TEMPLE")>>\n<<else>>\\n<<display either ("ruins1", "ruins2", "ruins3")>>\n<<set $roll to either ("nothing", "palace", "temple a", "temple b")>>\\n<<if $distance == $start_distances.last() + 4>>\n* A broken highroad leads back, away from the city ruins.\\n<<set $forwardPaths.push ("highroad")>>\n<<else if $roll == "palace">>\\n* Sprawling palace wings spread through the nearby forest, gutted and open to the elements, with trees growing out through windows.\\n<<set $forwardPaths.push ("courtyard path")>>\n<<endif>>\n<<endif>>
You walk through the inside of an ancient house, two walls crumbling. The tiles underfoot are mossy and slick; the walls are overgrown with vines. The clay shingles are cracked, with trees growing out from them, roots corded around the roof. To the animals, the house is simply a natural thing: like a rock outcropping, or the hollow of a tree.
You walk along a broken city street. Trees grow thick all around, cracking the paving stones into sharp rocky slopes. The houses look like nothing more than sharp-edged boulders, looming on the sides. Turrets and spires shoot up from the greenery, like some strange new kind of tree.
You might be standing in a plaza, or a courtyard. An ancient fountain has become a spring. Its three tiers are overgrown with moss and algae. Water spills over their lips slowly, wicking down the stone without spilling, coating the stone in a rippling sheen of movement. The final tier is cracked, and a dribble of water splashes onto the stones. Moss grows thick along the wet smear, out to where the paving stones stop.
{blah blah text}\n* {blah blah there's an [[ancient tablet|tablet kill]] here}\n[[⟵|Forest]]
{blah blah}\n<<if !hasMe ("secret of killing")>>\\n<<set $qualities.push($killing)>>\\n* Reading these ancient profane words has taught you ''the secret of killing''.\n<<endif>>\n[[⟵|Forest]]
<<if $distance - $start_distances.last() == 6>>\\n <<display "THRONE">>\n<<else>>\\n <<display either ("courtyard1", "courtyard2")>>\n<<endif>>
The palace walkways are still clear, even in the midst of ruin. The ground is lush with thick grass and moss, and the walls are thick with ivy. Old buildings erupt from the greenery like rocky spars.
Inside the crumbling frame of an ancient building, the light is green, from sunlight streaming in through thin leaves of ivy covering the open windows.
<<set $blockahead to true>>{beast lord's throne}\n* {the beast lord, presumably, or maybe his courtiers}
<<if $noevent == false && Math.random() lt 0.20>>\\n{THIS SHOULD BE A ROOM OBJECT RATHER THAN AN EVENT}\n<<set $noevent to true>><<display draw ("greedEncounter")>>\n<<else>>\n<<display either ("fuming1", "fuming2", "fuming3")>>\n<<set $roll to either ("nothing", "vines", "tree", "glowing")>>\\n<<if $roll == "vines">>\\n* Black vines hang over the path, covered in huge thorns.\\n<<else if $roll == "tree">>\\n* A huge tree grows just off the path, its boughs like a grasping claw, heavy with spiny fruit.\\n<<else if $roll == "glowing">>\\n* A cluster of bushes with dimly-glowing berries grows on the side of the path, with a [[meandering path|Forest][takePath ("glowing path")]] between them.\n<<endif>>\\n<<endif>>
You walk a path gnarled with old roots. Trees like black hands claw their way up from the dirt. A fuming smoke lies low over this section of the forest, harsh and acid-smelling. Opaque pools line the edges of the path, a dull, glowing orange, and the bubbles that emerge from the center carry more sharp haze with them.
The path is interrupted by a sloping cliff, just above the tree line below, giving you a vantage of the forest. Reaching out all around you are sharp black trees and thorny undergrowth, dimming into an orange haze, dotted with bright pools of orange water.
You walk along the edge of an orange lake. The water is opaque, lapping slowly. It washes up in dark waves and leaves behind acid rings of minerals, sharp yellow-green-blue fuzz like mold all across the shore. The lake is dotted with trees, roots emerging like rocky islands, all ringed with shelves of mineral precipitation, like shelf fungus.
<<display either("glowing1", "glowing2")>>
{the forest path is lined with huge ferns, uncurled to scatter glowing pollen in dusty billows at the slightest wind}
{thick ferns grow interspersed with crystal-glass flowers, translucent petals unfolding to reveal cores of glowing light}
<<if $distance - $start_distances.last() gt 8>>\n <<display "DIVINE TREE APPROACH">>\n<<else>>\n <<display either ("roots1", "roots2", "roots3", "roots4")>>\n <<set $roll to either ("nothing", "foggy")>>\\n <<if $roll == "foggy">>\\n * The roots branch, one fork twisting through the water to [[a far bank|Forest][takePath ("foggy path")]], the forest there hidden under a heavy cloak of fog.\n <<endif>>\n<<endif>>
You walk along the top of immense roots, with still black water on either side. The air is tinged lightning-yellow.
Roots fork and recombine, arching up and down through the water. Between them all, you manage to find a pathway that leads further on.
The root you're on bends up, until you're far above the still water, halfway the way to the canopy above. Below you, roots are laid out like branching veins.
The root you're on sinks down, until you're splashing through the water, sending ripples out in all directions. Fringes of moss wave as the water washes over them, slicking down over the root and tufting out. It's slippery underfoot.
<<display either ("foggy1")>>
The ground is marshy, squelching with your footsteps. Mossy channels of free-flowing water split the ground every few steps, each one only a handspan wide. The fog makes it impossible to see more than a few paces ahead. The trees grow tall and thin, nearly branchless, looking like staring figures in the fog. The fog swallows all sound; even the rushing of the water sounds distant.
<<if $distance - $start_distances.last() gt 12>>\n <<display "ZIGGURAT">>\n<<else>>\n <<display either("approach1")>>\n<<endif>>
The roots rise and fall around you in a labyrinth of dead-ends. Shelf fungus grows like stairways, vivid purple and leeching life from the immortal tree itself; tangled creepers hang down from higher roots like ladders. All the while, the tree guides you way: close on the horizon, looming closer. You make a way forward.
<<if $distance - $start_distances.last() == 6>>\\n <<display "HILL MOUND">>\n<<else>>\n <<display either ("upward1")>>\n<<endif>>
<<display either ("downward1")>>
{the path twists upward in a tight curve. above and to your left, above an eroded hill, all rocky scree and gnarled roots, is the path a loop higher}
{the path rolls downhill in a tight curve. to the left, below the thin line of trees at the path's edge, is a sharp drop down to a lower curve of the path.}
<<display either ("fairy1")>>\n<<set $roll to either ("nothing", "spiraling")>>\\n<< if $roll == "spiraling" && $start_distances.last() - $distance gt 2>>\n * The ground slopes upward to your left, and a [[path gnarled with roots|Forest][takePath ("upward path")]] meanders off uphill.\n<<endif>>
{the path is lit with strange lights and marked with strange stones. the wind blowing between markers makes a high, piping noise.}\n\n/%% UNREACHABLE PATHS %%/
-- dim and half-underground, with sloping moss walls (starts @ deep, leads to underworld)
The path descends before you into darkness. The light behind you is a pinpoint.\n\n\n\n/%% FOREST LOCATIONS %%/
There are poachers in the wood, men from other villages or no village. They hunt the fallen spirits of the divine for their humors and meat, and stir up havoc and disease in their wake. They are not here now.\n\nInstead, there's <<if $metYiva == true>>[[Yiva]]<<else>>a [[boy with a mask]]<<endif>>.\n\n[[⟵|Forest]]
Kuraja, the mystic. He lives in a hut suspended in the trees, a short distance into the forest. He's a generation older than you, but still young. He came into the village from the forest not long before you were born, and left it again, when you were a child, after a fight with the Poison Lion. No one knows the details, but it was only a few months later when the Poison Lion himself vanished into the forest.\n\nHe lives alone in his house of strange construction, and consorts with spirits and servants that man should not know.\n* [[Kuraja]] is home. The steady crack of his axe says he's chopping wood.\n[[⟵|Forest]]
You stand in the stone circle. Nothing happens.\n\n[[⟵|Forest]]
You stand in the stone circle. Nothing happens.\n\n[[⟵|Forest]]
Through the old city, there's a winding path down into the bed of an underground lake. The rock is pitted and worn away in smooth organic curves, and there are sharp beams of light from above illuminating the still surface of the lake.\n* The path leads out to an ancient [[temple|temple kill]], in the center of the lake.
<<set $blockahead to true>>You come to a clearing, full of puffy white flowers. The breeze catches them and sets motes flying into the air, sending a screen over your vision.\n\nThere's a movement like wings in the corner of your vision, some figure flitting at the edges of the clearing, but whenever you turn towards it, the leaves still and the movement vanishes. You're being watched.\n* <<if hasMe ("the art of song")>>[[Sing|KikinakEncounter]]<<else>>==Sing==<<endif>> down the divine spirit of lust.
<<set $blockahead to true>>The hill is crowned with bare rock, a rough icy grey. The boulders are vivid with lichen, red and green and yellow, and shoots of long grass grow in scarce clumps, where there are cracks of dirt between rock slabs.\n\nAt the very top of the hill, there's a rock obelisk. It was deeply carved, but the years have worn away all but the faintest imprints -- of designs, or words, or pictures, it's impossible to tell now.
You come to a quiet section of the forest.\n\nCentury-old trees erupt from the ground like pillars, and between them is glassy black water, still and silent. Dim sunlight filters through the canopy, casting rare flashes of light off the water. At erratic intervals something falls from above, -- leaves or nuts -- the only evidence of their passing the soft plunk as they hit the water and the slowly-expanding ripples left behind.\n\n* [[Immense roots|Forest][takePath ("divine roots")]] grow through the water, flat-topped, with sides covered by moss and clover.
<<set $blockahead to true>>The roots twine together like snakes, forming a solid wall across the forest; one that would be completely impassible if you weren't already high atop the roots.\n\nAt its apex the divine tree is revealed: on the other side of the wall there's an alien landscape; the ground overlapping roots, all radiating out from the point in the center, leagues distant. An immense ziggurat, seven-tiered, and struck through like lightning grows the divine tree, bulbous and strange, budding with blossoms that seem the size of your entire village.\n\nNothing else grows in that strange landscape save the tree; or put otherwise everything growing there is part of the tree.\n\n* There're [[winding roots|Forest][takePath ("divine approach")]] down the side of the crater wall, towards the tree.
<<set $blockahead to true>>You stand at the foot of the broken ziggurat. It rises in layers above you, shaded in strange colors by the leaves of the divine tree far, far above. The air crackles with every breath.\n* [[Go up|Forest][takePath ("ziggurat")]]\n\n/%% FOREST CODE %%/ = function (r, vs) {\n return vs[Math.floor (r * vs.length)];\n}
<<print (function (curPath, backPaths, forwardPaths) {\n function intercalate (vs, iv) {\n var i;\n var o = "";\n if (iv === undefined) {\n iv = " ";\n }\n if (length.vs === 1) {\n return vs[0];\n }\n for (i = 0; i < vs.length; i++) {\n o += vs[i];\n if (i + 1 !== vs.length) {\n o += iv;\n }\n }\n return o;\n }\n\n var o = "";\n var i = 0, ms = [];\n switch (backPaths.length) {\n case 0:\n o += "==head back==";\n break;\n default:\n ms = [];\n for (i = 0; i < backPaths.length; i++) {\n if (backPaths[i] === curPath) {\n ms.push ("^^[[head back]]^^");\n } else {\n ms.push ("^^[[turn back onto " + pathDisplay (backPaths[i]) + "|Forest][backPath_(" + String.fromCharCode(36) + "backPaths[" + i + "])]]^^");\n }\n }\n o += intercalate (ms, " / ");\n break;\n }\n o += " — ";\n switch (forwardPaths.length) {\n case 0:\n o += "==go further==";\n break;\n default:\n ms = [];\n for (i = 0; i < forwardPaths.length; i++) {\n if (forwardPaths[i] == curPath) {\n ms.push ("^^[[go further]]^^");\n } else {\n ms.push ("^^[[walk along " + pathDisplay (forwardPaths[i]) + "|Forest][takePath_(" + String.fromCharCode(36) + "forwardPaths[" + i + "])]]^^");\n }\n }\n o += intercalate (ms, " / ");\n break;\n }\n return o;\n})($currentPath, $backPaths, $forwardPaths)>>
<<set takePath_ ($paths.last()[0])>>\\n<<Forest>>
<<if $paths.length == 1>>\\n<<set $from = "forest">>\\n<<display "Forest Edge">>\\n<<else>>\\n<<set backPath_ ($paths[$paths.length-2][0])>>\\n<<Forest>>\\n<<endif>>
window.takePath_ = function (path) {\n var vs = state.history[0].variables;\n vs.backPaths = [vs.paths.last()[0]];\n vs.paths.push ([path, Math.random()]);\n pathCheck();\n vs.moveMsg = pathMessage (vs.paths[vs.paths.length-2][0], vs.paths[vs.paths.length-1][0]);\n vs.roomSeed = vs.paths.last()[1];\n vs.currentPath = vs.paths.last()[0];\n vs.forwardPaths = [vs.currentPath];\n};\n\n// walk back until you're back on `path`. to be used when short-circuiting a loop. something to be careful with (if you've never been on that path it'll destroy the entire path stack)\nwindow.backPath_ = function (path) {\n var vs = state.history[0].variables;\n var lastPath = vs.paths.last()[0];\n vs.paths.pop();\n while (vs.paths.last()[0] != path) {\n vs.paths.pop();\n }\n vs.moveMsg = pathMessage (lastPath, vs.paths.last()[0]);\n vs.roomSeed = vs.paths.last()[1];\n vs.currentPath = vs.paths.last()[0];\n vs.backPaths = [vs.currentPath];\n vs.forwardPaths = [vs.currentPath];\n}\n\nwindow.pathMessage = function (from, to) {\n if (from == to) {\n return "";\n }\n // ...\n return "";\n};\n\nwindow.pathCheck = function () {\n var paths = state.history[0].variables.paths;\n var distance = paths.length;\n var currentPath = paths.last()[0];\n if (distance > 5 && currentPath == "village path") {\n paths[paths.length-1][0] = "aimless";\n } else if (distance > 22 && currentPath == "aimless") {\n paths[paths.length-1][0] = "deep in the forest";\n } else if (distance > 63 && currentPath == "deep in the forest") {\n paths[paths.length-1][0] = "the great wilds";\n }\n // ...\n};\n\nwindow.pathDisplay = function (path) {\n switch (path) {\n case "village path":\n return "the path by the village";\n case "aimless":\n return "aimless animal trails";\n case "flower path":\n return "the flower-choked path";\n case "highroad":\n return "the ancient highroad";\n case "ruin wall":\n return "the ruined watch-wall";\n default:\n return "ERROR: " + path;\n }\n}\n\n// remove a path from the move list\nwindow.rmMove = function (ps, path) {\n function elem_index (arr, val) {\n for (var i = 0; i < arr.length; i++) {\n if (arr[i] === val)\n return i;\n }\n return -1;\n }\n var i = elem_index (ps, path);\n if (i !== -1) {\n ps.splice (i, 1);\n }\n}
<<silently>>\n<<set $movestr to "">>\n<<if $distance gt 5 && $paths.last() == "village path">>\n <<set takePath ("aimless", 0, 0)>>\n<<else if $distance gt 22 && $paths.last() == "aimless">>\n <<set takePath ("deep in the forest", 0, 0)>>\n<<else if $distance gt 63 && $paths.last() == "deep in the forest">>\n <<set takePath ("the great wilds", 0, 0)>>\n<<endif>>\n<<if $distance lt 5 && $paths.last() == "aimless">>\n <<set backPath ("village path")>>\n<<else if $distance lt 18 && $paths.last() == "deep in the forest">>\n <<set backPath ("aimless")>>\n<<else if $distance lt 57 && $paths.last() == "the great wilds">>\n <<set backPath ("deep in the forest")>>\n<<endif>>\n<<if $distance gt $start_distances.last()+8 && $paths.last() == "highroad">>\n <<set takePath ("city ruins", -4, 0)>>\n<<else if $distance gt $start_distances.last()+12 && $paths.last() == "city ruins">>\n <<set backPath ("fuming path", 0, -12)>>\n<<else if $distance gt $start_distances.last()+12 && $paths.last() == "fuming path">>\n <<set backPath ("city ruins", 0, -12)>>\n<<endif>>\n<<if $paths.last() == "upward path" && $lastmove == "back">>\n <<set backPath ("downward path")>>\n<<else if $paths.last() == "downward path" && $lastmove == "further">>\n <<set backPath ("upward path")>>\n<<endif>>\n<<if $distance lt $start_distances.last()>>\n <<if $paths.last() == "flower path">>\n <<set backPath ("aimless")>>\n <<else if $paths.last() == "ruin wall">>\n <<set backPath ("aimless")>>\n <<else if $paths.last() == "highroad">>\n <<set backPath ("aimless")>>\n <<else if $paths.last() == "city ruins">>\n <<set backPath ("fuming path", 0, 12)>>\n <<else if $paths.last() == "fuming path">>\n <<set backPath ("city ruins", 0, 12)>>\n <<else if $paths.last() == "courtyard path">>\n <<set backPath ("city ruins")>>\n <<else if $paths.last() == "divine roots">>\n <<set backPath ("deep in the forest")>>\n <<else if $paths.last() == "glowing path">>\n <<set backPath ("fuming path")>>\n <<else if $paths.last() == "foggy path">>\n <<set backPath ("divine roots")>>\n <<else if $paths.last() == "downward path" || $paths.last() == "upward path">>\n <<set backPath ("fairy path")>>\n <<else if $paths.last() == "divine approach">>\n <<set backPath ("divine roots")>>\n <<else if $paths.last() == "dark path" || $paths.last() == "fairy path" || $paths.last() == "divine path">>\n <<set backPath ("deep in the forest")>>\n <<else if $paths.last() == "underworld">>\n <<set backPath ("dark path")>>\n <<endif>>\n<<endif>>\n<<endsilently>>\\n<<if $movestr != "">><<print $movestr>>\n\n<<endif>>
<<if $yelhuTransformed>>{transformed description}\\n<<else>>Yelhu is the millers' son. He's a stocky kid, a year or so older than you. He has blocky, solid muscles from hauling bags of grain. His thick jaw is spotted with stubble. He has shaggy brown hair that extends down his neck and across his shoulders in a glossy coat, from his father, and bright green eyes that glow dimly, from his mother. He has a pair of short goat horns on his head, from both parents.<<endif>>\n* [[Speak to him|YelhuTalk]]\n* <<if hasMe ("seduction")>>[[Seduce him|YelhuSeduction]]\\n<<else>>==Seduce him==<<endif>><span class="meta">Req: Seduction</span>\n* <<if hasMe ("secret of killing")>>[[Kill him|YelhuKill]]\\n<<else>>==Kill him==<<endif>><span class="meta">Req: Secret of Killing</span>\n* <<if hasMe ("divine") && hasMe ("hard work")>>^^[[Wake his heart|YelhuDivine]]^^\\n<<else>>==Wake his heart==<<endif>><span class="meta">Req: Divinity, Hard Work</span>\n[[⟵|Watchtowers]]
"Hey, sup," he says.\n\n* Talk about the demon sickness\n* Talk about Kikinak -- only if you've talked to Kikinak already??\n[[⟵|Yelhu]]
<<if !$yelhuTransformed>>You've fooled around before, as you've grown and become aware of the hot spark of arousal, of the swelling act of sex. This is different. He's flushed hot even before you touch him, his cock tenting his trousers. <<if $secondary.indexOf("cock") != -1>>Your own cock is flushed and hot, seeping precome until the front of your trousers are saturated.<<endif>> <<if $secondary.indexOf("breasts") != -1>>Your nipples harden against your shirt, wet drops of milk dampening the fabric.<<endif>> <<if $secondary.indexOf("ovipositor") != -1>>Your ovipositor is already swollen with eggs, thick and bloated as it presses against the front of your trousers.<<endif>>\n\nYou touch him: his stomach trembles, hot and skin-damp, the hard line of his cock a trembling tension just below your hand.\n\n<<if $orifice == "mouth">>\\nYou sink to your knees, untying his trousers with one hand. His cock scythes up from the fabric as it falls to his ankles, the fat bulb of his cock a ruddy pink, and tipped with a long, finger-thick tendril -- his pizzle -- extending from the glossy tip. The flesh presses against your mouth, solid and heavy, dimpling your lower lip, parting your lips minutely. You reflexively lick your lips, tongue catching across the bulb of his cockhead, and it jerks, a sloppy gush of precome exploding in all directions from his pizzle, splattering across your jaw and neck.\n\nHis pizzle folds over your lower lip as you open around his cockhead, slipping in the corner of your lips until its trembling length is folded inside your mouth. Yelhu groans again and jolts forward, his salty-thick precome smearing over your lips and then squirting hard against your cheek as you suck the tip of his cock into your mouth. It's bulbous, with a teardrop-shaped head, slightly sloped. You run your tongue over the point of the drop, along the underside, and his pizzle distends and gapes, pissing a thick gush of precome under your tongue, the thick fluid drooling into the back of your throat. You swallow it down.\n\nYou lean back, letting the tip bob in front of your lips, all glistening with spit. His pizzle's still squirting into your mouth, a tiny length of heat and wetness on the outside of your lip.\n\nYou kiss his cock, lips parting around the fat head, tongue sliding up and down over the flat tip. Yelhu trembles, hands rising to clench on your shoulder, across your neck. His cock spurts precome into your mouth, over and over.\n\nYou take him in deeper. You smear spit and precome along his shaft and stroke twice, nose full of the smell of sex and the inside of your mouth. The bloated furl at the rim of his cockhead pops past your lips. His fat cockhead is heavy on your tongue, drooling precome in the back of your throat. Your lips curl over the bloated veins down the side of his cock as you lean forward, taking it until it hits the back of your mouth. You swallow.\n\nThe head of his cock pops into your throat with a wet squelch, precome gushing and pooling in the back of your mouth between swallows. you work on the bloated middle of his cock, bobbing back and forth to send it popping back and forth through the tight channel of your throat. Your jaw is hanging open, spit drooling out as you slurp lower on his cock, taking in more and more until the matted fur of his sheath presses against your swollen lips, the head of his cock lodged halfway down your throat, drooling straight into your stomach.\n\nHis hands fist your hair, dragging your flushed head back and forth on his cock, snapping his hips forward to mash your face in his crotch, cock cannonading down your throat. His pizzle lashes heavy and gushing in your throat, squirming like a fat worm. You're dizzy from lack of air by the time he pulls back enough for you to gasp a breath, liquid and watery with what feels like every passage in your head saturated with his precome. He's gushing, huge blasts of slobbery precome coating your face as he gasp in air, and by the time you impale yourself on his shaft again your face is dripping, hair matted to your scalp.\n\nHe comes quick, after that: only the clench of your throat around his cockhead, your slick hands bunching his sheath. He groans, voice popping into a bleat, and his balls churn, practiclaly bouncing between his thighs as he unloads. It's salt-sour, acrid, and you can't keep up with the flow. Thick yellowish jizz erupts from your mouth, splattering across his thick fur, as he keep suckling, gasping and choking on his immense load, milking it all out of him until your face is coated in a thick mask of chunky jizz, eyes sealed shut, ears plugged.\n\nYou pull off with an obscene squelch, mouth slack and drooling, the patter of his slimy load hitting the tiles loud in the empty watchtower. Yelhu kneels before you and wipes the worst of his load from your face, until you can open your eyes, lashes still coated in thick yellow clumps, hearing still muted. He kisses you, pushing you back on your ass, licking up the salt-sour mess across your lips before pulling back, lips quirked in a grin.\n<<else if $orifice == "asshole">>\\nYou unveil his cock, thick and slimy with precome, pulsing with his heartbeat. His hands settle on your hips, guiding you to turn around, and for a moment his cock ruts against the small of his back, slipping down to the curve of your ass cheeks as he drops your trousers.\n\nHe drops to his knees, cock smearing precome over the backs of your thighs as he licks under your stubby tail, tongue sliding down until it laps at the tight pucker of your ass, followed insistently by prying fingers. He stands again, pressing you down over the sole table in the watchtower base.\n\nHis cockhead digs into the cheek of your ass, his pizzle -- the squirming cord bulging from the slit of his cock, finger-thick -- squirming like a worm, squirting precome over the curve of your ass. He milks his cock, smearing precome all along the crack of your ass, and he works it inside until you're sloppy and dripping. His fingers dig into the soft flesh of your asshole, open and unresisting, practically spreading at his touch. Your thighs tremble, legs spreading until you're obscenely open, grinding your ass back against his fingers, whimpering and desperate for his cock. <<if $secondary.indexOf("cock") != -1>>Your own cock bobs under the table, hosing down the underside in gushing squirts easily matching Yelhu's, forming huge slobbery lines dripping down to the floor.<<else if $secondary.indexOf("ovipositor") != -1>>Your ovipositor bobs under the table, steadily oozing thick slime, drawn out in a single immense rope from the bloated tip.<<endif>> <<if $secondary.indexOf("breasts") != -1>>Your breasts dig into the tabletop, leaking steadily, leaving glossy streaks on the table as your milk seeps through your tunic front.<<endif>>\n\nYelhu shifts minutely, cockhead digging against your ass cheek and popping into place, pressed against your open, clenching asshole. His pizzle squirts, dripping precome all down your thighs. It only takes a fractional pressure for his entire cockhead to push inside with a slobbery //pop//. You groan and push back, sinking half his cock, and he grabs your sides and sinks the rest, slamming himself balls-deep. The burning heat of his body plasters itself to your back, skin and fur sweaty and rough-slick as he starts thrusting, hips meeting yours in lewd, wet smacks. His titanic balls swing between your legs and crash against <<if $secondary.indexOf("cock") != -1>>your own balls with a sharp, near-painful smack<<else>>your crotch, slapping the skin there until it's red and hot<<endif>>, over and over with each thrust.\n\nHis pizzle is squirming inside you; you swear you can feel it still, even buried practically to your guts. He's squirting enough precome that it gurgles, sloshing and heavy inside you, wet sounds half-muted by your body. Sloppy gushes of fluid erupt from your ass with each withdrawal, oozing down your thighs and gluing Yelhu's fur to his crotch.\n\nHis ragged breath gets harsher and harsher, hissing over your back, and his fingers clench on your sides, blunt fingernails digging into your skin as he bucks one, twice more before he erupts with a groan. Dizzying heat floods your guts, radiating outwards. Thick gummy wells of jizz hose down your inner walls, gurgling higher inside and sloppily coursing down his shaft, slime squirting from your ass around the churning seal of his cock. More builds up, until your spasming asshole gapes and lets it all gush out in huge slobbery tendrils, gushing across the floor as Yelhu blows the last of his load into your guts. He collapses on top of you, sweating and breathing hard<<if $secondary.indexOf("breasts") != -1>>, flattening your breasts to the table, his shuddering motions coaxing out heavier and heavier squirts of milk, until it's puddling on the table, saturating your tunic<<endif>>. <<if $secondary.indexOf("cock") != -1>>He reaches under the table, one huge hand wrapping around your cock, already gushing like it does just before you come. He coaxes out your knot and faux-ties with his fist, fingers slopping over the grimy swell of your knot before clenching down hard. He drags the climax from you in an instant, leaving you shaking and gasping, clenching down on his cock as you blow your equally huge load all over the floor, huge streamers of chunky yellow-white.