Oh, does he go slower. He rises up again, dinner-plate paws clamping over your hips, and he just //rolls// back. His half-swollen knot tugs for a second behind the rim of your asshole before it pops out. You basically start leaking pre, his cock dripping as it emerges, and he just slides back in, knot spanking against your asshole before it pops back in, plugging you up. His thrusts are erratic, hind legs shifting, his whole body trembling. You get the feeling he's just about as wrecked as you are. Drool spatters down all across your back, and you can feel it smear over a caked-on layer of shed fur. You're //definitely// taking another shower after this.\n\nThere's a fractional catch, the throbbing, bone-deep ache of your ass building into something sharper and actually //painful// for a heartbeat before his knot pops out again. He keeps getting bigger, knot catching harder and harder against your asshole until the withdrawal drags your whole ass out in a swell of bulging skin, gaping asshole [[bloody red and throbbing]].
His cock bobs at the touch of your tongue, jerking up, and it smears the churned-up lather of his pre across your face: a dab on your nose, whipped crests of it sticking to your lips. It's salty, faintly, and even more faintly bitter. Mostly it tastes //thick//, like... smoky, rich, heavy on your tongue. He whimpers, whining as you lick up and down his shaft.\n\nYou kiss the tip, tongue stroking wet back and forth, smearing his fresh pre over your lips, but you can't take in more than that; it just gets too fat too quick. Him sucking you off with his fangs was hot because he //didn't// bite you; you definitely don't have a big enough mouth to return that favor.\n\nHe doesn't come -- you don't particularly //want// him to come, given the mess -- but he whimpers and whines, hips jerking up when you lap at the barely-there ridge of his cockhead. His hands -- //huge fucking claws//, but he's delicate with them -- curl around you, digging into your hair, spanning across your shoulder, giving a slow, easy kind of guidance as you figure out where his sensitive spots are: over the tip of his cock, the ridge of his cockhead, //inside his sheath//, around the chambers of his knot. Probably more. Probably there are ones that aren't even on his cock! You'll save those for later.\n\nPre slops in streams from your mouth, over your flushed lips, until the fur all across his underbelly is brown-black, shining in the light. He looks incredible, spread out in front of you like that, [[silent, relaxed]].
Which he seems to be managing a lot better than last night. Maybe because the moon isn't up, or maybe because he's only half-conscious, but whatever, you jerk him off and then you blow him and he remains more-or-less totally human the whole time, and it's really great. You think you're a fan of sucking cock. You gotta admit, after last night you're not exactly up to getting fucked //again// right off the bat. Your ass hurts, in that you can feel it swollen and flushed between your cheeks, every movement sending little pleasure-pain twinges across your back, over your hips.\n\nAnyway, by the time he comes in your mouth he's awake enough to return the favor, jerking you off (//careful// with the claws, yikes) while you grind against his hip, and afterwards you don't even wipe off, just collapse back on top of him and fall asleep.\n\nYou both get up properly at like, [[noon]].
You don't really notice the shift, just that when he pulls back the on-fours position, uh, works a lot better for him? There's a moment where you kind of reflect on how he's, like, //bear//-sized, and then realize that given how huge he is in werewolf form, yeah, bear-sized seems about right. It's not like he got any //bigger// this time, which, thank fuck, you really don't think your ass could take that if he did.\n\nHe drools into your mouth, lapping across your face in heavy, wet swipes. This isn't actually any different from kissing him in werewolf form. Or, honestly, normally either, it's just then his tongue is a lot smaller, and he drools less. He really gets into it. You're picking up what he's laying down, which is: he's got a serious oral fixation.\n\nHis cock is dripping all over the place, wet streams smearing over your stomach as he licks across your face and shoulders and //hair//. His cockhead digs into your stomach, spurting wet droplets all up your chest and then smearing into his fur, and it's honestly not even a few minutes until your stomachs are this slick mess of pre and, like, shed fur. You're jerking him off; your hand is plastered in loose hairs; it's kind of gross.\n\nHe's settled down to lapping across your neck in big slobbery licks, hips hunching as he grinds his cock against your stomach, and //you// at least would like to kick things up a little this time.\n\n"C'mon," you say. "[[Put it in me already]], Jesus Christ, come on."
