[ taro iS GOING THROUGH SOME CHANGES as he grows up, and he figures adell is the guy to ask. changes: lactating. and having a huge bull dick. ]

splotches of black-purple skin across his sides and chest.

"When did that happen?"

"Huh?" Taro looked down across his skinny chest as he tossed his shirt aside. "I'unno, I've always had them. Look, this is what I wanted to talk about--" he trailed off with a choked noise, stammer edging in. He looked down, hands reaching up to his chest to touch -- his nipples. A dark splotch was right across the center of his chest, covering them both, and it was almost impossible to see the tiny nubs until Taro touched them. He pinched them both and squeezed, making a shaky gasp as he did so.

Adell opened his mouth to say something, lost for words as Taro pinched and squeezed harder, a moan bursting from his lips as beads of something thin and white trickled down over his fingers, followed by a larger spurt of what had to be milk, the thin trail winding across his fingers.

"See, bro," Taro said, releasing his nipples and licking off his fingers like it was nothing. "That's not much, but every morning I gotta take care of it or else they swell up," he continued, getting redder and redder, "and, I guess, since you're a guy, maybe you'd have some advice, I mean, I don't wanna haveta ask dad, you know, so, uh..." he finally petered off, blushing hot red.

Adell couldn't tear his eyes away from Taro's nipples. He hadn't seen, in the dim light and with their color, but after he'd milked himself they were huge, his areola stiffening and pulling his nipples into two fat purplish buds. Almost without thinking he reached for them, his fingertips brushing over the soft, engorged flesh. They twitched, milk spilling out over his fingers. Taro let out a shaky moan, eyes fluttering closed as he arched forward, dragging his thick nipples across Adell's hand.

He jerked his hand back, but before he'd even lifted off Taro's chest Taro gasped and grabbed his hand with lightning reflexes, pressing it back against his nipple. "No, please, bro, it feels so much better when you do it." Taro mechanically closed Adell's fingers around his nipple, squeezing and tugging enough to get a weak squirt of milk, and his entire body rocked forward as he moaned. Taro lurched forward, almost crawling up onto Adell's lap, and Adell's eyes darted down to Taro's waist, his shorts bulging out obscenely as he used Adell's hand to milk him.

He jerked his hand out of Taro's loose grasp, his fingers wet with milk, and Taro let out a sad moan.

"Taro, Sorry, I can't--" Adell started, cutting himself off. "I don't... most boys don't do that."

"What?!" Taro bellowed, suddenly indignant. "I hadta build myself up to ask you and you can't even give me any advice?!" He jerked forward again, in anger instead of lust again, but when he tried to tackle Adell to the ground it was impossible to ignore what had to be the length of his cock pressing up against Adell's stomach, rock hard and way too huge.

"It must be a part of your demon curse," Adell said, distracted and flustered. "I can't help with it!"

"You gotta be joking" Taro said, and before Adell could even respond he grabbed the hem of Adell's shirt and jerked it up, baring his stomach, and then, confusedly, he pushed it higher and higher until it was rucked up around his neck, his entire chest bare. Taro dragged a fingertip up Adell's stomach, all the way to his thin pectorals, poking at his nipple like he expected something to happen. "They're so small" he gasped. "And you're missing the rest?"

Adell looked down at Taro, who was bent over astride him, shorts tented obscenely, nipples wet with milk -- and what he'd missed again were the dark bulges, six more nipples in two lines, down from his chest and across his stomach. Bewildered, he reached out to touch, like he was expecting them to just be moles or scabs. Taro's skin was soft and supple, the nub of his nipple quickly tightening and swelling into a fat knob as Adell picked at it.

"No, no, you're doing it all wrong," Taro said, squirming on Adell's lap. "Stop using your fingernail, it hurts!" Adell pinched his lower nipple between thumb and forefinger, squeezing down, and Taro let out a moan, thin milk dripping from his swollen nipple. "Yeah, that's better." Adell almost mindlessly tugged, milking Taro's swollen nipples, jerking back startled when a fierce squirt of milk shot out and splattered thinly across his bare chest. "Ah, sorry, usually those ones don't get so backed up, but I didn't have time this morning." Taro slid his hand through the thin spill of milk across Adell's stomach and licked it off his fingers.

"I can't believe they're so small," he said, squeezing on Adell's nipples. "No, keep going." He ground up against Adell's fingers, his nipples dripping milk across his hand. His nipples were like udders, thick and soft, slowly growing longer as they became erect. The longest -- so far -- were his two upper nipples, the ones in their proper place. They were like thick, stubby fingers, with a fat ball around the base, the wide areola puckering and then swelling. As if he had nothing better to do, Adell gave Taro's nipples a pull, like he was milking a cow. Taro moaned and squirmed on Adell's lap again, the hardness of his cock pulsing against Adell's thigh as a thin stream of milk squirted from his nipple.