<<else if $secondary.indexOf("ovipositor") != -1>>He reaches under the table, one huge hand wrapping around your ovipositor, all slimy and coated in thick slime, eggs already starting to bubble up. Just his touch is enough to set you off, and you come with a gasp, clenching down hard around his cock still lodged inside your ass. Eggs bubble through your shaft, emerging berry-red and in huge ootheca, plopping to the ground with wet squelches.<<else>>You climax with a gasping moan, asshole clenching down on his still-spurting cock, body rocking between him and the table.<<endif>>\n\nHis heavy, gasping breaths keep him fucking you, in slow shallow thrusts, and it's not until he's halfway retracted that he pulls himself up and pulls out, cock emerging from your gaping ass glazed with jizz. The floor under the table is a swampy mess, jizz coating the tiles and spreading along the mortar. Yelhu tries to wipe up the worst of it, his jizz piling across his hands as he scrubs them along your inner thighs.\n\nYou stand a few minutes later, shaky and disheveled, and he gives you a cockeyed grin, trousers still tented, the front saturated with the dregs of his load.\n<<else if $orifice == "vagina">>\\nYou tug his trousers down over his cock, fat balls practically bouncing up as you pull his sheath free. He's slimy, cock dropped but half-hard, oozing pre. He stiffens fast, cock slapping against his thighs as it jerks upward, pointing straight out from his straining sheath.\n\nHis hands settle on your hips, guiding you to turn around, and for a moment his cock ruts against your cheeks, grinding up against the small of your back. His thick fingers pluck at the laces of your trousers, shoving them down, and he rocks forward, cockhead dragging over the curve of your ass before it slips between your thighs, sliding forward to press over your heavy folds.\n\nYou spread your legs, leaning over the table<<if $secondary.indexOf("breasts") != -1>>: your breasts press against the wood, nipples rubbing over the ragged varnish, staining it with dribbles of ichorous milk<<else>>, chest pressed flat against the ragged wood<<endif>>. Yelhu practically tosses his tunic aside, weight shifting as he practically hops on one foot -- cock slapping up against your flushed folds, spurting precome all over -- to step out of his trousers, leaving him totally naked. His chest presses against your back as he leans over you, scratchy with hair. His cock pulses again, sliding between your thighs and over your lips, the head digging into <<if $secondary.indexOf("cock") != -1>>your balls, drizzling precome over your sac, dripping forward to mingle with your own pre<<else if $secondary.indexOf("ovipositor") != -1>>your broodpouch, the sharp jolts of pressure forcing an egg or two out, popping from the bloated tip<<else>>your stomach, gliding back and forth until your skin is sloppy<<endif>>. His hands wrap around your waist, thick fingers dragging over your labia, spreading them wider as he draws back again, nocking his cock between them like an arrow, ready to fire. His pizzle squirts inside you, the gush shockingly forceful, spraying sharp all over your inner walls and drooling out around his cockhead, splattering down to the floor below.\n\nHe pushes inward, cock digging into your flesh and then surpassing, opening your clenching passage, already slick with your own juices. He's thick, and his pizzle thrashes, like a finger twisting and coiling, drawing a shuddering inhale from you as he slides deeper. His copious pre sprays inside you, hot and slick, and there's a palpable build-up, sloshing and churning as he slides deeper, until the sheer weight of it overpowers your clenching muscles, slipping and squirting down his shaft to erupt in sloppy, gushing strings from your spread lips. Once it's started it doesn't stop: a constant slimy burble wells up around his shaft, a slurry of your juices, slopping down his shaft and drooling across your thighs.\n\nHe stops halfway, hips working, and his withdrawal is faster: your flesh not just slick but //dripping//, mingled fluids sluicing down his cock. You rut back against him, ass raised, and he plows forward, cock vanishing between your folds, his heavy balls swinging forward with enough force to slap against your thighs, the impact heavy. His balls stick there for a moment, the slime coating your skin gluing him there, before they peel back to swing between his thighs.\n\nHe fucks you. His shaft twitches and spurts, pizzle constantly lashing, and you clench tight around him, making him work for his thrusts, friction burning hot all the way to your core. His fingers slide across your folds, drifting up to <<if $secondary.indexOf("cock") != -1>>tug on your cock, coaxing out sloppy, heavy gushes of precome, easily matching what he's shooting inside you<<else if $secondary.indexOf("ovipositor") != -1>>smear around the base of your ovipositor, thin shaft sliding between his fingers<<else>>smear across your stomach, over the near painfully-sensitive skin of your belly.<<endif>> You groan, shoulders <<if $secondary.indexOf("breasts") != -1>>and breasts <<endif>>digging into the table as you rut back into his thrusts, meeting every sloppy glide with your own. The fur of his sheath rubs against your thighs, and then on the next thrust he bucks forward, hilting himself: sheath slamming between your thighs, slapping against your flushed and swollen folds. His cockhead hits deep inside you, rutting against your depths, the thrashing of his pizzle a strange distant glide, squirming and sloppy.\n\nHis fur prickles as he ruts forward, strings of slime burbling out from you and smearing down his sheath, matting the fur down in rough spikes. He thrusts faster, sheath popping back and forth between your thighs. The space between you gets sloppier and sloppier, glossy streamers webbing across his fur, soaking your thighs, and the slap of his thighs against your ass turns into a wet crack, droplets of slime spraying in all directions.\n\nHe hunches forward, his breath ragged and fast, matching your own breathy gasps. His cock twitches, muscles across his stomach flexing, and he lets out a shuttered moan right before he comes, thighs trembling against you. His cock spurts, sloppy //smacks// audible as he hoses down your depths: heat floods inside you, radiating through you, followed by the sheet weight of his load. Thick gummy wells of jizz slosh deep inside you, gurgling and churning audibly as he hoses you down. The weight remains deep inside for a fraction of a second, before the weight drags it all down. Huge streamers of jizz erupt out, burbling up in slimy rolls around his churning cock. More sloshes inside you, just sluicing down his cock to drool onto the ground. Huge slobbery tendrils lash beneath you, slapping against your legs and the table, jiggling from the impact of his thrusts.\n\nYelhu collapses on top of you, hair plastered to his skin with sweat, chest heaving<<if $secondary.indexOf("breasts") != -1>>, flattening your breasts to the table. His shuddering motions coax out heavier and heavier squirts of milk, until it's puddling on the table, shining across your skin<<endif>>. His hands slide over your dripping thighs, <<if $secondary.indexOf("cock") != -1>> one huge hand wrapping around your cock, already gushing like it does just before you come. He coaxes out your knot and faux-ties with his fist, fingers slopping over the grimy swell of your knot before clenching down hard. He drags the climax from you in an instant: you blow all across the floor, knot swelling in his fist, squirting near-solid chunks of jizz out across the underside of the table.<<else if $secondary.indexOf("ovipositor") != -1>> one huge hand wrapping around your ovipositor, all slimy and coated in thick ooze, eggs already starting to bubble up. Just his touch is enough to set you off, and you come with a gasp, clenching down hard around his cock. Eggs bubble through your shaft, emerging berry-red and in huge ootheca, plopping to the ground with wet squelches.<<else>> fingers dragging just above your clit, the slick pressure in just the right places enough for you to climax.<<endif>> You clench down hard around his cock, moaning as you come, dizzy with pleasure. The squeeze around his cock pulls out a few final thrusts, sloppily oozing deep inside you, and even as he slowly softens inside you his load drips out, all yellow-white jizz painting thick lines down your thighs.\n\nHis heavy, gasping breaths keep him fucking you, in slow shallow thrusts as he softens, and it's not until he's halfway retracted that he pulls himself up and pulls out, cock emerging from between your bloated, swollen lips glazed with jizz. The floor under the table is a swampy mess, jizz coating the tiles and spreading along the mortar. Yelhu tries to wipe up the worst of it, his jizz piling across his hands as he scrubs them along your inner thighs.\n\nYou stand a few minutes later, shaky and disheveled, and he gives you a cockeyed grin, trousers still tented, the front saturated with the dregs of his load.\n<<endif>>\\n<<else>>\\nHe canters forward, still awkward on his hooves. The crack of his balls against his hind legs is loud, sloppy and wet: he's constantly dripping pre now, and his sheath and hind legs are dripping with it, his fur there sopping wet and reeking of musk. The squirming line of his pizzle thrashes from his sheath, spurting rank fluid all across his underbelly, thick yellow-white strings of precome, webbing beneath him in sloppy, gushing strands. The clop of his hooves against the stone floor is muted: they're half-drowned under his precome, oozing outward as he steps toward you.\n\n<<if $orifice == "mouth">>\\nYou drop to your knees and crawl beneath him. He looks surprised for the first fractional second, and dirty smile spreading over his face, and he bends forward, trying futilely to look between his legs.\n\nHis cockhead has just barely crowned from his sheath, the bloated tip dragging through the thick folds of his sheath. The skin there is baggy, almost furless at the rim, and wrinkled in huge, overlapping slaps, with thicker slime trapped between the folds. You kiss it lewdly, lips working over his wrinkled flesh, along the matted underside up to the straining lip. You cradle his sheath in both hands, taking some small fraction of its weight in hand: it's incredibly heavy, hanging down beneath him, sheath tethered to his underbelly by a long thick seam. Behind his balls you can feel the swell of his shaft, not yet dropped fully: it's a thick, handspan-wide bulge running up his skin, all the way to his ass. It moves under your fingers as his cock drops, black shaft emerging clotted with thickened precome, in chunks ringing his cock.\n\nYou lick inside his sheath, smell acrid and rank, taste overpoweringly potent: your tongue drags thick chunks of clotted slime from the inside of his sheath, half-rancid and bitter, all concentrated musk. Humid heat ripples up, practically rippling the air, splashing across his dripping underbelly and radiating out across your face. His underbelly spasms; internal muscles shift against your face: his cock unsheathes itself, dropping fast, feet of cock pushing from his sheath in one long, wet gush, until the full length of his cock hangs out. The tip bobs between his forelegs, so heavy his cock is long slow curve down, until the head is between his ankles. His cockhead sprays out an unending stream of foul precome, hosing down the paving stones, all chunky and clotted.\n\nYou push his wrinkled sheath back, its heavy folds almost enveloping your hands. The base of his shaft is absolutely coated in long, ribboning patterns of sludge, solid and chunky, and you lean in and peel them from his shaft with your tongue, laving clean spots as you swallow down mouthful after mouthful of acrid slime, rank and bitter in your throat. You feel more than hear Yelhu's moan, vibrating down through his bones. The blocky muscles of his underbelly tense and squeeze, sending his pre spraying further, splattering with a crash against the table behind you.\n\n\n...\n\nYou kiss it lewdly, lips working against the wrinkled flesh of his sheath as you lap across the underside, sliding your tongue inside his sheath, catching smears of thick, clotted precome. His cockhead expands in your throat, spurting out globs of precome. Yelhu groans, his hands tangling in your hair, dragging you even further forward, until your face is nestled in the shaggy pubic fur just above his cock, his sheath wrinkled and pushed back to let the utter root of his cock push into your mouth.\n\nHe drags you back, wet globs of precome working up your throat until they emerge with a gush of fluid, thick slime flooding your mouth as your throat is finally unblocked. You take a few shuddering breath, his cockhead still drooling over your tongue, until he pulls you forward more forcefully\n\n...\n\nHe plugs your throat with wet glugging noises, a slurry of fluid drooling from your slack mouth, gushes erupting every time he pulls back enough for his swollen cockhead to pop from your throat.\n\n\nHe ruts against your face, sheath meeting your distended lips with increasingly-wet smacks, split and precome splattering in wet globs across his thighs as he fucks your face, hands clenched tight in your hair. His balls slap across your chin, the skin furrowed and thick as his sack tries to pull up, but the sheer weight his balls keeps them hanging low, smacking in the hollow of your throat. A slurry of fluid drools from your nose and mouth, coming in wet gushes as he fucks your throat in long strokes, and it drools in lumpy trails across your neck, dripping <<if $secondary.indexOf("breasts") != -1>>over your breasts<<else>>down your chest<<endif>> in thick, matted streams.\n\n...\n\nDeep in your throat his cockhead flares and bulges, the solid lump of it scraping along your skin as he ruts just an inch back and forth. He grunts and then bellows, fingers curling tight in your hair.\n\nCome erupts down your throat, and you choke and sputter, thick yellow-white globs of it dripping from your nose and drooling from your mouth, smearing across Yelhu's shaggy pubes. You swallow in sloppy gulps. Even after you get a handle on the sheer volume, your spasming throat muscles carry half of it up around his churning shaft, .\n\nCome erupts into your stomach, your reflexively spasming muscles carrying half of it up your throat, around his churning shaft, where it burns through your sinuses and drools past your slack lips, chunky and yellowish as it pours inside you in thick bursts.\n\nYou pull off with a lewd squelch, face a mess.\n\n<<else if $orifice == "asshole">>\\n\n<<else if $orifice == "vagina">>\\n\n<<endif>>\\n<<endif>>\\n\n[[⟶|Yelhu]]
You reach into his chest and unlock his heart. There is a sound like a sigh. Fur spreads from the point of interpenetration, where your wrist meets his chest, just under his ribcage. You pull out slowly, and like that's a trigger another rippling wave of fur expands outwards, thin and neat, a tawny brown dappled with darker splotches over his hips and shoulders.\n\nHe groans and shudders, spreading his legs wide as the waves spread over his inner thighs, flecked them with black clusters. His cock is half-hard, hanging loose from his sheath, pink shaft rapidly mottling black-brown before your eyes. His feet clop against the floor, and you look down in time to catch the glossy black hooves swell over his feet as they reshape themselves into something much heavier.\n\nHe rocks backward, hips working forward as his body //stretches//, bone creaking and muscle swelling as new shapes form at his pelvis. New legs stretch down in a sudden burst, and abruptly he totters forward on four legs, hindquarters kicking into the air as they grow and stretch. His fur is longer on his lower body, the thick shaggy coat of a wild goat. The muscles of his hips are in sharp definition, a lean line visible through his scruffy fur. It grows into shaggy hanks between his thighs, massive block muscles bunching and shifting as he tries moving.\n\nHis horns grow with a crack, spiraling out as they lengthen, and then there is another sharp noise and a second pair erupts, and a third, and a fourth. They revolve as they push outward, dark bone spiraling in curves until they ring his head in a myriad of arcing, spiraling lines.\n\nHis horns are encircled by crowns, and the crowns are bellowing sharp blue flames.\n\nHis head looks small in the middle of the thicket of horns: its fundamental shape isn't altered, but it's framed differently by the horns, looking wider and thicker.\n\nBetween his rear legs his cock is monstrously enormous. The last vestiges of pink vanish, leaving it a glossy black, mottling to a rich brown around the fat, flat cockhead. His balls are like melons between his legs, hanging so low they clear the arc of his haunches, more than halfway down to his thick hooves. They sway as he moves, slapping against each other and his thighs. With each jostling motion his shaft emerges further from its shaggy, bulging sheath, until the swollen head peeks between his front legs. His pizzle is two handspans long, almost wrist thick, failing and writhing from the force of his precome thundering through it: gaping wide, huge streams of opaque yellowish slime drooling out all over the tiles.\n\n[[⟶|Yelhu][$yelhuTransformed = true]]
She was married to the famed Poison Lion, a fallen divine spirit. He vanished into the forest years ago: Kumai says he must have been killed, to not return to her; the rest of the village says he fled.\n* [[Speak to her|KumaiTalk]]\n* <<if hasMe ("divine")>>^^[[Wake her heart|KumaiDivine]]^^\\n<<else>>==Wake her heart==<<endif>><span class="meta">Req: Divinity</span>\n[[⟵|House of the widow Kumai]]
<<if $valiantTransformed>>His heart has woken. {tf description}\\n<<else>>The villagers frowned on Kumai and the Poison Lion's union, and saw his disappearance as inevitable. When you came to the village, you were warned against associating with him: you know him well, regardless.\n\nHe's working in the fields, half-submerged in the paddies, and wearing nothing but a breechcloth, soaked to his skin. His muscles shift as he works.\n\nHis lineage from the Poison Lion shows. He's pale, skin the same golden brown as the inside of a roasted nut, and even that is streaked with sallow yellow-gold lines, crooked up his arms and legs like forks of lightning. They gather and merge at his hands and feet, joining into shaggy golden fur. His hands are animal's paws; his feet are animal's feet: the pads of an immense lion, still too-large on his trim frame.\n\nHe has a long tail, with a golden tuft at the end. It swings behind him, just above the dirt, and now is a sodden black-blond, dripping behind him when he pulls himself from paddy to paddy. He has a ruff of red-golden fur around his neck, all frizzy and shaggy, the same as his wild tangle of hair, joined as a single immense mane. His nose is large and slightly upturned, with a pad of wet black skin around his nostrils. His eyes are slitted like a cat's, and they gleam red-green when the light catches them right.<<endif>>\n* [[Speak to him|ValiantTalk]]\n* <<if hasMe ("seduction")>>[[Seduce him|ValiantSeduction]]\\n<<else>>==Seduce him==<<endif>>\\n<span class="meta">Req: Seduction</span>\n* <<if hasMe ("secret of killing")>>[[Kill him|ValiantKill]]\\n<<else>>==Kill him==<<endif>>\\n<span class="meta">Req: Secret of Killing</span>\n* <<if hasMe ("divine") && hasMe ("heroism")>>^^[[Wake his heart|ValiantDivine]]^^\\n<<else>>==Wake his heart==<<endif>>\\n<span class="meta">Req: Divinity, Heroism</span>\n[[⟵|House of the widow Kumai]]
<<if !$valiantTransformed>>When he comes close, you touch his hand, fingers trailing up the inside of his forearm, to his elbow. He stills, and you take him deep into the fields, to a grassy lull between two paddies, and you both draw down to the ground. You know him very well.\n\n<<if $orifice == "mouth">><<display "ValiantOral">>\n<<else if $orifice == "asshole">><<display "ValiantAnal">>\n<<else if $orifice == "vagina">><<display "ValiantVaginal">>\n<<endif>>\\n\nYou collapse to the side and try to gather your disheveled clothes, grinning over at him, him dazed but grinning back. It's a while longer before he returns to tending the fields.\n<<else>>\\nYou lead him out into the fields, him padding along behind you on his enormous paws. He pounces once you reach a lull where you won't be seen.\n\n<<if $orifice == "mouth">>\\n\n\n\nHe gasps shallowly, legs spreading as you trace the rim of his sheath, his cock just barely peeking out past its lip.\n\n\nHe roars, the sound echoing loudly. His cock slides under your fingers, golden shaft with some slick internal fluid, steaming as it pushes from his sheath in a series of jerky bursts, smearing something wet and hot along the length of your hand. His barbs become obvious the second you try to stroke: the spines flex, dragging with a rough scrape over your palm on each upward stroke. He rumbles, deep in his chest.\n\nHe's half-erect, the obscene length of his cock hanging down between his hind legs, the bulbous, barb-ringed head almost dragging against the grass. It's drooling an opaque liquid, sparkling and copper-colored. It smears in thick waves over your hand as you trail down the length of his cock, until your fingers are rubbing in rings around the immense, fat spikes that jut backwards from his cockhead.\n\n<<else if $orifice == "asshole">>\\n<<else if $orifice == "vagina">>\\n<<endif>>\\n<<endif>>\n\n[[⟶|Valiant]]
You straddle him, leaning down to press a kiss against his lips. He kisses back, hands busy at your hips, tugging at the laces of your trousers. <<if $secondary.indexOf("cock") != -1>>His hand palms over your stiffening cock before reaching below, to your thick folds.<<else if $secondary.indexOf("ovipositor") != -1>>His hand slides down the slick length of your ovipositor before reaching below, to the your thick folds.<<else>>His hand glides over the plane of your hips, down to your thick folds.<<endif>> His stubby fingers slide over your lower lips, claws sheathed, just a slow wet drag that leaves a sparking trail in their wake.\n\nHis cock is clear under his sopping-wet breechcloth, the dull off-white fabric translucent. His sheath is a swelling bulge; his cock shines pink even through the fabric, plastered across his length. Your bodies rut together, skewing the square of fabric higher, until it's high across his hips, and you reach down and free his cock. His cock lolls out, dripping glistening streamers of precome over his thigh. He's stubby, short, cock almost conical. The pointed cockhead fans out with thick bristles at the edge, and below that his shaft is thicker and thicker, wrapped in spiraling trails of barbs, short and prickling all the way down to his golden-furred sheath. With your trousers sagging low, he rocks his dripping cock <<if $secondary.indexOf("cock") != -1>>against your own cock, barbs slippery-scratchy against your swollen length<<else if $secondary.indexOf("ovipositor") != -1>>against the thin spar of your ovipositor, smearing his cock with oozing sludge<<else>>against your stomach, smearing his precome in glossy trails over your skin<<endif>>.\n\nHe slides fractionally down, cockhead pressing all along your labia, the tapering head just barely pushing between them. He spurts slick, runny gushes of precome, hot over your heated flesh. His hands are busy: he shoves your trousers down to the knee, then up, stripping off your tunic, all the while rocking his cock against your folds. His barbs are slippery-smooth as he pushes inside, only to prickle and flare, catching in the soft flesh of you lips. His entire body spasms, sensation -- apparently -- overwhelming, and as he undoes the ties of your tunic, pushing it over your shoulders to <<if $secondary.indexOf("breasts") != -1>>bare your breasts<<else>>reveal the lithe lines of your chest<<else>> you lean in, lips spreading around his cock, vagina spreading for its fat length, and then you pull back, pinprick jolts tugging sharp before they give in.\n\nValiant flops back, going limp like all his strings have been cut, and his cock explodes, abrupt gushes of come spraying over your folds, hosing them down with thick, slimy lines. You shrug out of your tunic. <<if $secondary.indexOf("breasts") != -1>>Your nipples are peaked, stiff and sharp tipping your breasts, and they ooze thin yellow-white ichor, dripping down onto Valiant's chest.<<endif>>\n\nHis barbs rasp against his sensitive skin, half-painful, and just a single stroke is enough to get him off again. He doesn't try to hold back at all. He grabs your hips and slams into you, still spurting. He's so thick it aches, your lips pressed flush against his sheath, achingly spread even with his stubby length. He thrusts, jerking up and almost lifting you off your knees, lean muscles all across his stomach and hips playing under his skin. His motions are jerky and ragged, going limp with each withdrawal: his barbs dig deep in your flesh, and a high, trembling whimper rips from his throat. Each thrust slams up, a slippery-sharp burst of pressure against <<if $secondary.indexOf("cock") != -1>>the root of your cock<<else if $secondary.indexOf("ovipositor") != -1>>your egg pouch<<else>>your clit<<endif>> through your body, diffuse and distant but still enough to <<if $secondary.indexOf("cock") != -1>>coax great watery spurts of precome from your cock, splashing out across his stomach and chest<<else if $secondary.indexOf("ovipositor") != -1>>coax out thick oozing slime, punctuated with the rare egg, splattering down over his flexing abs and making his skin gleam dark<<else>>bring you closer, pleasure humming through the biting ache of his cock<<endif>>.\n\nHe hasn't even finished drooling his first load before he comes again, shaft churning as he sloppily hoses down your insides. His jizz bubbles out around his shaft, cockhead dripping with it, and more slowly bubbles out from inside, in thick clumps. The sharp drag of his barbs gets slimier, smearing through the thick film of his jizz as he keeps thrusting.\n\nYou ache, folds thick and engorged from the constant scrape, flushed red-purple, aching from the scrub of his cock. Blobs of jizz seep out around his cock, smearing across your thighs, and you catch a glimpse of his cock through the thick mess: barbs flushed bloody red-purple at the tips, vivid against the pink of his cock. <<if $secondary.indexOf("cock") != -1>>His thrusts jam against the root of your cock, one huge paw wrapped around your shaft, stroking in unison with his thrusts, and he come with a yowl, knot erupting from your sheath as you hose him down with your load,. You clench down hard on his cock as he comes inside you again, adding to the messy slurry drooling from your lips. His paw wraps around your knot, faux-tying, and you unload all across his front as you ride him.<<else if $secondary.indexOf("ovipositor") != -1>>His thrusts jam against your egg pouch, each time coaxing out a gush of slime with a translucent, berry-red egg suspended in the mess. Your ovipositor pulses, hosing down his chest with thick, gummy lines of slime, and you clench down hard -- his cock popping rougher through your channel -- forcing thick blobby clusters of eggs up your shaft, to plop out across his stomach in messy piles. Your shaft glides between two of his stubby fingers, bloated tip popping between his knuckles as you spill your load all over his stomach.<<else>>His thrusts jam against your clit, through the flesh of your cunt, and he smears one huge paw over your gaping lips, fingers sliding through the mess joining you to tease at the apex of your folds, the flats of his claws a steady constant pressure. You come with a yowl, head thrown back, and his cock spurts again inside you, pulsing as you clench down hard around his cock.<<endif>>\n\nHe stops, eventually, thrusts slowing until he just sinks inside you, barbs fluttering against your aching walls. You're both a mess, come in streaks all over your thighs, drying and flaking at the edges, with more matted in the fur of his sheath. You pull off with a wet slurp, pulling one final shuddering orgasm out of him, his load spurting up across his stomach in heavy splats.