So, in the morning you wake up from where you're spread all octopus-like on top of your boyfriend (yesss, boyfriend!), roll over, and then start [[jerking him off]] as he wakes up.
You've never said you were good at, like, sex talk. Look, you were basically asleep already by this point last time; you wanna actually //feel// him fucking you.\n\nRolling over when you've got a huge werewolf on top of you isn't actually that easy. First of all, he's super into your neck, muzzle bonking into your shoulder as you try to lift them, and second he's like, //grinding down// again you. Just straight-up getting the clearance for your hips when you're dealing with his, like, //soda-bottle// cock is really fucking hard.\n\nYou manage, uh, eventually. He even gets with it -- which is mostly why you manage -- all drooling down your back until his muzzle is between your cheeks. Your asshole is still swollen, heavy and flushed, and he just //digs in//. His front fangs are these two smooth, hard points of contact bracketing the soft, puffy flesh of your asshole as he licks you open again, tongue slobbering all over.\n\n"Seriously dude, just fuck me," you say, though your voice is kind of muffled since you're basically shouting into a pillow. You're //loud//, like, every time his tongue slides over the aching furl of your asshole you let out this //whimper//, high and tight in your throat, and then when he fucks the flat of his tongue just //right into// your ass you basically bellow.\n\nMaybe having the day to mentally prepare for how you were gonna be having werewolf sex at night made you a little more, uh, responsive. Maybe you're going to have to plan on being fucked into unconsciousness //often// if that's what'll keep you from making a [[god-awful racket]].
"So like, seriously, bit by a wild animal? Did it bite anyone else? Can you tell if people are werewolves? Seriously, like, any bloodlust at all?"\n\nYou ask a lot more, over the course of several hours, generally in between rounds of COD: the BLOPs. You, uh, might take a break so you can blow him again. He's in his //pajamas//, like, old drawstring sweats and that's //it//, and they're indecently low on his hips. His chest is all the slow roll of muscles when he shifts, and he keeps looking at you from the corner of his eye and just smiling, real soft and slow. It's really hot. He doesn't object at //all// when you settle between his legs, hands spread across his stomach, dipping under the loose waist of his pants. Well, he kisses you. You blow him while he plays video games, which might've been a fantasy of his and is definitely pretty enjoyable for you, too.\n\nAnyway, so that's all pretty great. You don't really gather much in the way of [[information]].
You take a shower. Eventually. He gets in too, and you hose off his underbelly, because all that sloppy fluid has dried into a seriously gross crust. And then you have to change the sheets again, by yourself this time, and by the time you're clean and dry and the room no longer smells rank you're fucking //exhausted//. He jumps up on the bed and sprawls out, and you basically just fall down onto it. It's substantially lumpier than it was before. So much for back support.\n\n"Listen," you tell him in a cracking whisper. "Your mom asks, tell her about the werewolf thing, because otherwise all the fur in the bathroom is gonna be //really suspicious//." You, uh, didn't do a very good job of cleaning the bathroom after your shower. Your shower with a shedding werewolf. It's a mess.\n\n"That was, uh." You pause. He just looks at you, all gleaming red eyes and broad muzzle. "That was real good." His mouth lolls open and he licks your cheek. You just grin at him.\n\n"I hope you can figure out how to shift back before your mom gets back, though," you say through a yawn, curling up next to him. "She's gonna look in here and think I fed you to a wolf." His head jerks up, eyes wide like he hadn't even thought about that. You're too tired to really care. "Plus if you could talk you'd totally've made a crack about how I've been feeding the wolf myself." He doesn't even need to say his awful jokes; you have him covered. Now he looks worried and smug. You kind of pat him on and around his face.\n\n"Whatever, just sleep. I call dibs on topping next time, this shit is fucking //exhausting//." You're such a fucking wreck. Here's hoping your voice comes back in the morning, and also your asshole stops being a constant throbbing ache. You, uh, don't have very high hopes, which is gonna make the inevitable dating-and-werewolves talk with his //mom// awkward. You don't even drift off thinking about that; you drift up curling up to the space-heater of your boyfriend, hands at first carding through his fur and then just still, curled around the shaggy fluff of his stomach as your breathing evens out.\n\n[[.]]
