phantomnation screenshot gallery/dev log!

ONE DAY, LONG AGO i said 'i keep saying i want to make a video game, but that requires actual, like, programming ability and not just dicking around with pretend game mechanics and sprite art.'

So after some (many, continuing) false starts, i put together something solid enough so that i could gauge my progress (with screenshots). And, inspired by another game development log i once read, i decided to devote this mostly to ridiculous bugs caused by my programming inexperience.

I do this partly because i think the quality of anything is most evident when it's at its worst than at its best & part because i want to ensure that this game is programmed well at its most basic & part is because i suspect the way in which people error shows a lot about their character or at least how they think, but really, in the end, it is because people learn by making errors (many, many errors) and i would like to see a record of my improvement from the start of this project to the eventual end.

So, um, enjoy! Either by the pretty pictures and seeing what goes through the mind of a terrible programmer or by making fun of my spelling and grammar in the older entries; it's all good.

  1. gallery one: jan. 2007 (approx.)–sept. 1st, 2007— screenshots 1–53 (pre-textures)
  2. gallery two: from sept. 2nd, 2007–mar. 8th, 2008— screenshots 54–85 (pre-ui)
  3. gallery three: from june 18th, 2008–dec. 3rd, 2008— screenshots 86–139
  4. gallery four: from jan. 2nd, 2009–sept. 2nd, 2009— screenshots 140–177
  5. gallery five: from dec. 7th, 2009–jan. 2nd, 2010— screenshot 178–231