It was really weird, living in some huge crumbling castle on the lake. They'd been shipped down from Tinto-- himself; his big sis, Lo Wen; and the bandit chief himself, Gijimu, his brother-- to help with... well, whatever. They owed a huge favor to these (strange, weird) folks, anyway, after they came up and killed Neclord.

Koyu admitted that honestly, the whole situation was confusing. Like, Tinto was out of the way, and he was just some bandit kid. Everyone here was all "rah, rah, revolution" about everything, fighting for... something, against... someone. International politics were not his strong suit, okay? And that had been fine, not like Tinto was what anyone would call politically active, up until he'd been chosen as messenger-- and boy, that had been terrifying.

They'd first noticed something was wrong when corpses started climbing out of their graves, and that was the worst omen ever. There'd been creepy laughter echoing off the mountain walls, low and sinister. They'd been woken up in the middle of the night, Koyu downstairs and Lo Wen and Gijimu up in their bedroom, and had to run around through the zombie-infested night, trying to wake people up and get everyone safe and it had been panicked and terrifying.

Apparently other people (by which he meant his sis) had fortified some of the buildings, by barring all the entrances and coming and going by second-story doors, and in his glimpses of that there were huddled masses of people in groups, talking in low voices to each other, quieting the crying children.

He had wanted to stay there (obviously) but he was small and fast and brother to the chief, anyway, so he knew he had to go out, run messages back and forth between people trapped in different houses, even when there were smelly undead lurching after him, each one stumbling and useless but in a horde terribly deadly.

He'd been the one to deliver the message, anyway. Some of the elders hadn't been able to get to Lo Wen's house and were stuck up in one house, on the third story after destroying the stairs down. So he'd had to go back and forth, so they could come up with a plan together. And so he'd carried that fateful message in his head, had told to Gijimu: "We need to get a message out," and known that he'd be the one to do it, even if he wanted nothing more than to stay inside with everyone else. But as much as he wanted that, well, Tinto was his home and he sure wasn't going to sit around when he could be doing something.

So he figured he knew something about having something to fight for, something that drove him to go out into the wilds with nothing but a hastily-packed bundle of money and food, rushing through the mountain pass until he reached North Window castle. So those people: the ones who were radicals, activists, whatever, he didn't really understand what they were fighting for or against, but he figured he understood why.

It was the other people that gave him pause. They were just weird. Technically, he supposed, they were like him. People from wherever, none of them having any real stake in the big fight but they'd gotten caught up in things, just like him.

They were all so weird, though. Tiny dog people that yipped and growled at him, a completely bizarre chef who (from what he could tell) seemed to be on the run from some kinda sinister cooking school, weird farmers, and some punk who idolized their glorious leader (who looked to be a kid hardly older than he was, which was even more weird). And they all got along together, with the silent ninja, the bat-winged people with the weird accents, the dude with the scary gun who never talked, and everyone lived in surreal harmony in this big old moldering castle.

Marlowe had told him that Neclord had lived here, before he attacked Tinto, and he sure could believe it. The outside looked all lively and colorful, but there were all these narrow, twisting back passageways, dark and spooky inside even in midday. He had no problem believing that a creepy vampire had lived here.

And then there was the graveyard. At first he didn't even know what it was, just that the stairs went down and down and down, and at first... well, at first he walked through the archway and almost ran into a tree. God, that place was creepy. There were skeletal dead trees reaching up into the blackness, and the air was cold and wet. It honestly seemed like outside, on a dark still night, and that fact that he knew he was deep underground, inside the rock beside the lake, just made the place creepier.

There was even a wrought iron fence with a guttering lamp at the gate. He'd walked in slowly, spooked and cautious, and nearly jumped and ran when he identified the crumbling stone jutting from the ground as a gravestone.

Graveyards never used to make him terrified, but actually seeing corpses crawling out from graves had a way of creating that fear where there had been none.

He slumped against the caretaker's shack (empty and ruined; rotted away; and he never did find out if it was like that way when they took the place over or if Neclord actually had a caretaker) staring at the graves spread out into the darkness, wanting nothing more than to give up on exploring this creepy place and run back up to outside, to the heat and light of the day. This place had a way of making him think that it was outside; that he'd go back up and people would be stumbling around in the dark and cold, a wet mist already starting to rise from the ground...