Taro reached down, tugging roughly at his lower nipples as he ground against Adell, his eyes closed and his body trembling, whimpering softly with each tug on his nipples, small spurts of milk hosing across Adell's chest. "Oh, Adell," he moaned, lips glistening, softly parted, trembling as he was milked. Slowly, awfully, Adell's cock twitched, stiffening against Taro's monstrous bulge, both their pants wet and increasingly soaked with milk. Adell jerked back, slamming the back of his head against the wall behind him, and Taro slid off him, tumbling to the side, almost landing right on his cock.

Taro yelped, bracing himself against the floor and gingerly feeling across the bulge in his pants. "Stop freaking out! Or at least be more careful, I almost slammed my dick on the ground." Taro stared at him, an expression of dread forming on his face. "Please tell me you have a dick too, and that's not just part of the demon curse."

"I have a dick!" Adell sat up, indignant. Then he looked at the absurd bulge in Taro's shorts and reconsidered.

"Well, good," Taro said, sprawled on the ground, and he just slipped out of shorts like it was nothing. "I gotta jerk off every five minutes, please tell me you grow out of that."

Adell stared at Taro's dick. Where there'd usually be hair around his crotch, Taro had, instead, silky black and white fuzz, the skin not just differently colored but actually looking like cowhide. And his cock... the shaft was purplish-black, mottled with white and pink near the tip, and it was, in a word, gigantic. It looked like a third leg. Thick branching veins ran along its surface, pulsing visibly with his heartbeat -- it was so big he could see the ripple of blood pumping into it, veins bulging wider, pushing out further, and then sinking back. The base was a heavy sheath only a little thinner than his skinny thighs, and his balls were huge kidney bean shapes, hung so loosely they pooled on the floor, the thick leathery skin spreading across the ground. Its head tapered to a sharp point, his cockhead a huge flange almost one of his hands long, thin glistening strands of fluid webbing across the head.

Taro whined, one hand tugging one of his nipples, the other stroking his cock, each stroke pulling a fat bead of crystal-clear fluid from the tip, stringing down his hands. "And it makes such a mess when I come, like, Mom already bitched me out for ruining one set of sheets."

"Um," Adell said.

Taro stared at Adell's crotch. "Are you sure you have one of these?" He stroked his cock as if for emphasis, a spurt of precome splattering across the floor.

"Yeah," Adell said shallowly, "Yeah, but it's not as... big."

"What?!?" Taro shrieked. "You gotta be kidding me" He dove for Adell's pants, unbuttoning them and jerking down his briefs in a second. "This is worse than I ever thought," he said, staring at Adell's flaccid dick. "That thing is what your dick looks like? Are you sure you just don't have something wrong with you?"

"Yes I'm sure!" Adell snapped. "This is what a human looks like!"

"Please please don't turn us back into humans, okay?" Taro begged, still staring down at Adell's cock.

Adell scowled, shoving Taro back. "If you were human I wouldn't have to deal with this at least," and then, defensively, "I'm not even hard, anyway."

"Well, I know one way to help with that," Taro said, and before Adell could object he shoved Adell's hands aside and dove down onto his dick, sucking it into his mouth as he shoved his hands into Adell's underwear, tugging his balls and stroking his shaft.

Adell yelped, jerking back, his cock popping -- wet and slowly stiffening, now -- from Taro's mouth. "How do you even know about that?!"

"What?" Taro said, still leaning over Adell, his own cock grinding against his hip, the head drizzling precome. "I guess -- oh man, you can't even --" he said, then cut himself off, laughing. "Wow, bro, look." He made sure Adell was watching him, locking eyes with Adell the whole time as he bent down, lips wide, both hands aiming his cock right at his face. He only had to bob his head down fractionally to reach his cock, though his cockhead spread his lips wide, cheeks bulging out as his cock pulsed and his Adam's apple slowly ticked up, swallowing once, twice as he softly sucked his own dick. "It's not that hard," he said, pulling off with a spray of fluid, wet droplets splattering across Adell's front.

Adell's dick was stubbornly hard, even though it was his kid brother, his freakish demon cow dick grinding back and forth across his side as Taro stroked him off.

"Is this the biggest it gets?" Taro said, angling Adell's dick like if he moved it into the right position it'd unfold to a more proper size.

"Just about." Adell's breath hitched as Taro's fingers skimmed over his cockhead, sliding across the soft folds of foreskin gathered below the rim.