You straddle him, grinning down at him sprawled beneath you, mane tangling in the thick grass. His paws settle on your hips, claw-tips digging into your skin. He reaches up, tugging at your tunic, and you lift it off. Valiant pushes it up <<if $secondary.indexOf("breasts") != -1>>your chest, paws slipping underneath to drag over your breasts, coming back slick with milky ichor. You toss the tunic aside<<else>>your lean chest, sheathed claws scraping up your chest as you toss the tunic aside<<endif>>, leaving you bare as you roll back, settling atop his sheath.\n\nIt's impossible to miss: swollen fat heavy between your thighs, wet and hot. His breechcloth is dripping wet, water soaking into the seat of your trousers. You settle on his thighs, far enough back to get a good look.\n\nHis cock is clear: his sheath swollen; the pink of his cock muted by the off-white fabric. You rut against him, skewing the square of fabric higher, until it's folded over his hips, slapping wetly over his stomach. You reach down and free his cock. His cock lolls out, dripping glistening streamers of precome over his thigh. He's stubby, short, cock almost conical. The pointed cockhead fans out with thick bristles at the edge, and below that his shaft is thicker and thicker, wrapped in spiraling trails of barbs, short and prickling all the way down to his golden-furred sheath. With your trousers sagging low, he rocks his dripping cock <<if $secondary.indexOf("cock") != -1>>against your own cock, barbs slippery-scratchy against your swollen length<<else if $secondary.indexOf("ovipositor") != -1>>against the thin spar of your ovipositor, smearing his cock with oozing sludge<<else>>against your stomach, smearing his precome in glossy trails over your skin<<endif>>.\n\nYour fingers along his cock make him almost yowl, voice catching, throat buzzing. He's slimy, dripping pre, cock all slick as you stroke down. Fingers wrapped around the base, you stroke upwards and it's like rasping stubble. Then he //really// yowls, hips jerking up, all the lean muscles in his stomach and chest standing out in sharp definition. His cock spurts precome all over your fingers, leaving them shining, and you slowly lean forward, reaching between your thighs to slide them down the crack of your ass, slowly pushing them inside yourself. Valiant whines, eyes staring straight at your hand, working between your thighs. His cock dribbles more, practically pulsing as you finger yourself, slowly working two fingers into your ass.\n\nValiant's paws scrape down your thighs, tugging your loose trousers down, and you kneel up, stripping them off and leaving you just as naked as him. <<if $secondary.indexOf("cock") != -1>>Your cock drools precome, huge off-white splotches spattering across his chest as you straddle him again,<<else if $secondary.indexOf("ovipositor") != -1>> Your ovipositor oozes slime in a thick cord, slowly jiggling down as you straddle him again<<else>>You press your flushed lips against his cock for a second before you shift back<<endif>>, his cock scraping between your cheeks and pressing against your asshole.\n\nThe tip of his cock digs into your pucker, slowly spreading it, except the second you shift he pulls back, and his barbs flex back, digging like rasping claws across the tender flesh of your asshole. Valiant shudders and groans. You clench down, and that just makes the slide rougher, each set of barbs popping out one after the other. Valiant rips out and immediately comes, spurting streaky blobs of come up over your ass. He ruts his stubby length against your asshole, barbs like sandpaper across you skin, and you pin him down, hands shoving his hips to the ground, and just sit on his cock. You flex your ass, opening to take him right to the obscenely-thick root, and right after he finishes -- spilling the last of his load in trembling spurts inside you -- you rock up, hooking his barbs in you and wrenching them up. He comes again, whimpering and crying. He's got almost no downtime between them, and the rasp of his barbs is enough to get him off //quick//.\n\nHe writhes on the ground as you ride him, his loads splattering against his thighs, moaning and whimpering, coming almost every other thrust. His barbs are like hooks, sharp little pinpricks of impact dragging over the ring of your asshole, sharply painful but not in an //unpleasant// way<<if $secondary.indexOf("cock") != -1>>, and each time you hilt on his cock the very tip bashes into your prostate, forcing out a gush of precome all over his chest, hosing him down in watery spurts<<else if $secondary.indexOf("ovipositor") != -1>>, and each time you hilt on his cock the very tip hits your broodpouch from the inside, forcing a gush of slime from your ovipositor, splattering down over his stomach in a thick, gummy line<<else>>, and anyway you grab one of his paws to grind again, his stubby fingers flexing and clenching against your folds as you milk his loads out of him. You eventually just pin his hand flat against his stomach and rut against that, sending slow, steady waves of pressure against your clit<<endif>>.\n\nYou rock back against him, riding him in slow easy waves, ignoring his sharp yelps and whimpers. He comes in your ass, come squelching out around his prickling barbs, head popping out just in time to spurt sloppy lines up the crack of your ass.\n\n{SEX SCENE TODO}
You tip his head back into the long grass and kiss him. His lips part, dimpling against yours, and his tongue licks out, sandpaper-rough, dragging over the inner flesh of your upper lip. You tilt down and suck his lower lip into your mouth.\n\nHis hands are busy on your sides, opening your tunic. <<if $secondary.indexOf("breasts") != -1>>Your breasts spill out as he undoes the ties, nipples already dripping milk onto his bare chest, and he wraps his hands around two and milks them, coaxing out a thin, slippery sheen of ichorous milk across his immense paws.<<else>>He trails his immense paws across your chest, teasing a nipple with the flat of his claws until it's peaked, his other hand sliding back and forth over the almost painfully sensitive skin of your stomach.<<endif>> You moan, arching into his touch, and he presses his mouth hard against yours, panting between kisses. <<if $secondary.indexOf("cock") != -1>>One hand slips lower, to your tented trousers, and he slices straight through your laces, tugging your cock out off-handed, stroking it fast, coaxing messy spurts of precome, gushing in fat ropes all across his bare chest.<<else if $secondary.indexOf("ovipositor") != -1>>One hand slips lower, to your tented trousers, and he slices straight through your laces, letting your ovipositor spring out, the bulbous tip oozing thick slime. He strokes it, knuckles popping over the tip, coaxing out thick oozing splatters of slime all across his bare chest.<<endif>>\n\nHis cock is clear under his sopping-wet breechcloth, the dull off-white fabric translucent. His sheath is a swelling bulge; his cock shines pink even through the fabric, plastered across his length. You shimmy down his body, <<if $secondary.indexOf("cock") != -1 || $secondary.indexOf("breasts") != -1>>leaving slick glossy trails in your wake,<<endif>> tugging the cloth up and the wrapping between his thighs aside, and his cock lolls out, dripping glistening streamers of precome over his thigh. He's stubby, short, cock almost conical. The pointed cockhead fans out with thick bristles at the edge, and below that his shaft is thicker and thicker, wrapped in spiraling trails of barbs, short and prickling all the way down to his golden-furred sheath. It's just more than you can fit into your mouth.\n\nYou lap over his cockhead and his entire body jerks, hips canting up. He whines, high in his throat. His salty-sharp precome is potent on your tongue, heavy with musk. His paws settle on your shoulders, heavy and immense, claws sheathed, and he pulls you closer, lips just barely brushing his sheath, his immense balls pushing against your chin. He ruts against your face, cock sliding deeper smoothly and pulling back with a stinging, sharp prickling, all his barbs splaying across the rim of your lips. The tight muscles of his stomach clench and pull as he rocks up, nearly hilting himself in your mouth.\n\nHe gasps and groans, rocking his hips against your face, and comes almost instantly. Each rutting thrust, his cockhead digging into the roof of your mouth, is punctuated with a spurt of jizz, thick and near-tasteless, salt prickling in your throat when you swallow. He keeps thrusting, through his orgasm and then afterwards, cock not flagging at all. Each withdrawal, with his barbs rasping like heavy stubble over your lips, almost brings him off again, and he doesn't try to hold back at all. His breath catches and pops as he blows again, spilling thick come into your mouth, smearing over your lips and dripping down his shaft, only to be caught by your lips on his next thrust, your tongue scooping up blobs of jizz and swallowing them down. Right after he finishes, cock just drooling in the back of your mouth, you scrape your tongue along the underside of his shaft, base to tip, and he comes again, whimpering and crying.\n\nYour lips are swollen, flesh bloated and sensitive from the unremitting scrub of his barbs, all spit-shiny and glossy; your jaw and cheeks are messy with his loads, smeared in thick, tacky peaks over your skin. He's flushed and trembling, barbs just as flushed as your lips, blood red as they prickle over your lips. He pushes you off, eventually, cock still hard but flagging, the pink skin darkly flushed, looking bloody. Your face is a mess, splotches of half-dried come flaking across your cheeks and neck, and your lips are pillowy and bloated, aching every time they press together, and shiny with fresh jizz.\n\nValiant pulls you up, his kisses aching, tongue just as rough as his cock, but you still push into it as he licks his own jizz from your mouth. <<if $secondary.indexOf("cock") != -1>>His hand wraps around your cock again, your length filthy with precome, painfully hard. He pushes your sheath down with one paw, wrapping around your knot, while the other strokes you off, and you too come almost instantly, hosing down his chest with spume after spume of thick, yellowish jizz. He keeps you faux-tied for minutes, until you come turns acrid and watery and then some, until his chest is dripping with your load.<<else if $secondary.indexOf("overpositor") != -1>>His hand wraps around your ovipositor again, thickly-coated in slime, and you rut through his knuckles, panting, until you come, pushing out fat eggs and then grubby clusters, pattering across his chest in soggy slaps, until he's practically buried beneath them, huge cherry-red eggs splattered all over his body.<<else>>He scrubs his paws down your stomach, between your legs, and you rock against his hand. His heavy pawpads slide against your slick flesh, coaxing you until you come with a groan.<<endif>>
He leans into your touch, throat open in a rumbling growl. His entire body shudders as you reach into his heart.\n\nThe lightning-mark tracks across his body shudder and crawl, thickening into stripes and then eclipsing, covering his skin. Fur follows, golden and shimmering, sparse at first but thickening as the marks spread, until he's plush and shaggy. He's always been lean, muscled but lithe, but now his body swells and shifts as new muscles bunch across his hips and stomach, forming massive haunches. He falls to all fours, head thrown back in a yell that becomes a //roar// as his throat bulges. Muscle shapes around his throat, outlining the jog of his adam's apple for just a moment, before his mane thickens even further, becoming a mantle all across his neck and shoulders. The back of his head stretches, leonine ears emerging from the curly tangle of his hair. His face remains the same: the rest of his head reshapes itself into that of an enormous lion. His body follows, hands growing until they match his feet, enormous paws the size of serving platters.\n\nHis mane lights on fire, coils of golden flame wreathing his face, and the hazy smoke reveals like breath on glass smoky crystalline shapes surrounding his head; a collection of abstract crystal points and translucent golden planes in geometrical relief, revolving in a dozen different directions behind the crown of his head, rich with spikes and curves. The fire burns gold, streaming down his sides and exploding out into long curling wisps at his shoulders and hips, perfect curlicues of flame whipping behind him as if in a high wind.\n\nHe staggers to his feet -- shaky for the slightest fraction of a second, then as natural as he'd been doing it his entire life.\n\nBetween his hind legs the fire coils along his underbelly, twisting and flaring as it streams over his loins. His balls are outlined by an enormous swell, hanging fat between his flanks. His cock extends from its sheath, burnished gold and pulsing. It hangs halfway along his underbelly, immense even by the standards of a horse. His barbs have grown to enormous proportion, fat finger-thick spines encircling the monstrous head, with spiny needles completely coating the rest of his shaft, all the way back to the distended lip of his sheath.\n\n[[⟶|Valiant][$valiantTransformed = true]]
<<if $iemriTransformed>>{TF DESCRIPTIONS}\\n<<else>>He's long-limbed, skinny with a bit of a pot-belly. The backs of his arms and the fronts of his legs are covered in fine blue scales, the color of the morning sky, blending into the rest of his skin in complex purple arcs. His fingers and toes are long and webbed, the skin between them thick and translucent, dusky blue-purple. His eyes are milky white and enormous on his face.\n\nHe spends all his time sailing the river in his sloop. The villagers don't like him much -- say he got too much of his personality from his great-grandmother, a hungry crocodile spirit that swam the river in years past. He has a wicked mind, and plays mean-spirited pranks on the town.\n\nYou catch him clattering through his cupboards, between expeditions on the river.<<endif>>\n* [[Speak to him|IemriTalk]]\n* <<if hasMe ("seduction")>>[[Seduce him|IemriSeduce]]\\n<<else>>==Seduce him==<<endif>><span class="meta">req: Seduction</span>\n* <<if hasMe ("secret of killing")>>[[Kill him|IemriKill]]\\n<<else>>==Kill him<<endif>><span class="meta">req: Secret of Killing</span>\n* <<if hasMe ("divine") && hasMe ("deceitful speech")>>^^[[Wake his heart|IemriDivine]]^^\\n<<else>>==Wake his heart==<<endif>><span class="meta">req: Divinity, Deceitful Speech</span>\n[[⟵|House Low-Lying by the Riverside]]
"Been a while since I've seen you around," he says.\n* [[Ask about him|IemriSelf]]\n* Speak to him about the night of omens\n* Speak to him about the river\n* Speak to him about basket-weaving (gives you basket-weaving as a me :V)\n* Speak to him about the flood <span class="meta">req:Destruction of Cities</span>\n[[⟵|Iemri]]
You ask him how he's been.\n\n"River's been flowing backwards," he says. "Ever since that night. Went upstream. Thinking of seeing what the falls look like." He's told you of a grand waterfall, three days upstream, he came to once. The last time he wanted to leave the village behind him. 'Nowhere but here,' he'd said when he came back, after months. No other place in all the world, except here and the forest.
