In a repeat of last night, you wake up aggressively spooning your best-friend-slash-boyfriend: arms around his shoulder and waist, curling into this weird more-than-just-hair-not-quite-fur he's got going on on and around his crotch; your leg thrown between his thighs, the hot line of his morning wood just basically //touching// you. Pressed all up against your thigh, radiating heat. Your entire body is heavy, solid, your heartbeat still sleep-slow, blood coursing through your body and catching at the scratches along your hips, your asshole, the scabbed-over claws over your sides. It's [[nice]].
You're debating waking him up with a [[blowjob]], because that sounds like a great start to both of your days.
Then his mom knocks on the door and calls you down for breakfast. She's //clearly// checked on you earlier, since the sight of the both of you cuddled up naked (under the sheets, thank god) doesn't surprise her at all. You kind of gape at her, and she arches a brow. You're so fucked.\n\nAt least he turned back from a murderous killer wolf in the night. That's //something//.\n\nYou try to move and holy shit, okay, as it turns out getting ruthlessly fucked by a werewolf two nights in a row is //really// not a good health decision. Your asshole feels like a separate //thing//: heavy and soft, like a weight attached to your ass rather than a part of your body. Moving //hurts//, muscles you didn't even know you //had// aching all along your legs and hips, up your back.\n\nYou whine into his shoulder and he stirs, in time to catch his mom turning from the door and heading back downstairs. He freezes in place until she's [[gone]], eyes wide, like she's a dinosaur and won't notice him unless he moves.
"We're so fucked," he says, and then kind of flails around, slapping at your forearms, when you scrape your hands lower, wrapping around the weird half-wolf dick he's got going on. "//Dude//," he hisses, "not now."\n\n"We've got a few minutes before she comes back up," you say, mostly to rile him up, and he looks //super affronted//; it's hilarious. You start laughing, except that hurts too, so it kind of turns into a surprised yelp and then heavy breathing.\n\n"You [[okay]]?" He reaches out, stabilizes you, and you lean into the contact.
"Yeah, no, it's fine, just, uh, kind of hurt from last night." He blushes deep red; it's super cute. "Two nights in a row with you all wolfed out was //definitely// a mistake." Now he looks all chagrined. "Dude, not that it was bad, just maybe we're gonna have to plan some recovery time. Or skip the [[knotting]]."
He darts his eyes to the door, like maybe his mom is secretly lurking there. "It felt really good," he says, voice husky when he whispers, like it's some kind of deep secret.\n\n"Um, thank you?" you say. He gives you a //look//. "What? Honestly I think I made it pretty clear at the time I was super into it, so like, I don't know what you're looking for here," except half of that is said mumbled into his mouth when he darts forward and kisses you. You don't stop talking because you wanted to make a point about how kissing people doesn't make them shut up, except it's not like anything you said was coherent, anyway. His mouth is nice, like, vaguely you were expecting morning breath to taste awful, but it's honestly not that bad. It tastes like mouth. He's slick and hot, and there's just enough friction to be nice as his lips drag over yours.\n\nHis eyes go all glassy and animal when he pulls back, looking down your body. You're kind of marked up all over, hips a mess of red scratches all scabby in the center, some deep enough you really should've maybe gotten bandaged up before bleeding all over his sheets. It looks like, well, you know what it looks like. He pushes you back down onto the bed, teeth growing long as he basically smears his face across your stomach, snuffling and licking until his chin mashes against your cock.\n\n"//Hnnnnn//," is what you say, because you're articulate and awesome at all times, and you kind of rub your dick across his face. Yeah, okay, despite what you just said you really [[don't have time]] for this, but honestly like you're gonna object?
Except then his mom's footsteps are //clear// on the steps and his eyes go wide again and he leaps out of bed (giving you a really nice eyeful, woof) and lunges for his dresser. //He's// fucking limber as ever, even though he spent the night brutally fucking you and also turning back and forth into a vicious monster on top of that. The world is unfair. He drags on some of his ratty boxers (that do nothing to hide his half-shifted sheath and wolf dick, big enough to jut up above the waistband) as she stops in the doorway. He keeps his back turned, head craning around. It's the least subtle thing ever.\n\n"Up! Seriously, you two, I know you wore yourselves out last night," oh god you inhaled at the wrong time and now you're choking on your own spit, //fuck//, and Shey -- which is his //name// -- looks caught between wanting to help you and wanting to not basically flash his mom if he turns around, oh god, this is how you're gonna die, "but there are pancakes, and we're gonna //talk//."\n\nYou get [[chills]]. After you clear your throat.