It's a lot fucking better when you're awake enough to feel it, that's for sure. Though, uh, he's kind of fucked the //capacity for thought// out of you, //again//, so it's more like this incoherent stream of sensation that leads you to push back against him, fucking cursing and sobbing and begging. Having a huge werewolf boyfriend as a comparison point makes it a little less impressive, but you're kind of leaking precome steadily, enough to make a slick patch on the sheets your cockhead drags through every time he slams into you.\n\nYou're sobbing, gasping into the pillow as he plows you brutally, cock a complete fucking mess, flushed dark red and aching, your body filled to bursting with a dizzy thrum of pleasure. It's the moments just before you come, when you know it's inevitable, like a wave about to crest, but drawn out for minutes, punctuated by these out-of-tempo thrusts, the awkward shift of his legs, all of it just dissonant enough to pull you fractionally back, to keep you trembling and desperate for a few seconds longer.\n\n"Ohhhhh fuck," is the most coherent thing you manage to say, between bitten-off curses and shuddered, mewling cries. The sound his cock is making is this lewd //shluck-shluck-shluck//, with rubbery pops when he tears his slowly-swelling knot from your ravaged asshole. You're [[gaping wide]] around his cock, thick clots of precome squelching as they drool out from you, in a sizzlingly-hot stream coating the backs of your thighs and clinging to the tight swell of your balls.
His answers: "Yeah, some kind of wild animal; I dunno, maybe; I think there might be some others on the football team" -- "//I knew it//," you yell triumphantly -- "I guess I could eat some, like, rare burgers, that kinda seems like it'd be good." His fangs drop down while he's saying it; he ends up lisping out the last half of the sentence. It's cute. You end up making some burgers for dinner, even though he complains that he can taste the carbon or whatever. You're not just going to feed him, like, //raw ground meat//; that would be weird.\n\n"So, uh, about the full moon," you eventually venture, casually, in the evening. You've basically spent the whole day lazing around at his place, which is not even //slightly// unusual. Maybe in the back of your head you were a little worried that things would be awkward after the sex. And maybe after the werewolf thing. But they're not! And it's great. You've had -- well, saying you've had more sex today than you have in the whole rest of your life doesn't actually mean much. You're so glad your his respectable well-behaved friend so his mom doesn't check in on you often, or in fact at all.\n\nAnyway, he turns beet red and starts sputtering. "I don't know if I can, you know, [[shift all the way]]."
You're, uh. Basically whimpering constantly, high shuddering noises as his cock knocks around inside you. His balls, when he jerks forward, smash into the curve of your ass like fucking //wrecking balls//. There's a smack like you're being spanked, and spit and pre goes splattering everywhere, dribbling down over your skin. Your whimpers turn into these gasping, ragged //sobs//, high and shaking, and you might be the least bit embarrassed about that if it didn't feel so fucking //good//. His cock shudders inside you every time you squeal; you know //he's// getting off on it.\n\nHe's not even fucking //moving// much, just, Christ, you're acutely aware of how your ass is like, a bunch of flesh inside you that is currently being stretched out around a huge werewolf dick, and all that flesh is connected to //other// flesh and basically your entire body here is stretching over his ludicrously-sized cock. His cock is so fat that he's basically pulverizing your prostate without even doing anything, that helps. Your asshole is squeezing down around him, spasming and then just failing, and it kind of hurts and kind of feels good, that moment when you're just spread open. There're dim feelings of your guts churning, parts inside you that don't have any nerve endings or muscles you can consciously control, but you can still feel the weight of his cock rocking inside you, and the fucking //heat// of it, [[sizzling]] hot.