<<if !$iemriTransformed>>\\nYou seduce him, with words and gaze and movement.\n\n"Been a while since we've done that, too," he says, with a leer, and lunges.\n\nYou both stagger against the wall, hitting it heavily. His claws dig into the soft wood on either side of your shoulders. He's only wearing a thin muslin skirt, hem dark with river-water, and pressed against you it's impossible to avoid feeling the heavy swell of his vent.\n<<if $orifice == "mouth">>\\n\nHe pulls out of the wall with a crack, the paneling splintering around his fingers, and staggers a step back; he half-accidentally trips backwards into the sole chair in the house. His vent tents the fabric, cracked so widely apart you can see the space between his lips, darkening slowly as the fabric settles.\n\nYou crawl towards him, and his eyes are locked on you, unblinking. You draw his skirt up, rucking it across his slouched belly and thighs. Its light folds pillow just above his bulging vent, framing the purple-brown scales of his thighs. His scales grow thick and rough, in blocky fragments, all the way across the smooth mound of his vent. They tinge a sallow blue-green at the very apex, colored by blood pumping just beneath the surface. Already you can see just what it's pumping to: his vent cracks open wider, and the sharp dark tip of his cock peeks out.\n\nYou slide between his thighs, fingers pulling his vent wider, and his cock //flops// out, all bloated blue-purple flesh, listing half-hard against his thigh. Huge round swells of muscle peek from his vent as he hardens, and his cock ticks upward. You bow down, tongue pressing between his lips -- to a shuddering hiss from Iemri -- for a fraction of a second before you drag upward, along the dark groove through the underside of his cock, already slick with precome. His shaft gets thicker near the head, fanning out in spiky crests before the bifurcated tip. He's slick, raw skin smooth. Under your tongue the muscles of his cock contract, spewing messy lines of precome up his shaft. He's got a groove up the length of his cock, from inside him all the way to the tip, and that's what carries his pre: half-trapped in the groove, propelled by his shuddering motions. His cock thickens, curving out and up from his vent in a sharp arch; the head presses against his belly, leaving behind shiny streaks over his scales.\n\nIt's easy to bob a fraction closer, tongue sliding up to the very tip of his cock, lips capturing his head and sucking it into your mouth with a slurp. He lets out a hiss, left hand spreading across your shoulders as he arches up, sloppily fucking half his cock into your mouth before he clatters back down into his seat. His cock pulses again, squirting precome across your neck and chin, some small measure making it all the way up his shaft: oozing over your lower lip, a dribble oozing across your tongue, bitter and meaty and not much else.\n\nYou suck his cock, drooling down his shaft until it's slick enough to stroke, your other hand slipping into his stretched vent, between the huge orbs of his eversion muscles. He's slick with precome below, practically spilling over the lip of his vent, and it's easy to stick two fingers in to the knuckle, dragging over the bloated swell of his prostate wall, coaxing out sloppier gushes of precome. He hisses and groans, jaw hanging open and clattering, making these inhuman clucking noises as you slurp on his shaft. The head of his cock splits, the bloated halves seaming apart once he gets fully hard, and then each sloppy gush of pre rockets up the underside of his shaft, spraying the roof of your mouth in long, bitter streams. You swallow, aware of the sharp tang of his pre: pooling in your mouth, coating your throat, thick and lingering.\n\nHe thrusts up, hand across your shoulder digging down, setting the tempo as he fucks your face. His cock pushes deeper, the sharp arch of his shaft bending in your mouth, cockhead bulging and twisting as it hits the back of your throat, and then in a slobbery gush you gulp him down, his fat crocodile cock surging down your throat until your lips are kissing his vent. Your reflexive inhale just sucks his cock deeper, the flexible shaft twisting in your throat, fluttering and spasming as he pumps pre all over. The groove along his cock is bowed open, just squirting pre in every direction: dripping over your lips as he sprays more straight down your throat.\n\nHe tips his head back, boneless, throat clicking. You pull off, cock jerking from your throat and emerging webbed in phlegm, shining lines of it webbed to the crests of his cock, lined with fat pearls of watery pre, beading down the cords. You dive back on, cock popping down your throat, pre gushing in a watery explosion from your mouth, painting the scales across his vent iridescent. He fucks your face, hips squeaking on the chair, stuffing your face with his cock, his eversion muscles slapping against your lower lip, the sharp crack turning into a ragged rhythm as he pistons back and forth.\n\nHis hand clenches, dragging you forward, and he comes with a roar, squirting come across your face at the same time it sprays down your throat, acrid and sharply bitter, in thick off-white clumps. His vent smacks against your lips, huge gushes of slimy jizz flooding into your mouth, coating your lips. Only thin strings of it make it all the way to the tip, the sensation thick and clotted as it drools down your throat, stretched around his pulsing cock. He grinds his vent over your lips, practically pissing jizz across your face, his internal muscles pulsing and pulsing as he floods your mouth. You try to swallow around his cock, only to choke and cough, spluttering around his shaft as his come floods over your lips, drooling down your face. You gag, come erupting from your throat and smearing through your sinuses, drooling in filmy strips from your stinging nose, and you jerk back, pulling off his cock with a filthy //pop// just in time to catch the next bursts of come right across the face, painting you in clumpy stripes.\n\nHe strokes himself off, long fingers wrapping around his shaft, coaxing out the final few squirts across your face, leaving you dripping with his load. You swallow thickly, drinking down what little of the mess is still in your mouth, and wipe across your lips with the back of your hand.\n\n<<else if $orifice == "vagina">>\\n\nHe pulls out of the wall with a crack, the paneling splintering around his fingers, and you stumble together a step back; you half-accidentally trip backwards into the sole chair in the house. His hands slide down your thighs as he leans in closer, tongue flicking out to press against the bare strip of skin along your stomach, his long fingers working below, tugging out the cords of your trousers.\n\nHis mouth presses against the swell of your mound, lips parting like a kiss<<if $secondary.indexOf("cock") != -1>>, ignoring the stiff spike of your cock above<<else if $secondary.indexOf("ovipositor") != -1>>, ignoring the stiff spike of your ovipositor above<<endif>>. His tongue is a dark line, peeking out from between his lips as he looks up at you. The pad of his tongue drags between your folds, and up, curling over your clit to push down with a slow, steady pressure.\n\nYou fist your hands into his hair and push him down, hips arching up to grind against his lips, and his muffled groan buzzes against your skin. He laps into you, tongue a heated pressure, and his upper lip glides and catches just under your clit. There's a wet sound as he pushes his tongue deep, slick fluid spilling out over his lips, webbing in thin, glittering strands between your folds and his lips. You grind forward again, rutting against his tongue, clit a hard nub as you rock back and forth against his mouth. His face is sheened with your juices<<if $secondary.indexOf("cock") != -1>>, and more precome drooling down across his forehead, dripping into his eyes<<else if $secondary.indexOf("ovipositor") != -1>>, and more sludge drooling from the tip of your ovipositor, dripping in thick clots across his forehead<<endif>>, all stained and sloppy, and when you rut against him it all just smears further.\n\nHe tugs your trousers down until you're bare from the waist down, his long fingers fanned over your thighs, webbing thick and heavy as his hands clench. His head is between your legs, finned ears digging into the flesh of your thighs as he tilts to the left and right, the angle of his slow strokes changing minutely, and you clamp down, fixing him in place as he laps against your swollen folds, your juices and his drool trickling hot down your thighs. You practically ride his face, leaning forward, slowly rocking over the swelling pad of his lower lip. Heat grows slow in your guts, twisting and tensing. He takes ragged, hissing breaths, hot air billowing out over hotter skin.\n\nYou yell when you come, hands digging into his hair, thighs locking him completely in place; the slick sounds of his movement get a lot wetter: your slimy juices squirt out over his cheeks, drooling across your skin as you clench and relax over and over around his tongue. His hands clench on your thighs, fingers trembling as he rides it out.\n\nYou only let him up after he's gotten you off again: tongue slopping inside your slick channel with no resistance, hot flesh stretching as he grinds up, long tongue spreading you, stroking inside and up with just enough pressure to push against your clit from the inside. He goes slow, breath popping out, churning up a bubbly froth from slime and drool, and when you come the second time -- with a moan, head tipped back, hand splayed on the back of his head -- you clench down hard enough on his tongue he whines.\n\nYou spread your legs, and he slowly pulls back. His face is stained with slime, cords tethered across his face. He chases one with his tongue, tongue flushed a vivid purple. His lips look like he got punched in the face more than a few times, swollen fat and flushed purple-brown. He gives you a cock-eyed grin, teeth shiny. His shoulders and sides are damp with sweat; his chest is heaving. With his knees spread it's impossible to miss the dark arch of his cock, tenting the muslin of his skirt with its sharp upward curve. The fabric is translucent with his pre, all stuck to his cock, so saturated it's almost sheer. You can see the obsidian veins across his blue-purple flesh.\n\nHe tugs the clasps on the back of his skirt, having to physically peel the fabric away from his cock -- leaving a heavy, gummy mess all down the inside -- before he's bare.\n\nHis cock is fully everted. His vent's spread wide open, the round swells of muscle on either side bulging out, framing the spar of his cock. It's all raw muscle, blue-purple, and split along the underside. His shaft gets thicker near the head, fanning out in spiky crests before the bifurcated tip. He's slick, raw skin smooth. The muscles contract, spewing messy lines of precome up his shaft. He's got a groove up the length of his cock, from inside him all the way to the tip, and that's what carries his pre: trapped in the groove, propelled up by internal muscles. But now he's so hard it's mostly just slopping out, only small little dribbles squirting up across his belly. His cockhead knocks against his skin, leaving behind shiny streaks.\n\nYou slide forward as he arches up, sitting right on his cock, and he pushes home in a single thrust. Slime squirts out around his drooling shaft, squelching between your thighs as you ride his dick. His mouth is slack, hanging open; his milky eyes are half-lidded. He thrusts up, the arch of his cock grinding inside like it's expecting a vastly different angle, but each thrust comes with a rasping groan, torn out of his throat.\n\nHe lasts one thrust, two thrusts, and then his arms clench tight around your sides as he buries his face against your neck, panting as he comes. His entire cock bows, fanning out wider, and his load just squirts from his distended cock, spraying in gushes across your folds, smearing and drooling down into the hard-packed dirt, only a dribble traveling all the way up his length. He ruts forward, lean limbs trembling from the weight of supporting you as he fucks upward. You settle on top of him, squelching as you ride him, and roll back. The straining flesh of his cockhead presses hard against your channel, sending diffuse pressure through your flesh, the angle just right to push against your clit from the inside. The final few pulses of his load squirt up inside you, splattering thick over your swollen flesh, but you keep riding him, his half-hard cock pushing through your sloppy channel, finned spikes prickling over your flesh, the sharp spike of his cocktip sending shocks of strange pleasure through your stomach.\n\nHe's groaning, cock flagging and overstimulated, by the time you come a third time. Your juices slap over his thighs, splattering across the swell of his belly, and when you pull off your slurried fluids cord out from inside you, half-tethered to his cock.\n\n{SEX SCENE TODO}\n<<else if $orifice == "asshole">>\\n{SEX SCENE TODO}\n<<endif>>\\n<<else>>\\n<<if $orifice == "mouth">>\\n{SEX SCENE TODO}\n<<else if $orifice == "vagina">>\\n{SEX SCENE TODO}\n<<else if $orifice == "asshole">>\\n{SEX SCENE TODO}\n<<endif>>\\n<<endif>>\\n\n[[⟶|Iemri]]
You reach in and touch his heart. He leans into it, mouth open.\n\nChill witchlight bursts into flame behind him, once, and then again and again, each time with a shudder. Three flames whirl around his back in a complex trefoil knot, leaving behind streaky smears of light. His eyes gleam with the same blue-white light, dim as if seen from a great distance, and then the same light pours up from his throat.\n\nHis body //distends//: his legs thicken into haunches, tail shifting and dragging, becoming a heavy balancing weight. His feet spread, claws growing and skin thickening, becoming massive hook-backed sahagin feet, all web and fin and scale. Scales streak up his sides, a dusky purple-black that's a few shades darker than his skin, tinging bright on the edges, where the light catches them. Scales ripple up his arms, followed by lean muscle. Light burns up his underbelly: where his skin is thinnest a chill light boils out from him, in streaky lines that reveal the shadows of his bones. They too are thickening, blunt-tipped and squat.\n\nHis eyes turn into flat white discs, glowing in an inhuman face: his mouth bulges out into a muzzle, crocodilian, and the rest of his face reshapes itself to match. His belly turns into a roll of gut, bulging out from a longer ribcage, and he shifts forwards to all fours, underbelly dragging against the floor. His claws gouge huge chunks out of the floorboards, and his lashing tail sends his table and chair crashing against the wall, shattered into flinders.\n\nHis vent bulges, bloated between his stocky thighs, and his cock sloppily everts itself, blue-black and veined. It digs into the soft flesh of his gut, the sharp curve sending it hugging the curve of his stomach. It spills out, twice, three times as large, and his eversion muscles are swollen immensely: two head-sized lumps of muscle framing his cock. His shaft just gets thicker and thicker, pulsing and fanning out, sprouting crests and spines at the sides, all the way up to the twin-dagger tip, each one a handspan long. Precome gushes up the underside, the huge groove wide enough to shove a hand into, and his precome has thickened to match: huge slimy rolls of it pump up, dribbling out all the way up. The slight spasms of his cock have grown into huge rippling clenches of muscle, sending his whole cock swaying. The fluid glows, white-purple, shining bright in the dim light of his house, sending light wobbling up across the ceiling as it splatters in all directions.\n\nVery little in him looks human: he looks like some monstrous river spirit, all crocodile teeth and fish scales, fins and spurs erupting down his back, all glowing flesh and dark scales.\n\n<<set $iemriTransformed = true>>[[⟶|Iemri]]
Kokame, the painter (and carver) spends almost all his time holed up in his workspace, furiously working. He has idols of dozens of lesser divines lined up like trinkets all across his windowsills, each with a minute offering dish beneath: centered in each one a stray hair from a brush, a flake of paint, to blow away when the wind comes.\n\nHe has the head of a frog: the crests of his eyebrows bulge out in a high 'V' above his head, and his eyes themselves are large and red, with a a black-slitted pupil. His brow crests swoop down along the line of his nose, giving him a faint snout, with an upturned peak. Light tan-brown froghide covers his face, spreading down across the slope of his shoulders and fading into his skin, and it covers the backs of his hands in pale splashes. His fingertips are ever-so-slightly bulbous, and currently streaked with pigment: ochre, sienna, umber. He climbs the ladder of his loft in whatever direction he's headed, springing off with a froggish leap at the end.\n\nHe has a paintbrush stuck behind his ear, dripping rich purple down his back. This isn't at all unusual for him.\n* [[Speak to him|KokameTalk]]\n* <<if hasMe ("seduction")>>[[Seduce him|KokameSeduce]]\\n<<else>>==Seduce him==<<endif>><span class="meta">Req: Seduction</span>\n* <<if hasMe ("secret of killing")>>[[Kill him|KokameKill]]\\n<<else>>==Kill him==<<endif>><span class="meta">Req: Secret of Killing</span>\n* <<if hasMe ("divine") && hasMe ("the exalted and enduring crown")>>^^[[Wake his heart|KokameDivine]]^^\\n<<else>>==Wake his heart==<<endif>><span class="meta">Req: Divinity, The Exalted and Enduring Crown</span>\n[[⟵|Groaning House]]
<<if !$kokameTransformed>>\nYou step close to him, and he almost goes cross-eyed tracking you, until his eyes focus <<if $orifice == "mouth">> again, on your mouth<<else>>on your body<<endif>>. His frog-brown cheeks pink with his blush. He grins, bulbous tongue peeking from between his nubby teeth, and draws you back, the half-step up from the entryway, and you clamor up the ladder to his bed. <<if $orifice == "asshole">>He pinches your ass on the way up, fingers stroking between the cleft of your cheeks afterward, and you almost fall off the ladder.<<endif>>\n\nYou tumble one after the other onto his bed. \\n<<if $orifice == "mouth">><<display "KokameOral">>\n<<else if $orifice == "vagina">><<display "KokameVaginal">>\n<<else if $orifice == "asshole">><<display "KokameAnal">>\n<<endif>>\\n<<else>>\\n{TFED SCENE INTRO}\n\n<<if $orifice == "mouth">>{SEX SCENE TODO}\n<<else if $orifice == "vagina">>{SEX SCENE TODO}\n<<else if $orifice == "asshole">>{SEX SCENE TODO}\n<<endif>>\\n<<endif>>\n\n[[⟶|Kokame]]
He sprawls on top of you, lips pressed to your side. His paint-streaked fingers fumble at the laces of your trousers, leaving messy arcs of pigment across your stomach as he tugs them down. His thin lips drag over the small of your back, and his hot breath ripples out over your skin, making the fine hairs there stand on end. <<if $secondary.indexOf("cock") != -1>>His hand wraps around your cock, half-hard and dropping from your sheath, smearing cool paint over the length of your cock.<<else if $secondary.indexOf("ovipositor") != -1>>His hand grasps your bulging broodpouch, squeezing down as your ovipositor extends, and marking your skin with a blotchy ochre handprint.<<else>>He reaches over your hip, fingertips sliding up to work above your lips, parted and slick.<<endif>>\n\nHe presses his snout against your tail, and his tongue lashes out, sticky and sloppy as it pushes between your cheeks, its long length sliding over your skin. The fat furl at the tip catches over your asshole, the rest of his tongue trembling with tension, and he drools down his tongue, hot spit spilling over your asshole. You squirm, moaning into his pillow, breath popping each time his tongue drags over the soft flesh of your asshole.\n\nHe exhales, blowing filmy bubbles down his tongue, and digs into your ass, tongue-tip squirming over your pucker until it opens. You clench and open, and he pushes the fat furl of his tongue into your ass, coils of it folding over your cheeks as he leans in, dragging his thin lips over the curve of your ass. He practically molds himself to your body, spine hunched in a sharp arc: his bare feet wrap around your thighs, just above the knee, and his hips press against your leg. The swollen bulge of his cloaca pulses against you, even though his shorts, rank amphibian precome drooling through the fabric and smearing over your skin.\n\nHe tongue-fucks you, his fat tonguetip <<if $secondary.indexOf("cock") != -1>>mashing against your prostate, forcing out a burst of precome all over his sheets<<else>>slapping against the inner walls of your ass, squirming and writhing deeper<<endif>>, and he's constantly drooling, thick slimy spit cascading down his tongue and crackling in sheets across your ass. He's whimpering, grinding his swollen cloaca all over the backs of your thighs, leaving filmy strings of precome webbing between your legs.\n\nHe pulls back with a jerk, tongue snapping back into his mouth with enough force to jerk his head back, and almost instantly he mounts you, peeling his soaked shorts off and jamming his flushed cloaca between your cheeks, smearing up and down. He's fully swollen, the lip of his cloaca a huge flushed ridge pushing an inch or two out from his crotch, in a teardrop shape. The point of the V catches over your still-open ass, and he lets out a shuddering moan, pressure grinding back all through his cloaca. He dumps out more precome, the smell marshy and amphibian, ooze drooling down the crack of your ass as he struggles to push inside. You spread yourself open, faceplanting in his pillows as you reach back, spreading your cheeks wider. The point of his cloaca digs into his ass, hard flesh slowly spreading you achingly wide. He croaks, vocal sac around his neck puffing out, hips twitching forward in little involuntary jerks as he sinks inside you. His flesh is achingly hot, humid and swampy pressed against your cheeks, spilling out huge, slobbery strings of precome. They gulp into your spread asshole, oozing out and down your thighs every time he jerks forward.\n\nHis hands grip your hips, giving him better leverage -- he's basically perched on top of your ass, feet wrapped around your thighs, hands on your hips -- and he bears down. The point of his cloaca digs in, his straining flesh finally spreading your asshole wide enough for him to sink inside, pressing his lower lips flush against your gaping asshole. He spills huge slimy bursts of precome straight into your ass, obscene wet slurping and gulping noises coming from his dripping cloaca. He ruts against you, dragging out with a slick noise and then pushing back in with an obscene squelch, ribbons of his precome becoming sheets that overflow and ooze down the backs of your thighs. His hips jerk, moving faster, and the stretch of your asshole becomes a constant tug, spreading open as he hilts in you and only barely pulling closed when he rocks back. Solid, chunky ropes of jizz splatter across your cheeks, slowly spurting from Kokame's cloaca, his internal muscles clenching and squeezing.\n\nHe ribbits again, strangled and ragged, and his cloaca clenches hard, the sharp tip digging hard into the inner flesh of your ass. Wet rolls of jizz erupt out, gushing and splattering in all direction: huge flabby ropes, in solid cords, with bulbous spheres of jizz at the end, pumping into your overfilled ass and slapping against your thighs, smearing between you in thick ribbons as he spills his load all over the bed, absolutely saturating the sheets under you with slime.\n\nHis thin hips slap against your cheeks over and over, each time the sound sloppier. His fingers and toes clench, sharp lines of pressure on your thighs and over your hips: sharp and grounding, a counterpoint to the sloppy hot friction of his cloaca, your bodies hardly even touching with the sea of thick, swampy jizz spurting out over your ass.\n\nHe finally spends himself, practically toppling over on his side, still-engorged cloaca pulling from your ass with a lewd squelch, trailing thick streamers of jizz, catching over your skin as he lurches to the side. He's sweaty all over, chest heaving, eyes unfocused. His entire body is still trembling from his orgasm, thighs rattling as he presses up against you, boneless.
He sprawls on top of you, lips pressed to your stomach. His paint-streaked fingers fumble up your stomach, leaving messy swirls of pigment in their wake as he pushes your tunic up, <<if $secondary.indexOf("breasts") != -1>>baring your breasts<<else>> hands sliding over the lithe muscles of your chest<<endif>>. He shoves it up to your neck in a heavy bundle, wrists nocked, hands circling around your nipples, drawing smudged spirals with chill pigment. You pull your tunic off the rest of the way, tossing it aside, and when you look down Kokame is frowning at your <<if $secondary.indexOf("breasts") != -1>>breasts<<else>>chest<<endif>>, all his lines jerky and uneven from your movement.\n\nHis fingers slide right over your <<if $secondary.indexOf("breasts") != -1>>highest <<endif>>left nipple, paint cold, and your breath hitches, one of his hands teasing your nipples while the other reaches down, across your stomach, to pull open the laces of your trousers. <<if $secondary.indexOf("cock") != -1>>Your cock is tenting the material, damp where your unsheathed cock presses against it. <<endif>><<if $secondary.indexOf("ovipositor") != -1>>Your ovipositor bulges the material sharply, dark at the very tip where you've started drooling slime. <<endif>> Your folds are slick, damp when he pulls your trousers open, and his fingers slide down to your lips, sliding through the soft curls of hair framing them, coaxing out a wet slickness from inside.\n\nOne hand still splayed across your <<if $secondary.indexOf("breasts") != -1>>breasts, palm grinding over your peaked nipple, slick with milky ichor<<else>>chest, fingers twisting your nipples<<endif>>, Kokame presses his head between your thighs, thin lips opening as he traces your flushed lips with his tongue, the bulbous furl dense and solid over your skin. He dips down, heavy tongue pressing between your folds, and you gasp, arching up, slickness catching over his mouth as he pushes deeper.\n\nHis tongue slowly pushes inside you, long and thick, all sharply-defined pressure. His breath is humid, billowing over your folds, his snout pressing against the arch of your lips, just above your clit. His tongue is sticky-slick, dragging slow and full of friction inside you, not pushing too deep, and you rock up, grinding against his face, hands settling on the smooth curve of his head, wet with amphibian slime. His vocal sac flares -- a sudden, sharp pressure against your thighs, before he lets out a croak -- and he rocks back, snout grinding over your clit, tongue sloppily squirming back and forth inside you. <<if $secondary.indexOf("cock") != -1>>Your balls jostle, his snout brushing against he fur coating them, and your cock drools lines of precome across your stomach, cutting through the paint and smearing it, muddy ochre lines drooling down your sides.<<else if $secondary.indexOf("ovipositor") != -1>>Your ovipositor pulses, slowly oozing thick slime in a single, long rope, jiggling in midair above your stomach.<<endif>>\n\nHis body trembles under your hands as he eats you out, wet whimpers popping from his lips, and eventually you take pity on him and push him back, tongue pulling from you with a wet //snap//. He sits up. His shorts are //soaking//, crotch and inner thigh dripping, thick streaks of slime dripping from the legs, down his inner thighs. They're plastered to him; it's impossible to ignore the swollen, tented bulge of his cloaca. It takes him two tries to unbutton them, fingers slipping, and then he has to peel them away from his skin, huge glistening ropes of clear fluid webbing out from his flushed cloaca.\n\nDown his stomach, his yellow-brown froghide clusters again, splotchy across his thighs. His cloaca is fully engorged already, gaping wide: his internal flesh is a bloody purple-red, vividly pulsing. His lower lips have folded over themselves in a hard, thick ridge, jutting an inch or two up from his crotch, up to a sharp point at the apex of his cloaca. He's already drooling precome like a fountain, huge thick webs of it squirting up from inside. When he's splayed out like this you can practically see his internal muscles in action: his pelvic floor hammers down, like a second heartbeat in his stomach, and the purple muscles inside his vent work, and a huge webby mess of precome spurts out, furling over his engorged lips and slapping against his thighs with a sharp crack.\n\nHis slitted eyes are fully dilated, huge dark circles reducing his sclera to a thin red ring, like he's drugged or just got hit on the head. His entire scrawny body rocks with each clench of his cloaca, a ragged croak ripping out of his throat, and you have to pull him forward again, fitting him to your body. The ridge of his cloaca digs against your side, the lip flushed and engorged, the highest point of his arch almost //sharp// as it drags down your skin, smearing his thick precome all over. He ruts against your hip, groaning and ribbiting against your neck, until you shift him to the side, his flushed cloaca slipping over your thigh and pressing flush against your lips. He lets out a keening groan, sloppy gushes of precome slapping out over your folds as he grinds against you.\n\nYour breathing -- his too -- is loud and harsh, catching every time your engorged flesh scrapes against his. You reposition yourself, one leg between his thighs, the other hooked around his hip, drawing him down until he can //thrust//, hips jerking up with an almost instinctive motion. The sloppy spur of his cloaca drags between your lips, catching above your clit, and the pressure as he ruts forward practically knocks you back, leaving you loose-limbed on he bed as he starts a slow rhythm, rocking forward to grind against you, cloaca kissing your lower lips for seconds, his heartbeat pounding through his bloated flesh, until he eases back, webbing fresh lines of precome all over your thighs. Each thrust makes your lips gape open, vagina slick and wet, your slack muscles just spreading in a wide oval. Precome drools inside you with obscene slurping and gulping noises, punctuating each of his thrusts. It just pours inside you, slobbery and thick, sizzling hot and heavy as his glossy streams settle deep inside.\n\nHe hunches forward, hands wrapping over your sides, thumbs <<if $secondary.indexOf("breasts") != -1>>between your breasts, all shining with ichor, rubbing over the low curve of your upper breast and coaxing out more wet drips<<else>>just barely grinding over your stiff nipples, sharply peaked<<endif>>. He rocks forward and you move against him, his spur pushing hard against your flesh, pressure resonating up through your stomach for the impossibly-long span it lasts.\n\nHis tongue shoots out, splattering against your stomach <<if $secondary.indexOf("cock") != -1>>, and he squirms it lower, wrapping around your drooling shaft. His tongue coils around it, over and over until it's completely covered in a pulsing, squirming spiral, precome squirting out and dribbling all down the messy length, mixed into a sloppy slurry by his drool cording down from his open mouth. The fat blob of his tongue-tip pushes against your sheath, and that's all it takes for your knot to crown, pushing back your sheath with a gush of trapped precome oozing out.<<else if $secondary.indexOf("ovipositor") != -1>>, and he wraps it around the spike of your ovipositor, coiling around and around until it's wrapped completely, gluing your thick slime to your shaft. More burbles from the tip, slowly oozing up over his tongue, mixing into a thick slurry with his drool, spilling down his tongue from his open mouth.<<else>> and down to your flushed lips, just sloppily winding his tongue around your swollen lips and his engorged cloaca, forming a glossy pink tangle between your thighs. It just adds to the mess, your juices mixing with his precome and spit, spilling down his tongue from his drooling mouth, turning the junction of your bodies into a filthy mess, slurried fluids spilling up your stomach and squelching between your thighs.<<endif>>\n\nThick, solid ropes of slime spill from his cloaca: off-white and strung-together, slowly oozing out of him in the mess between you. They mash between you when he thrusts forward, slipping mucuousy over your hips. He shudders when they pop out of him, the ends bulbous and swollen, with bloated spheres suspended in the goo. Kokame's whole body shudders, vocal sac flaring and then deflating in a ragged, drawn out ribbit. The slap of his hips against yours gets even wetter, precome oozing out of him in solid ropes, slime cording out between you in connecting sheets. His cloaca shudders, burning hot against your skin, and he spasms, spraying ropes of jizz all over. They pump out of him, the sound of his muscles //slurping//, gulping and popping as he clenches and erupts, practically pouring solid ropes of jizz against your vagina, some drooling inside you but even more spilling down your thighs, soaking the mattress, or spraying up your body, over your stomach and <<if $secondary.indexOf("breasts") != -1>>across your breasts<<else>>chest<<endif>>.\n\nBy the time he's finished, you're practically tethered together. White ropes cord between your hips, splattered just as much up his stomach as yours, and there are zig-zagging stripes all over the both of yours legs. Every time either of you move they tremble and move, more solidly tethered together than stuck to your skin, dragging like immense, filmy slugs over your bodies.\n\nKokame sways and lurches to the side, landing with more of a squelch than a thump on the sodden mattress, chest heaving as he gasps for breath.