The resulting conversation is mostly made awkward by how you can't fucking sit down without hissing, and //everyone// in the room knows why. You creep down the stairs behind Shey, asshole still feeling like it's gonna fall off your body, and when you sit down it's with a low pained whimper. His mom looks at you. Shey goes beet red and during the ensuing relationships-and-safe-sex conversation his flush doesn't go away at all. You're honestly kind of worried he's gonna get a nosebleed. It's the worst thing you've ever experienced, and only made worse by how you know there's gonna be a repeat of it the next time Shey's at //your// house.\n\nShe's also upset about the mess in the bathroom, but she seems under the impression you like, brought a dog home and gave it a bath and then sent it off. That would be a cutting indictment on your character, but honestly, over the years you've done worse.\n\nYou wonder if werewolves are like a reverse tooth fairy, like, everyone says they don't exist but then you grow up and surprise, werewolves exist! You can't imagine this kind of thing staying secret. You try to figure out if she's giving this talk with barely-concealed amusement. Well, no, she totally is, she thinks it's //hilarious//, but it's harder to tell if it's //werewolf-related// amusement.\n\nSo anyway, your final day of the weekend is spent under //heavy parental supervision//, so so much for more ruthless werewolf fucking. Like, even despite your protests, honestly, you'd be totally down with a third round. Or a fourth. You're sure you could work something out, fuck, the mental image of //him// riding your dick all wolfed out is basically enough to make you [[dizzy]].
Like, literally, once you decide to actually go //home// for part of the weekend your mind starts wandering on the walk back and when the image hits you: him like all half-shifted, loose-limbed and spread open, on his knees facing you, riding your dick, you actually waver and almost walk into a stopsign. It's bad. You're having a hard time thinking about anything aside how you could absolutely be having sex //right now//. All you gotta do is find a place where you won't be interrupted.\n\nPlus, your dad says "So I got a //very interesting phonecall// from Melissa," when you get back and you're choosing to block that entire conversation out of your memory forever, forever and ever. It was traumatizing. Probably for your dad too.\n\nYou jerk off like seven times. The sense-memory of him fucking you is still //right there//, the wet glide of his cocking pushing into you, the aching throb as he hammers you hard. You're a jittery, sexually-exhausted mess by the evening.\n\nSchool the next day is [[weird]].
Like, first of all, you lost your virginity over the weekend, so just by that alone you maybe ought to feel a little different. Like you step into the hall in the morning and everyone stands and applauds. Or like you've got new swagger in your step, whatever; mostly you just still ache. Less, though.\n\nHonestly mostly you feel sad for everyone who's having sex with someone who's //not// a werewolf, because wow, that probably can't hold up at all. Well, maybe, Shey in human form is still dizzyingly hot, all the more now that you know he's //yours//. Not, like, in a possessive way (well, only kind of) but more the knowledge you could pull him into a storage room and suck him off and he'd be there, muscles under your fingers, cock leaking into your mouth. You only barely resist actually doing that. He's yours in that there is the ever-present actual real-life possibility of you having more sex. You //seriously// can't stop thinking about that. Maybe sex has broken your brain.\n\nAlso in that short sixty-some hour stretch of the weekend you discovered [[werewolves exist]].
It's still kind of destroying your worldview. Like, what about vampires? What about the unending lists of //other// fairytale creatures, like, if that was true why were they even secret rather than being something absolutely everyone knows about. Everyone knows about, like, rhinos, and those were mythical creatures back in the day too. Or is it just werewolves that exist? It seems really confusing and mysterious and you're choosing not to think about it.\n\nShey sees you in your first class (English) and he spends most of it just //staring// at you, nose flaring. He snaps a pencil once, you have no clue why, and after class gets out he pins you in an alcove and [[kisses]] you until your lips are bruised, basically panting all across your face when he finally pulls back. Then you gasp a breath and lean back in.
You're kind of discovering that kissing is a whole //process//; it's not like you hold your breath and just dive into his mouth with your tongue. Like, you can't exactly get a lip-lock on a wolf muzzle, so you figured you'd just do your best, except you guess you'd been harboring some idea that when actually confronted with a //human// face you just mash your lips together and... something? And that was the right way to kiss? You're also choosing to not inspect that so far you've had more experience making out with wolf heads than with humans. Except not put that way, because then it sounds like you're into taxidermy. On top of the implied bestiality. So, now you can //never ever// tell anyone about your first kiss. "Unexpectedly drooly, but, you know, in a good way, and also there was the worry that I would contract lycanthropy."\n\nYou drag your lower lip against his, kind of chapped and rough, and his tongue darts out to wet his lip, automatically, but you're so close together it drags over your lip, and you open your mouth a little and press forward, and, uh, long story short you make out a lot in an alcove. There's kissing and you can tell he's hard because there is not a single fucking inch of space between you, and you kind of grind against each other while kissing for the five minutes you have to spare between getting to your next class. He's a little better about control, but he's still getting a little hairy and toothy by the end of it.\n\nLike, normally you hang out in the period between classes, since you share half of them, and now it's more like you're just hanging off each other. To make a pun.\n\nYou //seriously// spend some time considering the whole [[storage room blowjob plan]] for your free period.
You spend some time considering if you can even fucking wait that long. Things go //mostly// as usual save for Shey making out with you up against a wall in between classes. Except then [[PE]] happens.