"How do you even use it, like," Taro said, trying to stroke it with both hands and failing miserably. He kept holding it loosely, stroking up and down with both hands, always surprised that it slipped out from under his fingers on an upstroke that reached Adell's chest. "Do you just... touch it?"

Adell had to gasp in a breath, his cock rock-hard and slowly seeping precome in Taro's hand. "I'm not telling you how I jerk off! That's private! And, you already know how to..."

Taro looked up at him, his eyes half-lidded. "I try to swallow my whole dick, and I'd pretend I was sucking you." He looked down at Adell's dick. "Or at least I did, man, I was really expecting you to be..." he made some kind of hand gesture. "Bigger."

Adell couldn't resist asking. "...How big?"

"Well, I mean, I'm --" Taro gestured at his cock, drooling sparkling precome down its mottled length. "-- so I figured you'd be, like..." and he drew a line -- fingertips dripping wet -- up Adell's chest, right up to the hollow of his neck. "And wide too, like," he said, sliding his fingers along the sides of Adell's shaft and then spreading them further. A lot further.

"I really wanted you to fuck me," Taro said mournfully, collapsing forward onto Adell's chest, his voice muffled against his skin. "But now, with that..."

Adell had a different concern. "Fuck you?!" His mouth hung open. "You're my little brother, you shouldn't--"

"You're my big brother," Taro said, a flush lighting across his face as he looked up at Adell. "You're brave, and heroic, and, and," he sniffled, rutting his cock harder against him, and Adell had no clue if he was about to burst out crying or blow his load across them both. "And I wanted you to be my first since forever," Taro finished.

"Look, I mean, I'm flattered, but..." Adell started over. "So, you haven't done anything with anyone else?"

"I was saving myself for you," Taro said, and his innocent voice and wide eyes somewhat contrasted with the lurch his dick made, a thick string of shining precome dripping over the mottled flesh of his immense cock.

"Well, you should be glad I'm not that huge, that wouldn't even fit inside you... I mean..." Adell trailed off, looking away from Taro.

"So, are you saying you'll fit inside me now?" Taro asked as he climbed up onto Adell's legs, sliding Adell's cock between his tight cheeks. His own cock bobbed in the air between their bodies, jerking and pulsing as Taro clamored into position, glancing across Adell's chest and leaving behind dull smears, thin lines of precome in sharp lines between each brief contact and his massive, pulsing shaft. His balls weighed heavily across Adell's stomach, his sac twitching and furrowing as his flesh tensed up. Even though his leathery skin, Adell could feel the tangle of tubes in his sac drag across his body, massively corded and pulsing with an obscene energy. "Even though-- even though you got some weird scrawny dick, I still want you to fuck me!" Taro was beet red, the black and white mottling across his face drowned out by his fierce blush. "Please," he whimpered, looking up at Adell, eyes glistening with tears.

He pushed forward, cock solidly slapping down across Adell's chest, and all Adell could look at was Taro's face coming closer and closer to his until they were kissing, Taro eagerly pressing their lips together, then spreading them as he probed his tongue across Adell's lips and into his mouth with a high-pitched moan, muffled as he just kept kissing. His cock pulsed, a gush of precome pouring across Adell's chest, soaking through his shirt and tie, and like that snapped him out of it Adell sat up and pushed Taro back.

"We shouldn't -- you're my brother, and you're twelve, you shouldn't be --"

"Well I do!" Taro pounded a fist against Adell's chest for emphasis. "I've wanted to forever!"

"It's part of Zenon's curse! If you were human, you wouldn't --"

"I've been a demon since I was a kid! I don't want to be human! I'm glad, because, because, if I was a human, if I didn't want to do this... I don't want to not want you, Adell." Taro kissed him again, pushing against Adell's slack mouth. "Let me do this." His expression turned mischievous. "I mean, you haven't gotten laid, like, ever, have you? You must be pretty pent-up. And when I do this --" he reached back and palmed Adell's cock, precome slipping across his fingers as he worked back and forth over his cockhead. "-- you seem to like it a lot. You always say you don't like girls, so maybe you want a boy? But don't worry about it." Taro scowled, releasing his cock to make angry gestures. "You always were way too uptight with your scruples and morality or whatever."

"Oh god," Adell whimpered, his cock twitching as Taro grabbed him again, stroking one-handed, grinding his ass back against his dick, his fingers curling up and pushing into his ass experimentally as he rocked against Adell.

"Fuck me," Taro said, and despite himself Adell's body pulsed with heat, shooting through his body, the thought of what it would feel like to push inside Taro's body, the picture of himself balls-deep inside his little brother, with Taro's obscene cock spewing come across their bodies. Taro's fingers slipped back and forth, pushing into his asshole, and the stretch and shift of his virgin ass sent tremors of sensation down Adell's cock.