He sprawls on top of you, lips pressed against your bare neck. His paint-streaked fingers slide up your forearm, to the crook of your elbow, leaving behind glossy stripes of pigment.\n\nHis tongue flits out, bulbous tip slapping over your jaw and then writhing upwards. You tip your head towards his, lips parting around his tonguetip. It slips into your mouth, slick and heavy, and he flushes a ruddy brown, all across his cheeks and neck. He lets out a croak, vocal sac flaring, and then collecting himself he licks across your teeth, tongue spilling from his mouth to prod the roof of your mouth as you gently suckle it. This time his eyes //do// cross, staring at your lips as they wrap around the column of his tongue. He makes a muffled groan, and he shifts, trying to unobtrusively tug at his shorts.\n\nYou follow his hand down, splaying your fingers across the front of his shorts, heat already pulsing through the fabric, humid and smelling of strange amphibian musk, swampy and thick in the air. His tongue withdraws with a snap as he grinds down against your hand, and you can feel the shift of his distended flesh through the increasingly-wet fabric, rutting over the heel of your hand.\n\nHe goes limp on top of you when you lift your hand, his gawky weight held in strange spots: across your ribs, on your thigh. You flip him over, straddling his thighs, and pop the single button on his shorts. You have to peel them away from his skin, opaque white strings already smeared all over the inside. The swampy musk gets stronger, thick and peaty, like meat and sweat. He moans, hips jerking up as you pry his shorts off, baring him completely.\n\nDown his stomach the yellow-brown froghide clusters again, splotchy across his thighs. His cloaca is almost fully engorged already, gaping wide, his internal flesh a bloody purple-red, vividly pulsing against the cool air. His lower lips have folded over themselves in a hard, thick ridge, jutting an inch or two up from his crotch. You trail your fingers up the two-step wall, his flesh bumpy and thick under your fingertips. He's already drooling precome like a fountain, huge thick webs of it squirting up from inside. When he's splayed out like this you can practically see his internal muscles in action: his pelvic floor hammers down, like a second heartbeat in his stomach, and the purple muscles inside his vent work, and a huge webby mess of precome spurts out, furling over his engorged lips and slapping against his thighs with a sharp crack.\n\nYour hands slide over the wet rim of his cloaca, thumb barely pressing inside, and he lets out another ragged croak, the flesh of his vocal sag bulging and fluttering with each breath. "Come on," he says, the words long and drawn out, almost incoherent -- he's dragging a hand across his face, pushing his head into his pillow as he arches into your touch. You smear your hands over his thighs, stretching out wings of slimy precome, fanning the heat billowing up from his overheated body.\n\nHe tastes dimly salty, and like almost nothing else: thick gel welling up from his parted slit, thin salt liquid spurting across your tongue. Kokame shudders up, an inhuman ribbit seizing across his entire body, and his cloaca grinds hard against your face, leaving huge glossy smears of precome, dripping back down across his thighs. You grab his hips, pushing him back against the bed, and lick him again, tongue pressing inside his gaping cloaca to drag over the ribbed internal flesh, thin membrane over raw muscle. Kokame croaks again, the thin muscles of his stomach clenching, working against your hands. His thicker precome is musky, swampy and heavy, gritty in your mouth. You lap over the folds of his cloaca, digging at his flushed flesh, folded over itself. You slurp a thick fold into your mouth and suck, teeth digging into his bloated internal flesh. He ruts against your face, sloppy-wet noises from his bloated flesh hitting your skin, smearing across your cheeks until you're shiny-slick and dripping.\n\nYou lave at his folds, tongue catching on the sludgy slime and coaxing it out in huge, glossy strings; solid cords web across his stomach, squelching against your cheek. They're thick and gummy enough that you peel them out with your hands, tugging them like a rope, each stretching slide wracking Kokame's body, all tense and trembling under your hands. The filaments stretch between your fingers but don't break, and each one pops out from inside him with obscene slurps. They get thicker and more bulbous at the end: fat round clusters of jizz physically pulled out of him.\n\nHe groans, body limp except for the jerky, reflexive motion of his hips, smearing his load across your face as you pull it out of him, groaning and panting under you. You trace the lines back inside him with your tongue, to the clenching tight passage high up inside him, bloated around the globules of jizz. You suck, cheeks hollowing, tongue and lips pulling out fat spheres of come, rubbery and chunky in your mouth, thick nothing as you swallow them down, thick and heavy in your stomach.\n\nKokame finally reaches down, lanky fingers carding through your hair, spanning the back of your head as he just grinds your face against his cloaca, rutting up over and over again, the sharp ridge of his cloaca mashing against your face over and over again until he comes with a deafening croak, some crashing inhuman noise that dies down into strangled ribbits. His muscles clench hard, saltwater fluid squirting into your mouth as he erupts, all those huge slobbery cords of come erupting out in a mess of slime, slapping against your face and webbing across your cheeks, like ropes bound around your head, thick and slimy. He groans, squirting jizz all across your face, each rope hitting your skin with a wet //splat//, tangling in your hair and wrapping over your shoulders.\n\nWhen he finally finishes you're sopping: his hand is glued to your face, wrist corded with sludgy ropes, and you're just as tethered to his thighs. When you pull back slime scrapes across his hips, pulling away from his body to splatter across your neck and <<if $secondary.indexOf("breasts") != -1>>breasts<<else>>chest<<endif>>, drooling thinner slime down your body.\n\nKokame just lies there: chest heaving, boneless, cloaca splattered with half-expressed ropes of jizz, dripping down between his thighs.
You reach into his chest and touch his heart.\n\nA blazing crown alights above his head: a thin circlet of gold, with light whipping up into points in smooth arcs. It slowly revolves above his head, like a halo. Liquid seeps from it, or like the entire thing is made from liquid: solid and golden, a brilliant florescent yellow. Strings hang from the underside of his crown, dripping down onto his head in uneven dots and dashes. The golden paint rolls down his skin, and in its wake his skin is changed: skin slick and smooth, and brilliant yellow, and then red, green, not so much painting his skin as washing away the faded green-yellow of his froghide.\n\nHis eyes change, red sclera flecked with uneven golden splotches, and his eyes dilate unevenly, one of them seamed wider, giving his entire face a strange asymmetry.\n\nHis body contorts, golden paint streaking over his chest and shoulders, reshaping his frame. His spine stretches, his arms lengthen, making him look even more lanky, like a long-limbed gecko. The bright coloration drips down his arms, violently green, and his fingers fan out wider: fingernails flaking away, fingertips becoming bulbous, fat tips at the end of long fingers. His feet change too, paint dripping up them in reverse. The arch of his foot distends, and he rocks forward, unsteady, as his ankle stretches up high until it's poised like a backwards knee. His feet become long and thin, toes stretched out like fingers, and tipped with the same bulbous points.\n\nColor streaks down his back, shoulderblades distending as new flesh swells under his skin: flesh red and gold and green, speckled with black spots like freckles. Skin glands open, rivulets of slime slowly drooling down his skin in the wake of the paint, turning his skin shiny and glistening. The paint pools in his collarbone, only dripping down his chest in a ragged line, and from below the paint dripping up his legs stops at his thighs, only uneven streaks dripping up over his ass and hips.\n\nBetween his thighs, the swollen furl of his cloaca spreads, sharp arch forming as the lip pushes out, flushed and engorged. He croaks, vocal sac fluttering, his newly-bulbous fingers dragging over the skin of his thighs, leaving behind glossy smears of toxin on his dark skin. His cloaca distends, spreading further, and two red-purple spurs push out from inside him, sharp and daggerlike, pointed almost straight out. Precome bubbles out, sluicing between the sharp edges of his spurs, and splatters messily to the ground in ragged pulses, each one with an internal pulse that hollows his stomach, outlining the curve of his ribcage and the smooth arch of his narrow hips.\n\n[[⟶|Kokame][$kokameTransformed = true]]
Juma Rais, the blacksmith, is at work at her forge, burning ore and smithing spear-tips. Her chitin-armored hands are busy, pumping bellows to fan the flames hotter, as liquid drops of metal drip out into the brick gutter. Her hair is tied up, cords piled atop her head and pinned in place to keep it from the flames.\n\nHer eyes are large in her face, and reflective silver in the firelight. Their facets reflect splotches of light through the hall, shuddering and shaking when she moves her head. Her hips are wide, the outer curve armored in lapped chitin. Her wings are like crystal, fanning the rippling air around her.\n* [[Speak to her|JumaTalk]]\n* <<if hasMe ("seduction")>>[[Seduce her|JumaRaisSeduce]]\\n<<else>>==Seduce her==<<endif>><span class="meta">Req: Seduction</span>\n* <<if hasMe ("secret of killing")>>[[Kill her|JumaRaisKill]]\\n<<else>>==Kill her==<<endif>><span class="meta">Req: Secret of Killing</span>\n* <<if hasMe ("divine") && hasMe ("the craft of the smith")>>^^[[Wake her heart|JumaRaisDivine]]^^\\n<<else>>==Wake her heart==<<endif>><span class="meta">Req: Divinity, The Craft of the Smith</span>\n[[⟵|High Hopes Hall]]
Zzyrak, the traveling storyteller, is curled up in the bole of the tree. His long tail is looped around him, many times. He's strumming his fat-bellied oud, strings twanging high and sharp.\n\n<<if $zzyrakTransformed == true>>{zzyrak tf description}\n<<else>>His scales glitter like rough obsidian in the daylight. Flecks catch in the light, in streaky lines up his sides. His body is muscular, sharply defined. His hair is shorn short, save for two long hanks behind his ears, which he's left to grow long and braided: they're heavy with fat glass beads and tin loops, tied in at the tips.<<endif>>\n<ul>\\n<li>[[Speak to him|ZzyrakTalk]]</li>\\n<li><<if hasMe ("seduction")>>[[Seduce him|ZzyrakSeduction]]\\n<<else>>==Seduce him==<<endif>><span class="meta">Req: Seduction</span></li>\\n<li><<if hasMe ("secret of killing")>>[[Kill him|ZzyrakKill]]\\n<<else>>==Kill him==<<endif>><span class="meta">Req: Secret of Killing</span></li>\\n<<if !$zzyrakTransformed>><li><<if hasMe ("divine") && hasMe ("loud musical instruments")>>[[Wake his heart|ZzyrakDivine]]\\n<<else>>==Wake his heart==<<endif>><span class="meta">Req: Divinity, Loud Musical Instruments</span></li><<endif>>\\n</ul>\\n[[⟵|Graveyard]]
* Speak to him about the demon sickness\n* Ask to hear the [[story of creation|Creation]]\n* Ask to hear the [[story of the divine spirits|Spirits]]\n* Speak to him about the ruined empire\n* Speak to him about the fallen spirit of lust -- after kuraja mentions him\n* Ask him to teach you singing (or w/e; gets you the song me you need to talk to kikinak)\n* Speak to him about the fallen spirit of wrath -- after running into them in an encounter\n* Speak to him about the fallen spirit of greed -- after being told of them or w/e\n* Speak to him about the fallen spirit of gluttony -- after running into them in an encounter\n* Speak to him about the divine tree -- after you visit it or it comes up in the main plot?? i guess??\n[[⟵|Zzyrak]]
...\n\nIn the beginning, there was death.\n\nThe eternal spirit came down, to the end of the world: the gate to the underworld.\n\nThe underworld was guarded by the primal spirit Aa, the gatekeeper, the first priest; the one who would allow none in but the dead. The eternal spirit touched his heart and spoke words into his ear. At its touch, Aa's spirit swelled within him, and the eternal spirit showed him a new way, so that he would have something worth guarding. He abandoned his post and became the stars, always looking down on the world, and looking out into the darkness beyond.\n\nThe eternal spirit traveled into the underworld.\n\nThe underworld was ruled over by the primal spirit Ei, the queen, the first tyrant; the first to hold the rule of kingship. The eternal spirit touched her heart and spoke words into her ear. At its touch, Ei's spirit swelled within her, and the eternal spirit showed her a new way, so that all would see her majesty. She abandoned her post and became the sun, bringing light and fire to the world.\n\nThe eternal spirit walked through the underworld, looking for others, but there was nothing else: there were none yet who had died, and the halls of the underworld were empty.\n\nThe eternal spirit knelt in the dust. The eternal spirit touched the heart of the underworld, and spoke words into the ash and char. The land of the dead woke into the knowledge of itself, how it was a land of thirst and starvation, and the eternal spirit showed it a new way, so that it could bring forth life. The land of the dead became the world.\n\nThe world was still: the sea was flat, the wind was unmoving. The eternal spirit stepped into the world, and touched its own heart, though it knew not the words, and from its desire for life it became the forest.\n\n...\n\n[[⟵|ZzyrakTalk]]
...\n\nThe eternal spirit dwelled within the heart of the forest. Its touch trailed through the sea and woke its spirits: the spirits of the deep, from the water that sunk down; the spirits of the shallows, from the water that rose up. Its touch trailed through the air and woke its spirits: the spirits of storms, and wind, and of death. Its touch rang out a melody and woke the spirits of sound: the spirits of chatter and of crashing, of voices and of silence. Its touch trailed through mud and woke its spirits: the spirits of barley and rice, and of ash, and of moss.\n\nBy this time the world was very loud, full of spirits calling out, calling their kin to each other as they formed houses. The greater spirits woke the lesser spirits, and the lesser spirits woke the common spirits, and so on until there were droves of spirits racing through the world, struggling to be the first to coax out the spirit of a tiny shoot, or of a shell by the river.\n\nThe spirits, collecting together, began to make people: they made the people of the forest, fox and deer and jaguar; they made the people of the sky, swan and macaw and toucan; they made the people of the earth, mole and worm and grub. Finally they set out to make the people of fire, in their own image, and here the eternal spirit spoke.\n\nThe eternal spirit said: "If you make people like this, people of wisdom, you will be tempted to join them: tempted to walk into their circles like they are your kin, tempted to lie with them, and tempted to speak their stories to them. If you must make these people, you must swear not to speak to them; to turn your head and hide from their sight."\n\nThe spirits talked among themselves, wondering at this prohibition, but in the end they agreed: they would make the people of fire, and leave them to wander the world. They shaped bodies for them, from ash and clay, and burnt them in the sun to wake their fire, and when these first people of fire -- us, the humans -- woke the spirits scattered, hiding in the trunks of trees and ducking into tall grasses.\n\nThe humans spoke amongst themselves, and their language was strange to the spirits, and they built their longhouses and circles in strange ways, and it was all the spirits could do to hold their tongues, to not say "no, that's not the right way!" But they remembered the prohibition of the eternal spirit, and held their tongue, and watched as the humans found the right ways, and celebrated among themselves as the humans spread through the forest.\n\nHowever, it was not to last. In the old kingdom, there was a queen of great beauty, Juma Yia, who spurned all lovers, and the spirit Aru-Eli watched her closely, transfixed by the sight. A strange feeling stirred in his breast, and he was unable to stop thinking of her, even when she was far away. After long thought he stepped into the world, separating himself from the other spirits, in the body of a swan.\n\nHe came to her under her window, crying out "Oh great queen, please hear my words, for your beauty has pulled me from the realm of spirits, and I will surely be lost without your touch!" And she was charmed by his strange looks and speech, and she lied down with him.\n\nAru-Eli returned to the spirits, dazed and flushed, and yet none had noticed what he had done. The next night he separated himself from the other spirits, and stepped into the world, in the body of a peacock, and came crowing to her under her window again.\n\nIn the end Juma Yia got with child, body overwhelmed by lustful thoughts, and there was no hiding what Aru-Eli had done. The other spirits condemned him for breaking the first taboo, and bound him to the world, his spirit indwelling in a body and the its descendants. This is the way his lineage became known to the humans, as the first fallen divine: the demons of lust.\n\nAfter that, the spirits were in a tizzy. They spoke among themselves, of how none noticed Aru-Eli's transgression until it was too late, and in the hearts of some spirits a darkness grew.\n\nThe spirit Ab-Ashnak watched the fine things of the world: shining gold, cooked and beaten flat; and the garments of woven silk, dyed bright, and she stepped down into the world in the body of a spider to steal them, piling them in secret in a place only she knew, and she took them for herself and did not let any others use them, nor did she use them herself. The ruler of the old kingdom found her treasure-trove on a hunt, and seeing all those unused riches his heart grew hungry and full of greed. He ordered gold ripped from the ground, and silkmoths boiled alive to harvest their silk, and waged wars to find the finest lapis.\n\nWhen the spirits found what Ab-Ashnak had done, they condemned her for breaking the first taboo, and bound her to the world: her spirit indwelling in a body and its descendants. This is the way her lineage became known to the humans, as the second fallen divine: the demons of greed.\n\nThe spirit Avi-Etar watched the humans, and saw them strike each other in anger, and he stepped into the world and whispered in their ears, telling them to strike harder, until all the humans had fallen down dead. He stepped into the world dressed in scarlet and walked among the humans, inciting them to fight for his own amusement.\n\nWhen the spirits found what Avi-Etar had done, they condemned him for breaking the first taboo, and bound him to the world: his spirit indwelling in a body and its descendants. This is the way his lineage became known to the humans, as the third fallen divine: the demons of wrath.\n\nThe spirit Apti-Amun watched the humans, and saw all the fine things they had to eat. She saw the taste of sweet berries, and the smoky savory taste of rich meat, and the hearty taste of corn and rice, and though she tried she could not eat the food of mortals, so she stepped down into the world in the body of a leech, and sucked the vital blood from humans as food.\n\nWhen the spirits found what Apti-Amun had done, they condemned her for breaking the first taboo, and bound her to the world: her spirit indwelling in a body and its descendants. This is the way her lineage became known to the humans, as the fourth fallen divine: the demons of gluttony.\n\nBy this time the spirits were running amok, all trying to discover which of them were sinning unknown to the others. And they saw the humans in disarray, overcome with inhuman lusts, and greed, and wrath, and gluttony, and saw that their breaking of the taboo had caused great pains for the humans.\n\nThey beseeched to the eternal spirit, saying "Help us! Please, fix this mess we have made!" but the eternal spirit only said "What has been done by your hand must be undone by your hand," and nothing more.\n\nAnd so, speaking among themselves, the spirits agreed they would send a new kind of spirit into the world. They beseeched the stars and the sun, saying "Help us! Please, fix this mess we have made!"\n\nAa, the gatekeeper, descended from the stars, and Ei, the queen, descended from the sun, and they lay with the spirits in strange ways and birthed a new lineage, spirits that lived with one foot in two houses. These spirits were of many parts, and so they stepped into the world without stepping out of the world of the spirits, and they lay with humans, and made a new lineage. When the first child of the line was born, {Azura}, the spirit of life and death, stepped into the baby, forgetting herself, and spoke softly into her own ear, directing the child\n\n...\n\n[[⟵|ZzyrakTalk]]
You seduce him, with words and gaze and movement.\n<<if $orifice == "mouth">>\nHe grins and uncoils, long tail rippling in the light. You're close together already, and his motion presses your bodies together, his chest against <<if $secondary.indexOf("breasts") != -1>>your breasts, smearing milky ichor across his skin<<else>>yours<<endif>>. His hands span your hips, curling over your skin. He leans forward, foreheads meeting slowly, and then he tips his head back, mouth slowly pressing against your own.\n\nYou let out a reedy moan, lips parting, and he kisses you, swallowing down the sound. His tongue darts out, thick but forked, tasting inside your mouth, and you draw a shaky breath before kissing back, mouth open, lips slick with spit as he kisses into your mouth. His tongue flickers into your mouth, curling for a brief moment over your teeth, and when he pulls back he closes his fangs over your lower lip, tugging it gently.\n\nYou touch across his flanks, fingers spread over the thick muscle of his hips, where his skin turns smooth and scaly. The individual edges of massive scales slide under your fingers, grating when you pull up, and he groans, deep in his throat, pressing his open lips against yours. The click of your swallow, a half-second before his lips touch yours, and the wet sound of skin against skin is loud on the quiet bluff.\n\nAgainst your stomach, his vent is hot and slick, mirroring his kisses above -- its two lips flutter against your skin, slick inner fluid leaving hot trails, kissing your stomach with wet, wet squelches. He presses his lips against yours, trailing over your jaw and down your neck, tipping your head back to nip at the junction of your neck, coaxing a fluttering moan from your throat, vibrating around his lips.\n\nYour legs wobble, and he shifts back, coiling some part of his immense tail around your thighs and legs, letting you fall into a half-kneel, lower body immersed in a churning slide of scales. He raises up, upper body practically raised on the pillar of his lower body. His stomach ripples, abdominal muscles clenching when you trail your fingers over his hips, and his vent yawns wider, slick fluid dripping out in a thin line down his underbelly, outlining his blocky scales.\n\nHis vent is right in front of you, the nubby tips of his hemipenes sticking out, each one a fat bulb of black flesh, shining wet. In the sunlight, they're practially glittering, flecked through with shots of rich, deep purple, where the light hits veins below the surface.\n\nYou trail your fingers over the quivering folds of his vent, flesh slick and hot, and he groans again. His huge hands slide over your shoulders, settling on your shoulder, on the back of your head, becoming a heavy solid weight. You lean in, minutely, and his fingers clench, scrubbing through your hair.\n\nYou kiss the gaping flesh of his vent, in imitation of his earlier kisses. Your lips curl over his heavy folds, soft flesh catching over your lips and spilling over your cheeks when you drag your lips further inside. He //groans//. His body churns around you, scales coiling tighter and then looser, wrapping all around your body. The flesh of his vent is soft and slick, the taste sharp and musky, vaguely acrid as thin slime pools across your tongue.\n\nHis hemipenes, barely unsheathed, are like two fat nuts, tips above and below, taut and hard in a way the flesh of his vent isn't. You slip your tongue between them, a hotter slime spurting out into your mouth, and they kick and twist under your lips, pushing a fraction further outward. You lick into his vent, pushing deeper inside, catching stronger flavor as you slide your tongue down the knobbled flesh of one of his cocks. Your lips crack as they pull away from his flesh, slime bubbling out in the sliver of space between, and you rub one cheek against the soft scales as the squirm your tongue between the wall of his vent and his cocks, tongue slopping up and down, tracing across the soft, heavy folds of his inner flesh. It trembles and tenses under your touch, matched by ragged breaths from above, rumbling into groans when your sloppy lips catch over the unsheathing lengths of his cocks.\n\nThe further his cocks drop, the more spread his vent gets. They jerk, sliding over each other as they settle side-by-side, the slit of his vent bowed out into a gaping diamond, flesh bulging out above and below, catching over his shafts. Slime webs below, excess drooling down his underbelly in thicker trails, turning his scales shining.