Well okay, PE for you but it happens to coincide with football practice, which means your shower overlaps a little -- you get into the locker room at the end of class around when the football team is getting out, which as mentioned //previously// had kind of contributed to your Shey-related fantasies, since it means you get to see him naked or in his fucking jockstrap every time your schedules align, which is most days.\n\nSo, yeah, when you -- with the rest of the PE class -- drag yourself back to the locker room all sweaty and exhausted, there's Shey. There's half the fucking football team, also, regrettably. His nose flares and he looks just about ready to shove you against the lockers and fuck you in front of everyone else. The feeling is so fucking mutual. He's breathing all heavy, like he's //super into// the way you smell when you're all sweaty and gross, and you hightail it into the shower to prevent him wolfing out in front of everyone. Just being in the same room as him is getting you hard; you have the visceral fantasy of just walking over to him and getting on your knees, dragging your face over his dumb fucking jockstrap until you can get your mouth on his cock. You try to send psychic signals of "let's fuck around on our free period" but you're //pretty sure// you don't actually have psychic powers.\n\nNaturally when you go to take a shower something //[[else]]// happens.
Well, first of all, you are fucking //marked up//, that didn't go away overnight. You still look like you got fucked by a wild animal. There were catcalls when you got changed in PE. Less when you shower.\n\nYou dawdle in the showers until everyone else has left, though you can still hear people moving around in the locker room. The thing is the PE teach basically fucks off after class; there's no PE period for anyone after this, and the actual football coach doesn't really give a shit about the team after they're off the field, so the locker rooms are basically unsupervised. This isn't really something you think about except in the back of your head, planning on if you really want to maybe get suspended for fucking in the locker room. You totally do. You're not ashamed to admit you'd do an awful lot to get some werewolf cock.\n\nYour train of thought gets derailed when someone else steps into the showers. You jerk your head up, expecting Shey, and-- it's totally [[not]] Shey.
It's Jace. The football captain. The //archetypal// jock.\n\nHe's completely naked, skin already slick from the spray, and he saunters towards you, lips pulled back in the most feral smirk you've ever seen. His eyes are gleaming red-green, glazed-over; his nose has a dark wet pad, and there's black fur sprouting up across his face, from his jawline up and down. So that's a thing.\n\nHis throat is bulging and lumpy, twisting, and when he speaks his voice is a low hitching growl. "You smell so good," is what he says, hips rolling back and forth, and yeah, wow, that's definitely his dick, pink tip just barely peeking out from a rapidly-darkening sheath/foreskin. "Smell like you got all used up." He steps //way// close, and when you take a half-step back he steps forward, pinning you against the wall without actually touching you at all. He splays his hands against the wall, tile cracking under his fingertips as his claws lengthen.\n\n"I //knew// like half the football team were werewolves," you say. Mostly to yourself; Jace seems kind of [[out of it]]. He looks fucking //concussed//, iris a thin golden ring almost completely blotted out by his dilated pupils, and every time his eyes catch the reflection of the overhead lights they glow a solid red-green.
As if to punctuate the thought, Jace leans in and //sniffs// all up your neck, burying the wet pad of his nose behind your ear. You kind of slap your hands against his chest and he steps back, still looking drugged and smug at the same time.\n\n"So you're taking to being a werewolf well," you say.\n\n"Shey fucked you, didn't he," he says. "Marked you in and out with his scent."\n\n"Seriously, are you hearing yourself? Is this just fucked-up werewolf dirty talk hour or are you gonna stand there and make creepy innuendo all day?" You're, uh, not gonna talk about how it's kind of turning you on. Though Jace is close enough to //feel// how it's turning you on.\n\n"I'd do a better job of it. Make you feel it for days."\n\nYou open your mouth to say something like, yeah, actually, I am currently feeling it for days and it's kind of a hassle; not exactly the most encouraging thing to say, when Shey (finally) rounds the corner and lunges, [[snarling]], at Jace.
You have to admit you were kind of expecting a dramatic werewolf fight, like, backflips and shit, but it's exactly like every other highschool fight ever. Shey barrels into Jace and they both go sprawling across the tiled floor -- bringing you with them, just from proximity to Jace -- and then you all just kind of lie there in a heap. It's the //opposite// of a dramatic werewolf fight.\n\n"I //knew// like half the football team were werewolves!" you repeat, at the ceiling. Shey groans. "Also, they can smell we fucked and it turns them into creepy fucking stalkers, please tell me that's just Jace and not a werewolf thing."\n\n"I'm right //here//," [[Jace]] whines, from beside you.
He's got furry mutton chops, tufting out across his chin, and his chest has a deep line of hair down the center, spiraling off over his pecs. Like, the thing is, Jace's got black hair, but he bleaches it, so you can see exactly what hair is new. His roots are growing out black, so he's got a two-tone thing going on across his head and down his neck, the tips frosted as hair -- fur -- fans out over his shoulders. The thing is, he's, y'know, white. Shey's red-brown fur is just a shade or two darker than his skin, but on Jace the line of black fur over his tanned skin is a lot more sharply-defined. Shey just kind of gets fuzzier, Jace actually looks kind of like a really hairy dude.\n\nShey's, uh, wearing his loose gym shorts, and his jock under that, and you can tell because they're both basically soaked through with water and translucent. You can see fur prickle across his thighs through the fabric. His claws are digging into the tile. His sheath is just straight-up spilling out of his jock. Those things were //not// designed for werewolves. He's shifting slow, fur spreading in waves up his calves and forearms, over his shoulders. His muscles keep twitching and expanding, too. You're pretty sure the intermittent popping noise is his bones creaking and not like, the ventilation fan catching.\n\n"Did the tackle knock all the creepy werewolf dirty talk out of you, because I distinctly remember you getting all sexual harassment up on me like ten seconds ago." Jace tries to sit up and you push him back down, in case //line of sight// is what makes his eyes glaze over. You resist making a dog joke.\n\n"I mean it's nice being a werewolf sex magnet but you didn't even //like// me before you were a werewolf." Jace shuffles in a way you can't help but call //guiltily//. " didn't even [[like me]], //right//?"