Taro ground his ass against Adell's twitching cock, his fat, puckered asshole catching across the head of his dick, fingers still stuck inside, and he slowly worked the tip of Adell's cock in alongside his fingers. "Brother," he practically whispered, voice hissing across his neck. "Fuck me. Please."

"Oh god," Adell said again, and came all over Taro's hand.

Taro didn't seem to even realize he was coming, still stroking him and saying the most obscene things as Adell came across his ass, white strings of come splattering across his cheeks and then smearing. His cock was so sensitive Taro's touch was downright painful, and out of reflex more than anything else he knocked Taro off him, knocking him down to the ground with a jolt.

"Hey! You can just say no, you know, you don't have to get-- to get all--" Taro's indigence faded quick as he started to sniffle again. "I would've gone away if you just said so," he managed to choke out between sniffles.

"It's not that," Adell said, even though he instantly wanted to say, no, actually, it's definitely that, I really don't want to fuck my kid brother. "I, uhm, just came, and you kept going, and it hurt."

"Huh?" Taro looked absolutely baffled. "You what?" He looked down at his hand, one or two lines of come hanging between his fingers. "...That was it?! It hurt? ...Are you sure you don't just have something really, really wrong with you?"

Adell gaped. "I'm really--"

"You totally admitted that you haven't done anything with anybody! The curse must just've given you a tiny dick!" He poked Adell's half-hard dick. "...Seriously is that it. I wanted you to fuck me." He pouted.

"Gimmie a few minutes," Adell said, and instantly regretted it. "I mean-- not that I want to fuck you or anything."

Taro pulled his fingers from his ass with a wince, gingerly probing back and forth his asshole. "Maybe I should've done this more," Taro said, "You were right, if you'd actually been, you know, big, it would have been impossible to fit that anyway." And then, in a lower mutter, "Not that I wouldn't've loved that anyway."

Taro took a second's pause to recover. "Well, Adell," Taro said, staring down at him, stroking his cock. "If you're not gonna fuck me, I can think of some other things we could do..." and as if on cue, his cock spurted, a shimmering line of precome hitting Adell's stomach with a wet slap.

"There's no way that'll fit in me. I'm a virgin." Adell started, his mutinous cock giving a twitch at the thought.

"I didn't say anything about that. I was thinking, you could try sucking on it." Taro shuffled forward, both hands on his cock just to hold it steady, precome slinging up and down with each step.

Adell stared as Taro got closer and closer, his cock leading the way, precome drizzling across his chest and then neck. A soft patter dripped across his mouth, lips parted, and a moment later the tip finally nudged against his lips. He didn't lean into it, but he didn't pull back when Taro pushed a fraction harder, letting its absurd girth spread his jaw. Even with his cockhead in his mouth, Taro was still standing at his waist; the length of his cock would've been a bad joke if it wasn't right in front of him.

It was rank and salty, and so much of it. The mottled flesh pulsed with each heartbeat, the already-thick shaft throbbing larger, and Adell had to open wider to keep his teeth from scraping across its sides. His lips slipped down Taro's cock, the head popping into his mouth with a wet slurp, and Adell heard a sharp, high-pitched moan, only realizing a second later the sound had come from his mouth, muffled around Taro's dick. His cockhead alone filled his mouth, almost too wide to spread his lips around at the base, the tip nudging against the back of his throat, half-triggering his gag reflex each time, his mouth full of precome and drool.

Taro was holding his cock with both hands, sliding and squeezing on the length as he thrust back and forth minutely into Adell's mouth, rising up onto his tip-toes as he thrust, gasping softly with each brush of Adell's lips over the flange of his cockhead. Adell swallowed, lips flexing around the cockhead, and despite himself a spurt of it dribbled out past his lips, drooling down his chin as he lapped across Taro's cockhead, occasionally trying to suck on the massive thing.

Taro moaned, the sound a lot higher-pitched and reedy than Adell's own embarrassing noises, and suddenly Adell's mouth was full to bursting with precome, his lips parting around the cockhead to let out a gush of precome. He choked and pulled back, cockhead popping from his lips in another explosion of precome, more than a mouthful still pooling in the back of his mouth.

"Adell," Taro whimpered, rocking forward, his cockhead squishing against his cheek, shots of precome matting his hair down, his own hands busy stroking himself off, his entire cock bobbing up and down with the force of his pumping hands.

Adell grabbed Taro's cock, near the tip -- and even with both their hands on it there was a lot left over -- and opened wide, trying to keep his flush down as he tugged Taro forward by his cock, swallowing his entire cockhead with an absolutely filthy sound. He worked his lips around the flare of his cock, his tongue lapping up and down across the fat, knobbled bulge of his urethra, licking all the way up to the fat, gaping hole at the tip, precome coming out in sudden mouthfuls, spilling down Adell's face and slopping in lumpy rivers across his (now ruined) shirt and chest.

