Koyu liked to sneak into the baths around midday, when no one was ever there. The whole castle hit a lull in the midday hours when the sun was high overhead. Everyone kept to their quarters or perhaps the bar, loitering around there until they had to get to the evening's chores. But there was a good hour or two when most of the castle was deserted, and even Tessai left his station in front of the baths.

Tessai would have let him into the baths anyway, so the sneaking was, strictly speaking, unnecessary. But still, Koyu enjoyed to sneak down (probably ineptly— there were ninja here, honestly) past the quiet restaurant and end with a nice, half-hour long soak. It was one of the few places where he could reliably get away from Chaco, too. The kid could be a serious pest sometimes.

Except, this time, Tessai had gone off somewhere (as usual) and there was someone else already in the baths when he stepped in. It was... that guy!

Koyu actually felt himself go bug-eyed. It was one of the men who he'd assumed was a soldier from... somewhere. He sparred a lot in the barracks, with the other soliders, even though he never wore a uniform. And his hair was definitely not the short, cropped look all the other soliders had. He had his hair in mid-length dreadlocks, all of them flowing down to his shoulders in messy rows.

It wasn't particularly unusual to find him outside the barracks, usually picking a fight with someone, and when he fought... well, when he fought, Koyu usually had to run back to his room quick so he could jerk off.

He just wore a skimpy vest on his upper body, something that just made it all the more enticing when he showed off the skin underneath. And he wore long pants, baggy enough that he thought he'd been wearing a skirt at first. But when he kicked and dove the fabric snapped back, perfectly outlining the muscles in his legs.

Once, he'd done a high kick and spun, and Koyu had the perfect vantage in a nearby tree, and he could see his dick pressed up against the front of his pants, soft and thick. He hadn't even gone back to his room, then, he'd just jerked off watching him right then and there, hidden in his perch, and felt guilty and paranoid that someone had seen him for days.

So it was kind of a shock to see him in the baths for the first time, his clothes in a heap on a bench. He was totally naked, of course, and submerged up to his chest in the clear, still water. His head was lolling back against the edge of the bath, baring his neck and putting the hard line of his jaw on display.

Koyu thought he'd been pretty quiet coming in; he hadn't tried to be super stealthy, but he didn't clomp around like certain other people. But the guy already had an eye cracked open the second he entered, and pretty much instantly sat up to a more respectable position; sitting up in the bath instead of slouching. Which, incidentally, gave him an even better view of his cock, resting heavily against one muscular, hairy thigh. Koyu swallowed.

He wasn't actually sure what the protocol was for the baths; he generally tried to avoid them when there were other people around. But he knew that there were plenty of times when people who didn't know each other stripped down and sat around together. So with a nervous lump in his throat and hoping he wasn't doing anything incredibly improper, he walked forward like the guy being here didn't surprise him at all and shucked off his clothes, piling them fairly neatly on a bench next to the guy's.

He walked to the bath, his eyes firmly focused on his feet, afraid to look over at the guy, if he was looking at him. He sank into the water with relief, always forgetting until he got in again about the pressure of water, about how he could feel it close tight across his ribs and stomach.

Koyu risked a glance up at the guy, to see that he was staring unfocusedly at the partition. He'd slumped back a little, and that just gave him a great view of his bare chest, his scarce chest hair matted down, his muscles clearly defined under his skin as he just breathed. Koyu really, really hoped he didn't get hard just from staring at him. He swallowed hard as the guy turned, his entire chest rippling with muscle, and he didn't even realize the guy was looking right at him until he followed the heavy muscle of his pectorals up to the thick muscled curve of his neck.

The guy looked... well, he always looked angry; he had a heavy brow and most of the time it was furrowed, like he was constantly glaring. But now his furrowed brow and narrowed eyes were directed right at him.

"Um," Koyu said awkwardly, after a long moment spent staring at each other. "Hi?" he ventured.

The guy laughed, or snorted, or something. His upper lip curled up into a sneer before the rest of his mouth followed, transforming his expression into a grin he could only describe as predatory. "You're that kid who always watches me fight," he said, and oh man he was so busted.

"Um..." he said, stupidly. He was pretty sure he was gaping at him, slackjawed.