"Wow, you really had no clue," Shey says. He sounds amazed.\n\n"What," you say.\n\n"He, uh --" Shey looks over at Jace with something that might be an apologetic look, //what the fuck//. "He kind of has a huge crush on you."\n\n"//What//," you say again, and your voice gets all high and squeaky in that way it does.\n\n"He gets a lot of grief from the team about it." Shey keeps talking, like he hasn't just //blown your mind//.\n\nJace sullenly pulls himself up to his hands and knees, cock dragging over your hip. "Could you stop talking about me like I'm not fucking here?" he snarls, but uh, he's kind of -- his ears are bright pink, and there are splotchy patches of flushed skin on his chest and neck, creeping higher. It kind of clashes with the fur.\n\n"You're cute," he says, and his voice is a low, threatening growl. "You'd look good wrapped around my dick." He's still blushing furiously, though. It's adorable.\n\n"Oh my god," you say, with rapidly-dawning comprehension. "The growling and shit wasn't a werewolf thing //at all//. It's like, //machismo//!"\n\nYou start laughing uncontrollably and Jace growls and lunges at you, (Shey does absolutely nothing to help) sending the both of you skidding across the floor, butting up against a wall. He's kind of rubbing his dick all over your chest, nose buried behind your ear, taking these long weird swallowing breaths.\n\n"I can smell how much [[you want it]]," Jace says, the growl back in his voice. You roll your eyes, not the least because he can also //feel// how much you want it, but that apparently sounds less werewolf-y. "I'd make it good," he half-growls, breath hissing over the shell of your ear.
"Do you seriously think you sound, like, //alluring// when you get all growly? It's really not hot." You might, uh, be getting a little allured here. Your cock presses up against his stomach and leaves a wet smear. Like, you've been trying to play it cool here, but look, you've got two werewolves fighting over you like you're a stick they both want to fetch, (that is //absolutely// how you would characterize this situation, yes) and one of them keeps whimpering and growling in your ear. You're hard. You've been hard basically since Jace started touching you. There's a not inconsiderable worry that you're just going to come all over yourself before you even get to anything particularly salacious. Well, more salacious than your entire life has been getting, which is //pretty fucking salacious//.\n\nConsequently, Jace just kind of looks at you, a who-do-you-think-you're-kidding kind of look.\n\n"...Most people wouldn't think it's hot," you amend. "I'm into getting fucked by slavering monsters, like, I don't think I'm the statistical average here."\n\n"Good thing I'm only going after you, then," Jace growls, lips nipping at your earlobe, fangs scraping over the shell of your ear. "I'd fuck you until you're sobbing my name." Jesus.\n\n"[[You]] could," Shey offers, and then claps a fuzzy paw over his muzzle.
It's a good thing he was pretty unambiguously talking to //you// or else you'd be having words. "Um," he says, muffled by his hand. "If-- if you want to. Let me watch."\n\nYour eyebrows creep up your face as you just stare at Shey. He squirms.\n\n"Is //this// some weird werewolf thing?"\n\nJace laughs in your ear. "Does it matter? He wants it. He's not gonna stop being a werewolf. Give him a show." His breath puffs over the wet curve of your neck. You are seriously going to end up coming all over yourself just from this situation. Fuck.\n\nStill... "Is, uh, this a //you// [[thing]]?" You try to ask this gently, implying you would be absolutely accepting of whatever the answer is, but it's kind of hard to set up a nice intimate, trusting atmosphere with Jace one, in the room, and two, basically humping your thigh, kind of grunting and dripping pre all over. He's fighting the change, or something, which is kind of interesting but now's so not the time.
"Maybe?" Shey kind of squirms, haunches shaking. His tail is drooping. "I mean, I can, uh, still smell, you know... it. On you. From when we fucked."\n\n"I showered like five times!"\n\nShey rolls his eyes. "But it smells different when it's another werewolf, and that, uh, smells-- really good. Too." His hands kind of ghost over his crotch, before he realizes he probably shouldn't start jerking off right this second. Well, that's what //he// thinks; you'd be absolutely down for watching him jerk off. You stare at his cock for a few seconds and only then realize he's still talking. "It smells really fucking hot, okay, and it's--" he kind of waves his hands, which is what ends up dragging your eyes away from his dick. "I... you got //really into//, um, when we --" and he makes a gesture that you're gonna interpret as 'when we fucked and I was a huge wolf', "and I wanna -- if you want to! Right, but, um, if you wanna, um, be with another guy, just, [[let me watch]]?"\n\nSuddenly you're really retroactively glad you managed to get your whole furry thing out of the bag with a minimum of hedging. Shey looks mortified, insofar as you can read expressions on his, you know, wolf face. Honestly, you feel kind of shitty about it, like, sure he's a huge hot-ass werewolf, and also before that a hot-ass jock football player, but he's your best friend beyond all that, and you just kind of figured he was completely down with the werewolf sex. Well, which he is, obviously, but down with the werewolf sex and //nothing else//.