Taro pulled out, staggering back on coltish legs, his cockhead partly flared, the tip gaping wide open, a constant stream of precome drooling a heavy rope onto Adell's chest. "Oh Adell, please, please let me fuck you." Adell's cock lurched, already rock-hard again but twitching.

Adell had to swallow, his mouth overflowing with precome, his lips already sore and aching from trying to fit around Taro's thick cockhead. "There's no way it'll fit, you even said so, that--"

"I said there was no way you'd fit into me, if you had a normal-sized cock." Taro grinned down at him. "I think I could fit into you if we tried a little."

Adell's throat was locked so tight his breath came out in sharp whimpers, each one making him blush harder. Taro was busy absolutely drenching him in precome, thicker now and less clear, clotted into fat globs that formed clusters across his skin. The crotch of his pants was soaked, saturated in it, precome squelching against his ass whenever he shifted his position.

"Please?" Taro looked at him innocently, the image ruined as his cock pulsed and sprayed the side of Adell's head with precome. "Let me try, at least."

Adell opened his mouth to say something, the rank taste of precome across his teeth and tongue barely even registering as Taro shot thick strands across his open mouth. "I don't know..."

"Pleaaase?" Taro trembled and then fell to his knees, his cock slapping across Adell's chest as he tugged Adell's pants off, reaching under his balls to slide his fingers through the muck of precome slathered across his thighs, poking at his asshole. "Bro," he said, looking up at him, "Please, I've wanted to... I want you to be my first."

"Do you really think you're gonna have other options anytime soon? But, uh, I guess, if you want to..."

"Don't be all wishy-washy." Taro grabbed his pant legs and laboriously stripped them off his body, the soaked crotch sticking to his legs all the way down. "I'm gonna make you beg me."

Taro dived down on his cock, sucking the entire thing into his mouth. His dick -- wedged along Adell's inner thigh, the tip actually poking against Taro's face -- twitching and spurting precome as he licked across Adell's cock. His fingers prodded his balls, sliding down the slick crease of his inner thigh, running over the very root of his cock behind his balls until he finally prodded against Adell's asshole, his fingers worming between his cheeks.

Adell gasped as Taro pushed a finger inside him. His precome wasn't that slick, but there was just so much of it, coating his skin, that his finger slid in effortlessly, working back and forth, all the way to the knuckle with no problem. Taro shuttled precome from his leaking cock, grinding his cockhead against Adell's stomach as he sucked him off, his fingers dripping with precome as he pushed two inside, wiggling them around inside him and spreading them wide. Taro brushed against something inside him and Adell gasped, his entire body lurching up, driving his cock deeper into Taro's mouth, who gagged.

Taro sputtered around his cock, pulling off with a messy slurp, spit drooling down his chin. He glared up at Adell, wiping his face with the hand that wasn't knuckle-deep in his ass, and bowed back down, licking down his shaft to his balls, lips straining to pull one of them into his mouth. He mumbled around it, tugging and jerking at the loose skin of his sac, and Adell hissed, cock dripping precome, streams sluicing down his wet shaft. Taro pulled away with a slurp and a jolt, Adell's heavy balls just barely fitting into his mouth. "Guess I couldn't do that either," Taro said, voice thick, "If y'had a normal-sized cock."

Adell opened his mouth to make some retort, but Taro shifted his fingers inside him, pushing against something, a strange, diffuse pleasure throbbing up through his body. He whimpered, raggedly, and Taro glanced up at him, shifting his fingers on purpose this time, pushing against that spot and then holding down, letting the feeling resonate through him.

Adell barely noticed Taro kissing down between his spread legs, lips sliding over the root of his cock, under his balls. Then Taro's tongue pressed against his ass and Adell yelped, half sitting up. "Easy, easy." Taro's breath as he spoke was cool against the wet flesh of his ass, and he buried himself between his cheeks again, wetly kissing the pucker of his ass, fingers hooked to the side, spreading him open. "You freak out about the weirdest things."

"That's dirty," was all Adell could say as Taro licked his ass, fingers sloppily probing inside him, spit and precome in a wet drizzle drooling down the crack of his ass.

"You weren't complaining when we were talking about your cock in my ass." Taro only mumbled his response, absorbed in rimming him, using fingers slathered in precome to push inside him, opening him up for his tongue.