The guy's lips quirked, transforming his expression into something like a leer. "One time you even jerked off," he said like it was the most casual thing, and the strange rushing feeling in Koyu's face was probably from him trying to blush and go pale at the same time.

He stammered something, he didn't even know what, just an inarticulate chain of half-formed syllables.

"Get over here," the guy said, and raised one hand up to gesture at him, breaking the still water. Koyu just stared back at him and he twitched his fingers again, beckoning.

He sloshed across to the side the guy was sitting on before his mind could really sort out if that was really a good idea or not, and after he was on the same side it was easier for him to sidle closer, until he was almost within the guy's arm range.

The guy made a low sound, like a grunt, as he looked him over; Koyu's gaze immediately went to the guy's crotch as his cock slowly lengthened. "You're not half-bad for some of the people here," he said, like that meant something, and Koyu's gaze snapped up to his face and he nodded like he knew what he was talking about. "Bob," he said, extending his hand casually, both arms still slung back against the rim of the bath.

"Um," Koyu said, and shook his hand. "Koyu."

Bob shook hands well enough, his grip firm without being crushing, but when Koyu went to let go he pulled, sending him slipping across the smooth bench until his hips smacked against Bob's with a general sloshing of water.

"Let's say we have some fun," Bob said, his voice layered now that Koyu was close enough to feel the deeper rhythms, and Koyu blushed, stared down at Bob's cock, mostly-hard, blushed more, and looked back up.

Bob was grinning at him, or smirking or something, casual and easy like he did this to everyone in the baths. Which, for all Koyu knew, he did. And he wasn't going to lie, he'd had fantasies that ran like this pretty exactly, only generally minus all his stammering and blushing.

Bob rolled his eyes and reached down with his left hand, tracing across Koyu's side and belly, and he actually yelped when his fingers grazed against his pubes. Koyu jerked a hand down to cover his cock, cupping his half-hard length, making a surprisingly loud smack as his palm chopped through the surface of the water.

Bob just chuckled, and Koyu's dick stiffened further at the sound, and at the low vibrations of his chest, carried through some resonance through the scant water between them.

Koyu felt like he was flushing from the top of his head down to his navel— but that's what sitting in the bath did anyway, so maybe Bob had just hastened it. Bob slid his left hand under Koyu's, cupping his fingers around Koyu's half-hard cock. He started at Bob's loose, warm touch and flushed further, then looked down and bit his lip, angling towards Bob. Bob rested his right hand lightly around Koyu's ankle as he leaned closer.

Bob smiled down at Koyu as he began stroking Koyu's cock. His cock hardened rapidly under Bob's touch, until it was taut and pressing up against his stomach. Bob sloshed in the bath, kneeling on the upper rim of the bath as well as the submerged seat, one of his muscled thighs still pressed against Koyu's leg. He released Koyu's ankle to stroke his own hardening cock, using the crest of his thumb to smear precome across his shaft.

Bob sat back, balancing on the balls of his feet, and Koyu slid closer, pressing his legs against Bob's ankles. Bob grinned again and got to his feet, his hand curled around his cock, jutting straight out from the dark, wet tangle of hair, and stepped out of the bath altogether to kneel on the slick tile of the bathhouse floor. Koyu followed, ducking his head down at the floor as he knelt in front on Bob. Bob reached out and grasped Koyu's cock, pulling it towards him as Koyu followed, duck-walking forward on his knees until he was almost sitting on top of one of Bob's legs.

Bob pressed their cocks together, thrusting his leaking cock against Koyu's. Koyu gasped out as Bob ran his fingers across the head of his cock, his eyes focused on Bob's hand, shiny with water and their precome. Bob squeezed his eyes shut and threw back his head, his dreadlocks spilling down his back. He stroked their cocks together until Koyu, blushing red as ever, started humping against the junction of Bob's hip, grinding his slick cock against Bob's muscled stomach.

Bob grinned at Koyu, but nevertheless grasped his hips, firmly holding him still. He leaned forward, touching their foreheads together, his eyes going slightly crosseyed as he looked at Koyu and smiled, his hands again sliding over their cocks. He tilted his head slightly to his Koyu, and Koyu mirrored the motion. Their lips touched, mouths open, sliding against each other with the slightest pressure, but just as Bob pressed his lips against Koyu's, Koyu awkwardly drew back.