It doesn't really feel like you //stop// making noises so much as the noises that get forced out of you stop being these sharp, cracked yells and start being soft, shrill whimpers. He's rumbling too, weird bitten-off yips and snaps, incoherent gnashing sounds of his working jaw as he picks up the pace fractionally, hips snapping back and forth. The catch of his knot -- almost fully inflated? You don't think you can take that much more -- takes forever, scraping over your raw skin, and once it pops out he just snaps back and slams forward again, trying to [[shove it back inside]] before your aching hole has even started to pull itself back together.
He grumbles, chest buzzing as he settles on top of you. It feels like he's still fucking you, guts churning around his cock, and absent the constant motion you can suddenly feel the enormous wet pulses of precome he's spraying you down with, sloshing and gurgling inside you. He's hilted inside you, and //that// still feels nice, his half-swollen knot such a solid, constant pressure that it's forcing the come out of you, a thin trail of jizz drooling from your half-hard cock.\n\n"Gimmie a minute," you say, once you can //clearly talk//. You can feel his heartbeat through his knot. Well, and also through his //chest//, hammering against your back. He's swelling larger in tiny, minute jolts, but you assume not quite to the point where he //wants// to knot you. Your asshole stings, furling open around his sheath. It feels like //meat//, like some foreign thing attached to your body, blood-heavy and swollen, pulsing a half-time out of beat with your heart. Precome is just drooling out of you, the union of your bodies a filthy mess, his fur saturated and dripping, webby strings slowly dragging into lines as it seeps out of you.\n\nHis muzzle pokes against your cheek, tongue lapping at your tears, and you turn your head to kiss him, managing to brush the fur just above his lip before he just licks into your mouth, jaws open wide around basically your entire head. It stops being anything you could even hesitantly describe as a "kiss" once he starts licking all across your face, into your open mouth, drooling absolutely everywhere. You, uh, kiss back.\n\n"Yeah, okay," you say after a while. "But go [[slower]]."
You take some of his clothes, since he //shredded yours// last night, and you have a lunch of cereal. Then you play video games. Awesome. You're glad you had your whole boyfriend-and-werewolf reveal on a Friday.\n\nNow that his super hot werewolf dick isn't taking up all your attention, though, you ask a lot of [[questions]].
The noise you make when he does, actually, put his cock in you is too embarrassing to even record. He draws back, one last lick up the crack of your ass, and then he's fucking //mounting// you -- you regret not making a joke about doing it doggy-style -- and his cock just slides up, head catching on the gaping furl of your ass, and he just pushes the whole thing in, in one thick, gushing slide. It sounds like you're fucking //swallowing//, thick wet gulps coming from your ass as he jams his entire cock inside. His knot isn't out yet, but you can feel his sheath fucking //pulsing// as he grinds up and down along your ass, peeling back fractionally as he rocks his crotch against your asshole.\n\nBut you still make this noise, long and drawn-out and fucking //loud//, Jesus.\n\nHe's fucking //heavy//, some slight amount of his weight bearing down on you, his stomach fur all wet and slimy as it presses against your back, and that's more than enough to flatten you into the mattress. You've got your ass in the air, your arms pillowed around your head, and a huge fucking wolf monster drooling against your neck, fangs scraping over your shoulder. He doesn't precisely thrust, just reposition himself -- his legs are like, //all over//, this is taking more coordination than you were expecting -- but that still sends the matress rolling, shifting against you, and his cock jerks back and forth, fucking you shallowly. The matress is never going to be the same, by the way. You keep hearing the dissonant //sproing// of springs just completely failing. It's kind of drowned out by the [[noises you're making]].