"That's different --" Adell's voice broke off in a choked gasp as Taro lapped at his parted asshole, teeth catching against the rim of his ass as he pushed deeper. His cock, hard against his stomach, let out a bead of precome, a fat droplet clinging to his cockhead as Taro ate him out.

Taro's cockhead -- sandwiched between his face and Adell's stomach -- pulsed and shuddered. Taro pushed two fingers in along his tongue, tugging at the wet muscle of his asshole, and Adell knew that even that stretch was nothing compared to the size of his cockhead. The thing was almost the size of his fists.

The pressure inside him grew, and he found himself grinding back against Taro's face, spreading his legs wider and wider as Taro worked his hole open, three fingers slipping into him with a soft slurp, Taro's tongue tracing the rim of his ass. "Turn over," Taro said softly, looking up at him, his face sloppy with precome and spit.

Adell got on all fours, bracing himself against the wall, silent for fear he'd say something. His guts were churning inside him, a heat rising deep inside, and Taro's fingers inside him didn't reach that high up. He needed something bigger, he wanted to feel something pushing deep inside him. He tried to not think about if this was what it meant to want to get fucked, to really get fucked.

Taro shifted behind him, the burning heat of his cock slapping across his thighs and coming to rest against the inside of his knee as Taro leaned forward, fingers and tongue back at work, and Adell almost yelled in need. He wanted Taro's cock, it was just... he still had some little propriety, that he didn't want to beg his little brother to fuck him. But Taro lurched forward, fingers spreading him wider, pushing deeper, his immense cockhead slipping up against the back of his knee, spreading precome slopping across his leg, and he bit his lips, whimpering.

Taro's fingers stilled inside him, his body shifting somehow that he couldn't tell, and despite himself Adell found himself pushing back against Taro's hand, obscene slurping noises coming from his ass as he fucked himself on Taro's fingers.

Adell was barely thinking, trying not to think of how depraved this was, his ass up in the air as his little brother fingered his asshole, stiff waves and peaks of precome slathered across his ass, goopy and runny, but Taro's fingers kept hitting something inside him and it just felt so good. "Taro," he said, voice uneven, hoping desperately Taro didn't make it into a thing. "Fuck me."

"Yes~s," Taro hissed across his back, pulling his fingers from Adell's ass with a slobbery pop. His ass was wide open, the taut muscle parted, cold air breezing against his heated inner flesh. Taro practically climbed up him, his dick slopping across Adell's legs as he tried to maneuver the huge thing into place. Beside himself, deeply thankful there was no one around to see, Adell rolled his hips up, spreading his cheeks with one hand as he nudged Taro's cock up with the other, huffing and gasping with his face almost planted on the floor.

Taro's dick edged up and down the crack of Adell's ass, sluicing down his already-wet skin with layers of slimy precome. Adell bit his lip, pulling his cheeks further apart as Taro ungainly humped against him, his cock sliding back and forth with increasingly lewd wet slurping noises, his precome drooling down Adell's ass cheeks. Adell tensed each time the tip of his dick slid across the pucker of his asshole, but Taro seemed content to just grab his hips and grind back and forth, over and over, until Adell found himself pushing back against Taro's dick, pushing his asshole open, the itch high up inside him getting more and more insatiable with each of Taro's taunting thrusts.

"You ready?" was all Taro said, his cock finally sliding right up between his cheeks, tugging against the ring of his asshole. The tip itself notched just barely into his dimpled asshole, the tiniest fraction of it inside him.

"Yes" Adell practically growled, pushing himself back with a lurch.

Taro's dick didn't just pop into him like that, even with spurts of precome pumping into him, wet slobbery strands coating his tight channel and slowly oozing out as they worked to shove Taro's dick inside him. Taro was huge, and Adell -- well, until a half-hour ago, Adell would've said he never ever planned on having something up his ass.

Taro's cock thickened, and as the first twinge of pain shot across his asshole a worry developed in his head. Taro was awfully huge. "Easy."

Taro ground to a halt like a rusted machine, a whimper emerging from his mouth. "You want me to stop?" he said, in a voice that very much said he didn't want to stop.

"Just... give it a minute." Every minute twitch and pulse of Taro's cockhead sent tremors through Adell's body. Precome built up inside him, seeping further inside him before it reached some breaking point and poured down Taro's cockhead, dripping in thick runnels from his ass.