Koyu shook his head, kind of huddled and terrified against the ruined wall of the shack. Something dark and fast darted between two of the nearer graves and he jolted up, heart beating fast in his chest. He froze in place, staring at the gravestone, until the whatever-it-was reappeared, and it dark shape resolved into a black cat, eyes reflecting the lantern light back to him.

He slumped back against the wall, exhaling loudly. The cat crept closer to him, apparently wanting to get close but not get close enough for him to actually reach out and touch-- it skulked backwards whenever he reached out a hand to pet it.

He spent a substantial period of time just sitting there, trying to coax the cat to come close enough to pet. He knew the graveyard actually wasn't full of zombies, or probably even of regular dead bodies (Neclord was, as he'd learned, not a fan of keeping bodies in graves), and the cat was a living thing that seemed to get by fine down here, so the terror of the place slowly sunk into the background as he tried to get the cat to come, snapping his fingers; whistling; tapping his hand against the clammy soil.

Then there was some sort of commotion from the stairway, like someone falling down in a full suit of armor, and Koyu stared over at the entrance. He had no clue if people were supposed to be down here, and probably it would raise weird questions if someone caught the new bandit kid hanging around in the secret underground graveyard they had.

After a second he realized that there were footsteps coming closer from the hallway and the mumble of people talking. Not really thinking exceptionally clearly, he darted into the caretaker's shack. It didn't have many walls left, but it was at least a solid physical object he could stay in and not be seen, although of course he peeked his head around the doorframe to see who in the world would come down here.

It turned out to be two guys, one an adult, tall and gangly, the other looking his age or maybe even younger. And they seemed to be wearing something weird on their feet; or maybe their feet were warped and deformed somehow... it wasn't until they came closer to the lantern that the black shadows behind them coalesced into wings, big ragged leathery ones sprouting from their backs. Their feet were all deformed, or at least... different. They had huge talons, like a bird.

He'd actually seen some people like that before; there were some... kobolds, maybe? Or, no, duh, "wingers". Or something like that; he remembered someone talking about how they had what they called "demi-human" troops from... some town or another, and there had been people like that there. Although the ones he'd seen in the troops had wings that were in much better shape than the ragged things these two had.

They were talking to one another, Koyu hearing the distinct sounds of speech without being able to actually understand what they were saying. They both had some regional accent, something he'd heard around but not enough to actually decipher it. Even when their voices were loud enough to hear he still could only comprehend maybe one word in twenty.

But the younger one, the kid, was loud and animated, pretty obviously complaining about something, while the tall one, the adult (although he was pretty young lookin' too, he noted, just tall) only responded in short phrases. Sometimes, he would giggle. That one was actually super creepy.

The cat apparently loved them, though. It had hid in the field of gravestones at the noise, but once they came into view it bounded out and practically jumped up onto them, weaving its body between their legs until the kid picked it up. He could hear it purr as they passed by him, into the graveyard. Figured.

He could also smell the distinct smell of fish. Ugh, fish. In Tinto, fish was a "rare delicacy" and came in huge frozen slabs and tasted completely awful. Apparently on the lakeside it tasted different, or so everyone told him, but he honestly didn't want to find out. Fish was gross.

Still, and probably against his best interests, he followed them. The cavern apparently curved around a little, and they walked out into the darkness calmly, like they either could see in the dark (and okay, he didn't get a good look at any of the winged people, but if they turned out to have huge black eyes or something he was going to freak out and he would not care who caught him down here) or they knew where they were going. Koyu almost stumbled over tombstones several times, but thankfully neither of them noticed over the racket the kid was making.

Eventually they settled down near the far wall of the cavern (and it was even kind of relieving to see that the cavern had a wall; that they weren't going to walk off forever into the enchanted night of this place) and the tall one took out... something, a lumpy package, from somewhere in his clothes. The cat seemed to like it, at least, and leapt out of the kid's arms towards it. The kid jolted back, saying something that he could definitely tell was a swear, even through his accent, and cradled his apparently injured arm.

At some point during that, he apparently looked over enough to see Koyu standing there in the dark, and he jumped up with a squeak towards the big kid, yelling.

Of course, as soon as they knew he was there he had to get closer, because there was no point lurking alone in a dark graveyard when he could be standing next to people, even if they might turn out to be scary monster people.