"Yes!" you say, because you realize you've actually been thinking for long enough to make an awkward silence. Silent save Jace's shuddery grunts, but, honestly, he doesn't count. "I mean," you start, and then basically tell him the above, minus the bit about Jace, and end with "and like, seriously, you should just ask me if you want to do something kinky, like-- like, we're dating, right? I'm not just using you for your werewolf dick."\n\nYou leer at his werewolf dick. "Though don't think I don't notice you keep almost jerking off here, c'mon on, take that shit off." You are //multi-tasking// here: deep relationship talk, and also you get to see Shey touch himself. You kind of whimper when he hooks his claws into the waist of his gym shorts and tugs down. His cock just //pops out//, like -- he was tenting his shorts hardcore, right, and when he tugs them down his cock just bursts out, literally arcing pre, fucking enormous, so fucking heavy his sheath swings down until it's like a cannon aimed straight at you, drooling all over the floor. Christ.\n\n"Anyway," you start, and you're -- oh god, you're drooling. You are literally drooling while staring at your boyfriend's weird wolf dick. You swallow. Shey's staring at your throat, and when your Adam's apple bobs his cock twitches, jerking up. Your voice is, uh, getting really shrill right now. "If you wanted to watch me fuck around with someone else all you had to do is ask, like, it's not really a hardship to go and have a hot werewolf threesome." You pause. "Or whatever, if you wanna just watch, but like, seriously, not a problem. I think Jace's more than okay with it."\n\nJace makes this shuddery moan, grinding all up your back, cock spitting out a slimy bolt of precome when you say his name. Shey's eyes are like platters, burning red as he stares at the two of you. The wet cracks of his bones shifting echo through the room as he starts to loom upward.\n\n"Yo, Jace," you say, finally just turning the fraction it takes for you to be basically rubbing up all against him. "You with us?"\n\nJace snorts across your neck. "You keep fucking //talking//." His hands grip your sides, slide down to the curve of your ass. "I'll fuck you with anyone you want watching."\n\n"[[Super]]." Well, the actual noise you make is more like a stuttering whine, but that was what you //intended// to say.
Shey's basically entirely transformed, not quite the gigantic bear-sized monster he was on the full moon but //pretty fucking close//, eyes and cock like bloody gashes, brown-red fur clinging to his skin, outlining the impossibly huge muscles across his body. His gym shorts and jock are skintight, drawn down to his thighs, bunched below his sheath, and they basically look like booty shorts. Which is kind of absurd, on a huge slavering werewolf, but you're overlooking that because it's also super fucking hot. You bet you could get him to wear actual booty shorts. Actually, uh, on reflection he'd probably want //you// to wear them, given his thing with your ass.\n\nHe crawls closer on all fours, eyes burning into yours, and whatever your train of thought was just completely derails.\n\nJace actually touches you, cock slopping through the mess he's been making all down your thighs, and his claws scrape back and forth over your ass, dragging closer and closer to your flushed hole, fingertips rubbing against your taint, grinding hard against the root of your cock. Shey's so close you can //smell// him, heavy animal musk. Your cock keeps twitching, shuddery pleasure spiking up through you every time you fucking open your eyes, see the huge drooling monster in front of you watching as //another//, uh, slightly less huge-and-drooling monster gets ready to fuck you. You'd kind of feel bad about the objectification but they're both pretty clearly down with that.\n\nShey's cock jerks, slapping down against the tiles (Shey winces) and sprays pre all over. The impact against your chest is wet and liquid, a watery gush of precome dripping down to your pubes, and just, that's it, you're gone. Your toes curl, back arching until you're leaning against Jace, and you come all over yourself. It feels like you're shooting your brain out your dick. Only, you know, pleasant.\n\nYou're pretty sure the whimpering sounds are mostly coming from you.\n\nJace's fingers grind over your asshole, two heavy claws scraping around the still-flushed rim, slick with his pre. He starts fingering you as you come, asshole spasming around his intruding fingers. Your hips jerk up, fucking cock fucking the air, Jace's fingers pounding inside you, rough and slick at the same time. You spurt out globs of jizz all across your stomach, except then Shey's cock pulses again and the wet gush of pre just completely [[floods]] over your stomach, dripping trails smearing all over.