Taro whimpered as Adell clenched around his cockhead. His hips moved minutely, his cocktip slipping back and forth against Adell's barely-open pucker. Thin precome slopped in glistening waves down the curve of his ass. Taro shuddered, his cocktip spasming, and he lurched forward with a reedy moan, his heavy balls swinging like weights and glancing off Adell's ass, precome splattering in every direction. "Oh, bro," he said, voice trembling. "it feels so good." His cockhead twitched and flared, the ridge digging against the rim of Adell's ass, stretching him wider with an uncomfortable lurch. But, somewhere just barely further inside him, Taro's cock nudged against something, the sensation strange, a shock of feeling pooling in his stomach. "S-sorry, bro, you just feel so good," Taro said, gasping now as he jerked forward, collapsing on top of Adell's back, his nipples eight swollen nubs dragging back and forth over his body as he hunched forward, shoving his cockhead inside Adell with an obscene slopping noise, the fat rim jerking in past the ring of Adell's ass.

Adell gasped, bizarre feelings radiating up from his ass. It hurt; he wasn't used to having anything this big in his ass, or anything moving so much. But more than that, it just felt weird.

Taro was whimpering and moaning as he jerked the tip of his dick back and forth, not wanting to push in too hard but completely unable to stay still with Adell's ass wrapped around his cockhead. "Ohhhh, Adell," he moaned, arms wrapped around his chest as he humped back and forth, precome slopping out of Adell's hole. Taro pulled back again, going a little too far, and the tip of his cock pulled out from Adell's ass, his entire length hanging down between his legs, sliding across his sticky thighs as Taro kept humping. Again, Taro seemed all too happy simply humping away at his thighs, and so bracing himself with one hand Adell reached back and grabbed his cock -- near the base his fingers didn't even close around it -- and angled it back up. Taro thrust before he was expecting, his cock sliding up his asscrack, the head slamming against his open asshole and plunging in.

Adell couldn't contain the sharp gasp, an entirely new pain lancing through him with a few thick inches of Taro's cock wedged inside him, but it was drowned out entirely by Taro's loud, lowing moan, like a cow's bellow. His entire cock lurched, his arching shaft straightening out as more of it plunged into Adell's already overstuffed ass. The heat of his precome, wet and heavy, radiated out through his body, powerful gushes of fluid slapping against the inner walls of his ass. Adell grit his teeth, gasping in breath. His asshole burned and chafed, pulsing with his heartbeat, heat racing up and down his spine, all centered on the huge obstruction of Taro's cock.

"Oh Adell," Taro whimpered, "you're so tight..." he shifted, the both of them gasping as his cockhead caught on something inside Adell, his cock thumping inside him, shaft flexing. "It's so wet," he said, fingers tracing around the aching rim of his ass, smeared in goopy, sticky lines of precome, veins of it snaking out across his ass as Taro experimentally thrust, entire inches of his cock slowly sliding back and forth through the tight ring of Adell's asshole.

Every vein and ridge of Taro's thick, bumpy cock ground its way through the channel of his ass, hot flesh inside him clinging to the shaft as Taro rocked back and forth, his cock shoving deeper with each thrust. Taro gasped and shuddered as he pulled back with agonizing slowness, the fat head of his cock slipping out with a slurp and gush of precome. Adell's asshole stayed open, precome dripping out as it slowly winked closed, but before it could close entirely Taro thrust forward again, his cock sliding up Adell's tight channel with a loud gulping, slurping noise, thick gel oozing from his ass and webbing across his cheeks as Taro gasped and shuddered, humping Adell's ass.

"Go easy." Adell gasped with each thrust, gritting out the words as Taro paused, his entire body trembling with barely-restrained need.

"When I get it all the way in," Taro pleaded, his fingers kneading on Adell's waist as he thrust. "Please, please," he said, punctuated in between with low gasps. He hand his hands across the narrow swell of Adell's hips, clenching his cheeks as he thrust, just staring as the pink tip of his cock vanished inside Adell's ass, his asshole red and furrowed, twitching around his shaft. The sounds Adell was making, soft whimpers and groans, the way the muscles across his back tensed when he drove in and the way his head bobbed down at the deepest point, all of it was like lightning across his body, his skin tingling everywhere it brushed against Adell's body, his fingers digging red marks into the flesh of his ass. He thrust in harder just to see Adell jerk, a shaky moan coming from him as he set his cock sit, shoved not even halfway inside him. Each slight movement of his cock made it pulse, wet streams of precome pumping up the shaft and pouring into Adell, building up in pockets and pools before it slopped out of him in a rush, spraying all across Taro's stomach and legs, hanging in a mixed slurry from his lower nipples, still oozing milk slowly.\n+

Adell grit his teeth, his asshole aflame, the thin precome just barely lubrication as Taro shoved back and forth, working his mammoth cock inside him. But somehow he always wanted it deeper, an itchy heat high up in his stomach that he wanted Taro's cock to disrupt, to fuck him so deep. He was glad he was a mess of confused sensation, body overloaded; if he could think about what he was doing he'd be ashamed, aghast -- instead he just moaned as Taro jabbed deeper inside him, his cock oozing a solid line of precome, a fat bead at the tip as it jiggled back and forth, oozing to the floor.