But since they knew he was there, even if the big kid's response was just to look at him and giggle again (which sent shivers up and down his spine; that guy was bizarre and scary), he felt like he could say something.

"What are you doing down here?" he asked, realizing abruptly that he was the one who caught them down here and not the other way around.

The kid said something in response, and either he still couldn't make it out from their thick accents or he actually had said what he thought he'd said.

"You're what?!" he said, masking his incomprehension with disbelief.

"We're burying fish," the kid repeated, resignedly. The older kid just looked down at the cat, happily eating the scraps of the dead fish.

And that was how he met Chaco and Sid!

They did bury the fish, which was surreal and kind of creepy, but as Chaco told him later, well, Sid was kind of surreal and creepy. It actually seemed like Chaco was terrified of him half the time, and he never did get a good explanation as to why he followed him around and hung out with him all the time, anyway.

It was nice to have someone close to his age around, too. Everyone else was so old and, frankly, boring. Sure, he was sure the endless meetings they had about strategy and army movements all the time got something accomplished, but it was so tedious that not even the nagging guilty feeling in his gut wasn't enough to keep him from ditching out after the first hour. Lo Wen and Gijimu were there too, anyway, and they we both way better tacticians than he was.

The first time he skipped out he ran right into Chaco when he was going around a corner in the castle.

"Oh, hey," Chaco said, nonchalantly. "Skipping out on the big boring meeting?" he asked, rhetorically. "No one's ever down in the orchard this hour; wanna go swipe some apples?"

"Yes" said Koyu, with feeling, and off they went.

So that was what hanging out with Chaco was like. He was wildly irresponsible and tried really hard to get on everyone's nerves, even his, but on the whole spending an hour sitting up in the old apple trees eating ripe apples and spitting the seeds down at people (Chaco apparently had spent a lot of time practicing and could hit someone's head from yards away, and he wasn't even stealthy about it so he always got caught and made a big scene) beat out sitting around in the drafty old meeting room by so much.

He wouldn't really call them "fast friends", because Chaco was immensely annoying a lot of the time, and never really shut up, and Koyu figured he probably thought he was stuck up and stuffy or something, but they got along well enough. Maybe they ended up spending so much time together just because there really weren't a lot of kids around, whatever.

But Chaco ended up dragging him around from place to place, almost always to either witness some prank of his or to be a prop in the latest one. And, as Koyu found out to his chagrin, Chaco was most definitely not above skulking off and pinning the blame on him, if things didn't work out right.

On the whole, though, it was pretty enjoyable to hang out with Chaco, even if he had apparently gotten some lessons in creepy staring techniques from Sid at some point along the way. Sometimes he'd look over at him and just see him staring at him, his face otherwise lacking expression.

But while Sid was honestly super creepy, Chaco just managed "mildly unsettling", maybe in part because Koyu was a little taller and quite a lot stronger. Chaco has scrawny bird bones and weak muscles to match, so even if he was a little creepy and a lot annoying it was always a possibility to just punch him in the face and walk away, although thankfully it never quite got to that.

It was almost routine after a month or two. Koyu would usually help out with errands around the castle (and sometimes Chaco would go with him and try to convince him to steal whatever it was he was errand-ing, which never ever worked) and laze around when there wasn't anything else to do.

Pretty much daily Chaco would have something to drag him away to, which is why he didn't really consider it anything of note when Chaco caught him near the restaurant and dragged him down to the old observatory tower. They'd been there loads of times, using the telescope to spy on people or hiding from the target of their most recent prank-- and by "their" he meant "Chaco's". Usually.

"So what's the big deal, anyway?" Koyu asked as Chaco hurried ahead of him.

Chaco didn't answer aside from an impatient grunt. His wings were doing the fluttering thing they did when he was excited, and he wasn't really walking so much as leaping and gliding ahead, stirring up a breeze as he went. So whatever it was, it definitely had him excited.

When they got to it, the quad was the same mostly-empty parklike space as always. The observation tower was not in flames. There was no one wandering around looking lost after finding something of value stolen with a series of clues written on notecards (which never actually worked, because Chaco's penmanship was really distinctive and he only ever had one hiding spot).