One of these days you're gonna stop feeling bad about how little you come versus Shey. Actually, more likely, one of these days you're gonna get bitten in some sex mishap and then you too will have to deal with producing literal gallons of come when you, uh, come. That seems like a much better solution.\n\nAnyway, you go limp, sagging back into Jace's arms, and he kind of pauses, like the sex might be canceled due to orgasm. "Come on, dude. Put it in me." God, you are //abysmal// at dirty talk.\n\nJace snorts and pulls you closer. His cock bobs against your back, and he pulls back, sliding it between your thighs in a long slick slide, sheath grinding wetly over your softening dick. You're never gonna get used to how fucking huge these things are, Christ. He draws you down to the floor, half-shifted lips sliding over your own as he kisses you.\n\nHe's //definitely// fighting the change, though. There's a weird tension in his body, and his fur keeps prickling up and then receding again, in minute little jerks. Shey, meanwhile, has really just let himself go, sprawled over the tiled floor on his haunches, cock jutting out enormous and blood red, pulsing through his huge clawed hands. His muzzle is all toothy, and he's basically slavering, tongue lolling from his mouth to lick up streams of drool. He's only a few inches away, close enough you could touch him, but you kind of get the feeling he really just wants to //watch//. Watch and drool fluids all over you. Slimy fluid, pre or spit or //something// splatters across your back as you kiss Jace back.\n\nJace, conversely... well, he's definitely hairier than usual. In retrospect, it must kind of suck to be a werewolf when you're //not// into werewolves in, you know, a sexual context. Though he doesn't seem to have any issue with how his cock is like, a foot long now. He's got fur all over his shoulders, two-tone up the slope of his neck, and his forearms are dark and furry, hair crawling all the way up to his knuckles. He looks like a movie monster; more "the wolfman" than the cgi-monstrosity Shey would have to be.\n\nWell, they probably wouldn't give the wolfman a huge wolf dick. //That// Jace is making absolutely no attempt to force back. His cock is, well, huge. Pinker than Shey's, and roughly as big. Honestly, once you get past a foot and change the difference of an inch really isn't that important. His thighs and stomach are basically the closest thing he's got to fur, huge shaggy coils of dark hair, drenched with water and pre, sticking in glossy waves to his skin. He's been, as previously noted, rutting against your hips pretty much non-stop for the past few minutes, and your skin is tacky and slimy with his pre, and now that he's rocking between your legs it's actually dripping down your inner thighs in gloppy waves. You're not gonna get used to how much //messier// werewolves are any time soon. The showers were definitely the right place for a threesome. Or whatever.\n\nHis palms are hairy -- furry, maybe -- as he keeps finger-fucking you, hand dripping pre, squelching as he grinds two fingers down to the knuckle in your ass. You're still a little swollen and aching from the weekend, but it's subsided to a low, not-unpleasant ache. You just kind of... open up. It's a weird feeling, unfamiliar muscles clenching and opening. His fingers are slippery as hell, and he just... pushes inside, rocking back to add a third. It's a little rough, burning weirdly, but you're starting to suspect that werewolf pre makes really good lube. Well, that and--\n\nShey drools right down the crack of your ass. You shoot him a disbelieving look, like, what, but his jaw is cracked wide open, tongue lolling out, looming enormously over the two of you, and thin drool just pours out of his mouth, hitting the small of your back and sluicing down your crack. It's kind of gross, but honestly you're inured to this particular variety of grossness at this point.\n\nIt's slippery as hell, though.\n\nJace eventually pulls back and shoves into place, sharp cockhead digging at your asshole. His cock, knifing up between your thighs, twitches and spurts, letting loose a single gush of pre that's //way// more than you just came, splattering [[all over your ass]] and dripping down your taint.\n\nOne of these days.
Anyway, Jace fucks you. Is it bad that that's basically how it goes? Like, partly he doesn't exactly spend a lot of time on foreplay, but also now that you've had sex //twice// you are just old hat, you know, experienced and everything.\n\nYour legs are spread on either side of his fuzzy thighs, and his cock is dripping and drooling all over your ass, and he just shifts his hips, cock swinging down, and then he just... pushes inside. It's weird-as-hell to realize that, one, you have ass muscles, and two, getting fucked in the ass exercises your ass muscles, and //three//, apparently having developed ass muscles makes it easier to get fucked? Like, it's still a little rough and tight, since this is, uh, the first time you've had a dick in your ass without Shey slobbering all up inside you for a half-hour beforehand, (the drool does not count,) but you kind of get the feeling if you'd tried taking some huge foot-long cock a week ago you'd be bleeding and in considerable pain. Comparatively, the rough grind as Jace shoves inside you, pushing each inch in successive jerks -- it's not, like, super pleasant, but it's got the same low, hot rush as Shey plowing you. Yeah, a little painful, but in a good way.\n\nThen you sprawl back on the ground and knock the back of your head against the tiles. "Fuck!" you yelp, scrubbing against the impact, and Jace just snarls down at you. His inhumanly-long tongue lolls from his mouth, over his fangs. It's hot as hell.\n\nHis claws dig into your hips, and he just jerks you down, slamming the rest of his kick into you, until his sheath slurps to a stop against your spread asshole. It's like a piece of fucking iron rebar inside you, physically hot and surprisingly //hard//, jabbing and knocking all around in your ass in ways that send weird pulses of heat racing all through your body. It's kind of inexpert; he just jabs back inside, mouth open and drooling -- which looks a lot grosser on his mostly-human face than on a muzzle -- as he growls and whimpers. His cock is practically spraying inside you, sloppily churning up your insides, and the wet squelch of each thrust gets wetter and goopier as he keeps spraying down your guts with watery werewolf precome.\n\nHis sheath crashes against your upturned ass, fluid slopping in all directions, squelching on the withdrawal. Your ass is sore, cheeks hot from the impacts, and his immense fucking balls smash against your skin with each thrust, swinging up to crash against your taint, a fleeting pressure against the root of your cock. He's grunting and growling, super into it, half-howling into the air each time he bottoms out.\n\nYou butt up against the shower wall at around the time Jace's knot starts swelling in his sheath. He takes that as an opportunity to lean down, pressing slobbery kisses over your neck and jaw, finally pressing his mouth against yours, spreading your lips as his tongue unfurls into your mouth. He smells like wolf. Hell, he //tastes// like wolf, acrid and meaty in a way just plain old [[human mouth]] doesn't taste like.