{{{whoooo knowsssss if there will be more. it's continually evolving. it's also plotless smut.}}}\n\n{{{honestly who wouldn't be entirely down w/ a werewolf bf. who.}}}\n\n{{{if i keep writing this i might even have to come up with fucking names for the characters, aaah}}}
It feels fucking //good//, is the thing. Like coming your brains out just opened the way for him to fuck you while you were all boneless and relaxed, not having to worry about riding the crest of your orgasm. You're still dripping come, even though you're not hard, like, at all. You think it's just pressure. You're pretty sure that's not how bodies work. You're too tired to think about it in more detail. It's too much, too big, but you don't want it to end, and he sure as hell doesn't seem like he's gonna stop any time soon.\n\nYou're having a hard time of even thinking of your ass as, like, your //ass//, instead of some new orifice, hungry and aching, wet and open for his cock. You might be a little feverish. You're sweating a lot; his fur is all soaking wet when it drapes across your thighs and back. Your skin is gritty where it catches against the sheets, on your knees, on your forearms. Your breath is hazy and humid, billowing across your forearms between [[noises]].
You're kind of blushing too. "Um, it wasn't even about that," you say, even though you're totally lying. "Like, I guess it's your first full moon? Is that a thing? Are you gonna go all feral and wild? I mean, you got bit on a full moon, and I guess it doesn't really seem like whoever did it was running on all cylinders?"\n\n"I don't know why you're expecting me to know any of this," he grouses. Sullenly. You pat him on the back.\n\n"You're the werewolf, bro."\n\nHe sighs. You consider maybe you've been giving him a hard time. You say: "Sorry, I should've been more sensitive to the changes your body is going through, you know, growing hair in new places, an increased interest in sex--" except you don't even get that far because he tackles you onto the bed at "changes your body". Then he tickles you until you cry uncle. Then he blows you, all sloppy and wet with his fangs framing your cock, which is pretty dizzyingly hot. All-in-all you're feeling pretty great about the direction your relationship is evolving.\n\nHe gets kind of [[tense]] when the moon rises -- early evening, since moonrise is //way// before sunset -- and his fangs don't really go away. You're pretty glad his mom has a double shift tonight, or else things would get pretty awkward. More, uh, awkward than her probably seeing the two of you sprawled naked and maybe come-smeared on his bed. When she leaves for her shift she drags him into a hug and gives you a look you're pretty sure means "we're gonna talk about how you're fucking my son".
You've been thinking the moon has made him quiet, half-feral, but you've been pretty quiet too. Your voice sounds too-loud in the room, after nothing but the soft wet sounds of your mouth for who knows how long. "Do you wanna, uh," you say, and wipe your mouth with the back of your arm, swallowing until your voice isn't quite so strained, "fuck me? I think I'm up for it again."\n\nHe sits up. He looks dazed and half-asleep, all rumpled. One of his perky ears is flattened against his skull; it's really cute. "Yeah," he says, and he looks out the window. The sky's dark, and the moon is like, //right there//, presumably bathing the two of you in moonlight if you bothered to turn off the lights.\n\n"You okay?"\n\n"Yeah, it's just..." he trails off, still staring at the moon. "It's really... weird."\n\n"We don't have to, like... we can take a break, it's cool," you say.\n\nHis eyes honest-to-god flash, like, straight-up glowing red. "Nah," he says, rasping lower, and he grins, gone from being a cuddly puppy to a [[huge looming werewolf]] in like half a second. He sits up, cock flushed and enormous across his stomach, and he pushes you back onto the bed, kneeling on top of you, huge hands bracketing your shoulders. He kisses you, whimpering as he laps into your mouth, cock spurting runny lines of pre across your stomach.
Listen, you've seen him naked or nearly naked enough times in the past few years to make you wonder if your brain (or dick) was gonna explode from longing. Now that he's all curled up next to you, smooth skin, heavy muscles, you want to fucking //touch//.\n\nHe's never been the biggest morning person, and admittedly neither have you, but you want to get your hands on his [[//human// dick|human dick]].