"C'mon, you don't need to build up the suspense or whatever," Koyu griped as they headed towards the dark entrance of the tower. "Big surprises suck anyway," he said as they passed into the tower, "and-- ack!" he yelped as Chaco shoved him aside, hands on his ribs as he shoved him back against the wall beside the doorway.

"I watched you jerking off," Chaco said, pretty nonchalantly for such an admission. He leapt into the air, floating just high enough to kiss him. He was violent about it, too, shoving his tongue up against his slack lips and curling it across his teeth while he grabbed at his shoulders with his hands, his taloned feet clutching the stone wall just above his ankles.

Koyu kissed back, because duh. Chaco wasn't exactly his type, but generally speaking anyone who wanted to make out was a-ok with him. Maybe that meant he had low standards but he didn't really focus on that much because kissing. He opened his mouth and slid his tongue across Chaco's lips, and Chaco made a muffled gleeful sound against his mouth.

Chaco pulled back after a while, breathing hard, and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. He was still mostly flying, talons resting lightly against the uneven stone, hands still gripping Koyu's shoulders.

"Um, what?" Koyu said, though, because what. "Jerking off?"

"You get all into it," Chaco said. "You make these little noises."

Koyu flushed a little at that, but mostly he was consumed in thought, because he was pretty sure Chaco hadn't been lurking in his window the last time he jerked off. He was pretty sure he would notice; Chaco was not what anyone would call sneaky.

"And you always do it after staring at the guards sparring, or after hanging around outside the baths," Chaco continued, and even though he was apparently stalking him, Koyu had to admit it was a little flattering that he'd apparently cared that much about voyeurism to work out what turned him on. He could feel his cheeks heat up as Chaco kept talking.

"And you push up your shirt and shove down your pants and jerk off-- you have a nice dick, too-- until you come. It's super hot. You're so loud when you shoot. And then you wipe it all up, even though I think it'd be hotter if you ate it." Chaco sucked in a deep breath, face kind of red-- but probably just from breathlessness and not embarrassment, because he was pretty sure the kid didn't know the meaning of the word.

"Oh my god," Koyu said, because that was perverse. Chaco started talking again, more about the precise methods of his jerk-off routine, but he'd shifted a little closer during, and their stomachs were pressing together, Chaco's hands flat against his chest as he leaned closer. He could feel his dick, hard and warm against his hips, and Chaco's fluttering antics were rocking his body back and forth, sliding his dick back and forth, grinding just barely across Koyu's crotch.

Koyu stifled a little groan and rocked back, his own dick stiffening as they started to grind together. Chaco was still talking, something about how his rhythm was good, how he used one hand to jerk off and ground the other back against the base of his dick, felt real good didn't it, yeah?

"I think we should do something like that together," Chaco finally said after what felt like minutes of agonizingly slow friction.

"I think we already are," Koyu said weakly, voice coming out a little stressed as they rocked against each other, their motion enough to feel really, really good but not enough to get him anywhere near getting off.

"Huh," Chaco said, like he hadn't even noticed, his dick hard and grinding against Koyu's stomach, tenting out his shorts. He ground forward sharply and Koyu yelped, breath coming shaky.

"That's what I mean," Chaco said, "those noises," and Koyu sagged back against the wall, shoving his hips out at the same time he finally just pulled Chaco close, fastening around his waist and grinding their trapped dicks together. Chaco just grinned, hardly even breathing fast, which Koyu thought was really unfair.

"I was thinking jerkin' off, though," Chaco said, casually, like it didn't really matter. "I'm real good at it, too!"

"What the fuck," Koyu finally managed to articulate. "Are you like this with everyone you wanna fuck?" he asked, honestly kind of curious. Like, he and Marlowe jerked each other off, sometimes, but he was always so shy and stuttering about it. He didn't really want to admit to Chaco that he hadn't actually had much sex, especially if Chaco was seriously that casual about it.

"Only the cute ones," Chaco said, and grinned at him.

Before Koyu could properly respond to that (although mentally, he accepts he probably would have just said "what?" again) Chaco kissed him again, practically shoving his tongue down his throat this time.

Koyu might have made some inarticulate groaning noises against Chaco's mouth, again, that abruptly shot upwards in scale as Chaco stuck a hand down his pants. Chaco actually pulled away as he groped him, probably just to listen to him squeak and gasp as he curled his fingers around his cock. He jerked him off, kind of, closer to just jostling his hand around than stroking it with purpose, but the friction as he ground against Chaco's hand was more than enough to pull all sorts of loud yelping moans from his throat.

