Koyu skulked through the barracks, keeping an eye out in case Bob was around. But he passed through both floors and was out the front door without seeing him, and ideally without anyone else seeing him, either. He still felt a little nervous around the army, even if he'd fallen in quite well with certain groups in the castle.

He idly walked outside, in the open area behind the castle wall. There were a few buildings; most of which he'd never bothered to go inside. Mostly by that he meant the library, though— it was boring and full of old useless books. He'd been in the castle wall loads of times, mostly with Chaco or Sid, or most recently, Chaco and Sid. But they were off doing who-knows-what elsewhere, so instead Koyu ambled slowly down the beaten dirt path.

There was a sheltered little copse of trees behind the library, between the building and the bulk of the castle wall, shaded and out of view from anyone passing by. It was a tempting idea to go back there and nap for most of the day, and since he wasn't one to resist temptation he angled his feet and casually walked over to the grove.

It was actually a little bigger than it looked; there were a bunch of trees in a ragged line, completely blocking his view of the path as soon as he passed them. There was even a small pond back there, still and calm with a leaning tree right against it, the intricate twining of its roots exposed on one side from the water. But Koyu didn't really notice that; he was too distracted by the unicorn.

"Um, hi." Koyu gave an awkward half-wave to the standing unicorn. "I didn't mean to bother you. I'll, uh, just be going now." The unicorn started ambling towards him, a motion alarmingly close to a charge, especially with the hard, pointy horn jutting from his head.

Wait, came from the unicorn, a creepy half-sound half-thought noise, a light, tonal voice. Koyu started, staring wide-eyed at the unicorn. I called you here for a reason.

"T-that's you, right?" Koyu looked around, seeing no one in the secluded glade. "I didn't know you could talk."

Usually, I cannot— at least to your kind, the unicorn's creepy voice continued, but the power of the listening crystal— and here the unicorn made a weird tossing movement with his head, and through that same mental connection Koyu got the feeling he'd be pointing at his forehead, just over his eyes, if he had hands. Or arms. There was a faint rune-like marking there, at least. —has amplified my natural talents somewhat.

"Oh. um." Koyu scratched the back of his head. "So what did you want to talk about?"

You are aware of the nature of unicorns, are you not?

"Um, I guess so... never met one before though, so I dunno how right any of it'd be."

Allow me to explain, then: the unicorn began, professorly, As beings of light and energy, we unicorns have an attunement to higher planes, channeled through our horns. This is what bestows our powers upon us. But this connection has downsides, as well. We unicorns can sense acutely the corruption present inside other beings, and here Koyu shifted awkwardly, looking side-to-side, and may only be touched by those who are spiritually and physically pure.

"Ah... virgins, right?" Koyu was blushing a little.

That is one part of physical purity, yes. And that part is why I have called you here today.

"Hey, hold on, hold on... I ain't no virgin!" Koyu exclaimed, holding up his arms in defense.

Yes, you are. I can feel it on you, the white, glistening, sparking unicorn said, his mental voice carrying a slight note of humor.

"Um, there was that thing with Chaco. ...And Sid. Things, really. And, um, Tai Ho and Yam Koo." Koyu paused, blushing. "...and that one time with Viktor and Bob."

Ah, the unicorn said, a little taken aback, the rules regarding physical purity have many nuances. It is possible none of your... activities happened to impugn your purity.

"Well," Koyu started, his brow furrowing as he thought back, "I'm pretty sure everything I did with Sid was pretty... impugning."

I could get into specifics, but—

"Please do," Koyu said, crossing his arms over his chest. "I wanna hear how your magical virgin-sensing powers work."

...I think in your case, the unicorn paused, caught off-guard, the fact of the matter would be that there has been no... penetration in any of... your actions. He paused briefly, shifting his weight from one hoof to another. Which is why you still count as a virgin, and which is why I have—

"Noooo way," Koyu interrupted again, glaring at him now. "I sucked off a bunch of those guys, and they did it right back. That's totally penetration!"

Penetration... and the unicorn almost seemed ready to give up, but evidently decided to forge on ahead as his voice returned, forcefully, ...of the kind you are describing, involving an oral cavity, does not count for deciding virginity.

"You seem to have very specific requirements for sex."

That just happens to be the way the world is laid out, the unicorn said, blissfully, it is no fault of mine if none of your... extensive acts happen to have really been legitimate sexual congress.

"That sounded a little snippy." Koyu folded his arms over his chest again. "Are you angry that I've had so much sex?"

No! ...And you haven't had any sex, that is the whole point!

"I totally have! A whole lot of it!"

...among your actions there has never been an event which would compromise your purity, the unicorn responded.