His fur is like the worst stubble imaginable after a while, making your asshole even redder and more flushed, so eventually you just kick him off -- literally; he emerges with his face thickly frosted with slimy jizz and with such an expression of doggish alarm you feel really weird about fucking him for a second -- and try to hold it all in until you get to the bathroom. You end up having to basically shove your hand up your ass, and //Christ// that feels weird, though it does confirm just how wrecked your asshole is. It's less that your hand fits and more that your asshole feels, like, soft and squishy.\n\nSo for the second time in as many nights you basically shit out a bunch of werewolf jizz while cursing his over-abundant werewolf nuts. Your thighs are plastered with his jizz, in wet streamers as it sloshes out of you. You're //really// gonna have to work out a better way to handle the aftermath if you keep this shit up. You say as much: "Christ, we're gonna have to work out a better way to deal with this if we wanna keep this shit up."\n\nYour //werewolf boyfriend//, whose fault this is entirely, has followed you into the bathroom and is just slumped down on the ground, forming a shape not unlike a huge boulder. He's, uh, really big. You're pretty sure he can't shift back right now. Anyway, he just looks up at you and then flops his head back down on the [[shower mat]].
He jerks in for what you think is the last time, knot pulsing and swelling even further inside you, but then he drags //back//, pulling out again, and you //sob//, overstimulated and aching as he practically drags your ass inside-out, asshole so gaping and swollen it's impossible to even tell if you've, like, //prolapsed//. Then he slams back inside, knot fully inflated finally, working back and forth into your wrecked asshole. He //howls//, not in one long triuphant noise but in ragged baying barks, yipping and snarling between as he shifts his weight back and forth, fucking //wiggling// his knot inside. Even once the throbbing furl of your asshole is wrapped all around it he doesn't stop, squirming deeper until his sheath is half shoved inside you, too.\n\nYou're sloshing; you're //already// sloshing just from his precome, and you can't really even tell when he starts coming properly. Your guts are a mess of gurgling wet heat, pulsing higher and higher inside you as you just take it. His knot feels like a fucking soccer ball lodged in your ass. Your stomach is already swollen just from his pre, but -- now that he's not moving -- you can feel the hard swell of his knot just above your crotch, stretching your skin from the inside. That's //definitely// something you missed last time.\n\nHe settles back down, fur sopping wet, or crackling-stiff with half dried pre where it's not soaked, or sweaty and matted where it's not either of those. You're basically dusted with loose hair. Your skin is fucking //pruny// from his fucking magical super-abundant werewolf precome.\n\nThat's not even addressing how you're probably not gonna be able to sit down for a week. Not even figuratively; your asshole feels //[[wrecked]]//, throbbing like it's got a fucking heartbeat of its own.
He gets quiet, non-verbal, spends a lot of his time draped on top of you, nose against your neck or in your armpit, just kind of... watching. And smelling, presumably. You're not judging if he suddenly finds your BO, like, super hot. You play one of his garbage RPGs and narrate about how cliched it is. He shifts slowly, and this time you don't really think it's because of how hot you are. He stretches as his joints all kind of snap and pop one after the other, and yeah, by the time the moon is high in the sky he's back to being a huge hulking werewolf.\n\nIt's the first time you've ever actually seen him -- wolf him -- totally naked. Well, totally naked when you aren't locked to his dick. You push him back against the bed, and he lets you. There's a low rumble in his chest, like he's purring, which, you kind of want to tell him that wolves don't purr, but you also don't want him to //stop//.\n\nHe's remarkably fluffy, fur in thick, shaggy curls all over the hulking slope of his shoulders, in tufts at his elbows, in waves down the muscled curve of his haunches, spilling out around his cock. It's exactly the same curly red-brown as his normal hair. //Speaking of his cock//, though, it's just barely peeking from his sheath and it's dripping pre all over the place (again), matting his fur down into glossy coils. You swallow thickly. You're //pretty sure// thinking about how he's showing you his neck, showing you his underbelly, is reading too much into it, even if he's all [[moon-loopy or whatever]]. You don't know //shit// about wolf behavior, aside from how if they're snarling that's probably bad. You could be into him snarling at you. His fangs are seriously hot.
Your entire body is aching just from taking his thrusts, and building up to your climax is like a fucking //job//, something you're both working towards, inevitable in a completely different way than just jerking off. You //sob// when you come, entire body shuddering around him -- [[around his cock]] and the empty, aching void of where his cock was when he pulls out -- as you spray what feels like every drop of fluid in your body out through your cock.