At some point, Koyu made a conscious decision to just go limp. He sagged back against the wall and pretty much just let Chaco jerk him off, strokes coming more regular after he'd sagged back enough so that they weren't grinding together anymore.

Chaco was palming his own dick through his pants as he jerked him off, and Koyu made as if to reach out and grab him before deciding not to, his hands fluttering limply. Chaco looked really into it, staring down at the bulge of his dick and the flashes of bare skin as his wrist pulled at the waist of his shorts. His lips were parted, just a tiny bit, and he could see his eyes through his surprisingly long eyelashes, dark and focused. It was, as Chaco would say, super hot.

Chaco pushed forward, pinning Koyu up against the wall with his arm stuck between them, and kissed him again. Koyu had slumped down just enough for Chaco to kiss him on his tip-toes, his upper lip barely pushing against his. As if he'd needed that as a distraction, Chaco pulled his hand out of his pants and pulled at the cord keeping his tunic closed, the whole twist of it coming undone pretty much instantly and slipping to the ground as his tunic draped open.

Chaco slid his hands up under his tunic, grinding across the lithe planes of his body. He pinched Koyu's nipples, already peaked up, and Koyu practically shouted into his mouth, pulling back to gasp as Chaco pulled his right nipple between his thumb and forefinger and rolled it back and forth. It sent jolts of something all across his chest, a weird sensation with little spikes of pleasure mixed with a slight dull pain.

But that apparently didn't hold Chaco's interest very long, because he cast his hands downward, across his stomach and into his shorts. His clothes were kind of loose, but the waist was nowhere near loose enough to let Chaco shove both his hands down. Chaco huffed a little, petulantly, when he realized this and Koyu smirked in response, not that Chaco was paying any attention.

Instead he dropped to his knees, and Koyu felt like everything went dim except for the rough press of his dick against the front of his shorts and the sudden rolling tension in his stomach at the sight of Chaco's face exactly level with his dick. Chaco looked up, smirking, so he had to have made some kind of sound, or gone tense, or something, but he didn't really know what he'd done.

His eyes were still wide, and Chaco was still grinning and at ease-- although with a definite undercurrent of something mischievous. Chaco deftly undid his shorts without even looking at his hands, not breaking eye contact. Koyu's cock dragged against the fabric, rough enough so that Chaco eventually had to pull his shorts down, out and away, to make them fall down his legs. Koyu could hear himself groan and huff the whole way through, even as he bit his lip to try and keep quiet.

Chaco stared at his cock like he was trying to memorize it, the stiff length with a redder tip, jutting out and up from his body, framed by a light dusting of dark hair at the base. He stroked it back and forth with his right hand, the other pressed tight between his spread legs. Koyu opened his mouth, realized he had nothing to say, and closed it again, feeling that he must look like a beached fish.

Chaco only briefly glanced up at him, red-faced and breathing unsteadily, before bowing his head down and taking the tip of his dick into his mouth. Koyu made a choked sound in a register he didn't even realize he could reach, and Chaco made a huffing sound around his dick that was probably laughter. Then Chaco rolled his eyes and sunk deeper, taking most of his dick into the soft, wet heat of his mouth. Koyu made another noise, and as if in response Chaco swallowed around his dick. The motion was almost like milking, his mouth and tongue sliding tightly around his dick. Koyu whimpered.

Chaco bobbed up and down on his dick, little wet sounds coming out of the sides of his mouth, and Koyu stared down at him like he was stuck in place, unable to move a single muscle. His fingers twitched against Chaco's scalp, pulling him closer by the slightest fraction, and he gladly dived down, taking Koyu's dick to the base, sliding his hand over to clutch his narrow hips.

Chaco pulled back with a slurp and looked up at Koyu again, his flushed lips quirking up into a smirk when he saw Koyu's breathless expression, lips parted. He took his cock in again, lips pursed tight and his tongue lashing all across the bottom of his shaft, pulling back to lap at the head and coax out more panting wails from Koyu. Koyu whimpered and groaned the whole way through, panting in uneven, stuttering breaths as Chaco sucked him off.

Chaco slid his right hand back across the hair above his dick and curled his fingers around the slick base, like he was massaging it; working his fingers against his slippery skin.