"I must be having the purest sex around, if—"

Enough semantics! Sigfried knickered, pulling weird faces with his lips. The point is, as a physically pure individual and here he glared straight at him, daring him to interrupt again, your touch does not unsettle creatures of light.

"...Creatures of light."

Like unicorns.

"I got that. What's your point?"

Ah... to put it delicately, I have a certain... interest in you.

Koyu bit his lower lip, unable to contain his grin. "What would your 'interest' be, huh?"

Sigfried shifted around on his hooves again, swinging his head from side to side. Unicorns, too, have certain desires.

Koyu just started laughing hysterically, slapping a hand over his mouth after a half-second to stifle the sound. "You seriously," he started, after a while, then dissolved back into giggles, "You're a perverted unicorn!" he finally got out, still snickering.

I think you might misrepresent my int—

"Seriously, shouldn't you be out looking for lady unicorns? Or, um, guy unicorns if that's what you're after." Koyu made a face, "That's perverse!"

None of my desires are perverse! Sigfried thundered, They cannot be! It is impossible for a unicorn to have impure desires without becoming a creature of darkness!

"So that's why you're all creatively interpreting 'virginity', right?"

I am not interpreting anything, child. Those are simply the rules of the cosmos, while rule over human behavior.

"Why is sex dirty, anyway? It's pretty nice. And why is it all like, a one-time-only deal? If I get dirty I can just take a bath, but what, once you're devirginized you're impure for the rest of your life?"

The rules of the cosmos are sometimes beyond your ken.

"I really think you're just making it all up." Koyu snorted, then started on a different tack, "And hey, wait! If you totally want to fuck me or whatever," and Sigfried make an annoyed stomping motion at that, "How does that work? Wouldn't I be devirginized right when you put it in? That can't be pleasant for you."

Not that this is any of your business, but—

"If you wanna fuck me it sure is!" Koyu interjected.

—Unicorns are a different type of being, Sigfried continued, ignoring Koyu's interruption. They are, as I have already mentioned, incapable of commiting acts of impurity.

"That sounds like you all can't have sex, to me."

We are unable to remove someone's purity, an action which is distinct from sex.

"That's why you're always following after virgins, isn't it? Because if you fuck them, it doesn't count!" Koyu slapped a hand over his face. "Oh god, this is horrible. So many of my kiddie stories are ruined forever."

If that is the case, you might have over-invested yourself emotionally in the nature of Unicorn sexuality.

"Was that sarcasm? Were you just making fun of me? You were totally just making fun of me!"

Humor is one of the many virtues bestowed upon us by our connection to higher planes. Sigfried replied, serenely.

"You just did it again! Ugh, this is horrible; made fun of by a perverted unicorn."

I think this conversation might have gone off on an unimportant tangent—

"Your face is an unimportant tangent!"

—from its original topic.

"The original topic was how you totally wanted to fuck me. Do you really want to get back to that?"


"Oh. um. Really?" Koyu could feel a blush creeping up his neck.

For a human child, you are quite attractive. I had guessed from your previous... interactions with some of the other inhabitants here that you might be interested in my proposal.

"You are so creepy. And calling me a kid adds more layers of creepy on top!"

Our comparative ages mean that I am far your elder.

"So, you're a creepy perverted old guy unicorn, great. Just how old are you, anyway?"

Sigfried's voice was growing increasingly impatient. ...roughly one hundred-seventy of your years of age. But this is another tangent that—

"Holy crap, you are totally a skeezy old pervert unicorn!"

as Unicorns live, I am still young. Barely out of my years as a colt, even. The Greater Unicorns are old as ages, none less than—

"It is way too late to say you're a teenaged unicorn, creepy old dude."

My intent was to bring to your attention the difference between—

"I really don't see how you could have thought that would have made me want to fuck you."

Sigfried paused and shuffled awkwardly. I sense that you are not particularly open to intercourse with me.

"You sense correctly!"

If... there is nothing to be done about that, then I am wasting both of our time.

Koyu sat down heavily. "Your seduction strategy sucks balls, dude. How are you not still a virgin?"

Sigfried appeared to struggle to resist correcting Koyu's terminology. In the wild forests of my home, the people there are of the earth, spirits of nature. They hold no attraction to me. Only recently, and Sigfried's nostrils flared out like he was sniffing, have I become familiar with the alluring scent of human purity.

"And. I smell this way?"

Sigfried slowly walked closer to Koyu, head slightly bowed. You do.