\n\nOnly a few inches of his cocks have pushed out, enough -- as you learn -- for you to take them all the way to his vent without problem. Your lips catch on the glossy dome of his left cock, lips parting in a bow as it spreads them wider, taste becoming sharper as the heavy flesh slides over your tongue. You look up to find Zzyrak looking down, his eyes dilated so wide there's practically no iris left, just the near-circular span of his slit pupils. The crest of his cockhead slops over your wet lips, lips fastening around his shaft, and you suck gently, practically nursing on his cockhead, tongue flicking back and forth along the underside. You slide down the shaft -- its twin dragging over your right cheek, leaving a smeared trail -- until your face is buried in the sloppy flesh of his vent. It's yawning wide, spread almost from your chin to halfway up your nose, and it conforms itself to the shape of your cheek and jaw in soft folds, almost plugging your nose as bloated flesh seams up over your face. Right in the back of your mouth, his cock spits and drools, heavy precome dripping as almost tasteless salt-bitter down your throat.\n\nThen you pull off -- with a lewd, sloppy pop -- and do the same to his //right// cock.\n\nIt's a little longer, further unsheathed, and when you take it down to the vent it knocks against the back of your mouth. You swallow, inhaling through your nose -- and getting an almost dizzying rush of snake musk -- and then swallow, taking the tip of his cock into your throat. He groans, hands clenching in your hair as he pulls you closer, shaft sliding down your throat easier with the head already there. It's heavy and hard, a foreign pressure deeper and deeper, but it slides down almost effortlessly, until your face is pressed hard against his vent, slime squelching out over your cheeks, left cock dragging hard against your cheek as they continue to drop from inside him. You can feel the drag as it slides out a fraction of an inch, some muscle deep inside him tensing. With his cock shoved down your throat, you can follow the invisible spasm, a slight tension running through his entire cock until it drops again, a fraction more of it dropping, sliding straight through your stretched lips and down your throat.\n\nYou pull off, red-faced and desperate for air, taking in a sloppy, wet breath the instant the head pops from your throat, before it's even pulled from your mouth. Heavy cords of precome web over your lips -- over the lower half of your face -- dragging out into thinner and thinner threads as you pull back, but never snapping not even once his cockhead crests over your lips, erupting in a gush of precome that smears up over your face.\n\nYou catch your breath for a while, fingers playing across the edges of his vent, dragging over the ridge or dipping inside, slick fingers playing with the increasingly short amount of his cocks that are still inside him, trying to fit around them to stroke them.\n\nBobbing in the air in front of you, it's hard to believe it all fit down your throat. His cocks are lumpy, a collection of bloated chambers that get thicker and squatter the further down his shaft. They look more like prolapsed organ flesh than anything else. They're glistening black-purple, lighter the further down they go. The cockhead is just the first chamber, near-spherical, with a ridge where it connects to the next. They're uneven but symmetrical, and as the final few inches push out they're webbed with connecting slime, cording between the very bases of his shafts.\n\nYou exhale, hot breath billowing across them, and they twitch, out of unison -- the right one first, and then a half-second later, the left. Fresh precome burbles from the tips, some sliding down the shaft, but it builds up fast enough some just pulls out into cords, hanging straight down from the underside of his shafts, eventually forming solid lines all the way down to your <<if $secondary.indexOf("breasts") != -1>>breasts<<else>>chest<<endif>>, dribbling down your bare skin. You grip the base of one of his cocks and the lines all jiggle wildly, thick enough even the parts dripping down your skin follow, sliding like worms over your skin.\n\nYou open wide and swallow down the left one again. Zzyrak groans loud, pulling you down, and despite their monstrous size it pops effortlessly into your throat and then slides down and down, until you're hilted on the full length of one of his cocks, nose smushed against the hard plane of muscle at the very base of his vent. You jerk off his other cock with your right hand, precome spurting in jiggling strands all over your shoulder as you slurp and suck on the one in your mouth. His hips pull back, some small portion of his shaft dragging from your mouth, and then he thrusts forward, vent meeting your face with a wet //smack//, heavy squirts of precome squelching out in all directions in a gooey mess, completely coating your face. You instinctively close your eyes, and when you open them again there are lines of precome caught in your eyelashes, turning your vision blurry. You close your eyes again.\n\nZzyrak fucks your mouth. His cock is heavy in your mouth, spitting precome in waves straight down your throat -- and all across your shoulder, his other cock spraying just as much. He drags back just enough for the heavy to pop from your mouth. You take a ragged breath, mouth flooding with precome, and when he shoves back inside your cheeks bulge, heavy blobs of precome stuck with nowhere else to go. His gaping vent smears across your face, practically encasing your face in gummy webs of precome, sloppier and sloppier until the threads don't even snap, just growing thicker and thicker until your whole face is practically webbed to his crotch, slime gushing out around you with each thrust inside. His hands squelch when he grips your head and shoulders, precome squelching under his palms, burbling out in fat, glossy blobs when he bears down, yanking you forward.\n\nYour lips are swollen, aching from the sting of impact against his vent, the tight pressure as he fucks his cock back and forth, the huge bloated chambers of his cock stretching your lips too-wide. Your jaw is hanging open, mouth just a sloppy, open hole for him to fuck, and it's almost too-small as it is, cheeks bulging, lips bruised. Zzyrak grunts and groans, thrusts growing uneven, sharp little whimpers ripping from his lips as he gets closer and closer, and you can follow it with every tiny pulse of his cock, tension running through it, muscles inside him clenching tighter and tighter until he //bellows//, a deep groan ripping through him as his cock unloads straight down your throat.\n\nAfter all of it, it's hardly different from what's already happening. His cockhead bulges, cock going ramrod-hard in your throat, and come lances out, bursting through the layers of slime coating your throat. The milking muscles of your throat just drink it down, wrapping tight around his cockhead and coaxing out spray after spray, all just sloshing and gurgling down into your stomach, until you feel sore and over-full, like after drinking too much water.\n\nHe pulls out once he's spent, your mouth sloppy and constantly drooling pre, and now thicker, heavier come spilling past your lips from his final few spurts. You raggedly catch your breath, the noise from your own breathing almost pornographic on its own, wet slopping squelches as air sings through your gummy, half-obstructed mouth. His left cock bobs against your mouth, dragging your swollen lips up and down as it twitches.\n\nThen he shifts and aims his //right// cock at your face. Your hand is still wrapped around the base, gone slack, half inside his vent and only loosely touching his the bloated flesh. He reaches down with both hands, wraps them around his cock, and starts stroking. His hips snap back, fucking through his hands, and his bloated cockhead smears over your lips, into your hanging mouth, with each pump, spurting precome in thick runnels that just drool from your mouth. He only lasts two thrusts.\n\nHis stomach tenses, glistening abdominal muscles clenching, and his head tips back as he grunts. His cockhead swells and opens, tip practically unfurling over your lips before his seed erupts out. It shoots across your face with the force of a slap, and you reflexively jerk back, just giving better coverage for the next hosing squirt, that gushes in a solid rope from your forehead to your chin. It's gummy and solid, clinging to your skin, and in his churning hand his cock spits again, spraying gush after gush of come in fat, slobbery ropes across your face, just mixing into the thick slurry coating you already.\n\nLines get caught on the thick webs already spanning between you, drooping between them, and more and more piles up -- splashing across your eyebrows, squelching between your teeth, weighing down your hair -- until there's a near-solid coating of of come splattered across your face, dripping down your neck, with just as much strung between you, like huge globby pearls, their own weight ever-so-slowly pulling them downward, dragging out into hanging arcs.\n\nZzyrak finally squeezes out the final cord of come, stroking forward to catch it over his knuckles, stretching it between his fingers. He offers his hand out, and you lean forward, tongue licking down his fingers. It's slimy and solid, salt-bitter, the taste of it on your tongue only slightly more potent than the reek of it all around you, coating your skin below your nose, precome still pooling in the bottom of your mouth.\n\nYou catch the thick string and follow it over his fingers, licking them clean, and after you do that he pulls his fingers around another fat strand, lifting it as gently as he plucks the strings of his oud, spreads that before your mouth too. You take his fingers into your mouth, sucking the come off, and swallow, thickly. He repeats it over and over, string after string of thick, sludgy slime, until you've sucked on all his fingers, licked under his claws, lapped it from his palm, licked across the back of his hand, licking through the dark hair on his wrist. Until it feels like you could model every curve, dip, and divot of his heavy hands.\n\nHe's half-hard, cocks slowly retracting, vent sealing up again, until it's nothing but a thin crack between rocky scales, one encrusted with huge waves of slime, a solid sheet bubbling down his underbelly, crusting and flaking at the edges. He tugs your head forward one last time, pressing your mouth to his slimy slit, and you lave across the scales, piling up half-coagulated sludge in your mouth, stuffing your cheeks until you swallow it in thick gulps, the slime sliding down your throat in chunks.\n\nHe finally pushes you back, coils sliding around your chest and hips<<if $secondary.indexOf("ovipositor") != -1>> revealing glossy ootheca you came into his coils at some point, all pulpy and crushed<<else if $secondary.indexOf("cock") != -1>> some of the sliding mess smeared with your own comparatively-insignificant load, shot out at some point while he face-fucked you<<endif>> until you're sitting on your ass. He scrubs the worst of the slime off with a fistful of grass, and you mirror it, scrubbing half-dried sheets of his load off your shoulders and <<if $secondary.indexOf("breasts") != -1>>breasts<<else>>chest<<endif>> until you're at least vaguely presentable in the town.\n\n<<endif>><<if $orifice == "vagina">>\nHe grins and uncoils, long tail rippling in the light. You're close together already, and his motion presses your bodies together, his chest against {yours / your breasts, smearing milky ichor across his skin}. His hands span your hips, curling over your skin. He leans forward, foreheads meeting slowly, and then he tips his head back, mouth slowly pressing against your own.\n\nHis fingers curl between the fork of your thighs, sliding over the skin of your inner thighs, sending ripples of pleasure through your body. He drags his claw-tips up, over your belly, arcing in a long line around your flushed lips. His calloused thumb rubs circles in the crinkly hair just to the side of your cunt, grinding against your flesh. You let out a shaky moan as he kisses you, and he grins into your mouth, fingers creeping closer, claw-tips ever-so-slightly touching the slick flesh of your lips.\n\nYou're so slick already you might be dripping. Wetness covers his fingertips as he glides them over your flushed lips. His fingers slide up between your lips, brushing -- almost -- over your clit, and you moan into his mouth. His calloused thumb grinds just below your clit, sloppy over your slick flesh, and he splays his hand wide, practically covering your entire mound. His middle fingers slide lower, clawtips pressing inside you, sliding into the grasping tightness of your vagina. You clamp down, fingers blocky and thick, internal muscles fluttering as he finger-fucks you, sloppily pulling back and adding his smallest finger, thumb and index still grinding back and forth below the nub of your clit. Each brush against it is almost electric, a shade below too much pressure, and you find yourself groaning into his mouth, sloppily grinding your spread lips against his hand.\n\nHe coils around you, the looping length of his tail cording between your legs, more wrapping around your hips, until you're wrapped from the waist down in a slick glide of scales. His vent is spread against your stomach, his hemipenes nubby bulbs that trace over your skin, and he's just as wet as you are, slick inner fluid slopping out, smearing over your skin. He slides down -- coils lifting you up at the same time -- and your cunt grinds over his vent with a sloppy friction that makes you both groan. His hand pulls out between you, letting the soft flesh of his vent bulge against your spread lips.\n\nThe very tips of his cocks drag back and forth over the arch of your lips, smearing slime all over your belly and thighs. He ruts forward, cockhead a fat bulge of pressure rutting against your lips, slipping between to dig at your slick opening. They drop from inside him in tiny, minute twitches, flesh pushing out in fractional movements. The clench of your cunt directs them, both jostling against the opening of your vagina, forming a steady pressure as they push out. The left one wins, head pushing directly into your opening, unsheathing itself right into you. The right one skews out, tracing up and down between your lips, sloppily drooling as you rut against Zzyrak.\n\nHe groans, breath rippling across your cheek as his cockhead pushes inside you, thicker and heavier than his fingers. Sloppier -- he's drooling a constant stream of slime, from his cocks and from his vent, and it builds up in thick globby waves. His right cock skews out between you, spurting slime over your thigh, as he shallowly ruts inside you, shaft grinding back and forth.\n\n...\n\n<<endif>><<if $orifice == "asshole">>\\nHe grins and uncoils, long tail rippling in the light. You're close together already, and his motion presses your bodies together, his chest against <<if $secondary.indexOf("breasts") != -1>>your breasts, smearing milky ichor across his skin<<else>>yours<<endif>>. His hands span your hips, curling over your skin. He leans forward, foreheads meeting slowly, and then he tips his head back, mouth slowly pressing against your own.\n\nHis fingers slide back, gripping the tight, high muscle of your ass. His palms are hot, even though your trousers. He reaches down, almost between your thighs, rubbing against the sensitive skin below your ass. You groan against his mouth, tugging him towards you.\n\nHis tail flicks, a muscular contraction rippling along its whole length, and he surges forward, bowling you back into a tangle of coils. He slithers around you, one hand steadying your side while the other tugs at your laces, letting your trousers sag low. Your bodies press together, <<if $secondary.indexOf("breasts") != -1>>breasts flattening against his muscled chest<<else>>chest to chest<<endif>>, and his vent presses hot and slick against your stomach. Its lips flutter, slick inner fluid leaving hot trails down your skin, kissing your stomach with wet, wet squelches.\n\nHis stomach ripples, abdominal muscles clenching when you trail your fingers over his hips, and his vent yawns wider, slick fluid slurping as it drools down from his bloated flesh. The nubby tips of his hemipenes push out, each one a fat bulb of black flesh, shining wet. In the sunlight they're practically glittering, flecked through with shots of rich, deep purple, where the light hits veins below the surface.\n\nHis fingers dart between your thighs, <<if $secondary.indexOf("cock") != -1>>knuckles digging against your furred balls<<else if $secondary.indexOf("ovipositor") != -1>>knuckles dragging over your bloated broodpouch<<else>>knuckles smearing between your slick lips<<endif>> as he palms his hand over the curve of your ass, creeping up to press two fingers against your asshole. His fingertips are calloused, rough over the soft skin there. You clench and open around his fingers, his claws catching and dragging over your skin. His vent spreads across your stomach, flesh sloppy and distending, streaky rivulets of fluid drooling down your skin, <<if $secondary.indexOf("cock") != -1>>tangling in the shaggy fur above your sheath<<else if $secondary.indexOf("ovipositor") != -1>> dripping over the swollen outline of your ovipositor<<else>>sloppily pouring over your slick lips<<endif>>.\n\nHis hemipenes, barely unsheathed, are like two fat nuts, tips above and below, taut and hard in a way the flesh of his vent isn't. He ruts against you, vent crackling and slurping obscenely, slime gushing out. His cocks drop minutely, scraping sloppy furrows over your stomach. His coils shift, scales slick-hard as they drag over your body, and he sinks down. His vent slurps over <<if $secondary.indexOf("cock") != -1>>your cock<<else if $secondary.indexOf("ovipositor") != -1>>your ovipositor<<else>>your flushed lips<<endif>>, drooling precome and internal slime in huge squirts. His cocks catch on your thighs, bloated tips almost unsheathed, and they pull free with a sharp jerk, bobbing between your thighs. He groans, stomach tensing and relaxing as more of his cock spools out in slow, heavy throbs, his head resting against your shoulder.\n\nThe further his cocks drop, the more spread his vent gets. They jerk, sliding over each other as they settle side-by-side. They scrape between your thighs: tips meeting his hand, pressed against your asshole. The slit of his vent bows out into a gaping diamond, internal flesh bulging out on all sides, framing his shafts. Slime webs below, excess drooling down his underbelly in thicker trails, turning his scales shining. He catches one cock, pressing it against the curve of your ass, and strokes it. His sloppy fingers smear up your crack, pushing again against your asshole. You relax, hole spreading around his fingers, and he pushes inside. His fingers are thick, a stretch as he sinks them into your ass. You let out a low groan, lips parted as you raise your legs, angling his fingers higher. His knuckles grind over the flesh of your asshole, popping inside, until he's got two fingers deep inside you, palm smearing more thick slime up against your crack, slowly pushing it into your asshole as he works you open.\n\nYou lean into him, straddling his waist, and his cocks twitch up to slap against your ass cheeks. He splatters pre, gushing over his coils behind you, but a fraction of a second later he settles back, underbelly between your hips, twin cockheads pressed against your crack.\n\nHis finger pops out of your ass, and you yawn open, asshole flexed open. He jerks up, cockhead skidding up into your ass, thicker and bloated. His left one; the right slaps over your ass, spurting pre. He's thin at the tip, shafts thickening in chambers, and you wriggle down, trying to get used to the ache as more of his cock settles inside you.\n\n...\n\n<<endif>>\n\nHe plucks on his oud, a long low twang that echoes in your bones, and starts playing a low melody.\n\n[[⟶|Zzyrak]]
You reach into his chest and touch his heart.\n\nHe unfurls, stretching his arms out, tail squirming and thrashing. The black scales across his sides grow thicker, heavier. Their tips curve and turn up, shingling in huge blocky plates like shell armor, and the scales themselves fade and turn rough and cracked, thickening into immense heavy slabs, like dragon scales. The cracked-obsidian scales spread down his tail, bulging out in even intervals into thorny protrusions, horns and spurs jutting from his sides and back. The muscled skin of his back cracks apart, thick spars tracing up his back, like blackened bone as they jut out from his body -- like the horns down his tail, only larger, huge straight shafts like rock crystal that end in jagged, darkly translucent points.\n\nHis eyes turn black-purple, iris and sclera a black that catches purple in the light, his pupil just an utterly black sliver.\n\nRocky scales trace up his sides, leeching purple flecks into his skin, in ragged veins and branches -- more like the marbling of stone, or of mineral veins, than following any actual veins he has, lying beneath the surface of his skin. His skin cracks apart all the way up his sides, to his armpit, and -- crackling and crashing -- he grows two new arms beneath his first set, just as muscular. He groans, head tipping back, his arms feeling across each other as they erupt from his skin.\n\nHis oud twirls off the rock he laid it on, circling behind him, and other instruments crack and uncrumple into existence -- long-necked sitars, pipes, a battered lute, a hunting horn, more you can't even start to identify. With them, silvery copies of Zzyrak's hands curl around them, plucking at strings and closing chambers as a ghostly breath sends them in a bizarre, complex melody.\n\nAt his hips, the junction of his human and snake halves, his newly-rough scales crack apart. His vent bulges, his twin cocks dropping from inside him, oozing gushes of slime down his body. His cocks -- black-purple flesh, soft and pulpy -- tremble and shudder, warping as they push out of him. Their blobby, circular shapes pinch and spread, a ring of heavy barbs jutting out from his cockheads, and as they drop further a second ring of spines erupts from the shafts, forming a medial ring of flexing, drooling spines. His precome oozes out black, threads and then sheets of opaque black slime drooling from his cocks. He groans, cocks fully everting with a wet squelch, and then they //split//, warping and stretching like taffy, drawn out into two separate lengths, reforming into an immense collection of four spiny, ichor-oozing cocks, crowned with jagged barbs. They arch from his gaping vent in a long, low curve, the immense weight of their lengths dragging them down.\n\n<<set $zzyrakTransformed to true>>[[⟶|Zzyrak]]
Shanatuma is an acquaintance, though not someone you know that well. Her parents live in the weaver's compound, which you rarely have reason to visit. She doesn't take after them much; that's most of what you know about her.\n\nShe's tearing mats of overgrown vines from the stakes, stem by stem, revealing the crops beneath: small and yellow-green, dull in the sunlight, but still living. Her hands are streaked with sap. She's stripped down to her underlayer, folds of thin muslin tied tight across her chest and over her hips, with a broad-brimmed hat to keep her head cool.\n\nShe's fat, short, her cheeks low and nose wide. Her hair is little more than fuzz over the crown of her head, striated with streaks of gold. Bands of gold and black bristles ring up her arms, more fuzz peeking up over the curve of her hips and stomach. Her sweaty skin shines a dark bronze, glittering at the edges with golden flecks. Her fingernails are thick, curling down over her fingertips in blunt arcs, and they shine gold.\n* [[Speak to her|ShanatumaTalk]]\n* <<if hasMe ("seduction")>>[[Seduce her|ShanatumaSeduction]]\\n<<else>>==Seduce her==<<endif>><span class="meta">Req: Seduction</span>\n* <<if hasMe ("secret of killing")>>[[Kill her|ShanatumaKill]]\\n<<else>>==Kill her==<<endif>><span class="meta">Req: Secret of Killing</span>\n* <<if hasMe ("divine") && hasMe ("...")>>^^[[Wake her heart|ShanatumaDivine]]^^\\n<<else>>==Wake her heart==<<endif>><span class="meta">Req: Divinity, ...</span>\n[[⟵|Paddy fields]]
You sing the song of awakening. The figure at the edge of the clearing stands and swoops closer, waiting to approach until you finish the song.\n\n...
He's lean and tall. His eyes are solid black. He's the son of a divine spirit of wrath. His hands end in wicked claws. His feet end in talons, and have a backwards-facing spur. He has a narrow beard.\n\n* Use <<if hasMe ("divine")>>[[the divine secret|YayaraDivine]]<<else>>==the divine secret==<<endif>>.
Your hand skims his chest, and instantly abstract shapes erupt from his back: there is a rending and a tearing, and the smell of blood. He leans down into your touch, a grimace on his face, and spires his heart on your hand.\n\nThe shapes are spurs and stretched membrane, in blocky shapes like the patterns on the wings of an insect. They're green and brown and white and black, in blobs and clusters, like stained-glass: color divided by strips of ridged black. They stretch from his back, arcing out on either side of his body, becoming heavy, hanging wings. They scrape against each other with a sound like sheaves of paper. He shudders and more erupt, from his shoulders and hips, branching and crackling until he's surrounded by a susurrus of shifting wings.\n\nHis tailbone pushes out, becoming more folds of papery skin, overlapping layers of it like a heavy skirt or pointed suitcoat, spreading across his lower back, curving down over the swell of his ass, up to meet his wings.\n\nThe darkness in his eyes spreads, blotchy black shapes surrounding his eyes. A dusty powder flutters from his lashes as he blinks, spreading the sooty powder across his cheeks, dripping in dry trails down to the fuzz along his jaw. It billows in clouds around his head, down his wings, staining his skin a flat matte black wherever it lands, catching in the sparse hair across his shoulders, tangling in his chest hair, dusting his new wings in a sooty coat. A light sparks inside it, like an electric arc, vivid green-grey-white. Tendrils of arcing electricity spark between denser clusters, their connections constantly shifting as the cloud stirs and shifts, sparking in a twisting cloud behind him.\n\nBetween his legs his cloaca spreads, dark skin turning a flat, heavy black as it swells and surges. Thick folds pull around the edge, pushing out in a fat spur, bloated and glossy with precome. Its heavy ridge tapers down to meet the underside of his hips, just between his thighs. It's flushed and engorged, black ichor oozing along its furled lip and dripping down, spilling across his hairy thighs.