Taro bottomed out inside with a lurch that knocked him forward, his cockhead slamming against something high up inside his ass. Adell let out a sharp moan; his asshole was still throbbing in pain, but the further Taro went inside him the more abstract and diffuse the feeling, heat and pressure and hardness inside him.

"I think that's all I can take," Adell said, looking over his shoulder. Taro was... probably more than half in him, a disturbingly large length still left outside him.

Taro almost sobbed, arching up as he thrust, bashing his cockhead again and again against the rear of Adell's ass, his pouring precome -- truly having nowhere to go now -- slopping out of him with each thrust, a white frothy gel building up across Adell's straining asshole.

Each thrust echoed inside him, like a drumhead, something inside him resonating, and Adell found himself shifting, angling his body so Taro hit that spot with each thrust. The diffuse pleasure of his cock sliding through his ass grew, his breath coming sharply with the new twang of pleasure. He rutted back against Taro, the wet gush of each thrust forming clotted waves of precome inside him, thick gel oozing with wet gaping, gulping noises as he slammed himself down on Taro's cock, and they were both too absorbed to pay it any mind.

The punch of Taro's dick slamming through that drumhead took them both by surprise, almost half of Taro's remaining cock vanishing inside him in a single thrust, the stiffness inside him suddenly so much higher. Adell let out a sharp huff of breath, dizzily aware he could feel Taro's cock shift inside him on the inhale.

Taro made noises, soft sobbing cries as he thrust in, the rest of his cock slamming into Adell in a slow, sucking thrust. His balls slapped up against Adell's ass, absolutely slathered in precome, thick white gel tethering his loose sac to Adell's body, his balls slowly tightening as he ground his sheath against Adell's flushed and spread ass, the ring of his asshole hot and pulsing, lewdly sucking around the base of his dick, his cocktip wrapped in his guts, high up inside him.

Taro was so deep inside him his precome wasn't even spilling out anymore; the weight of it slowly grew, wet grumbles and slurps sounding in his stomach as his precome pumped deeper inside him, pouring through the stretched passage of his guts.

"Oh~h Adell." Taro collapsed against his back, hips pumping his cock back and forth. His entire body was vibrating, fingers twitching, his breath coming in sharp pants across Adell's back, his chest heaving, nipples dragging back and forth across Adell's back, dripping milk. He moaned, the sound growing into gasping bellows as he thrust harder and harder, precome splashing out in bursts with each savage thrust. "Oh oh oh oh oh," Taro said, voice breaking and cracking as his cock pulsed. The entire thing throbbed, like a long slow shockwave traveling from base to tip.

The pressure across his asshole grew, Taro's cock stretching him more as it swelled larger, the fat tip flexing and then snapping open with enough force he could feel it even high up in his guts. Taro jerked forward, his cock dragging his guts with it, and came right as his cries hit their apex.

Adell grunted, his guts churning as Taro came, sharp, pressurized lances of come spraying inside him. Heavy, thick globs of come hosed down his guts, pouring deeper. Taro lowed and bellowed, jerking his cock back and forth, lewd slopping noises sounding as he churned up Adell's guts, come shooting inside him in heavy, clotted streams.

Taro thrust madly, his immense balls knocking against Adell's ass with enough force to leave marks, but the dazzling impact just made Taro come harder, come erupting from his flared cockhead, the fat tip stretching out his guts, forcing all the come to pour deeper inside him. His guts jerked back and forth, stuck on his cockhead as he thrust, Adell's guts churning as Taro came and came, heat spreading through his stomach as he just kept coming. His asshole was gaping open as Taro thrust, thick gel squishing between his cock and the fluttering walls of his ass, more spurting out each time Taro bottomed out, his sheath and balls coated in gel, fat clots of it oozing down his legs.

Taro went limp, his cock pulsing and jerking, the combined movement of their tired bodies enough to keep it slowly sliding in and out of Adell's worn ass. Taro kept rocking his hips slowly, his flaring cock going the slightest bit soft and suddenly the welling of precome was replaced with a fountain of come, heavy, viscous ropes of it pouring out around his churning cock, splattering down into the pool of precome below them, a thick wave of white come practically forming a skirt down their legs, thick jiggling lines of it webbing between their legs, jolting down in a back-and-forth slide with the heavy roll of come slopping across them.


Taro's cock pulled out from him with a prolonged slurp, come erupting from his overfilled ass in sudden floods. The half-flared cockhead finally wrenched its way from his ass and come simply poured out of him in a sluggish oozing river, dripping over his balls and down his thighs.