It's a little grosser, since like, in a way it's easier to deal with making out with a wolf head instead of a human who just keeps drooling on you? Like a certain amount of mess, you think, comes implied when you decide to try and kiss a huge slavering wolf. But -- as tacky drool spills down your cheek in a hot line -- you decide it's still really hot, you know, also. You kiss back, blunt teeth digging into his lower lip, and he groans, the noise completely inhuman, a racking growl rumbling up from his chest.\n\nJace's knot erupts from his sheath with a gush, and the wet slaps as he bottoms out get a whole lot //crisper// as the bare flesh of his half-swollen knot smacks against your gaping asshole. It wouldn't even be //difficult// for you to take it; you're worked open and your asshole has gotten fucking //exercised//, and you're halfway to thinking oh, fuck it, and spreading yourself open.\n\n"No knotting," you say, absolutely incoherently between Jace's drooling kisses. You push him back, taking a deep breath that's not rank and musky in the mean time. "//[[No knotting]]//," you repeat.
"Knotting?" Jace repeats, a little dazed. His voice is wrecked, and not just in a growly-werewolf way.\n\nYou reach across your body and grab his knot. It's, uh. You'd need two hands; you just kind of cup over one half-inflated slab and squeeze a little. Jace buckles, sprawling on top of you, forehead coming to rest on your shoulder. You squeeze again and he //whimpers//, a little sobbing yelp that's honestly one of the hottest noises you've ever heard.\n\nYou grab his knot with both hands.\n\nHe's still fucking you, hips jerking forward in an uneven rhythm, your own fingers bashing against your asshole as he bottoms out, and you slowly just roll forward, until you're on your knees, Jace on his back below you, rutting and thrusting up. You are straight-up riding his cock.\n\nHis hips bash up, jerking your entire body up, and then when you come down it's with basically your entire body weight right down on his knot. You groan. Your cock is jerking, smearing a thin gloss of fluid over your forearms as you lean forward, squeezing and tugging on Jace's knot. This thrusts get even more ragged, uneven, rhythm completely breaking off, and then he just //howls// and goes limp, knot spasming and swelling in your hands. It's a weird feeling, the bloated hard-soft flesh of his knot slowly growing more and more solid, a pressure building under the skin, stretching and swelling against your hands, which are already just barely wrapped around the full girth.\n\nHe, uh, also comes buckets inside you. Hot bolts of jizz spray into your guts, gurgling and churning inside you, and since this time you're not actually knotted, it all immediately floods out. It's thick and gooey, solid white, almost a gel as it slowly bleeds down over your fingers. Except then -- as he keeps coming, Christ, like a fucking faucet -- it just turns to water, sloppy gushes drooling down your inner walls, thin and incredibly acrid. You're learning a lot about wolf ejaculation right here. Jace is just groaning and jerking, hips twitching, //cock// twitching, the flesh of his knot seaming out between your widely-stretched fingers, a dark pink-red, veins bubbling to the surface of his swollen knot, stretching bigger and bigger still. You can't believe you actually fit one of these things inside you.\n\nJace's eyes flutter closed -- they fluttered closed a while back, honestly -- and his head tips back, mouth just kind of hanging open. Not that his brain is, presumably, completely overloaded, the transformation is spreading faster, dark hair prickling up, first over his jaw, giving him ragged stubble, and then creeping up and over. His mostly-human mouth bulges as his head tips back, stretching out like taffy, and audibly //creaks// into a new configuration, fangs getting bigger and toothier as his muzzle just kind of... extrudes from his face.\n\nShey prowls closer, whining and growling in his own way. His cock is spraying pre in gushes, huge slobbery blasts of it suddenly smacking against your side and mixing with Jace's load as it all just sluices down the curve of your ass, forming a huge gummy mess all over Jace's furry hips.\n\nLike //now// is the time he decides he wants to touch you, his cock slaps down all across your back, his soaking haunches smearing pre all over your skin. He sprays pre directly into the small of your neck, huge trails smearing into your stubbly hair and webbing over your shoulders. His knuckles drag down your spine accidentally as he grabs his own knot, and then he fucking //howls//. The acoustics make it even more deafening. You're pretty sure you can feel the pressure waves hit you. Or something.\n\nHis load lances out in huge gummy slugs, splattering and sticking to your skin, smearing back and forth as he ruts his cock up and down your back. He shoots out... a lot, like, really a whole hell of a lot of jizz, and then it too just turns into thin watery slime, acrid and bitter-smelling. It's like a fucking firehose, one with really uneven pressure. The wet glugging, slopping noise as he and Jace unload echoes off the fucking walls. You'd been thinking, dimly, that the lack of knotting would make cleanup easier, but, well. Your skin is dripping with come, most of it Shey's, Jace's gurgling and squirting from your much-abused ass. Jace's still mindlessly thrusting, hips pumping up and up, and each time your fingers smash against your asshole there's a practical explosion of fluid, thin slobbery linesof come erupting from your overfilled ass.\n\nAfter like ten minutes you finally realize he's gonna keep coming for the whole hour-and-a-half unless you [[let go]] of his knot. You're //hoping// that's how it works, at least. In your defense, getting jizzed on by two werewolves is kind of. Distracting. Also incredibly fucking hot, holy shit, you were just hoping for a quick bj in the lockerroom or something.