Koyu could feel his orgasm grow, slowly. It felt like it was curled up inside him, reaching down tendrils as Chaco continued bobbing up and down his dick. But maybe Chaco noticed him tensing, because he pulled back a little to focus on licking around the head of his cock, pressing against the ridge of the head.

Chaco let go of his dick and moved his hand down, across his lightly-haired balls; and then behind them, between his legs; sliding along the absolute root of his dick, where he could feel the muscle of his shaft continue inside his body; and up around his ass, until his fingertips pushed against his asshole.

Koyu felt the noise rise out of his throat like it wasn't even something he could control, something like a yelp, or a sob, groaning out through his mouth as Chaco toyed with him, pushing and coaxing at his most sensitive areas-- places where no one, ever, had touched him, much less slid their tongue and fingers across, pushing and grinding.

He let out a groan that was hitched in the middle when Chaco finally pushed one rough fingertip into his asshole, his cock pulsing hard against Chaco's mouth. "I-I'm gonna c-come...," he stuttered out, in an almost inaudible, breathy voice, and Chaco pulled off his dick with a wet pop. He brought up his left hand, palm damp from grinding against the front of his shorts, and started jerking him off with tight, efficient strokes.

Chaco wiggled his finger around, barely fucking him with the first joint of his finger, and the weird uncomfortable stretching feeling felt... pretty good, somehow. But that on top of everything else, on top of the slow build as Chaco jerked him off, lips just a fraction of an inch away from him, so close he could feel his warm breath against the tip of his dick. Koyu came embarrassingly fast after that, staring down at Chaco staring at his dick.

He arched his hips forward and came with a quiet whimper, practically an anticlimax after his groans earlier. But he couldn't pull his gaze away from Chaco as he came, the first spurt shooting out with enough force to splatter against his lower lip. Chaco looked up, right at him, giving him a perfect view of the shiny thread of his come clinging to the bruised, red flesh of his lip, and he squirted out the rest of his orgasm against Chaco's neck, streaming and splattering down into the neck of his shirt.

"Liked that?" Chaco said, somewhat more calmly than usual, like he hadn't just pushed him against a wall and sucked him off. His voice was lower, huskier, too. Like-- like he'd just been sucking someone off, in fact.

"Y-yeah," Koyu said, breath still coming fast as his dick oozed out the last few dribbles of come, drooling down to cover Chaco's fingers, still curled around his shaft. He felt like he was going to say more, but instead he trailed off, legs wobbling.

Chaco pulled his hand off his dick and briefly made a face at the strings of come across the back, before returning to clutching and grinding his trapped dick against his hands. Koyu sunk down, feeling wobbly all over, and stared wide- eyed at Chaco as he silently jerked himself off, the only sound he was making the quiet rustle of fabric as he ground back and forth against the front of his shorts.

There was actually a dark splotch on the front of his shorts, mostly hidden by his hands. Koyu wasn't sure if that meant he'd already come or if he was just super leaky or something, but Chaco was really focused on it now that Koyu'd come, his eyes almost closed and his mouth hanging open, one hand shoved down his shorts and the other clutching and kneading at the front.

"Hey," Koyu said, already reaching out. Chaco barely responded when he knocked the single loose strap of his overalls off his shoulder and shoved his hand down below his waist. He moaned, a little, and thrust forward, humping his slick dick against Koyu's hand.

He reached out with his other hand to steady Chaco's hips and to pull his shorts down, revealing his dick, the head actually dripping with precome. He closed his hand around Chaco's dick, before changing his mind and grabbing his hand.

"Hey," he said, and Chaco looked up at him this time, although maybe that had more to do with his averted handjob than anything he said.

"You said it'd be hotter if I ate it, huh?" he asked, already lifting Chaco's still hand up to his mouth. He licked across the back of it, Chaco staring at his tongue as he swiped it across his skin, gathering up the thin tendril of his come and sucking it into his mouth.

His own come tasted like... well, it was a little salty and a little thick, weirdly stringy and viscous. Not actually very good, to be honest, but Chaco actually let out a broken moan and his dick twitched in his hand. He shoved his free hand down the front of his shorts and tried to knock Koyu's hand away, but he kept a firm grip on his dick.