Koyu remained sitting in place as Sigfried came close, his nose snuffling only inches away from his face. He could see between Sigfried's front legs, to his now extremely-visible dangling balls and sheath, a hint of pink visible from the tip. "Um..." Koyu said, as Sigfried's cock pushed out, dangling limply between his rear legs.

My apologies, Sigfried said dreamily, it is a... most arousing smell.

"Look," Koyu started flatly, "um." All he could think of now was Bob in his werewolf body, his rough hairy pelt under his hands, and his freakish animalistic cock. "I'm good with doing this, maybe, but you gotta do something more than argue about technical virginity while we do it, okay?"

What do you mean? Sigfried said, his eyes half-lidded as he sniffed at Koyu's bare neck, his cock starting to stiffen, a huge length of it already hanging out.

"Well, like... Sid was a dead fish when we fucked. He just lay there and made me do all the work. ...Plus he's creepy." Koyu shook his head "What I mean is that you can't just stand there as I jerk you off, or whatever."

It is not clear to me, Sigfried said slowly, what I can accomplish with your human body when I do not have your... sensitive limbs and here he clopped a front hoof against the ground, but I will do my best.

Koyu giggled nervously. "Well, I guess it's up to me to get my clothes off, then." Eyes focused on Sigfried's huge cock, visibly twitching as it got harder, Koyu reached behind him and began to pull off the rope bow around his waist. He placed the loose coil beside him, his tunic now loose and bagging open. Sigfried stared as Koyu pulled off his tunic and set that beside them as well, leaving him only clad in his shorts, visibly tented with his own erection.

Koyu looked up at Sigfried as he reached for the simple laces that kept his shorts on, staring into the unicorn's eyes. Sigfried actually licked his lips, his huge horse tongue peaking out as his lips parted, and Koyu let out a sudden bark of laughter, biting his lower lip through his grin as he continued letting out stifled giggles.

Have I... done something wrong? Sigfried's voice was as flat and melodious as usual, and that almost sent Koyu off again.

"No, no," Koyu said, still smiling, "did you do that on purpose?"

Do what?

"You really need to learn, like, human social cues."

I shall endeavor to try that.

"Good," Koyu said shortly, already tugging at the laces of his shorts. Under them he just had a short length of fabric, twisted around his waist and wrapped between his legs, his half-hard cock jutting visibly against the fabric. Koyu glanced up at Sigfried again, who was still staring sedately at him. He pulled off that final covering, unwinding the fabric and letting it drop, leaving him completely naked. His cock hung out, revealed to the open air, standing up stiff with his foreskin partly peeled back already, his balls hanging loosely below his shaft in the warm summer air.

Should I— Sigfried started, kneeling down so his mouth was level with his dick. He reached out with his huge, meaty tongue, and Koyu grasped against the tree behind him, jumping a little when Sigfried's warm, wet breath blew against him, followed by the slick heat of his tongue. He couldn't resist making a little surprised sound as Sigfried started closer, bowing his head down to reach for his cock with his lips. He glanced up as he toyed with Koyu's balls, tongue sliding around the base of his shaft.

His horn jutted up, spanning from his crotch most of the way up his chest, the point of it dangerously sharp as it wavered back and forth as Sigfried devoted further attention to Koyu's cock. He reached out and grasped it, Sigfried making a horsey whinny as his hands felt across its spiraled length.

Yes, Sigfried said, his voice quavering slightly, Do that. Touch it.

Koyu snickered a little, but slid his hands along the length of his horn, tracing the spiraled groove with his fingertips as Sigfried lapped at his cock, little horse-like whinnies and grunts escaping from his muzzle. Koyu dragged his thumb up the ridged length of his horn and Sigfried actually moaned, the mental voice groaning in counterpart to his low breath.

Sigfried pulled back with a pop, Koyu's cock slapping up taut against his stomach as it cleared Sigfried's mouth. He lapped at Koyu's balls, slick with spit, before lumbering back to his feet, head level with Koyu's bare chest. His hands were still clasped loosely around the base of Sigfried's horn, where its thick base met with his skull.

You should, Sigfried started, breath huffing across Koyu's chest, stroke my other horn.

Koyu sunk to his knees in front of Sigfried. "You should stop making terrible puns," he said as he sat to one side, hands dragging across Sigfried's shuddering flanks, his hair turning darker with sweat. Sigfried was fully erect— or at least, Koyu hoped that was fully erect, he couldn't begin to comprehend the side of his cock if he was still half-hard. His cock ran tightly against his stomach, reaching most of the way to his front legs. His cock was a deep pink, silvery translucent strands of precome already dripping from the head. The shaft was as thick around as Koyu's upper arm, and probably longer than his entire arm. His balls looked like the size of melons, hanging obscenely between his rear legs.