He pulls back from laving all across your neck with a final lick, leaving your shoulders a frothing slobbery mess. He jerks upward. His forepaws scrape long scratches down your back, until they settle on your hips. Then he really starts //pounding// you. His knot pops from his sheath, not even inflated at all, but still you can feel the slight curve as it pops into your ass and jerks right out, just barely wider than the rest of his shaft.\n\nAlready you're desperately close to coming, like just a few strokes will do it. Problem with that, though: you really, //really// don't have the leverage now to actually jerk yourself off. You're bracing your arms against the headboard to stop yourself from just being slammed up against it with every thrust -- in an un-sexy kind of way -- so it's not like you can just get a hand free. But, Christ, he keeps grinding his cock against your prostate, the instant when he bottoms-out and his knot bursts inside you just //mashing// it with a solid wave of pressure. The sucking withdrawal leaves you [[dizzy with pleasure]], and even completely hands free you're slowly, slowly getting fucked towards orgasm.
He fucks you through it, each slam fucking a wet spasm of jizz from your cock, over and over again until the sheets are... even more saturated. Your entire body is aflame, heat pulsing across your skin, echoes resonating through your body, grounded by the glossy slide of your cockhead, the aching, sloshing weight of his cock inside you, the chafing scrape of your nipples against the sheets. That dizzying rush lasts for almost as long as the initial build-up, fading in slow ebbs as the world rushes back.\n\n"Ow, fuck, stop," you say, his crashing thrusts suddenly //way// too rough, jarring and painful, fucking [[bone-rattling]].
Still, he lets you touch him all over, hands soft between his thighs, scrubbing down the lean arch of his calves, feet all weird stretched-out paws. His breathing is slow but getting faster. His eyes are locked on you, all red and luminous, watching as you start stroking him off. His precome smears across your hands and lathers up, until the sound is clear, loud and sucking in the otherwise-still room.\n\nYou lean down and [[taste it]].
You, uh, you're thinking getting fucked by a werewolf //really does it// for you. Christ. Honestly, it's less the weird animal dick in your ass than the complete //sensorium// of having your best fucking friend who's also a slavering werewolf mounting you.\n\n"Fucking Christ man, fuck me //harder//!" is what you end up yelling at basically the top of your lungs, and your voice cracks on the high whine.\n\n[[He obliges]].
So then he fucking //turns around//, knot scraping along the walls of your ass, until you're ass-to-ass and his knot is fucking straining to get out, bulging your ass out into a fucking implausibly huge swell. Christ. "Are you shitting me?!" you mean to say, but your voice comes out as a ragged wheeze.\n\nGetting fucked by a werewolf is //exhausting//. Now that the adrenaline is fading you're trembling all over, legs and back spasming just under the effort of keeping you from bonelessly collapsing.\n\nYou manage to flop on your side, and he follows. You're //exhausted//, so just like lie there, sprawled awkwardly on his bed, ass-to-ass with the biggest fucking animal you've ever seen in person. You keep realizing this is probably going to continue for another hour and a half, looking at the clock, and instantly forgetting what time it is or what time this even started.\n\nHis knot starts deflating after half an hour like a fucking proper wolf, //thank god//. You're really not sure if you can deal with knotting taking an hour-and-a-half. Conversely, you're pretty sure he's a lot //wilder// as an actual wolf. You'll just have to fuck a lot in both forms and compare notes, which even in your agonized post-fucked state seems dimly appealing.\n\nYou mean to warn him about the sheets when he starts trying to pull out, but you honestly can't talk. Your voice is //wrecked//, like you're a hair away from losing your voice. And it doesn't even matter; he pulls out -- with the most obscene fucking gulping slurp you've ever heard -- and then immediately laps up the oozing furrow of your ass, [[muzzle]] jamming into your ass as he basically drinks his load straight from your asshole. It's, uh, kind of gross, but you're not gonna judge. You might wait to kiss him, though.