He lowered his other hand, though, still gripping Chaco's, and together they managed to shove Chaco's shorts down, enough so that he could actually see what he was doing. After that, it was easy for him to pull Chaco closer so that he could stroke him off, hand working up and down. Chaco squirmed against him, his body unexpectedly warm, as he leaned forward, head resting against Koyu's shoulder, hands gripping his sides, right at the base of his ribs.

Chaco kept squeezing and relaxing, and this close Koyu could hear the little hitches in his breath as he got closer and closer to coming, his cock actually throbbing in his grip as Chaco tried to delay his orgasm.

He could feel the spill of precome across his hand speed up, and Chaco's noises actually raised above the subvocal, little short grunts as his dick stiffened in his hand, followed by a long grunt when he actually shot off.

He came a lot more forcefully than Koyu had, come bolting up in two spurts across his chest, followed by a little dribble across his fingers. Koyu kept stroking and Chaco moaned and hissed at the overstimulation, pulling back until his slippery cock popped out of Koyu's grasp.

Chaco just sprawled on top of him, bonelessly, for a few moments, breathing loudly with his mouth open. Eventually he pulled back, regaining some of his usual composure. "That was hot," he said, grinning at Koyu.

"Um, yeah," Koyu agreed, still a little dumbstruck at Chaco's rather cavalier attitude towards pinning people to walls and sucking them off, because seriously, was it a cultural thing? Did people do that all the time down in Two Rivers?

Chaco leaned forward to kiss him, though, and that derailed his thoughts; Chaco pressing his lips against his, opening his mouth to rather forcefully press his tongue into his mouth, a low groan vibrating up his throat. He pulled back grinning, licking his lips, and Koyu honestly felt kind of alarmed.

Chaco shuffled to his feet, stumbling a little with his shorts down around his knees. He stretched, back bending backwards and wings flaring out, his half-hard cock pretty much right up in Koyu's face, a thin line of come still hanging from the tip.

Koyu swallowed, his mouth suddenly feeling dry as Chaco absentmindedly pulled his shorts up and shoved his dick back in as he shrugged the single strap back over his shoulder. He looked almost presentable, save for the massive wet splotch of precome across the front of his shorts.

"We should do that more often," Chaco said, leering down at him. He thrust his hips back and forth and Koyu could see his dick jostle back and forth in his shorts, still quite close to his face.

"I mean, if you..." Chaco said, for the first time seeming a little nervous. It was extremely gratifying.

Koyu stood up, his tunic wide open and his shorts pooled around his feet. He just wanted Chaco to be the loud, awkward one for once, so he grabbed the front of Chaco's shirt and swung him against the wall and pressed him up against it.

Sadly, that just made Chaco grin and smirk, expression barely moving when Koyu pressed their bodies together, his dick sliding against the damp, rough fabric of Chaco's shorts.

"Yeah," Koyu said, "That'd be good." He smirked right back at Chaco.

"Cool," he said, and then groaned a little as their dicks rocked together. "T-that's just what I wanted to show you," he said with a huff at the end. "S-so it's good that it's good."

Koyu rolled his eyes, glad he could go back to thinking of Chaco as kind of absurd and childlike. Yeah, he had smooth moves.

"Whatever, kid," he said, and pushed Chaco back. "Man, next time you get all giddy and drag me around like I'm gonna miss an explosion, you better have something better than your dick to show me."

Chaco gawped for a tiny fraction of a second before making an expression of outrage. "That's not what you said last, uh, then!"

Koyu chuckled as he pulled his shorts back up, buttoning them with ease and noticing with pleasure how Chaco's gaze followed his fingers, barely brushing along his stomach and lingering at his taut, bare stomach long after he'd pulled his hand away.

Chaco swallowed visibly when he noticed he'd caught him staring. "You're... really hot," he said, his voice kind of tight and funny.

Koyu just grinned. "Save it for later," he said, pulling his tunic closed and attempting a messy bow with his belt. "We can do it again soon."

Chaco nodded, his usual sly grin making a comeback. "I'll make sure of it," he said, leering, and then fluttered up the stairs and out, the flapping of his wings echoing in the empty tower.

So Koyu rolled his eyes and headed to the doorway. Maybe life in the castle was going to be more interesting than he'd guessed at first. And even if it wasn't... well, at least he was pretty sure making out with Chaco would keep him occupied for a little while.