<<set $blockmove to true>>Between two mossy pillars a divine beast finds you. <<cycle beastSex>><<set $beastSex to "fem">><<revise beastSex "She watches you with large, dark eyes">><<becomes>><<set $beastSex to "masc">><<revise beastSex "His horns glint in the dappled sunlight">><<endcycle>>, and the air fills with a mysterious, alluring musk. <<cycle beastSex>>She<<becomes>>He<<endcycle>> pulls you close and whispers dark secrets into your ears, until your head is buzzing with promise.\n* [[Spurn <<cycle beastSex>>her<<becomes>>him<<endcycle>>|beastSpurn]]\n* [[Lie with <<cycle beastSex>>her<<becomes>>him<<endcycle>>|beastLie]]\n* <<if hasMe ("secret of killing")>>[[Kill <<cycle beastSex>>her<<becomes>>him<<endcycle>>|beastKill]]\\n<<else>>==Kill <<cycle beastSex>>her<<becomes>>him<<endcycle>>==<<endif>>
You abjure the spirit and tell <<print $beastSex == "fem" ? "her" : "him">> not to recapitulate the sin which was the undoing of the lustful spirit Aru-Eli. Rebuked, the demon leaves, and the thick musk wreathing you thins, until in a few moments you're able to walk without your legs trembling.\n\n[[⟶|Forest][$blockmove = false]]
<<if $beastSex == "fem">>\\n<<if $orifice == "mouth">>\\n/% kissing %/\n{{SEX SCENE TODO}}\n<<else if $orifice == "vagina">>\\n/% cunninlingus %/\n{{SEX SCENE TODO}}\n<<else if $orifice == "asshole">>\\n/% rimming %/\n{{SEX SCENE TODO}}\n<<endif>>\\n<<else>>\\nHe seduces you, with words and gaze and motion.\n\nYou step into his reaching arms, and he pulls you close. His fur is damp with sweat, rich with scent: grass and fresh water and his thick, rank musk.\n\nHis fingers -- two immense, thick fingers, all knuckle and hoof -- trail up your side, pulling you minutely closer, until his body presses against yours. Your eyes are locked with his, dark and huge on his face, glinting in the light.\\n<<if $orifice == "mouth">>\\nYou find yourself falling, knees hitting the mossy ground with a dull impact.\n\nHis fur grows shaggier down his stomach, between his thighs, and it's already lathered with sweat, matted down in thick hanks. The scent of his musk is overpowering, like a physical thing seeping from his glands. His sheath is long, mounding out from his fur, and the tip of his length is already peeking out, vividly pink in contrast with his brown fur. <<if $secondary.indexOf("cock") != -1>>Your cock tents your tunic, digging into the heavy fabric of your pants.<<else if $secondary.indexOf("ovipositor") != -1>>Your ovipositor tents your tunic, digging into the heavy fabric of your pants.<<endif>> <<if $secondary.indexOf("breasts") != -1>>Your breasts ache, nipples throbbing and pulling tight, grinding stiff against your tunic and slowly darkening the fabric with thin ichorous milk.<<endif>>\n\nThe stag spirit's cock tastes even more potent, sharp and heady, coated in acrid slime that washes down your throat. Your mouth feels coated, inner flesh slick and somehow abrasive, rough under the slippery coating. You wrap your mouth around his cock, suckling like a babe at the teat, and his hands scrub over your hair, pulling you closer. His shaft ticks, length dropping from his sheath, until you can't fit it all in your mouth. You pull off, his length shining with spit and fluids. It's very long and very thin, narrower and narrower until just below the tip it's barely as thick as your thinnest finger. His cockhead is a fat knot above it, with a complex rim, like a half-budded bulb. It's impossibly hard, all bloated muscle and blood.\n\nYour drag your lips down the shaft, dry at first until you lick your lips, tongue flitting out over his shaft. You stroke it with your mouth until he's rutting against you, long pink length skewing out above you, drizzling sharply-scented precome down into your hair, across your face.\n\nYou suck his cock, lips lurching over the thick bulb of his cockhead, hands catching drooling strings of precome and stroking his shaft, down to the sheath and back up. His hands rock your face forward, meeting his thrusting hips as he sloppily fucks your mouth. The acrid slime of his precome gets thicker and saltier a fractional moment before his entire body tenses. He throws his head back and bleats loud, cock twitching and spurting in your mouth. You swallow, and then again, salt-thin come drooling over your lips and down your throat, gushing in watery pulses into your mouth. You keep swallowing until he's spent<<if $secondary.indexOf("cock") != -1>>, and then you jerk a hand down to your crotch, grinding yourself through the tunic until your spill your own load, sticky and heavy and squelching<<else if $secondary.indexOf("ovipositor") != -1>>, and then you jerk a hand down to your crotch, grinding yourself through the tunic until your spill your own load, popping out blobby clusters of round eggs, crushing them against each other<<endif>>.\n\nYou make to stand, on wobbling legs, but the stag spirit gently pushes you down onto a bed of moss, his mouth kissing yours, licking up the salty remnants of your load. He bends lower, until your vision is filled by his branching horns, opening your tunic and baring your <<if $secondary.indexOf("breasts") != -1>>breasts, all slippery with ichor, and he suckles from them, down the rows<<else>>chest, thin tongue licking out over your nipples and down your lithe stomach<<endif>>. <<if $secondary.indexOf("cock") != -1>>He opens your trousers, pulling out your still-hard cock, slimy and dripping with your load, and cleans it, leaving it spit-tacky over your thigh.<<else if $secondary.indexOf("ovipositor") != 1>>He opens your trousers, eggs bubbling out the second he pulls the laces, and he leans down to eat them, swallowing fat clusters of eggs and sucking the last few from your ovipositor, leaving it spit-tacky lying over your hip.<<endif>> His mouth draws lines over your skin, hot and slick, and you lose yourself, and when you come to you are alone in the forest again, flushed and debauched.\n<<else if $orifice == "vagina">>\\n{{SEX SCENE TODO}}\n<<else if $orifice == "asshole">>\\nYou tug at the laces of your trousers, twisting to press the curve of your ass against his thick thighs.\n\nHis hands grip your hips, hooves sliding the heavy fabric down until your bare ass presses against him, the heat and weight of his sheath unmistakeable, shaggy fur enveloping your hips as he ruts against you, sheath sliding between your cheeks. His fingers trail down your cleft, finding the tight pucker of your asshole, pressing soft but insisently.\n\nHot fluid drips hits you in the small of your back, and you turn back, staring at the sight of his unsheathed cock arching up like a skewer from his nestled sheath. It's very long and very thin, narrower and narrower until just below the tip it's barely as thick as your thinnest finger. His cockhead is a fat knot above it, with a complex rim, like a half-budded bulb. It's impossibly hard, all bloated muscle and blood. The tip is spurting dewdrops of precome, gathering in glistening strings from his cockhead and pattering down across your skin.\n\nHe strokes himself, hooves gleaming with precome, and presses his fingers again to your asshole, pushing inside with a smooth motion. The pressure and weight inside you is strange, rough and slick and sticky and equal measure, but the motions send diffuse waves of pleasure through your body, prickling up inside you, and you groan, burying your face in the sweet-scented moss and spreading your legs wider. <<if $secondary.indexOf("cock") != -1>>Bobbing between your legs, your cock drips thick slime, squirting rank streams of precome onto the moss. <<else if $secondary.indexOf("ovipositor") != -1>>Bobbing between your legs, your ovipositor extends, knobbled tip opening and closing, pushing out sloppy nutrient slime all across the moss below. <<endif>><<if $secondary.indexOf("breasts") != -1>>Your breasts flatten against your tunic, nipples aching and pulling tight, slowly darkening the fabric with thin ichorous milk.<<endif>>\n\nThe stag spirit slides back, sweaty fur of his sheath replaced with the slick glide of his shaft, slick along your cleft. The bulb of his cockhead is like a swollen marble, popping between your cheeks and coming to rest against your tight asshole. Precome washes down your crack as he rocks his cock against you. His cockhead digs further into you, slowly spreading your flexing hole, until with a sudden pop it -- and the first foot of his cock -- surges into you in one long thrust, thin shaft sliding effortlessly into your ass.\n\nYou moan into the moss, flushed heat growing inside you as he begins thrusting, the bulb of his cockhead sliding back and forth inside your ass, popping through internal passages. His cock rams against the rear of your ass and he lets out a surprised bleat, body shuddering, cock hosing hot precome deep inside. He shifts his hips lower, stomach pressing against your back, cock swinging higher inside you, and his next thrust pushes straight into your guts, dizzingly deep. His sheath meets your spread cheeks with a wet slap, his heavy balls rocking up to press against the curve of your ass. His cock lurches inside you, thickly squirting thin precome, gurgling in your guts, and then he starts thrusting.\n\nHe roars and bleats, muzzle pointed at the sky, hands digging into your hips as he slams inside you, balls slapping against your ass with sharp cracks. <<if $secondary.indexOf("cock") != -1>>You squirm, his thrusts sliding across your prostate, milking thick slobbery bursts of precome from your cock, until the sensation overwhelms you and you come with a shaky cry, drowning the moss in your come.<<else if $secondary.indexOf("ovipositor") != -1>>You squirm, his thrusts knocking against your eggpouch, head slamming over and over against it through the flesh of your body. You shakily moan, ovipositor clenching and spasming, and find yourself unloading a heavy clutch, fat pearls of eggs squirting uselessly out onto the moss, ruby red.<<else>>His thrusts send dizzy pleasure through you, arcing between your thighs and up your stomach, and you climax with a shaky moan.<<endif>>\n\nThe stag is not far behind, his slamming thrusts gaining speed until he hilts himself with a final slap, balls churning against your ass. He squirts bursts of come deep into your guts, the watery slickness strange so high in your body, and ruts the final inches of his cock back and forth until he's spent, leaving your asshole oozing his load. He pulls out with a final squirt, thin, acrid come smearing across your cheeks, and stands.\n\nFor a long moment you're too overcome to stand, thighs trembling, asshole flexing open and closed, with his sloppy load slowly dribbling down your thighs. When you finally pull yourself to your feet the stag spirit has left, and you're alone again in the woods.\n<<endif>>\\n<<endif>>\\n<div class="mes">\\n<<if hasMe ("law")>>\\n<<set loseMe ("law")>>\\n* In committing profane acts with a spirit, you have lost ''your respect for the law''.\n<<endif>>\\n<<if ! hasMe ("seduction")>>\\n<<set $qualities.push($seduction)>>\\n* In lying with another, you have learned ''the sensual arts of the body''.\n<<endif>>\\n</div>\\n[[⟶|Forest][$blockmove = false]]
<<set $blockmove to true>>A cackling howl resonates through the forest. The underbrush stirs, twigs snapping and leaves rustling, and a shape erupts onto the path before you, jaw slavering and snapping at the air. It's a human, bent forward onto all fours, skin streaked with mud and grass.\n\nIt's {}, the village chief's son: howling and feral, sick where the forest has extracted its penance from his soul. He prowls around you, like a wild animal sizing up prey.\n* [[Speak with him|hyenaTalk]]\n* <<if hasMe ("heroism")>>[[Fight him off|hyenaFight]]\\n<<else>>==Fight him off==<<endif>><span class="meta">Req: Heroism</span>\n* <<if hasMe ("secret of killing")>>[[Kill him|hyenaKill]]\\n<<else>>==Kill him==<<endif>><span class="meta">Req: Secret of Killing</span>\n* <<if hasMe ("holy purification rites")>>[[Purify him|hyenaPurify]]\\n<<else>>==Purify him==<<endif>><span class="meta">Req: Purification</span>\\n <ul><li>==Seduce him==<span class="meta">Req: Seduction</span></li>\\n <li>==Wake his heart==<span class="meta">Req: Divinity</span></li>\\n </ul>\n* [[Flee|hyenaFlee]]
He does not listen.\n[[⟵|hyenaEncounter]]
{yeah w/e you fight him off}\n[[⟶|Forest][$blockmove = false]]
You turn tail and flee, heart pounding from the terror in your chest. The hyena gives chase, cackling and laughing, but in time you outrun him.\n\n<<if hasMe ("heroism")>>\\n<<set loseMe ("heroism")>>\\n* In fleeing from a fight, you have lost your ''heroism''.\n<<endif>>\n[[⟶|Forest][$blockmove = false]]
<<set $blockmove to true>>You stumble into a dark patch of brambles, where black grasses grow tall over bubbling, sulphurous pools. There is a squat, spiky figure at the bank of a smoking pool. It takes only a moment to identify <<cycle greedSex>>him<<becomes>>her<<endcycle>> as a fallen spirit: the descendant of Ab-Ashnak, who was expelled from the divine realm over her gluttony and greed for the material world. <<cycle greedSex>><<set $greedSex to "masc">><<revise greedSex "He">><<becomes>><<set $greedSex to "fem">><<revise greedSex "She">><<endcycle>> has many limbs, long and coated in fur like spines, hands plunged deep into the bubbling pool, fishing with <<cycle greedSex>>his<<becomes>>her<<endcycle>> talons.\n\nThe creature turns to peer at you. <<cycle greedSex>>His<<becomes>>Her<<endcycle>> eyes are glittering black pits, spread across <<cycle greedSex>>his<<becomes>>her<<endcycle>> face. <<cycle greedSex>>He<<becomes>>She<<endcycle>> has a mouth full of sharp fangs, with four immense mandibles on the sides of <<cycle greedSex>>his<<becomes>>her<<endcycle>> jaw. Dark drool constantly slips past <<cycle greedSex>>his<<becomes>>her<<endcycle>> lips.\n* [[Speak to <<cycle greedSex>>him<<becomes>>her<<endcycle>>|greedTalk]]\n* <<if hasMe ("seduction")>>[[Seduce <<cycle greedSex>>him<<becomes>>her<<endcycle>>|greedSeduction]]\\n<<else>>==Seduce <<cycle greedSex>>him<<becomes>>her<<endcycle>>==<<endif>><span class="meta">Req: Seduction</span>\n* <<if hasMe ("secret of killing")>>[[Kill <<cycle greedSex>>him<<becomes>>her<<endcycle>>|greedKill]]\\n<<else>>==Kill <<cycle greedSex>>him<<becomes>>her<<endcycle>>==<<endif>><span class="meta">Req:Secret of Killing</span>\n[[⟵|Forest]]
<<set $metYiva = true>>It's clearly [[Yiva]].
Yiva is the younger son of the millers'. He's a little younger than you, and still scrawny and long-limbed. He has an impudent face. He's wearing a mask: a crude thing of peeled bark, rectangular and long. His horns just barely peek over his mask. His eyes, visible through its vertical slashes, are vividly green. His shaggy goat ears stick out on either side.\n* [[Speak to him|YivaTalk]]\n* <<if hasMe ("seduction")>>[[Seduce him|YivaSeduction]]\\n<<else>>==Seduce him==<<endif>>\n* <<if hasMe ("secret of killing")>>[[Kill him|YivaKill]]\\n<<else>>==Kill him==<<endif>>\n* <<if hasMe ("divine")>>[[Wake his heart|YivaDivine]]\\n<<else>>==Wake his heart==<<endif>>\n[[⟵|poacher's blind]]
His mask peels off his face, folding in on itself and splitting at the same time, until his head is at the center of a wheel of masks. They form new faces, faces of unknown divines: nothing at all in them is human, and only vaguely animal.\n\nHis head stretches: high cheekbones, a large nose with a downward curve, matching the new shape of his face. His eyes wobble and split, irises bulging and swimming inside his eyes as they divide into two, coming to rest in new eye sockets higher along his reshaped head. White-brown fur sprouts across his face, a dusty fuzz at first before it thickens into a short, silky coat. His ears stretch, growing out long behind his narrow, and they split and divide as well, another pair growing inverted below them, extending the sharp line of his jaw. His teeth are sharp and jagged. His tongue is bifurcated.\n\nMasks whirl around him, and in the gaps between their passage he is changed every time: eyes gleaming a verdant green, rectangular irises swimming and bulging erratically still; horns twining like tentacles.\n\nHis body stretches, becoming lean and lanky. The dark hair on his arms and legs thickens and spreads, glossy fur spreading up to his shoulders and hips. His hands crack as his fingers fuse together, leaving him with two fingers and a thumb. His nails darken and thicken, until they're a shining black. His feet repeat the transformation, his arches rising until he totters forward on clattering toes.
<<if $kurajaTransformed == true>>{kuraja tf description\\n<<else>>He's the youngest of the older generation, only five or six years older than you. He's solidly built, with burnt sienna hair, streaked preternaturally with grey. His eyes gleam yellow. His teeth are all sharp.\\n<<endif>>\n<ul>\\n<li>[[Speak to him|KurajaTalk]]</li>\\n<li><<if hasMe ("seduction")>>[[Seduce him|KurajaSeduction]]\\n<<else>>==Seduce him==<<endif>></li>\\n<li><<if hasMe ("secret of killing")>>[[Kill him|KurajaKill]]\\n<<else>>==Kill him==<<endif>></li>\\n<<if !$kurajaTransformed>><li><<if hasMe ("divine")>>^^[[Wake his heart|KurajaDivine]]^^\\n<<else>>==Wake his heart==<<endif>></li><<endif>>\n</ul>\\n[[⟵|Kuraja's house]]
"They sent a child from the village?" he says.\n* Talk about [[the demon sickness|KurajaSickness]]\n* Talk about Kikinak -- after he tells you about kikinak :V\n[[⟵|Kuraja]]
You tell him of the night of omens, and the cursed sleep that befell the town.
He throws his head back and howls, heart pounding against your hand. His hair bursts into flame, red and yellow, spitting oily black smoke into the air. His head shifts beneath the rippling blanket of fire, features twisting and stretching. His teeth grow, spit crackling into steam as his face warps and distends. Fire consumes his head, like the flame of a candle, and from the fire a new shape grows, formed just as much from fire and cinder as from flesh. Blood erupts form inside him, hissing and steaming, spraying in arcs behind him as the fire spreads down his neck, across his shoulders, lead by a thick band of ashy fur, dripping soot and cinder.\n\nTeeth drip burning liquid as a muzzle shapes itself from flame. The column of fire consuming his head shapes itself, forming into the head of a fearsome wolf, all black and red and yellow. His eyes are white, too bright to look at directly. The flame billows, and in an instant the head is gone, replaced with new others: monstrous and feral. Flame wreaths them, like a thick ruff of fur, and in flickering flashes his heads grow in number, three, four, five, until the pyre of his head is filled with monstrous wolf heads, there for an instant before they change into something new.\n\nHis blood hangs behind him It circles together, blazing like hot iron, and congeals around his neck -- or above his shoulders, but below his heads, in the space where there's nothing but ash and fire and fur -- into a heavy yoke or collar, made of crusted black iron flecked through with red. Splattered blood hangs in the air behind him, fresh and glistening wet. It sketches itself into occult symbols, the sins of man and the fallen divines, writ in the eternal script. The iron tang of blood fills the room, sharp and acrid, almost overpowering the hot ash.\n\nFire alights on his limbs: hands blazing into claws, flame indistinguishable from thick billows of fur as it creeps up his forearms, skin flaking into burnt fur. His legs do the same, catching and burning into immense paws, fire streaking out behind them.\n\nBetween his shaggy haunches his sheath bloats and distends, cords of muscle churning inside it. Slowly, as you stare, his cock emerges, blood red and slick with some inner liquid, glossy and pungent-smelling. The thick fur around his sheath alights, white-hot, spreading black char fur up across his stomach in gusts, like soot settling on hearthstones. His cock emerges, blood-red and black, a dark splotch between the incandescent flame of his fur. His sheath bulges and the tip of another cock pushes out, and then another, and another, until his sheath is spread wide, its insides clearly visible, cracked wide into flat ash.\n\nHe grows erect, each shaft becoming fatter and thicker, and finally his knots pop past the destroyed ring of his sheath. Each one pushes past the flaking char, half-swollen, two smooth, bloated hemispheres embedded on the sides of his shaft. They push forward with cracks, like logs popping in a fire, until his crotch is a mess of them, black brands zig-zagging out, overlapping, down to the nest of knots at the base, all gusting with white-hot fire.\n\n<<set $kurajaTransformed to true>>[[⟶|Kuraja]]\n\n\n\n\nHis claws grasp your neck. He pulls you down. The stench of his cocks is overwhelming: blood and meat and spit, rotten through with sex. His spurting cocks leave gummy off-white trails of fluid across your face, over your neck, stuck in your hair. You open wide.
<<set $blockmove to true>>In a place where water constantly mists across rock, you are waylaid by a fierce bird spirit, the emblem of ''wrath'' burning across <<cycle wrathSex>>his<<becomes>>her<<endcycle>> head.\n\n<<cycle wrathSex>><<set $wrathSex = "masc">><<revise wrathSex "He's dark scarlet, with a purple fringe on his wings">><<becomes>><<set $wrathSex = "fem">><<revise wrathSex "She's bright red, with a yellow fringe on her wings">><<endcycle>>. There is a golden cord wrapped around <<cycle wrathSex>>his<<becomes>>her<<endcycle>> body: in shimmering arcs between <<cycle wrathSex>>his<<becomes>>her<<endcycle>> wings, hanging loosely between <<cycle wrathSex>>his<<becomes>>her<<endcycle>> legs, weighed down with golden tags in many shapes.\n\n<<cycle wrathSex>>His<<becomes>>Her<<endcycle>> seal of office covers <<cycle wrathSex>>his<<becomes>>her<<endcycle>> head in silver lines and extends behind <<cycle wrathSex>>him<<becomes>>her<<endcycle>>, folded back on itself in crested ridges like horns up along the slope of <<cycle wrathSex>>his<<becomes>>her<<endcycle>> head. <<cycle wrathSex>>His<<becomes>>Her<<endcycle>> eyes gleam between its slats. <<cycle wrathSex>>His<<becomes>>Her<<endcycle>> beak juts out from its overlapping lines, a stark curving line, grey-grained black. <<cycle wrathSex>>He's<<becomes>>She's<<endcycle>> a riot of color. <<cycle wrathSex>>His<<becomes>>Her<<endcycle>> wings spread out behind <<cycle wrathSex>>him<<becomes>>her<<endcycle>>, three pairs curving in lines that read as simply //vivid// more than any specific color, their fringes bright arcs.\n\n<<cycle wrathSex>>His<<becomes>>Her<<endcycle>> talons are dark and sharp. You have only your dagger.\n* <<if hasMe ("heroism")>>[[Fight in single combat|wrathFight]]\\n<<else>>==Fight in single combat==<<endif>><span class="meta">Req: Heroism</span>\n* <<if hasMe ("seduction")>>[[Seduce <<cycle wrathSex>>him<<becomes>>her<<endcycle>>|wrathSeduce]]\\n<<else>>==Seduce <<cycle wrathSex>>him<<becomes>>her<<endcycle>>==<<endif>><span class="meta">Req: Seduction</span>\n* [[Run away|wrathFlee]]
... given they have a cloaca either way all the gender switch does is change the pronoun\n[[⟶|Forest]]
You turn tail and flee, heart pounding from the terror in your chest. The spirit's taunting cries echo behind you.\n\n<<if hasMe ("heroism")>>\\n<<set loseMe ("heroism")>>\\n* In fleeing from a noble challenge, you have lost your ''heroism''.\n<<endif>>\n[[⟶|Forest]]
He's an enormous fox. He's hulking with muscle. His steps shake the earth. He smells like blood and hot metal. He has hands: they're just almost indistinguishable from his feet. His thick claws tear rents in the ground as he charges forward, flinging sod out in a spray behind him. His seal of office is embossed all across the skin of his back, a shining red and soft silver that matches his fur. Its edges curl across his sides at the shoulder and hip.\n\nHis underbelly, all the way up to his neck, is creamy white. His arms are a rich red-orange. There's a black border between the two, and streaks of black on his shoulders and across his muzzle. It runs right across his eyes, making their yellow gleam all the more striking. His lips are pulled back in a growl, revealing sharp, pointed teeth. His ears are long and narrow, rising to sharp points above his head, and tipped with black tufts. He has a short, stubby tail, rust-red and cream white.\n\nRed-orange steam perpetually rises from his shoulders, drifting off the tips of his ears, like his fur is sublimating, or he's only half-solid. It outlines an otherwise-invisible shape floating behind his head and shoulders, something intricate and full of curved lines that end in jagged hooks.