"I want you to fuck me," he blurted, and then blushed at Bob's amused expression.

"You ever been fucked?" Bob said, after a short pause.

"Uh." Koyu looked sidelong, at Bob's hand curled around his side, their cocks still pushed together, sliding against each other and against their stomachs as they breathed and shifted slightly. "No?"

"Maybe when we get a little more free time," Bob said, curling his other hand around their cocks again. "And a little more privacy," he said, shooting a glance to the bathhouse entrance. "Need some lube; can't just shove it in." Koyu bit his lip at the thought, his thighs tensing against Bob's, and Bob grinned and carried on.

"My cock's pretty big, too, it'd take a while to get it in without hurting." Bob slowly stroked their cocks, gripping them with one huge hand as he spoke. "I'd have to go slow, push it in just a little at a time, work it back and forth until you're opened up."

Koyu whimpered, and Bob shifted forward, splaying his cock across Koyu's front as if to show off just how big it was. The head dimpled the skin halfway up his chest, over his belly-button, and the shaft was solid and heavy, the skin itself soft and slick with their precome. Bob reached back, sliding his fingertips across Koyu's ass and slowly pushing against his asshole, sliding down to push harder against the skin between his ass and balls, putting pressure against the internal muscle there, the root of his cock.

"Not much chance of it now," Bob said, grinding his fingers along the shape of the internal muscle, back and forth all the way to his tight asshole. "I'd have to open you up before fucking you, and that takes time." Koyu could hear the grin in Bob's voice as he savored the slight pause. "But once I did I'd shove it in, plunge my whole cock into you, and watch you moan and cry as I fuck you."

Koyu whimpered, raising up on his knees to lean forward, sliding up until Bob's cock was against his balls, his cockhead pushing against the base of his cock. He felt Bob's grin against his shoulders more than he saw it, and then Bob's trailing fingers focused on his ass again, circling around the pucker and pushing just a fraction inside him.

"You're so eager," Bob said, his low voice just a whisper into his ear, puffs of his breath curling past his ear. He pressed a finger against Koyu's ass and slowly, slowly pushed it in, past the tight, clenched pucker and into his ass. Koyu shuddered, breath already coming faster, his cock practically dripping precome across Bob's stomach.

Bob pulled his finger out, slowly, then swiped his palm along his cock, streaking it with precome, and spat, slicking his fingers with that slight lubrication. Koyu tensed up, clenching his ass tightly closed as Bob forced his thick finger into his ass again. He slid it as deep as it would go, down to the knuckle, then wiggled it around. Koyu shuddered at the unfamiliar sensation as Bob pressed his finger against the walls of his ass. He slowly released his grip on Bob's arms, his fingers still curling lightly around Bob's forearms as he got used to the strange feeling inside him.

Again, Bob pulled out his finger, this time replacing it with two. The pain and strange sensation repeated itself, fading into a dim pleasure as Bob continued wiggling his fingers around. It didn't hurt, but it didn't particularly feel that good, either. It just felt like... fingers. Inside him. Bob pulled his fingers out and Koyu prepared himself for the stretch of three fingers, but instead Bob leaned forward, tilting Koyu back until he was flat against the tile floor. Bob slid down his body, kissing and licking across his chest and stomach, just barely brushing by his cock as he lapped across Koyu's balls, clenched tight below his cock.

Bob raised his legs and pressed his face against his ass, his beaky nose flattening against the swell of his ass before he aligned himself, licking at Koyu's puckered asshole. Taut against his stomach, Koyu's cock spat out a strand of precome as Bob lapped at his tender hole.

Koyu wrapped his legs around Bob, arching upwards as Bob spat and licked at his ass, opening it up. Bob wrapped his left hand around Koyu's upper thigh, stilling the tremors that ran through it, while with his right he reached up and began tugging at Koyu's cock, smearing Koyu's precome over his hand. Koyu let out an pained whimper as his cock spat out another thick, viscous strand of precome onto Bob's hand.