Koyu reached out tentatively, his fingertips grazing the side of his cock and Sigfried shuddered away from his rough touch, mental voice complaining of the sensitivity even though Koyu got the most fleeting touch of rubbery heat. He scooted over, closer to the head of his gargantuan horsecock, and pressed his fingers against the dripping head, coating his fingers in his slick wet precome. He slathered the copious precome across both his hands until stringy lines dripped off them, running down his wrists, then closed his hands lightly around Sigfried's erection. Sigfried whinnied at the touch, tossing his head back as Koyu started rubbing his fingers across the heavy, rubbery flesh of his cock. If anything, the amount of precome steadily dripping from his cock increased as Koyu slid his hands up and down the shaft, laboriously jerking him off.

He repositioned himself again, sitting right in front of Sigfried's cock as he stroked it back and forth, the heavy streams of precome splattering down across his bare chest and dripping down into his pubes, matting them down. He cupped his hands under his cock, letting the precome gather in a thick pool in his hands. He spilled most of the slick effluent when he moved to stroke Sigfried's cock, his hands moving rapidly. The slick precome lathered up into a slick foam across the length of his dick, something his hands slid easily through.

He stroked along the shaft in long movements, pushing the head of his cock against his neck as he reached down to cup his hands around the very base; fingers pushing against his sheath and bloated balls. He pulled back, drawing a wet splatter of precome onto the grass below from his slick shaft, more heavy spurts of precome flowing from his piss-hole to splatter across Koyu's chest.

Sigfried's flanks were heaving, his belly rippling as Koyu jerked him off, the only noises coming from him the low unfocused groan of his mental voice, almost-completely drowned out by his rough panting breaths and the stuttering little horsey grunts he let out with practically every touch Koyu made.

"H-how are we going to do this, anyway?" Koyu ventured, his own breath coming heavy as Sigfried pumped out splatters of precome against his neck, his face buried in the pungent space between Sigfried's belly and his cock. "There's no way you can actually fuck me with this club."

Ah-Actually, Sigfried started, his voice gaining a bit of resolution as he tried to respond, eyes unfocused as he started pumping his hips, sending his cock skidding against Koyu's arms to mash solidly against his chest. There is some... unicorn magic designed for this exact particular.

Koyu laughed shortly, out of breath as Sigfried pounded his cock against his body, the flat head slamming against his ribs and slipping up to slide across his shoulders with each mighty thrust. "Unicorns really are perverse," he panted out, nose and mouth full of the taste of unicorn precome as it sloshed off with every thrust, splattering across his face and body.

We can— Sigfried started, still wildly pumping his leaking cock against Koyu, —imbue you with certain magics that will, ah, he cut off again as he kept thrusting, mashing his cock wildly, huge wet spurts of precome hosing out of the tip, allow me to penetrate you without any of the usual difficulties inherent with the process! he finally managed to finish, having almost knocked Koyu over with his thrusts, the teen coated from head to toe in his precome.

Koyu leaned back, encircling Sigfried's cock with his arms to make a slick tunnel he could thrust into, one that didn't end with his cockhead slamming into him with bruising force. "You can really do that?" he said, spluttering a few times as Sigfried's wild blasts caught him in the mouth as he tried to talk.

Yesss, Sigfried said, dragging his voice out, perhaps intentionally and perhaps because he was losing his concentration as he kept thrusting into Koyu's grasp, cockhead flaring out as he kept spurting more and more precome, the stuff completely coating Koyu. It splattered across his own belly and legs, lines of it already covering the grass below them.

"Well," Koyu said, spluttering again as more of Sigfried's flying precome splashed across his lips, "are you gonna do it?"

It took a second, Sigfried still reflexively thrusting across Koyu's chest and shuddering, but he could feel the strange pull of magic coat his body, focusing on his ass. He huffed out a laugh at the lewd absurdity of it, even as Sigfried called out to him.

I have done it, he said, T-turn over and present yourself, he continued, his voice wavering almost to the point of incoherency. It will not be long before I release myself.

Koyu let go of Sigfried's cock, the hefty organ bobbing wetly in front of him, Sigfried jittering nervously as he pumped his cock against the air, the head of it smacking soundly against his belly. Koyu carefully rolled over, avoiding Sigfried's crushing hooves. His ass felt... different, but he wouldn't call it looser or anything. Maybe slicker, or slippery, but he still raised himself up, bracing his hands and feet against the ground as he pressed his ass against Sigfried's shaft. Sigfried sidled backwards, his huge length spurting against Koyu's back until he had moved far enough back for his head to drop between his spread cheeks, spurting ropes of precome against the small pucker of his ass.