There's a poacher in the blind.\n\n<<if $poacherTransformed>>{POACHER TF DESCRIPTION}\\n<<else>>He's large, and dressed in strange clothes: heavy fabric in layers, gilt-edged, and covered by a thick mantle of coarsely-woven straw about his shoulders. He's got thick iron chain wrapped around his body to keep the power for the forest away. His shoulders and back are so muscled it looks like he has a hunchback, muscles straining through his heavy layers. He wears a metal helmet in the shape of a bug's head, with slats at the sides for his auroch horns, set above his temples, all yellow-white and chipped. They curve above his head in a shallow S, ending in sharp prongs. His skin is bright like red clay, though almost all of it is covered.<<endif>>\n\n* [[Speak to him]]\n* <<if hasMe ("seduction")>>[[Seduce him|poacherSeduce]]<<else>>==Seduce him==<<endif>>\n* <<if hasMe ("secret of killing")>>[[Kill him|poacherKill]]<<else>>==Kill him<<endif>>\n* <<if hasMe ("divine")>>^^[[Wake his heart|poacherDivine]]^^<<else>>==Wake his heart==<<endif>>\n[[⟵|Forest]]
<<if !$poacherTransformed>>\\nYou seduce him, with words and gaze and movement.\n\nHe grins at you, teeth bright in the dim light. "You're that kind of wanderer, are you?"\n\nHe unclasps a rope tie around his thick trunk, and his tunic spills open, revealing him bare underneath: his skin is bright red, like fresh clay, and his muscles are enormous, corded in ropes just under his skin. His iron chains jangle as he moves closer, draping across his bare chest. He's thick with hair, all stiff and strait, in brushes across his pectorals and in a thick line down his stomach that fans out to his sides, dusted all over his brawny trunk. His nipples hug the swell of his pectorals, huge and flat, their very center peaked in a flat cap, pressed against the loops of chain framing his chest. His trousers tent, tugging his rope belt away from his stomach, revealing a strip of shaggy, thick hair just below the waist.\n\nYou tug at the fat bow of his belt, and his sheath knifes up the instant his trousers spread. The lace of his mantle digs into his neck, just a thin cord covering his throat: for all his heavy clothes, he's bare from throat to crotch, in a ragged gash, all skin and muscle and cock. His throat jogs when he swallows, and his cock pulses.\n\n<<if $orifice == "mouth">>\\nYour knees hit the ground before you're aware of what you're doing. His bloated sheath alone is a handspan long. His hair spreads all across his crotch and thighs, shaggy and thick, coiling up his sheath. His cock is barely unsheathed, the blunt tip recessed an inch inside his sheath, but it's fatter than your palm, spreading the wrinkled flesh of his sheath into a huge wide circle. He spurts precome, smearing across the surface of his cockhead and lapping at the edges of his sheath, filling up the space like it's a shallow bowl.\n\nHe almost seems surprised when you bow your head down and drink, letting out a grunt that turns into an appraising hum. The rim of his sheath dimples at your touch, sending the puddled precome sloshing, and you lap it up like a cat, tongue swiping across the broad, flat surface of his cockhead. He tastes acrid, rank, bitter, his precome scummy in your mouth, coating your tongue. His slit gapes, spurting more like a fountain, and you press your mouth against it, swallowing whole mouthfuls. One of his hands comes down, spreading across the back of your neck. His fingertips are rough with callouses.\n\nHis cock scrapes against the inside of his sheath as he gets hard, shaft so fat it's struggling to push along. There are sloppy glugs deep down in it, precome bubbling down, smearing along the inside of his sheath, matched with air bubbling up through the sloppy pool as some internal spaces in his sheath flood was his pre. He reaches down with his other hand and squeezes his sheath, pulling you closer, squirting thick half-rancid pre into your mouth, coating your tongue. Your eyes water from the taste of it, bitter and acrid, and you dig in eagerly, shoving your tongue along the rim of his sheath, digging out thick, clotted chunks of precome.\n\nBy the time he's even anywhere near fully hard you're an utter mess, face coated in pre, dripping in strings down your chin and squelching against your gums. Your throat clicks with every swallow, sodden and coated with his rancid pre, with more and more squirting out from his gargantuan dick. A foot of it pushes from his sheath, with no sign that it's gonna stop any time soon. He's almost cylindrical: cockhead separated from shaft by a fat ring, with no other difference. There's no way you could fit any part of it in your mouth, so you slobber all across it, licking and sucking at the curve of it, hands all sloppy and dripping as you stroke more. He groans, coaxing out on, pressing your head against the bloated, massive length of his cock, scrubbing your face up and down until it's glossy and dripping. More of his cock spills from his sheath, dripping huge rippling waves of precome, soaking all through his trousers. It spans practically his entire chest, and you end up sprawled on his lap, cock sandwiched between you, sloppily kissing him and slurping on his cock, until his lips are just as much a mess as your own.\n\nHe grunts and jerks your head down, smashing your lips against the flare of his cockslit, dimpling out like a tiny mouth. He ruts against you, cock smearing slimy fluid all down your arms, and then he comes with a bellow. His cock //glugs//, the well of precome pooling across his cockhead suddenly slurping back down his slit as it suddenly gapes, and then he erupts with the force of a shot. His jizz splatters into your mouth, filling and overflowing in an instant, and you cough and sputter, mouth just drooling a solid sheet of thick come. His entire body jerks with each spurt; under your hands his shaft ripples and spasms, some enormous muscle deep in his hips clenching with each hosing squirt.\n\nHe sprays his load all over your face, sloppy and grimy grey, chunky as it steams dry in seconds, plastering all through your hair and drooling down your cheeks. He mindlessly ruts his spurting cock across your face, a few shots catching across your mouth, and you swallow what you can, all bitter-sour and rank. By the time he finishes -- sprawling on his side, boneless, cock drooling a final, finger-thick rope of jizz -- you're dripping wet, face and shoulders covered in near-opaque sheets of his come.\n\nHe rolls over, stretching, and his joints pop. "You know where the door is," he mumbles with his eyes closed, cock slowly softening across his chest.\n<<else if $orifice == "asshole">>\\n<<else if $orifice == "vagina">>\\n<<endif>>\\n<<else>>\\n<<if $orifice == "mouth">>\\n<<else if $orifice == "asshole">>\\n<<else if $orifice == "vagina">>\\n<<endif>>\\n<<endif>>\\n\n[[⟶|poacher]]
You touch his heart. He lurches back when he sees the light limning your hand, but you slide past the iron chain and through his talismans and reach down into the heart of him.\n\nHe yells, a roaring noise that draws out into a bellow, echoing and rattling the dingy supplies he left stacked on the blind shelves.\n\n{...}\n\n[[⟶|poacher][$poacherTransformed = true]]
Evidently Valiant takes much more after his mother.\n\nThe Poison Lion is an immense beast, fur rich purple and streaked with lightning-fork shots of poisonous green, trailing down the huge blocky lines of his body. His head is crowned with cracked horns: black, like ebony, and they zig-zag out from his mane in all directions. Fangs erupt from his upper jaw, scything down over his lips. His eyes are a rich, glowing purple, like strange lights.\n\n\n{...}
by [[xax|]]
<<nobr>>\n<<set $heroism = ["heroism", "You are a hero."]>>\n<<set $law = ["law", "You obey the laws of god and man."]>>\n<<set $illness = ["illness", "You know the symptoms of the demon sickness."]>>\n\n<<set $seduction = ["seduction", "You know the sensual arts of the body."]>>\n<<set $song = ["the art of song", "You know the singing art."]>>\n<<set $killing = ["secret of killing", "You know the ways to make a death."]>>\n<<set $divinity = ["divinity", "Eternal energy courses through you."]>>\n\n/% these are mes that are referenced (in action requirements) but not written or placed into the forest %/\n /% cabybara building a dam? i don't think cabybaras build dams. %/\n<<set $hardwork = ["hard work", ""]>>\n /% talk to a cawing bird spirit. loses you forthright speech %/\n<<set $deceit = ["deceitful speech", ""]>>\n /% beast lord would kind of make sense except it's for kokame, which wouldn't %/\n<<set $crown = ["the exalted and enduring crown", ""]>>\n /% something on the fuming path i bet? not rly sure what it would be though %/\n<<set $smith = ["the craft of the smith", ""]>>\n<<set $instruments = ["loud musical instruments", ""]>>\n\n<<set $purification = ["holy purification rites", ""]>>\n\n<<set $qualities = []>>\n\n<<set $qualities.push ($heroism)>>\n<<set $qualities.push ($law)>>\n<<set $qualities.push ($illness)>>\n\n<<set $last = "">>\n<<endnobr>><<display "intro">>
<div id="notes">[[CONTENT NOTES|notes]]</div>\\nDeep within the forest there was a shifting and a stirring, and two nights hence a swarm of <<if $last != "demon locusts">>[[demon locusts]]<<else>>''demon locusts''<<endif>> flew across the full moon in the shape of an eye. A virgin of the village birthed a <<if $last != "two-headed goat">>[[two-headed goat]]<<else>>''two-headed goat''<<endif>>, and a son of the village chief ran <<if $last != "howling and barking">>[[howling and barking]]<<else>>''howling and barking''<<endif>> like a dog into the forest, and has not been seen since. The cries of a wild bird cut across the night sky and left <<if $last != "cracks">>[[cracks]]<<else>>''cracks''<<endif>>, like lightning.\n\n<<if $last == "woodwitch">><span class="aside">You divine the omens and portents, and discern the boundary between the land of mankind and the realm of the eternal forest.</span><<endif>>Villagers fell ill, slipping into a sleep that never breaks, and now half the town lies in an eternal sleep. A sickness lies across the village. The <<if $last != "woodwitch">>[[woodwitch]]<<else>>''woodwitch''<<endif>> tried to divine the omens, and fell with them, into the same sleep. She passed yesterday, at midday.\n\nYou were in training to be the new woodwitch. ^^[[You were summoned to the longhouse last night.]]^^
<<set $last = "demon locusts">><span class="aside">Buzzing like bees. Their droning carries from the tops of trees, resonating through the still village streets.</span><<display "intro">>
<<set $last = "two-headed goat">><span class="aside">She complained of things squirming inside her, ushered to the midwife's hut only minutes before clashing bleats were heard from inside.</span><<display "intro">>
<<set $last = "howling and barking">><span class="aside">His howls ring from the forest at night, and in the past few days they've been joined by others.</span><<display "intro">>
<<set $last = "cracks">><span class="aside">Shards of blue-white sky were scattered across the fields in the morning. Some remain the inky black of night, with dim stars burning inside them.</span><<display "intro">>
<<set $last = "woodwitch">><<display "intro">>
The chief spoke of his lost son, and the others surely to follow; and of how we must have abandoned the old ways, or been lead astray, and that further calamity would come ere we not change our ways.\n\nThe wise woman of the forest spoke of unknown sin, how we must have trespassed against a divine prohibition: trampling the shrine of a god unheeding, or crying out the name of a nameless god by accident; that we angered hidden spirits so that they would cause us such tribulation.\n\nThe wise woman of the city spoke of the ways of the tyrant, sending us trial and injustice simply because it was in their power to do so; of divine machinations of such span that they did not see or regard us, even when their actions led to our destruction.\n\nAs the new woodwitch, you had a place in the ring, but you did not feign wisdom and speak against the council: when the chief spoke of the old ways, you thought of [[sacrifice]], and when the wise woman of the forest spoke of sin you thought of [[purification]], and when the wise woman of the city spoke of tyrants you thought of [[revolution]], and in that way they spoke and ^^[[decided]]^^ their path.\n\nYou did not speak of how, three nights hence, you had a [[dream]].
A task has been put upon you. With the village sleeping, the forest wakes: each dawn shows new saplings where there was grass the night before. Thick vines crawl across the fields, choking the crops, and the posts that marked the site of the new forge are already lost in a thicket. You are to go into the forest, consult with the spirits that live there, and find an answer.\n\n----\n\n<<set $orifice = "">><<set $secondary = []>>^^[[You|You_]]^^ are in the village.
The old ways are changing, and none observe the old prohibitions. When you appeared as a babe, left swaddled on the edge of the forest, they took you in as Forest-born, a changeling birthed from the spirits and the wood.\n\nBut the old ways were clear: that while a village with one such as that was blessed, one with two was cursed, and three was inviting disaster. The wise woman of the forest, many many years ago, stepped from the forest into the village, and later so to did Kumai, bringing with her a demon suitor, and then you came as a babe.\n\nThere are old ways to purchase forgiveness from the forest, too: send the guilty away, one by one, into the shade of the trees, and let them be swallowed up.\n\n[[⟵|You were summoned to the longhouse last night.]]
We are heavy with sin, you thought: bodies riddled with it. We have been living in a fallen house; we have been drinking poison; we have been eating lead. We have borne sorrow and lamentation onto the world, and now it has come back to us.\n\nAa, the first priest, taught humans the ways of the gods: the offerings that pleased the spirits, each in turn, and the prohibitions each one observed, and the proper forms to speak to them and the ways to hear their answer. He spoke, also, of lies: of clouded rituals and of untrue prohibitions, and how to lead others in confusion and discord for one's own benefit.\n\nIt is Aa who speaks of purification: if we are sinful, let us cast off the sin; if we are rotten, let us scour it away. Let us shed sin as a snake sheds its skin; let us wipe sin away as soot from glass. It is Aa who teaches Grace.\n\n[[⟵|You were summoned to the longhouse last night.]]
If our backs are bent under injustice, you thought, we must throw off the yoke. If we live in lamentation, under a cruel lash, we must gather our voices and our hands and revolt.\n\nEi, the first tyrant, taught humans of power: the just exercise of power, and the burden of rule, of the necessity of justice and of mercy. She taught of the ways might hardened the heart and turned it corrupt, of the sin that lay as a seed within all people. It is Ei who speaks of revolution: of the ending of injustice, of turning blood and hunger and misery on their masters.\n\nIn the final days of the old kingdom, she stepped into the world: her feet leaving scarred marks on the earth, nothing but ash and cinder. She tore out the heart of the last king, speaking that lo, if the strong could not learn weakness, nor the wicked learn justice, she would take up their burden of rule herself, and she ate up their strength and their wickedness and left them dying, reduced to ash, for that was all that existed in their hearts. It is Ei who teaches Justice.\n\n[[⟵|You were summoned to the longhouse last night.]]
You dreamed, and in your dreaming you woke into a strange place.\n\nThere were trees at the edges, and the sky above, all vivid with unknown colors. You stood in the center: and on your left was Bja Lay, the wise woman of the forest; and on your right was the widow Kumai.\n\nTwo people stepped down from the sky, two who'd you'd only ever heard in stories. Your great-grandparents: Aa, the first jailer and the first priest, in a body of light; and Ei, the first tyrant and first queen, in a body of flame.\n\nThey stood before you, and kissed you, and spoke into your ear -- though on waking, their words had faded from your mind -- and touched your chest, and when you woke you woke with a buzzing drive in your heart, inchoate and unformed but impossible to ignore.\n\n[[⟵|You were summoned to the longhouse last night.]]
<<if $orifice == "">>\\n<span class="meta">\\nLook. Let's get some information here. There are gonna be some sex scenes, probably. Let's talk genitalia. What's your preferred orifice:\n* [[mouth|You_][$orifice = "mouth", $done = true]]\n* [[vagina|You_][$orifice = "vagina", $done = true]]\n* [[asshole|You_][$orifice = "asshole", $done = true]]\n</span>\\n<<else>>\\n<span class="meta">\\n# You have one \\n<<if $orifice == "vagina">>vagina, with thick, spread labial lips\\n<<else if $orifice == "mouth">>fresh mouth, with full lips\\n<<else if $orifice == "asshole">>succulent asshole, puckered between your cheeks\\n<<endif>>. [[⟵|You_][$orifice = "", $done = false]]\n# <<if $secondary.indexOf("breasts") != -1>> You have three pairs of pert tits in rows down your chest, each capped with fat, wide nipples dripping milky ichor.\\n [[⟵|You_][$secondary.splice($secondary.indexOf("breasts"), 1)]]<<endif>>\n# <<if $secondary.indexOf("cock") != -1>> You have a fat knotted cock, blood red, hidden in your shaggy sheath; a set of four heavy balls are drawn up tight below.\\n [[⟵|You_][$secondary.splice($secondary.indexOf("cock"), 1)]]<<endif>>\n# <<if $secondary.indexOf("ovipositor") != -1>> You have a glistening ovipostior, tip bulbous purple-black, too bloated to fit in your broodpouch.\\n [[⟵|You_][$secondary.splice($secondary.indexOf("ovipositor"), 1)]]<<endif>>\n\n<<if $secondary.length lt 3>>Plus you can add some secondary genitalia, if that's your thing:<<else>>Evidently you're a fan of genitalia.<<endif>>\n* <<if $secondary.indexOf("breasts") === -1>>\\n [[breasts|You_][$secondary.push ("breasts")]]<<endif>>\n* <<if $secondary.indexOf("cock") === -1>>\\n [[cock & balls|You_][$secondary.push ("cock")]]<<endif>>\n* <<if $secondary.indexOf("ovipositor") === -1>>\\n [[ovipositor|You_][$secondary.push ("ovipositor")]]<<endif>>\n</span>\\n<<endif>>\\nYou are a devout young hero from a village -- //the// village -- in the midst of divine forest. Your eyes are bright. Your spine is straight. There is a portent of sickness over you.\n\n<<if $done>>\\n----\n\n^^[[This is who you are:|You]]^^\\n<<endif>>
this passage contains some spoilers!! if you care about spoilers just go [[back|intro]] and don't read down.\n\n''this game is pornographic!'' it's not //immediately// pornographic, and in fact you can play through the entire thing without having any sex with anyone (though not without being propositioned, and also there's a genitalia prompt that's unavoidable but extremely early on). that being said: most of it's porn.\n\n''the game is unfinished!'' the only interesting event in the forest is right at the beginning, while wandering aimlessly. there's lots of forest past there, but events are very thin on the ground. most characters don't have the whole set of sex scenes written. oral has the most, but there are still gaps. sorry. that being said, it //is// an error if you find a scene that dead-ends, rather than just giving you a {{SEX SCENE TODO}} marker.\n\ngeneral content:\n* deep penetration to really implausible degrees (that specifically becomes deepthroating/breathplay or cervical penetration depending on your genitalia)\n* really absurd amounts and types of come (the term "opaque yellow slime" gets used at least once & it's really not an outlier here)\n* freaky animal genitalia\n* body transformation (but not rly for the narrator)\n* sex w/ four-legged (and six-legged) animals (that talk and are former humans transformed into monstrous animals)\nall the sex is consensual. almost everyone who has animal parts has the equivalent animal genitalia, or at least some weird monster genitalia. there's like two sets of human genitalia around. there are several cloacas. there are several ovipositors. regardless of yr genital configuration you always bottom. if you picked something other than vaginal sex //and// don't take a dick or an ovipositor, it's still assumed you have a vagina but there's never really anything more than heavy petting w/ it.\n\nsome of the transformations approach body horror, depending on what exactly you consider body horror.\n\nother content:\n* breathplay / asphyxiation / gagging (with a dick) / come play: some/most of the oral sex scenes.\n* cervical penetration: some of the vaginal sex scenes. yeah, i know, ow; it's magical painless cervical penetration\n* rimming: some/most of the anal sex scenes. kokame fucks you with his frog tongue for a while.\n* lactation: if you've got breasts they're basically constantly leaking milk when you're turned on.\n* knotting: if you've got a dick it's got a knot.\n* drug use: kokame, the frog guy, tfs into a frog with hallucinogenic toxins, and his later sex scenes involve some euphoric drugging. juma reis has a stinger-ovipositor that drips numbing venom\n* immolation: kuraja's and juma reis' tf lights them on fire. though, i mean, they're fine. just lots of talk about ash and char and fire consuming their skin.\n* smegma / musk: yelhu's tfed oral scene {probably also his still-unwritten other tfed scenes}\n\n[[okay cool|intro]]
You are a devout young hero from a village -- //the// ^^[[village|Village]]^^ -- in the midst of divine <<set $from ="village">>^^[[forest|Forest Edge]]^^.\\n<<if hasMe ("heroism")>> Your eyes are bright.<<endif>>\\n<<if hasMe ("law")>> Your spine is straight.<<endif>>\\n<<if hasMe ("illness")>> There is a portent of sickness over you.<<endif>>\\n<<if hasMe ("seduction")>> Your gaze is alluring.<<endif>>\\n<<if hasMe ("killing")>> Your hands are streaked with blood.<<endif>>\\n<<if hasMe ("divinity")>> Bright currents flow just under your skin.<<endif>>\\n<<if hasMe ("hard work")>> Your muscles are toned.<<endif>>\\n<<if hasMe ("deceitful speech")>> You have a silver tongue.<<endif>>\\n<<if hasMe ("the exalted and enduring crown")>> A golden crown revolves above your head.<<endif>>\\n<<if hasMe ("the craft of the smith")>> Your hands are calloused.<<endif>>\\n<<if hasMe ("loud musical instruments")>> The sound of piping flutes follows after you.<<endif>>\\n<<if hasMe ("the art of song")>> Your voice is melodious.<<endif>>\\n<<if hasMe ("holy purification rites")>> Your skin is covered in spirals of glowing dew.<<endif>>\n<hr>\nThis is who you are:<<if $aside != "">><span class="aside"><<print $aside>></span><<endif>><<set $aside = "">>\n<<display "qualities">><<set $current to "">>\nA task has been put upon you:\n* {}, the chief, said: "Go into the forest, and find a cure for the illness!"\n* {}, the alchemist, said: "Speak to the mystic who lives a short ways into the forest, for he might know the ways of the forest."\n* Bja Lay, the shaman, said: "We have broken some unknown prohibition, and you must find a way to pay recompense."\n* {}, the woodwitch, speaks the silence of the dead.
<<print $qualities\n .map (function (q) {\n var\n h = state.history[0].variables,\n r;\n r = h.current == q[0]\n ? "* ''" + q[1] + "''"\n : "* [[" + q[1] + "|" + q[0] + "]]";\n return r;\n })\n .join (String.fromCharCode(10))>>
<<set $current = state.history[0].passage.title>>
<<setcurrent>><<set $aside = "You were taught the ancient legends, of heroes venturing across the wide world, and from a young age you've striven to emulate them, to live a life worthy of an epic.">><<display "You">>
<<setcurrent>><<set $aside = "The eternal spirit has set down prescriptions on the limit of man's power. The ancient kingdoms defied its ruling and were scythed away; the forest growing through their vast cities in a single apocalyptic day. Mankind is set aside both from the divine spirits and from their fallen servants: the protections are for their own good, and when they are broken it is to no one's gain.">><<display "You">>
<<setcurrent>><<set $aside = "The demons' wings spread a dusty powder, causing all who inhaled it to fall in a deep sleep. What they dream of now, none save the spirits know. There is no natural process that will awaken them.">><<display "You">>
<<setcurrent>><<set $aside = "{}">><<display "You">>
<<setcurrent>><<set $aside = "{}">><<display "You">>
<<setcurrent>><<set $aside = "You know the secret passages between life and death; the ways of crafting a death: the art called Murder.">><<display "You">>
<<setcurrent>><<set $aside = "The eternal spirit is howling and unknowable, and the divine tree is buried deep into its heart, roots breaching through the bottom of the world. Its power is incandescent, transmogrifying: the power to change from what is to what should be.">><<display "You">>
^^[[You]]^^ are in the village. There are places you can go:\\n* [[Watchtowers]]\n* [[Village Longhouse]]\n* [[House of the widow Kumai]]\n* [[Groaning House]]\n* [[Pig Head House]]\n* [[House Over-the-River]]\n* [[High Hopes Hall]]\n* [[Graveyard]]\n* [[Dark House]]\n\nOutside the village walls:\n* [[Paddy fields]]\n* [[House Low-Lying by the Riverside]]\n\nThe <<set $from ="village">>^^[[forest|Forest Edge]]^^ awaits.
The house of the woodwitch, where you have lived for all your life. It was raised along the spiral of the village, punctuating the outer end just before the gates, opposite the longhouse at the center.\n\nIt is full of paraphernalia: dried herbs hanging from the rafters; ritual chalk in sloped bins on the floor; shelves overflowing with gifts from the forest: animal skulls, or chunks of ebony, or gnarled roots, or any number of other strange things. You know the story behind every one.\n\nIt is still and empty now, without the presence of the old woodwitch with you.\n[[⟵|Village]]
There are two watchtowers, one at either side of the village. There's a ragged palisade of sharpened trunks between them, in a series of swooping curves that match the elevation around the village.\n\nThe lower chamber is dim and lantern-lit, its stone floor always cold underfoot. There's a long ladder, first to the tower top and then to the lookout. High above, the village spiral is clear, a long organic curve curling across the valley.\n* [[Yelhu]], the miller's son, is here.\n[[⟵|Village]]
The longhouse is low and dim. There's a fire pit full of embers in the center of the hall. Herbs to ease pain are burning, filling the hall with a thickly-scented smoke. This is where the sleeping are being tended. So far none but the woodwitch have died, though some are close.\n* Attendants move quietly between the cots.\n* The council ring is closed.\n[[⟵|Village]]
The widow Kumai lives with her son, Valiant, in a house at the outskirts of the village. Their house is small and neat, one room, with a raised sleeping area and a loft above that. The rest of the house is tiled as if it were a hearth, with a row of cooking implements hanging on the wall beside the fire.\n\nKumai and Valiant are here:\n* [[Kumai]] weaving in the central hut,\n* while [[Valiant]] works in the field behind the hut.\n[[⟵|Village]]
The trickster Iemri lives in a decrepit house by the riverside: on the outskirts of the village, past the wall. The house barely looks lived-in, and at night its windows are never lit. There are rumors that he sleeps in the river, fish-eyes wide open.\n* It's day, and [[Iemri]] is in his house.\n[[⟵|Village]]
The house of the carvers, by the cliff: sprawling and multi-storied, with nested decks sprouting up its sides. Clotheslines are strung like banners from the windows to the cliff face. Every surface above the floor is clustered thickly with knicknacks: huge smooth carvings of gods and animals, sprawling out through open windows and onto the deck benches.\n\nIt's quieter here now than you've ever heard it before. The wind whistles high through the clotheslines.\n\nYou walk the path to Kokame's door: a narrow, tall loft on the shaded side of the complex. He's left half-finished paintings all over, in haphazard stacks, and the room is sharp with the smell of varnish.\n* [[Kokame]] descends the peg-ladder headfirst, peeking under the lintel to see who's entered.\n[[⟵|Village]]
A hunter's house. Named for how the porch pillars and upper windows make the house resemble the head of a gigantic boar, with the porch his yawning mouth. {} had been meaning to repaint the pillars -- white, like ivory -- but now they remain flaking and chipped, rubbed raw at hand-height up the steps.\n\nThe windows are shuttered; the hearth is cold. Someone has been through to collect perishables, leaving the pantry bare.\n* {} and {} have fallen to the sleeping sickness, and lie in the longhouse.\n* Upt Ru, your friend, was hunting when the night of omens came, and hasn't been seen since.\n[[⟵|Village]]
The millhouse was built where the river runs deepest and steadiest, and the shores there are sharp rock. The building is split in two halves, across the river, with a connecting floor above. The mill clatters as it turns, wood creaking, and when it's in use the sharp crackle of the grinding berries resonate out from inside.\n* {miller parents}\n* Yelhu and Yiva live here, though they're never home.\n[[⟵|Village]]
The old longhouse, unsanctified and used as housing. Smoke rises from it, in a dark plume. The sound of hammers echoes through the still courtyard.\n\nIt's sweltering inside. In the center of the hall, Juma Rais has set up her blacksmith, moved here from the now-overgrown construction. The hearth has been repurposed, huge slabs of chimney rock shifted to create an ore oven. The air ripples up through the fire-hole, burning hot.\n* [[Juma Rais]] works at the forge, broken molds arrayed in rings around her.\n[[⟵|Village]]
Outside the village wall, fields fan out down the valley, always staying near the stream. The demon locusts ate half the crop, down to dirt and water, and the forest has been spreading fast. Thick mats of algae cover the further paddies, with saplings sprouting from the brackish water. Vines roll over the stakes, covering them in broad, shining leaves, and they blossom with puff-ball spores, casting seeds all over the fields.\n\nCloser to the village there are some fields still intact, the rice and barley still green and young. The few villagers left untouched by the sleeping sickness toil in the fields, uprooting weeds and changing the water.\n* [[Shanatuma]] is in the high field, clearing undergrowth.\n[[⟵|Village]]
The trail to the graveyard circles around the village, up along the bluff to where the cliff joins itself. There's a sharp, sloped triangle that overlooks the rest of the village; high enough to see above the treeline for a ways, until the valley walls rise.\n\nThe graveyard has a ramshackle fence encircling it, thin slats of reed and bamboo. The graves are marked with stone figures and piled rocks -- the engravings worn away with time, leaving behind rough spheres, sharp pillars -- overgrown with honeysuckle and clover. The graveyard paths spiral and circle through the graves, branching frequently and looping back together. There are no dead-end paths, save the two directions that lead out, where the path simply petres out.\n\nThrough the graveyard is the top of the bluff, with a single stunted tree clinging to the very edge, its roots bored deep into the flaking rock.\n* [[Zzyrak]], the storyteller, is beyond the graveyard.\n[[⟵|Village]]