Koyu felt like he was going to come already, but just as he first felt the tightening heat in his gut Bob pulled away and sat up. When Koyu reached down to finish himself off, Bob growled and grasped both of Koyu's wrists in his broad hand, pinning them behind Koyu's back. With his free hand, he slowly worked his fingers into Koyu's loosened asshole, starting with one, which Koyu tried to fuck himself on, and then slowly pushing in another. They still felt strange inside him, not bad or good, just things pushed inside him where nothing had gone before. Bob kept his gaze on his hand as he slowly worked his thick fingers around Koyu's stretched asshole; Koyu stared at Bob's face, his brow furrowed in concentration.

And then Bob's fingers hit something inside him, twisted around and curled up, and Koyu's entire body jerked. He gasped, eyes wide and mouth open, and Bob laughed lowly and then pushed his fingers against the spot again.

Koyu had to bite his lower lip to keep himself from just moaning, and he still made a loud, high-pitched whimper, almost a sobbing cry as Bob started up a rhythm, twisting his fingers around and then glancing across the spot with his knuckles before coming down hard against it.

Whatever it was, it felt like it was hooked up to his entire body, a steady throb of pleasure echoing through him with each touch. Bob's fingers still felt strange inside him, thick and awkward, catching roughly against his insides, but that was so worth it. Koyu panted, breath coming fast and harshly though his open mouth, and Bob just grinned down at him, slowly fucking him with his fingers as he almost idly tugged at Koyu's cock, rock hard and jutting up across Koyu's belly.

Koyu gasped, making sharp moans as Bob hammered his fingers inside him. He turned his head, pressing his mouth against the crook of his elbow to muffle his moans as Bob slowly, casually fucked him with his fingers. Koyu felt his cock tense, orgasm approaching, and he bit down on his inner arm as he came abruptly, body shuddering around Bob's fingers, his come spurting wetly across his shuddering belly in several splashes, ebbing down to a final spasming drip that clung to his flushed cockhead.

Bob kept working his insides for a second, the sensation overwhelming, the raw discomfort of it almost overcoming the pleasure still coursing through his body. Then he drew back, letting Koyu's aching asshole close and his body relax. Muscles he hadn't even known were tense relaxed as he sprawled on the bathhouse floor. Koyu lowered his arm, slight indents in his skin from his teeth, practically gasping for breath as he lolled his head back against the cool tile.

Bob shifted beside him and Koyu became aware against of the hot line of his cock pressing against his thigh, huge and hard. "You got a little energy left...?" Bob said, rubbing his cock align the join of Koyu's inner thigh, sliding back and forth. Koyu looked down to watch the thick length roll over his skin, Bob's heavy, loose foreskin rolling halfway up the head of his cock as he pulled back and then retracting again to display the flushed, red skin beneath.

The rush of his own arousal had ebbed with his orgasm, but he still sat up, grasping for Bob's cock. He wanted to take his time, but— he glanced over at the doorway. Honestly they had been somewhat lucky that no one had come in already, and he didn't feel his luck was that good. Bob grinned at him, his arrogant expression dissolving into a loose, happy groan as Koyu stroked him. Koyu paused for a fraction of a second, then bent down, on his hands and knees to take Bob's cock into his mouth.

Bob's thick, blunt cockhead pressed against his lips, firm and solid, smelling of sweat and salt, and Koyu opened up without hesitation, opening wide to try to take the head into his mouth. He slowly moved down, taking the head and a fraction of the shaft into his mouth before he closed his lips around Bob's shaft. He licked along the underside of his shaft, up across the folds of his foreskin to the thick, taut line of skin connecting his foreskin to his head. Bob's breath caught in his throat with a low catch and he huffed out a moan, his off hand coming up to tangle in Koyu's damp hair, not pulling him forward, just a heavy point of contact between their bodies. His fingers twitched and curled into his hair as Koyu started bobbing up and down, licking across the head of his cock and stroking the ample rest of his shaft.

Koyu let himself drool, slicking down his shaft and making his hand run smoother, moving back and forth. He could already feel his cock stiffening again, just from the feelings of sucking cock. He'd wanted to do this with Bob for a while; the satisfaction of actually getting to do it, to have Bob's cock in his mouth, firm and stretching his lips, slowly leaking salty precome was enough to get him into it, but having his own cock hard and flushed with arousal wasn't bad.