Sigfried made a rising groan, his mental voice a low haze as his chest rumbled, snorting as he pushed forward relatively slowly, pushing the already-flared head of his dripping cock into Koyu's ass. Whatever freakish unicorn magic he'd done had worked, Koyu had time to think as the obscenely thick head slid effortlessly into his ass, before Sigfried let out a loud neigh and plowed forward, shoving practically half of his cock into Koyu's magically-distending ass, his dripping shaft cannonading in with a long, wet sound. Sigfried cantered back, a few inches of his cock pulling out, before thrusting forward again, driving almost all the rest of his cock into Koyu.

Koyu could feel the distinctive sensation of his cock slamming against his ribcage again, this time from the inside. His own cock throbbed as he panted, breathless but unharmed as Sigfried tried thrusting into him, shoving his cock in to the base as he continued neighing loudly, hooves tearing up the grass below them.

His mental voice, now just a series of uncontrolled grunts and moans not particularly distinct from the horsey snorts and neighs he was making already, peaked in volume as he started to come, his cock firing in huge, wet bursts Koyu could feel splatter against his insides, almost immediately pouring out of his ass around the thick width of his shaft. Sigfried kept thrusting, wet slopping noises coming from Koyu's ass as he dragged his flared head back and forth in his guts, huge amounts of come shooting into Koyu's overfilled guts and dripping uselessly out onto the grass below.

Koyu gave a long moan and slumped forward, Sigfried's cock emerging with a series of sucking sounds, the huge flared cockhead slipping out of his ass mid-spurt, his come still pouring out down Koyu's spread legs and dripping slowly down Koyu's inclined stomach and chest. Sigfried kept shooting, humping weakly as he hosed down Koyu's back in long clumping strands of unicorn come until he looked like he'd been dipped in the stuff. He slumped to the ground, shoulders and face pressed against the sticky grass as he frantically worked his cock, slick and dripping with Sigfried's effluence, reaching back with his off hand to slip two fingers into his wide-open, overflowing ass.

Sigfried grunted again, sending a barely-coherent mental line to Koyu, who stood and turned on quaking legs to face Sigfried. He arched up on his tip-toes, shoving his dripping cock against Sigfried's muzzle. Sigfried opened his mouth, lips already curling around his balls and the base of his shaft. He raised his head slowly until the head of Koyu's dick popped into his mouth, tasting his own heavy, mellow load coated all along his cock as he flattened his tongue along Koyu's shaft.

Koyu's hands uselessly grasped the sides of Sigfried's head as he shuddered and came, hips thrusting up to rub his cock against Sigfried's supple lips. He panted and moaned, voice high as he came in a few thick spurts, Sigfried bobbing his muzzle down on his cock as he swallowed his load. Almost immediately afterward, the wet, tight suction on his cock became almost painful as Sigfried toyed with his sensitive cockhead. Koyu pulled back, unbalancing and sitting down with a rush, his asshole stretching out to leak out more of Sigfried's huge load as he landed, his cock still spurting out droplets of come. Sigfried was doing the same, his cock drooping slightly but still pouring out his load in a thick, stringy rope, a solid line from the tip of his cock to the grass below.

Koyu panted in turn with Sigfried, both of them breathless as they stared at each other. After a while, Sigfriend said, tentatively, Was that... enjoyable for you?

Koyu laughed again, feeling giddy, and lay back, sprawling out on the damp grass. "Oh yeah," he said, grinning foolishly, "but next time you might wanna warn me a little more before you shove your cock into me."

After a pause, Sigfried said Next time?

"Well yeah, sure. Whenever you want." Koyu looked over at the unicorn, whose expression was as horsey and unreadable as ever. "Uh, within reason."

Oh. Yes. Certainly, Sigfried said, flustered.

"I didn't think it'd be so messy, either," Koyu continued, rambling as he tried to wipe off some of Sigfried's thick, stringy load splattered across his neck and shoulder. "but I guess you can't do anything about that."

Ah, no, Sigfried said, shuffling his hooves.

"I'll just have to wash off," Koyu said, lolling his head over to the nearby pond. "No biggie." But he figured that could wait a while; it was an awfully nice day, and he had been looking forward to taking a nap here. He yawned widely. "But maybe I'll do that later," he added, folding his hands behind his head. "Kinda tired. You don't mind if I take a nap here, right?" he said, directing that towards Sigfried.

Sigfried looked around, Koyu realizing as he started talking that he was trying to shake his head. You may rest wherever you desire, he said, head stooping to chew on some nearby grass.

"Good," said Koyu, and fell asleep.