Your hands are basically mired to his knot. When you pull back there are webs. Also, your fingers left imprints on his knot, which... //seems// like the kind of thing that would be painful, but "in pain" is not how you would describe Jace right now. You pull off his cock -- which actually works out to be like "stop pushing back onto his cock every time Shey smacks his dick across your back and practically flings you across the room," but you are the //only// person in the room who's in a state to [[keep track]] of that shit -- and wobbly pull yourself to your knees.
Shey pulls his mitts off his knot too, after he kind of catches up. He whines sadly when it does it, but it happens. He still sprays an absurd amount of weird watery jizz all across your chest. Your fingers are all pruney from it. Again. You get the feeling this is going to be a theme.\n\nIt's like taking the pressure off the knot slowly decreases the pressure of the come. You're not exactly an //jizz scientist// here, but Jace just kind of lies there, cock spraying across his chest, soaking down his new fur, and each pulse his less and less absurd, until he's just drooling the rest of his load over his chest. Which, uh, incidentally soaks his fur flat, outlining every one of his huge muscles. Maybe not as huge as Shey's, but like, you get the feeling Shey kind of... pushed more. Pushed more at the lycanthropy. Because sure, that's how it works.\n\nYou're not a werewolf scientist here either.\n\nShey collapses half on top of you, cock spraying basically precisely up against your armpit and squelching down your side. He makes a growling, roaring kind of noise. One of his huge paws finds your dick, jutting straight up from your crotch, and he just kind of lazily jerks you off as he slowly slides out of giant murder monster form. You end up gasping and shaking and shooting all up his arm when you come, grinding against his furry stomach, painfully aware of the sloppy wet squelching noises your ass makes every time you move.\n\nHe ends up slightly less [[coated]] in jizz than you do.
Okay, yeah, the showers were the right place after all, because you all need to be //hosed down//. You are literally dripping jizz, leaving behind little footprint puddles. If you had enough hair to have it be plastered to your scalp, it would be. Instead it's gummy and weird all up in your buzz-cut, slowly dripping down the back of your neck. Some got in your ear.\n\nYou haul Jace to his feet -- he still looks kind of dazed, half-shifted and eyes blown -- and shove him under a shower until his crotch no longer looks like someone spilled a bucket of, uh... honestly it's pretty unambiguously jizz.\n\nYou get cleaned and dried around when the bell rings. There goes your fucking free period. You didn't even get lunch. Still, you don't exactly [[regret]] it.
"I'm not carrying you losers' books in the hall or any shit like that," Jace says. Ah yes, back to his usual douchebag self.\n\n"//Shey// can carry my books," you say. "Well, actually, I can carry my own books, so like, whatever."\n\n"Whatever, nerds," Jace says, and blows out of the locker room. Which, like, you weren't expecting cuddles, but that's a [[little much]].
"He's feeling awkward," Shey says, once it becomes obvious you're not gonna get it yourself. "Because of how you learned he had a crush on you, and you laughed at him, and then the first thing you did after that was ask him to fuck you so your boyfriend could watch. And then you talked about how meaningful our relationship was to you with him in the room."\n\nOh. In your defense, you're really not good with people. There's a reason why Shey's basically your only friend. "In my defense," you start. "Heard it!" Shey interrupts.\n\n"I should maybe... talk to him?"\n\nShey shrugs. You loudly sit on the locker bench. "So like, what are we ever doing? I mean, like, yeah, it's kind of hot to be like, 'and then I became the bitch of a werewolf pack'" -- Shey looks a little aghast, but more in a "I can't believe I'm dating this person" way than a "you have substantial misunderstandings about the nature of our relations way", so you keep talking -- "but like, man, people are //complicated//. I guess it's kind of a dick move to jerk Jace around like that, but like, would it be better to only fuck guys who don't like me at all?"\n\nShey looks at you in a way that wordlessly expresses how bizarrely he thinks you're framing things. Look, you've known him a long time; you have an extensive non-verbal vocabulary. But: "I dunno," Shey says, and he really [[doesn't]]. "But I //do// know we're both missing Algebra right now." You collapse into his side, groaning.\n\n"I can't believe you said 'put it in me' //again//," Shey adds, laughing. You groan louder.
So, werewolf fucking: as it turns out, //not// completely divorced from the minefield of actual human relationships.\n\nStill, you know, pretty great.\n\n[[.]]
{{{THE END well no not really. now that i've named the characters i feel like i should just continue this plotline to the end. and by that i mean keep writing until i run out of interaction conceits and interpersonal drama. yeah. yeah.}}}