Bob just let him nurse on it, sitting back so Koyu could slowly shift closer, slurping wetly on his thick cock. He pumped his shaft in time with his bobbing head, lapping across the underside of Bob's cock until Bob's grip tightened on his head.

"Gonna come," he said, and Koyu moaned, muffled by his cock. Bob tugged back lightly, but Koyu ignored him, shoving himself further down on Bob's cock, until his lips pressed against his index finger, his fist still clasped around the base of Bob's shaft.

Bob hissed out something, a moan, a gasp, and came in Koyu's mouth, rolling his hips slightly. Koyu coughed and sputtered, unprepared for the heavy, thick spurts of come in the back of his mouth. Bob's load spilled out past his lips, streaking along his shaft and over Koyu's fingers as Bob kept coming, his cock tensing with each shot, jerking up inside Koyu's mouth to press against the roof of his mouth.

Koyu swallowed, most of Bob's load still flooding his mouth and spilling out past his lips, but as it continued he got used to the abrupt spurts, to the thick, slimy texture of Bob's come, flat and tasteless with the barest aftertaste.

Bob tugged him up again, and this time Koyu let himself be pulled off Bob's cock. The flared, hot head emerged from his lips with a wet pop, still jerking spasmodically, small spurts of come covering Koyu's lips and dripping down Bob's shaft. Bob pulled him up, arms barely straining as he gripped Koyu's shoulder and lifted him up to kiss.

Bob practically dove into his mouth, lips and tongue pressing against his mouth, licking over his teeth, swiping up the dribble of come spilling over his lips, swallowing his own come as his cock jerked out its final dry spasms between them.

Bob tipped his head away, breaking the contact of their lips while keeping their heads pressed together, and he licked his lips and swallowed heavily, grinning at Koyu. Koyu almost moaned at the withdrawal, his face flushed, his own cock fully hard again and grinding against Bob's slowly-flagging length.

"You look good sucking cock," Bob said, a low rasp in his voice, like he was the one who was just sucking cock.

Koyu had to turn his head and cough before he responded, come still caught in his throat, and then he didn't know what to say, really.

"Come by my room sometime you've got a few hours free," Bob said, the same arrogant grin on his face, even with his lips shiny with spit and come, a wet tendril smeared across his jaw. "I'll fuck you good."

Koyu swallowed thickly, the taste of Bob's come still thick in his mouth, his lips still tingling from his rough kiss. "Okay," he said, and he barely stuttered.

Bob grinned at him, the same cocky smirk he always made, and tilted his head forward to kiss him again, briefly, before sitting back and getting to his feet. His half-hard cock flopped right in front of Koyu's face for a fraction of a second, and Koyu turned aside, feeling a flush start across his neck. The thought of Bob actually doing the things he said, fucking him... his cock twitched across his thigh, crawling forward as it lengthened, and Koyu shifted and got to his feet instead of taking care of it again.

Bob haphazardly stepped into his clothes; his pants hugely baggy but clinging to his wet legs, clearly defining his huge muscles, his vest not covering his chest in the least. He at least wiped his mouth, smearing his come across his forearm until he no longer looked quite like he'd been fucking in the baths, and then without even a backward glance he strode out of the baths. Koyu watched him go, his muscled ass shifting back and forth with each step, and it wasn't until Bob rounded the corner that he looked away shaking his head.

He dressed, slower and more awkwardly than Bob— he was wet and covered in come too, and he didn't dare towel off for fear of the come staining the towels. His half-hard cock tented the front of his pants, and the heavy leathers were oppressive in the heat and humidity of the baths. As baths went this was one of the worst he had, but... the hot curl of arousal in his gut twisted around, thinking of what he'd just done. But overall the experience had been great. He'd go to Bob's room sometime soon — he'd find out where Bob's room was first; that wouldn't take much — and they'd fuck, and until then, well, he was pretty sure he could jerk off thinking about this for months.

Koyu dragged on his undershirt, make a face as it stuck to his wet back, and left the lacing hanging open. Whatever, he thought, he was presentable. It was time to get out of the baths and find out what else the castle had to offer him.